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Topic: Croatia Airlines

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  Croatia Airlines Billigflieger im Billigflug Vergleich. Die Billigflug Airline Croatia Airlines. Flug buchen bei ...
Croatia Airlines fliegt die Flughäfen Dubrovnik, Pula, Split, Zadar and Zagreb von den Flughafen Berlin, Hannover, München, Wien und Zürich aus an, bzw.
Trotz der Tatsache, das Croatia Airlines ein sogenannter Lienienflieger ist, werden recht günstige Billigflüge angeboten.
Croatia Airlines bietet entsprechend der Fluglänge und der Tageszeit Snacks oder Mahlzeiten und alkoholfreie Getränke an.
www.megaflieger.de /billigflieger-croatia-airlines_66.html   (258 words)

 Croatia Airlines - Star Alliance
Croatia Airlines has branch offices in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Pula, Rijeka, Split and Zadar, as well as abroad - in Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje, Vienna and Zurich.
In the course of 2003, Croatia Airlines recorded 1,468,410 passengers, which is 11 percent more than in 2002, and the largest number of passengers since the company first started transporting passengers in 1991.
Croatia Airlines connects Croatia with the following European destinations: Amsterdam, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Ljubljana, Manchester, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Warsaw and Zurich.
www.staralliance.com /en/meta/airlines/OU.html   (359 words)

  Croatia Airlines Reviews and Passenger Opinions about Croatia Airlines product and service standards
Croatia Airlines economy class on 23 September from Split to Rome Fiumicino and return on 25 September.
Croatia Airlines is not able to check you in all the way to the final destination.
Croatia Airlines is a great airline that is well up to the standards of any other European carrier.
www.airlinequality.com /Forum/croatia.htm   (2649 words)

 Croatia Airlines - Flugabfrage zu Croatia Airlines!
Starten Sie den Preisvergleich zu Croatia Airlines und buchen Sie einfach und schnell Ihren Croatia Airlines Flug.
Geben Sie den gewünschten Abflughafen für die Abfrage zu Croatia Airlines ein (z.B. Frankfurt).
Sie möchten einen Preisvergleich der Angebote zu Croatia Airlines?
www.skyways.de /airlines/croatia-airlines.html   (175 words)

  Croatia Airlines
Croatia Airlines (IATA designator: OU) started on August 7 of 1989 as Zagreb Airlines, using Cessna 402 planes on cargo missions for the cargo airline UPS.
In 1991 the airline signed an agreement with Adria Airways and then was able to lease a McDonell Douglas MD-82 to start domestic jet services.
That year also saw the airline's first international route when a flight was inaugurated from Zagreb to Split in Yugoslavia.
www.teachersparadise.com /ency/en/wikipedia/c/cr/croatia_airlines.html   (383 words)

 Croatia Airlines - Definition, explanation
Croatia Airlines is the flag carrier of Croatia.
In 1991 the airline signed an agreement with Adria Airways and then was able to lease a McDonell Douglas MD-82 to start domestic jet services.
As soon as flights restarted, Croatia Airlines bought three Boeing 737's from Lufthansa and became a member of the IATA (the International Air Transport Association).
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/c/cr/croatia_airlines.php   (402 words)

 United Airlines - CROATIA AIRLINES
Croatia Airlines is the national airline of Croatia.
Flights and routes may be changed by the airline partner at short notice.
The miles accrued are determined by the operating airline.
www.united.com /page/article/0,6722,51277,00.html   (323 words)

 Croatia Airlines Information
Croatia Airlines Airbus A319-100 near a Nippon Cargo Airways 747, at Amsterdam (Schiphol) Airport, the Netherlands.
Croatia Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Croatia, based in Zagreb.
In 1991 the airline signed an agreement with Adria Airways and then was able to lease a McDonnell Douglas MD-82 to start domestic jet services between Zagreb and Split.
www.bookrags.com /Croatia_Airlines   (453 words)

 Croatia travel guide - Wikitravel   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Croatia [1] (Croatian: Hrvatska) is a country in Southern Europe on the east side of the Adriatic Sea, to the east of Italy.
Croatia Airlines, the national carrier and member of Star Alliance, flies to Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague, Tel Aviv, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje, Vienna, Zurich and - during the tourist season - Manchester.
Croatia was the first country in Europe to start with the concept of commercial naturist resorts.
wikitravel.org /en/Croatia   (3490 words)

