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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  The Hollins Critic - Literary Journal - Reviews of Books and Poetry - Hollins University
The Hollins Critic, published five times a year, presents the first serious surveys of the whole bodies of contemporary writers’ work, with complete checklists.
Poetry submitted to The Hollins Critic should be typed or word processed.
When a review is published, the author receives a copy of the issue, and two copies are sent to the book’s publisher.
www.hollins.edu /grad/eng_writing/critic/critic.htm   (736 words)

  classical music - andante - views on reviews: a composer and critic square off
And, since every part of the presentation of music has professional standards, from composers to performers and conductors, it is reasonable to suggest that the judgment of such professionals is done by their peers — that is, other professionals who are at least as competent as they are.
However, some critics have a strong ideology that causes them to see the various tools available to the composer as stances of his or her ideology rather than merely techniques.
Critics with an agenda — a view as to where new music should go — review a work as to whether or not it fits in with the political/philosophical goals of that agenda.
www.andante.com /magazine/article.cfm?id=18221   (1911 words)

  Critic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Critics are numerous in certain fields, including art critics, music critics, film critics, theatre or drama, restaurant and scientific publication critics.
Critics might even champion a wholly new art medium; for instance the century-long critical struggle to have photography recognised as a valid art form.
A critical perspective, in this sense, is the opposite of a dogmatic one.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Critic   (689 words)

 Cultural critic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A cultural critic is a critic of a given culture, usually as a whole and typically on a radical basis; a social critic of a given society, but the overlap is large.
Cultural criticism is normally understood to deal with some fundamental perceived problems, rather than minor improvements: it is asserted that things are heading in the wrong direction, or that values are wrongly placed.
A cultural critic therefore stands, in relation to intellectual or artistic life, or certain social arrangements or educational practices, roughly where a prophet would in respect of religious life.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Social_critic   (273 words)

 Critic with a heart - and a sharp pen - Arts - Entertainment - smh.com.au
IN AN essay last year on the collected works of the revered theatre reviewer H.G. Kippax, Gerard Windsor considered the question: "Whom does the critic serve?" He quoted with approval Kippax's answer that it was not the theatre as such, nor the people who worked in it, but "the discussion, the public debate".
The award should generate further comment, as he is better known as a writer of fiction than criticism.
Windsor also regrets his choice of words during his most infamous critical moment, at the Adelaide Writers' Week in 1986, when in a talk on weaknesses in contemporary reviewing he said women writers were sometimes treated too softly.
www.smh.com.au /news/arts/critic-with-a-heart--and-a-sharp-pen/2005/11/30/1133311099820.html   (774 words)

 CRITIC™   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Critical dynamic nanometer effects are masked by the abstraction to the gate-level when using static timing analysis tools for timing sign-off.
CRITIC provides automated access to highly detailed transistor-level dynamic simulation, thus closing the verification gap that is opened by both cell-level abstractions and the inaccuracies of the static timing domain.
CRITIC starts with timing verification of the globally distributed clock networks, in order to precisely determine the arrival time and clock slew at every internal sequential element.
www.synopsys.com /products/mixedsignal/nsd/critic_ds.html   (868 words)

 Music Critic ::: Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy is applicable to any personal information which we may receive via the web site located at Music Critic, and is devised to help you feel more confident about the privacy and security of your personal details.
The only ways in which Music Critic may receive personally identifiable information about you is if you knowingly and willingly provide the information by contacting us using email or through one of our service areas, including, but not limited to, contests and promotions.
It is a Music Critic policy that we will not disclose personally identifiable information you may choose to submit to Music Critic to any third parties.
www.music-critic.com /privacyPolicy.htm   (786 words)

 How to become a Music Critic
A man cannot become an expert in criticism without practising an art of some kind; and if that art is not music, then he naturally confines himself to the art he is accustomed to handle, writing about it if he has the requisite literary faculty, and if not, teaching it.
Whether he is praising or blaming, he always dwells on some of the hundred points that all players and executants have in common, and misses the final ones that make all the difference between mediocrity and genius and between one artist and another.
I wrote the criticisms, and he handed the emoluments over to me without deduction, contenting himself with the consciousness of doing generously by a young and forlorn literary adventurer, and with the honor and glory accruing from the reputed authorship of my articles.
www.ucalgary.ca /~rseiler/gbshaw.htm   (1352 words)

 Harold Bloom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kabbalah and Criticism attempted to invoke the esoteric interpretive system of the Lurianic kabbalah, as explicated by scholar Gershom Scholem, as an alternate system of mapping the path of poetic influence.
Bloom's critical work has often become associated with that of his protegée at Yale in the 1970s, Camille Paglia.
The Literary Criticism of John Ruskin, Edited and with Introduction by Harold Bloom, Anchor, 1965.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Harold_Bloom   (3731 words)

