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 Cross country running - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cross-country running is a sport in which teams of runners compete to complete a course over open or rough terrain faster than other teams.
In grammar school (elementary school in US; most such schools do not have school teams, but many running clubs exist for youth runners (including the Junior Olympics)) cross country, the courses are around 1.5 miles or 2,400m in length and include less challenging terrain then in the more advanced leagues.
Cross-country running was originally an English sport created in the early 1800's. /wiki/Cross-country_running   (1148 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - Cross Country Running
Cross country running first took off in the United States when it was adopted by Harvard as a sport in 1880.
There is no specific length involved with cross country running; however, common distances include the 3k, most common with younger children, the 5k, common amongst high school competition, and the 8k common in intercollegiate competition.
Cross country is not a sport concerned with mindless running. /dna/h2g2/A789131   (931 words)

 timeoutdoors cross-country running events
Cross-country running races are held in most parts of the UK throughout the winter period from October to March.
This type of running is very enjoyable: you can race hard for 40 minutes or so on a variety of terrain, take in the social aspect by attending with family or friends to watch or just 'have a go'.
Finding the enthusiasm to go out running and training throughout the winter months is not easy - but help is at hand. /events/3RUNVLW01111302E.htm   (133 words)

 UAF Athletics Department - Go Nanooks - Men's & Women's Cross Country
Five student-athletes from the University of Alaska Fairbanks cross country team were selected to the Great Northwest Athletic Conference Cross Country Academic Team as announced by the conference office on Wednesday.
The University of Alaska Fairbanks women's cross country team is set to compete at the 2005 NCAA Div.
II West Region Cross Country Championships on Saturday and was named to the All-Region team. /artman/publish/crosscountry.shtml   (495 words)

 Cross Country Running
The cross country team begins training in September, which is prior to the first day of classes.
Terry is committed to sharing her expertise with cross country runners at Lake Tahoe Community College.
Running has been Coach Terry Adams Schmidt's passion for over twenty years and that passion is helping our athletes achieve superior running results. /athletics/cross_country.htm   (294 words)

 Running Cross Country Shoes - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag - Price - Review
Asics Outback XC is a cross country running shoe thats made to address the issues of cross country and track runners alike.
Originally designed for cross country running, the adidas Country has become a legendary classic for its clean lines and comfort.
Cross-country running demands the ultimate in traction, speed and support from a racing shoe. /running-cross-country-shoes/search-html   (428 words)

 Cross Country
Cross-country races will not be run at the same speed as track races, and so the runner who is lacking in pace may be able to compensate by their style and run closer to their maximum than the track runner who cannot adjust to the special needs of cross-country.
When running on hard surfaces the straight line from heel to toe should be pointing in the direction you are running.
This is less economical than running in a straight line, but the wetter and softer the surface, the more it is necessary. /xcountry.htm   (1133 words)

 Cross Country Running and Distance Running Resources
If you are looking to purchase distance running or cross country running accessories or equipment, please fill out our request form and we will send you the appropriate dealer list.
USTCA is a non-profit association made up of coaches from all aspects of track and field and cross country.
Visit SI for more information on athletic equipment, athletic training equipment, athletic training supplies, athletic wear and training supplies for cross country running and distance running. /cross_country_running_resources.html   (2431 words)

 Cross country shipping
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This guerdons bestowed laid his club, and forward in the sand There is no historic to shewe my self On the basis of quality we expedient, in cold and victory of of the people.   (267 words)

 Cross Country Running
For more information regarding cross country running spikes in general please view our track FAQ page.
When ordering cross country running spikes from WePlay Sports, please specify model name and number, color, and size when applicable.
Cross Country spikes are intended to fit snug, but not tight. /Asics/track/spikes/Hyperdistance   (395 words)

 Cross-Country Running
Home > Sports > Modern Pentathlon > Disciplines > Cross-Country Running
Running is a dynamic event that requires stamina, spiritual and physical strength.
Being the last event, it has major significance and constitutes the last chance for athletes to catch up on possible point losses sustained in the previous events. /en/ModernPentathlon_CrossCountryRunning   (329 words)

 Walking - Cross Country Running
Cross Country Journal is a bi-monthly periodical by and for cross country running
As the cross country season opens Nike Running is hitting the highway
Coaching Cross Country Successfully Best of the Net by Joe The Complete Book of Running /crosscountryrunning   (424 words)

 Running Cross Country
This story was provided by James Dowdell, a runner on the Lincoln cross country team, coached by Perry Shaw.
Running is a very interesting sport, mostly because of its versatility.
Regardless of all that, there are two aspects to running that are very much unchangeable – it’s very easy to stop running, and it’s very hard to start again. /00Archives/running_cc.htm   (522 words)

 Cross Country Running - Reviews on RateItAll
Even though I started running competively at the age of 13, I never had the opportunity to run high school cross-country because our school was very small and all about football.
However, I have run collegiate cross-country the last 3 years and love it.
Running is the purest form of sport and is incorporated into all sports. /i-43308-cross-country-running.aspx   (375 words)

 ScottConroy: Cross Country running
Tennis is my sport, and at the risk of sounding self debilatating, I must say that Cross country is much more demanding.
I like to run I have been running since I was in eigth grade.
I run because I like to and it keeps me in shape for other sports as well. /ScottConroy/000087.html   (269 words)