 Croatia - International Special Reports
Croatia Airlines is a growing regional air carrier that has played a critical role in helping an independent Croatia to create an international identity.
The airline was already in existence during the time when Croatia belonged to the Yugoslav Federation, but upon independence in 1991 it changed its name from Zagal to Croatia Airlines.
The fact that the airline can be seen as one taxi’s about the airports of other European cities, and hears the arrival and departure announcements for Croatia Airlines over the intercom means that the country is being promoted in a way that newspaper and television stories cannot.
www.internationalspecialreports.com /europe/01/croatia/croatiaairlines.html   (624 words)

 iTA / Croatia / Info / Travel
Entry visas for Croatia are issued by the embassies and consulates of the Republic of Croatia.
Croatia Airlines and several international airliners (Lufthansa, Swissair, British Airways, Air France) fly to Zagreb daily.
Croatia itself has a good national bus network that will take you to any part of the country even to the smallest village.
www.ita.hr /eng/croatia/info/travel.asp   (811 words)

 Croatia Low Cost No Frills Airlines : Cheap Flights (attitude Travel)
The routes BA operates to and from Croatia
The routes brussels airlines operates to and from Croatia
The Travel Tips Chat live chatroom is a place where you can discuss with budget travellers from attitude Travel and the self-help org airhitch® how to cover large geographical distances at minimal cost but with maximal freedom.
www.attitudetravel.com /croatia/lowcostairlines   (1068 words)

 Croatia - Republic of Croatia - Country Profile - Hrvatska
The lands that today comprise Croatia were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the close of World War I. In 1918, the Croats, Serbs, and Slovenes formed a kingdom known after 1929 as Yugoslavia.
Although Croatia declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, it took four years of sporadic, but often bitter, fighting before occupying Serb armies were mostly cleared from Croatian lands.
Location: Croatia is situated between central and eastern Europe bordering the Adriatic Sea between Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
www.nationsonline.org /oneworld/croatia.htm   (722 words)

 Travel, flights, ferries and driving in Croatia
The quality airlines’ scheduled flights tend to be relatively expensive and the destinations of the budget airlines, such as Ryanair, tend to be limited, so our advice is to first consult the Internet sites dedicated to searching for budget flights.
New carriers to Croatia are coming in all the time (Air Horizon being one) and the Airlines are changing their scheduling all the time (always for the better), so we advise you to consult the Internet regularly to keep apace with the situation.
Croatia Airlines from London or Manchester to Pula, Split, Zagreb and Dubrovnik.
www.dalmatiancoast.com /property/getting-there.html   (871 words)

 Airport Transfers in Croatia
The service is designed to transport Croatia Airlines passengers but anyone can use it.
If you are not arriving on a Croatia Airlines flight you may have to wait a while for a bus to town.
Croatia's taxi drivers are relatively honest but also relatively expensive.
www.croatiatraveller.com /Transport/Transfers.htm   (283 words)

 Croatia - flights
Croatia Airlines flies from Heathrow to Zadar (via Zagreb) several times a week, with Tuesday and Thursday flights being the most convenient ones in terms of short waiting time at Zagreb airport.
In summer season Zadar is also served by direct flights from Amsterdam, Zurich Munich (all with Croatia Airlines), Vienna, as well as the budget flights from Bratislava, in Slovakia (SkyEurope).
Croatia Airlines operates scheduled flights to Split from both Gatwick and Manchester several times a week.
www.dalmaholidays.co.uk /Croatia-flights.htm   (1370 words)

 Croatia Transportation - Travel Guide - VirtualTourist.com
Croatia Airlines is the official national air carrier in Croatia, with OU as its international code.
Croatia is now a regional member of Star Alliance so it is possible to earn/spend miles on their flights.
International airports in Croatia are Zagreb and Osijek on the continent and Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Brac and Dubrovnik on the coast.
www.virtualtourist.com /travel/Europe/Croatia/Transportation-Croatia-BR-2.html   (1300 words)

 aerosecure.com | Airline-Sicherheitsprofil Croatia Airlines   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Croatia Airlines ist die nationale Fluglinie des Staats Kroatien und Mitglied der Star Alliance.
Croatia Airlines fliegt ab der Basis in Zagreb zu Zielen in ganz Europa.
Unfall-Statistik der letzten 20 Jahre mit ausführlicher Ursachen-Analyse, welche Maschinen werden von Croatia Airlines eingesetzt (Alter, Wartung,...),....
www.aerosecure.de /airlineinfos01.php?code=274&last=139   (134 words)