 Forums - Murder Fitting a Restaurant Critic
The chef kills the critic's wife or husband or pet and feeds him/her/it to the critic.
Then the critic is just walking around inside this empty, dark restaurant and then he goes out back by the kitchen and notices that the door was wide o....
After the critic is down on their luck, the restaurant owner graciously offers the critic a job in his restaurant's kitchen.
www.themysteryplace.com /themysteryplace/forum/thread.jsp?forum=3&thread=1066   (1523 words)

 The Inner Critic: Accepting Ourselves by psychotherapist Kali Munro
Some people have stronger inner critics than others, but most people at one time in their lives have struggled to believe positive things that are said about them, and to ward off internal criticisms.
The inner critic wants us to do well, to succeed, and to be liked, but operates on the thinking level of a child, and a child who thinks that what other people think of her/him is not only important but correct.
Talk to other people about their inner critic's messages and compare the similarities; you may be surprised to hear that inner critics sound pretty similar from person to person and your inner critic's messages are not specific to you.
www.kalimunro.com /article_inner_critic.html   (1658 words)

 Arts Journal: Movie Awards
THE CRITIC IN THE HOT SEAT: As actors increasingly lash our at critics after receiving negative reviews (Donald Sutherland and Kelsey Grammer, most recently), the role of the critic - and arts journalism in general - is being widely debated.
“The critic is not a straw-poll merchant, a tipster or a second-guesser of audience taste, simply an individual paid to record his or her reaction.
Here and there in a few major periodicals one can find art critics who realize they are writing for a mass medium and general audience, and not for a rarefied elite of cultural academics, museum docents and fellow critics.
www.artsjournal.com /issues/critic.htm   (931 words)

 CriticWeb::Weblog   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In the mean time look at this pretty sunrise that I managed to capture from the Critic office.
At Critic, I'd say that a good 20% of our days is spent waiting for computers to load, restart from crashing or crashing.
That's a lot of time when you have a weekly publication to pump out, so anything to help cut back on the computer crappola is more than welcome.
www.critic.co.nz /weblog.php   (354 words)

 The Critic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Critic was outstanding and, you never had all those overdone obnoxious in your face promos that we still get with the Simpson’s.
The critic is my favorite animated show ever and I think at its best it was just as funny as the Simpsons and it was much better than crap like the king of the hill.
Running the critic or even family guy (which i wouldn't go as far as to say was a rip-off the critic) is like showing an indie movie at a major theater.
www.jumptheshark.com /c/critic.htm   (6785 words)

 In Praise of “Spike Lee’s Huckleberry Finn” by Ralph Wiley
The first critic to make a full-blown case for the idea that Jim manifests both agency and intelligence was David Lionel Smith in his groundbreaking essay, “Huck, Jim and American Racial Discourse” (1984).
A number of critics (such as Fredrick Woodard and Donnarae MacCann) charge Twain himself with seeing Jim as a minstrel stereotype, eliding the fact that it is Huck’s version of events, rather than the author’s, that is being depicted.
A critic can make a case for an interpretation of a work of art without claiming that the artist had it consciously in mind from the start.
faculty.citadel.edu /leonard/od99wiley.htm   (3030 words)

 The Coffee Critic Kona Coffee
As most of our CRITICS know, we strive to find the world’s finest Arabica beans, we roast our coffees in small batches daily and we are committed to providing you with the finest specialty coffees, along with our Lindsay’s Teas, in the store or delivered to your door.
We have helped and supported a number of families that were faced with unexpected challenges when the health of their children was threatened.
We are inviting our CRITICS to help support our youth of Ukiah by donating $1,000 or $2,000 for a beautiful handmade and hand painted tile by the Hoyman/Browe Studio which will help with the completion of the Alex Rorabaugh Gymnasium and Cultural - Recreational Center which is in its final stages of completion.
www.thecoffeecritic.com /body_index.htm   (635 words)

 The Offended Critic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Adrian Martin is a film critic for The Age (Melbourne), and the author of Phantasms (McPhee Gribble, 1994) and Once Upon a Time in America (BFI, 1998).
The American art critic Dave Hickey offers a rich account of what it means to relate to cultural works fully, simultaneously as form and content, sensibility and ideology.
They were not meant - to use the worst cliché of current arts criticism - to 'disturb', or provide some cute frisson as regards the perverse, the abject or the supposed 'dark side' of human nature (as horror films are also often said to do).
www.sensesofcinema.com /contents/00/8/offended.html   (4524 words)

 Music Critic - Reviews, interviews and features inside the Music Industry
Music Critic is the online music review site, with reviews written by the people, for the people.
Here at Music Critic HQ we receive music CD's daily from bands and artists hoping to be reviewed and added to the Music Critic Site.
Thanks to their “life changing” (according to Zach Braff) music being featured in Garden State, the indie rock scene’s best kept secrets have found themselves very much in the spotlight.
www.music-critic.com   (262 words)