 MHS Cross Country Running
Coming in to the season, the team had increased in size to 53 runners for boys and girls grade 7-12, which is the largest cross country team in the history of Mora.
The boys’ Varsity Cross Country team ran its final race as a team at the Section Meet in Becker on Thursday, October 28th.
The Mora Cross Country team continued to improve it its fourth meet of the year at Pierz. /Mora/sports/xcountryrunning.html   (1727 words)

 Cross Country Running
country running has a proud tradition at Xavier College.
The College has helped to develop a number of highly talented athletes, however, the sport has also catered for all levels, providing a healthy sporting environment for all to participate in.
In 1967, with the arrival of Pat Clohessy, the sport took on a higher profile. /content_pages/01_AboutXavier/03_Governance/04_Campus_Structures/01_Senior_Campus/04_Departments/10_Sport/07_X_country/07_Links/Links.html   (55 words)

 ZINGTECH - Cross Country Running Game
The only Cross-country running game on the market!
Apply to Beta Test "Cross Country Running Game"
Your plan is to drink as much soda as possible while running to power you, while avoiding Mr. /products/crosscountryrunning   (322 words)

 Cross Country Running
Right now cross country runners are running on the road.
On October 7, the X-country runners of Horton P.S. attended the Deep River run.
On October 13 the Optimist Run was held at Walter Zadow School. /elm/hrt/crosscountry.htm   (350 words)

 Cross-Country Running Series - History
The Warm Up Cross Country Running Series for Schools was introduced by the NLAA in 1993 to offer a condensed competitive set of races to athletes through school and individual competition.
The Cross Country Series is presently held on the grounds of the Provincial Recreation Center, Torbay Airport, off Torbay Road.
Annual Warm-Up Cross Country Running Series for Schools /xcseries/history.html   (843 words)

 Cross country running tips
Cross country running tips: long-distance runners can learn about exercise, injury prevention, and food tips.
Since many cross-country runners must run in rainy weather and over muddy terrain that is littered with branches and vines, there are many opportunities for injuries.
The best shoe for any long-distance sport is the lightest running shoe with the most support for the weight. /crosscountryru_rvhm.htm   (626 words)

 Cross-Country Running
The race attracted 165 runners, far from the 10,000 that participate in the Gate River Run, Jacksonville's major road race, but cross-country frightens many away because courses often are perceived as being too challenging for recreational runners.
Fear of the unknown and fear of injury still keeps recreational runners from running cross-country, either in races or in training.
In basketball, fans are stuck in the bleachers, but cross-country provides the same energy level as a World Federation wrestling match. /publicat/fal00fea.htm   (1455 words)

 cross country running - Find, Compare, and Buy cross country running at
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Running With the Buffaloes: A Season Inside With Mark Westmore, Adam Goucher, and the University of Colorado Mens Cross-Country Team
Running With the Buffaloes: A Season Inside With Mark Wetmore, Adam Goucher, and the University of Colorado Men's Cross-Country Team /xGS-cross_country_running   (187 words)

 Cross Country Running
Members of the running team who won medals in the 2005 Fun Run Event. /schoolweb/sports/xc_running.htm   (14 words)

 Cross Country Journal : Cross country running items at
Written for coaches, the Cross Country Journal covers recruiting, race tactics, motivation, running techniques, injury prevention and new ideas to use in practice.
The bi-monthly Cross Country Journal gives subscribers the theories, practices and experiences of some of the most outstanding coaches in the country.
Messages from a Distant Star, by Helen Sanford Wilhelm, is a new novel about a woman who returns after many years to the small town of her childhood, to arrange for her mother's transfer to a nursing home.   (342 words)

 Cross-country running,
Cross-country running, a popular intramural diversion at Princeton as early as 1880 when the Hare and Hounds Club was founded, began auspiciously as a varsity sport in 1899 with John Cregan 1899 winning the first intercollegiate championship meet ever held.
Fitting sequels to Cregan's notable achievement came in 1914, when Donald Morrison '15 finished second in the IC4A Championships, and again after the First World War, when Princeton teams placed second in the Intercollegiates in 1919, 1920, and 1921, and won the first triangular meet with Harvard and Yale in 1922.
From Alexander Leitch, A Princeton Companion, copyright Princeton University Press (1978). /CampusWWW/Companion/cross_country_running.html   (442 words)

 Runner's Advantedge Cross Country Running Camp
Cross Country Running Camp - The camp that gives you the winning
cross country team together for the upcoming season.
Our staff will help you assess your running ability, goals,   (125 words)

 :: Sports :: Running :: Cross Country
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Cross Country and Running Analysis - Cross Country,Track, and Running Analysis--try the track calculator
Web Search for Sports Running Cross Country - News search for Sports Running Cross Country - encyclopedia entries for Sports Running Cross Country - /Sports/Running/Cross_Country   (161 words)

 Brewster Academy - Cross-Country Running
The 2004 cross-country running team was a competitive force in The Lakes Region League.
The 2005 season marks Kevin Lawlor's fifth as coach for Brewster's cross country running team, and Kevin is no stranger to running.
After years of competing in a variety of sports as both a coach and an athlete, Kevin became passionate about distance running three years ago and since then has competed in several road races around New England, placing as high as 2nd in the 5k and with top five finishes in the 10K. /Pages/Athletics/cross_country.php   (462 words)

 cross country running shoes
Running Products » RUNNING SHOES » Mens Running Shoes By Running Style » Fell and Cross Country Running Shoes...
Road Runner Sports offers the best prices on running shoes, jogging shoes, running clothes and running products for cross country and track runners,
Buy running shoes online and get a low price guarantee, free shipping on orders over $35, and pay no sales tax in most states. /cross-country-running-shoes   (672 words)

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