 Cheap Airline Tickets on Croatia Airlines
Croatia Airlines flies over 22,828 seats internationally per week.
Croatia Airlines flies over 197 flights internationally per week.
The shortest flight on Croatia Airlines is 81 miles from Zagreb to Rijeka.
www.farecompare.com /flights/Croatia_Airlines-OU/airline.html   (165 words)

 Amazon.com: "Croatia Airlines": Key Phrase page
AIR Airports & Airlines Croatia Airlines (ý 01-48 19 633, a 48 72 727, W www.croatiaairlines.hr), Zrinjevac 17, 10000 Zagreb, is the national carrier and it...
Croatia Airlines and Croatian Railways both offer a 50% discount on tickets for children under the age of 12.
Airlines serving the country include Croatia Airlines, Swissair, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Malev-Hungarian Airlines and Adria Airways, as well as Air Srpska (to Banja Luka) and Air Bosna...
www.amazon.com /phrase/Croatia-Airlines   (397 words)

 Regional Member Airlines - Star Alliance
In order to become a regional member, aside from meeting certain requirements, the carrier in question must be sponsored by and have close ties to an existing member to achieve a quick and easy integration.
The Slovenian national airline Adria Airways has a wealth of experience spanning over 46 years in charter and scheduled air traffic.
In the eighties the airline started serving scheduled routes, and became a member of the IATA, the International Air Transport Association.
www.staralliance.com /en/meta/airlines/regional_members.html   (283 words)

Croatia Airlines Virtual has ceased to fly the virtual skies since last year, due to private reasons.
Thanks to those who supported Croatia Airlines Virtual since it's foundation, and thanks also to those who constantly ask "when" it will be re-opened.
Fly around the wonderful Croatia country with the same fleet and schedules of the real airline (Croatia Airlines).
www.avsim.com /hangar/air/ctnvirt   (325 words)

 Croatia Airlines switches IT system
Under the guidance of Star Alliance Services, an agreement was recently signed between Croatia Airlines and Amadeus, the IT provider for the platform.
Croatia Airlines will start switching to the new IT system this year, creating efficient and cost-effective access to the entire range of Star Alliance products for its clients.
Croatia Airlines, a full-service airline established in 1989, is the national carrier of the Republic of Croatia, connecting Croatia with most major European cities.
www.nationmultimedia.com /2007/04/21/business/business_30032320.php   (264 words)

 How to get in Croatia - Tips for travel in Croatia
There are also numerous internal flights within Croatia (operated by Croatia Airlines), so if you're having trouble finding direct flights to a particular city, you could always fly via Zagreb.
As you won't be able to fly into Croatia directly, the best idea is to first research which European city you can fly to reasonably easily and cheaply.
The motorway system in Croatia is not extensive as other European countries, but is improving rapidly; there is currently about 250km of motorway in country.
www.cro-yachting.com /guide/Arriving-Croatia   (891 words)

 Marginal traffic increase for Croatia Airlines   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Croatia Airlines carried 1.55 million passengers in 2005, a slight increase over 2004 (1.53 million).
The airline has carried more than 13.8 million passengers since its inception in 1991 and currently operates a fleet of four Airbus A319s, four A320s and 3 ATR 42-300s on routes within Croatia and to Europe and Tel Aviv.
Croatia Airlines became a regional member of Star Alliance in December 2004.
www.janes.com /transport/news_briefs/jwa/article/jwa060118_02.shtml   (117 words)

 Visit Croatia - Getting There - By Air
If you're flying into Croatia from elsewhere in Europe, you'll almost certainly be flying to one of the first five.
Wizz Air fly from London Luton to both Zagreb and Split; Easyjet have flights from London Luton to Rijeka; Ryanair are soon to commence flights from London Stanstead to Pula.
London, Frankfurt and Rome are good cities to fly to in order to get connecting flights to Croatia, but you might also like to consider other alternatives to make use of budget airlines (see our Getting There homepage for options) or to perhaps get ferries across from Italy.
www.visit-croatia.co.uk /gettingthere/air.htm   (392 words)

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