 Robert Lloyd, Television Critic - Los Angeles Times - calendarlive.com
CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: A new DVD release featuring TV's iconic Nelson clan reminds us that it's the little, everyday adventures in life that count.
CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: The release is a reminder of the show's effect on TV today and on its faux-host, Garry Shandling.
CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: The 55-year-old humor mag is still taking on pop culture, politics and the media with its satirically skewed perspective.
www.calendarlive.com /tv/cl-lloyd-sg,0,3961352.storygallery?coll=cl-nav-tv   (402 words)

 Technorati Tag: critic
Critics at Amazon.com Shop all the latest styles in one place.
Find Critic Entire Series DVDs Over 60,000 DVD titles up to 40% off.
An homage to Rona Jaffe and Cortney Harding The Two Street Rock Critic House is experiencing extreme nature this weekend: a leaky kitchen ceiling, a...
www.technorati.com /tag/critic   (474 words)

 Forum Ville Monde   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Forum Ville-Monde (City-World) is tied to research projects aiming at a Critical Encyclopedia of the City, pursued by the Laboratoire de Géographie Urbaine of Université Paris X Nanterre, the department VAT of Ecole d'architecture Paris-Malaquais, the Ecole d'Architecture Paris-la-Villette.
These projects are: Virtual Forum, Organisation of conferances, Publications, Edition of a Critic Encyclopedia of the City.
The first entry, "Forms of city world", aims at the establishment of a critic inventory of discriptions and problematizations concerning the forms that contemporary city takes in a world scale.
forumville.paris-malaquais.archi.fr /FORUM_en/entry.htm   (299 words)

 Articles - Inner Critic
The Inner Critic is of special interest to psychotherapists, whatever their orientation because of it role in emotional distress.
We have discovered Inner Critics wherever we have traveled and they are amazingly similar in their ability to cripple people and to keep them unhappy, frightened, constricted and ineffective.
Once the client is aware of the existence of the Inner Critic and has heard the range of its criticism, the therapist can move to the second step and begin to deepen the exploration and look for the anxiety that underlies its attacks.
delos-inc.com /Reading_Room/Articles/3/3.html   (2705 words)

 FORWARD : News   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Though the organization's strong rebuke of Gibson and his film was hailed by officials at several Jewish organizations, it has been criticized as counterproductive by an increasing number of communal experts.
According to Cook, who served on an interfaith panel of scholars co-convened by the ADL that drafted a critical assessment of a screenplay for the movie, Gibson is in the process of altering the film, and it will be less offensive than many have been predicting.
Other critics include Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, president and founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews; Michael Medved, a conservative film critic and Orthodox Jew; and Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president of Toward Tradition, a conservative group dedicated to forging better relations between Jews and Christians.
www.forward.com /issues/2003/03.11.14/news7.korn.html   (827 words)

 BBC NEWS | Africa | Zimbabwe critic's passport seized
The action was apparently under a new law which allows the government of Robert Mugabe to block the travel of its critics.
He said he was later told his passport had been taken because he was on a list of 64 government critics.
Mr Ncube is based in South Africa and owns the Standard and the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper, which have both heavily criticised Mr Mugabe in the past.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/africa/4511532.stm   (200 words)

 Lester Bangs, the '70s' best rock critic? By Sasha Frere-Jones
Bangs, who died in 1982, left behind a novel and various unpublished manuscripts that testify to the literary ambitions every critic harbors.
This is especially true when picking top critics, a breed who succeed precisely by being in and of their time.
It is unlikely even a rookie critic now would invest as much as Bangs did in his idols and then work so hard to prove it hadn't been a mistake choosing them as idols.
www.slate.com /id/2087723   (1257 words)

 6.6 Actor-Critic Methods (*)
The policy structure is known as the actor, because it is used to select actions, and the estimated value function is known as the critic, because it criticizes the actions made by the actor.
Learning is always on-policy: the critic must learn about and critique whatever policy is currently being followed by the actor.
This scalar signal is the sole output of the critic and drives all learning in both actor and critic, as suggested by Figure 6.15.
www.cs.ualberta.ca /~sutton/book/6/node7.html   (617 words)

 How to Be a Food Critic | eHow.com
A good food critic is a storyteller, not just a knowledgeable diner.
Realize that being a food critic is usually not a well-paid position, and there are only 30 to 40 such positions in the country.
The idea of being a food critic is much more appealing than actually being one.
www.ehow.com /how_8535_be-food-critic.html   (427 words)

 How to Silence Your Child's Inner Critic
In children, the inner critic tells the child that they are not smart enough, good enough, or talented enough to accomplish their goals.
Since the inner critic attacks mentally, physically and emotionally, you can help your child to know when the inner critic is set in motion.
Signs of the inner critic are fear, feeling powerless, feeling disappointed or discouraged, feeling tired or sick (such as a belly ache or headache), self blame and lack of motivation.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/parenting_insights/114676   (472 words)

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