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Topic: Crossdressing

In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

  Queer Play
In the case of gender crossdressing, this is, quite possibly, because there was nothing to say: dressing across gender boundaries, as is well known, was the standard practice in medieval theater.
Although crossdressing could be tamed by confining it to spaces of licensed misrule, such as the theater, licensed misrule always threatened to spill over into the world beyond the play space.
In both cases, crossdressing proves only a temporarily expedient gesture, and the disguise is thrown off in the end as the status quo is reaffirmed.
www.georgetown.edu /labyrinth/conf/cs95/papers/clark.html   (4904 words)

 FAQ – Crossdressing and Crossdressers
When the crossdresser returns to their normal everyday masculine role, the feminine personality integrates along with their masculine personality to help form a more complete person out of him, one who is more caring and sensitive and considerate of others.
Even when crossdressed it is not always easy to tell if a person is a crossdresser as many have perfected their crossdressing to the point that one cannot distinguish them from the genetic female.
Crossdressers in their quest to gain the positive qualities of the female are generally more caring and sensitive, are more feeling and have a desire and need to share feelings.
www.geocities.com /KarenSpecial/faq001.html   (1698 words)

  Susan's Place Transgender Resources for Transsexuals and Crossdressers: Library: A comparison of treated and untreated ...
Crossdressing is infrequently associated with sadomasochism and not at all with exhibitionism.
Questions were asked regarding the relationship of alcohol and drug use to crossdressing and the extent to which crossdressing had directly or indirectly interfered with subjects' jobs, marital and family relationships, and other social relationships.
The frequencies of masturbation with crossdressing as well as the predominant fantasies associated with masturbation and crossdressing at different age intervals are shown in Table III.
www.susans.org /reference/mcross.html   (3968 words)

 Crossdressers: Facts, Questions and Answers
As the word implies, crossdressing is wearing clothes (dressing: the act of donning clothing and wearing it.) The "cross" comes in when a person goes against the prevailing socially defined stereotype, dons, and wears clothing society says is exclusively for members of the sex opposite to the sex of the person involved.
Crossdressing introduced into a marriage invariably requires rapid growth in terms of knowledge, self esteem, and security of the relationship, or the relationship is in dire threat of falling apart.
Therefore, it is wise for the crossdresser who discovers and comes to terms with crossdressing before marriage to be honest and risk loss of the intended rather than go through the trauma of disillusionment which so often happens later on.
www.pmpub.com /crossdressingFQA.htm   (1640 words)

 Gianna E. Israel Gender Library: Why Bother Coming Out?
In deciding whether disclosure is appropriate within a relationship, crossdressers must bear in mind that it is possible to pursue this activity in a manner which has no effect on a spouse or others.
Deeply closeted crossdressers may be surprised to learn that the majority of spouses respond with moderate ambivalence when introduced to their partner's crossdressing needs.
Furthermore, while crossdressing may not be quite the same as fishing or playing bridge, it is my understanding that like many hobbies, it can be relaxing, enjoyable, help reduce stress and create interesting situations.
www.firelily.com /gender/gianna/why.come.out.html   (2317 words)

 Help! My Son is a Crossdresser'
Crossdressers are usually attracted to women, often marry and have children, and may limit their crossdressing to a part-time activity.
The suggestion is that crossdressing results from the combination of a genetic predisposition and the family environment.
Crossdressing might be interpreted as an appropriate admission of a man's feminine side.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/cathytg/help.htm   (1946 words)

 Crossdressing - Anne's Trans Reference Site
Crossdressers make up the largest part of transgender communities, yet little good material has been presented about them and even less by them.
This is the result of an exercise done at a support group for the wives and girlfriends of crossdressers.
Usually a wife or girlfriend is not to happy about the fact that their husband or boyfriend crossdresses.
www.humboldt.edu /~mpw1/Crossdress   (117 words)

 Renaissance Background Paper #1
In fact, the wives of many crossdressers report that once their husbands have opened up and shared their secret desire for wearing women's clothes, they seem to be free of the tension and anger that may have threatened their marriages.
Additionally, the preference expressed by many crossdressers for being referred to with female pronouns and for using feminine names is related to their appearance rather than to their basic gender identity.
Some crossdressers do suffer mental anxiety, but this is a result of the inappropriate guilt they feel because of society's disapproval of their behavior.
www.ren.org /rbp01.html   (961 words)

 Background Paper: The Matter of Children
The degree to which children accept their parent's crossdressing depends on several factors: the age of the child, their relationship to their parents, the crossdresser's motive for the revelation, and the manner in which the child learns of the behavior.
The problem here is that while the child could have a thorough understanding of crossdressing, he or she may not understand the issue of privacy and the need to keep the crossdressing from others who may not understand, e.g.
If the parents have decided, for example, that the crossdressing must be a private activity, it would be unwise for the parent to attempt to change that understanding by enlisting the aid of the child.
www.ren.org /rbp04.html   (1057 words)

 Crossdressing and Society
Whether crossdressed or not, this feminine side is still there, fighting to be heard; although society would rather that it not exist at all.
A crossdresser, in the broader sense, wears clothing primarily intended for members of the opposite gender (whatever that may be.) Both men and women can be crossdressers.
As applied to transgendered individuals, crossdressing is done more as a form of self expression and for a feeling of completeness of being than for sexual pleasure.
cydathria.com /ms_donna/cding.html   (1115 words)

 The 'Culture' of Crossdressing
I know the transvestite, usually male, dresses in female clothing for emotional and sexual gratifcation and that this is not neccesarily the case with crossdressers.
Crossdressing is usually undertaken specifically for emotional reasons, satisfying the need for the expression of that part of ourselves which society in general would rather we pretend did not exist.
The significance of crossdressers and other gender variant individuals in society is that we are no longer willing to have out identities assigned to us.
cydathria.com /ms_donna/cd_culture.html   (1105 words)

 Do You Know A Crossdresser?
While the vast majority of crossdressers are ordinary heterosexual men with an additional feminine dimension, they are stereotyped by society based on a highly visible minority who crossdress for entirely different reasons.
How a crossdresser’s wife accepts him depends on his own degree of insight and personal maturity, the strength of their relationship, and the way in which she learns about the crossdressing.
Crossdressers are usually torn between the desire to “protect” their children on the one hand, and the negative effects of deceit on the other.
www.tri-ess.org /cd01.html   (1025 words)

 forced crossdressing stories   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-05-29)
A forced crossdressing stories Bad Girl Part 1: The AwakeningOr: You gotta be cruel to be kindI went to a Catholic girl’s school, where we were under strict orders to dress and behave with exemplary modesty.
I vaguely recognized his voice: It was Wayne Williams, a hulking great forced crossdressing stories brute who majored in football.“You sure yer roomie’s not home?” He asked in a drunken rumble.“Let me check.” I heard her say, irritably.Jacquie popped her head into the shared bedroom, and I forced crossdressing stories eard her sigh.
Y’know,” she said, fishing in the drawer of the nightstand “you oughta smoke a joint occasionally—it’d relax those tens forced crossdressing stories anal muscles of yours.”I was at a loss for words.
forced.ravish.info /forced-crossdressing-stories.html   (1588 words)

 Couple's Theapy Crossdressing
The problem, it turns out, was that once she had found out that her husband was a crossdresser, he turned verbally abusive toward her and the relationship had taken a decidedly turn for the worst.
If the relationship survives the first few days and weeks after the crossdressing behavior comes to light, the eventual acceptance of their behavior by a significant other is surprisingly common.
Joy is experienced by the crossdresser as he no longer feels he is leading some kind of double life and there is joy on the part of the significant other who is now able to understand the double life her spouse was leading.”
www.avitale.com /cdcouples.htm   (1394 words)

 Intimacy & Sexuality: Article - The Real Truth About Crossdressing
Most crossdressers reveal that relieving stress and relaxation were the feelings they most associated with their crossdressing.
However crossdressers did report their sex lives were enhanced by crossdressing to some degree.
In reality crossdressers exhibit slight personality alterations in their "femme" role, but in general, their personalities only change to the extent that many people's do when assuming different roles in life, i.e.
www.selfhelpmagazine.com /articles/sex/xdress.html   (1152 words)

 RE: Transgenderism/Crossdressing One Stop thread   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-05-29)
Other crossdressers use completely different names from their given or family names for matters of safety and security, because the name selected reminds them of a former friend, a person they want to emulate, or for some other reason.
Nevertheless, the transformation that takes place when crossdressers wear attire opposite their biological sex, in reality gives expression to their feminine qualities and traits that are a part of them rather than superseding or replacing their biological qualities and traits as if they were inferior.
People who deal with crossdressing and transgendered issues in their personal lives have dealt with very negative attitudes from the church for reasons that have never been fully explained beyond “it is sin” or “it is wrong”.
www.ibelieve.com /fb.aspx?m=2050560   (4693 words)

 AdviceHQ - Cross Dressing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-05-29)
There is, therefore, a separate section for transgendered people, as their experience is usually not quite the same as that of those who cross-dress for emotional, sexual or entertainment reasons.
Support for 'significant others' of cross-dressing people who are interested in "talking" with someone who has dealt with their partner's crossdressing for a while.
Tri-Ess International is an educational, social and support group for heterosexual crossdressers, their spouses or partners and their families.
www.advicehq.co.uk /CrossDressing.htm   (423 words)

 Crossdressing - Shopping
The Veronica 2 gives the most feminine results for crossdressing in skirts within 4 inches of the knee, or lightweight, clingy or stretchy fabrics.
Crossdressers, now your breast will have a beautiful rounded shape, jiggle a little, feel warm and just like a real breast.
Crossdressers, this item is the best thing for shaving large portions of our bodies.
www.clcrv.com /shop/index.cfm   (304 words)

 Crossdressing in St. Louis
Most crossdressers - sooner or later - feel a need to venture out of their home while crossdressed.
Fortunately, crossdressing - per se - is not illegal in the city of St. Louis.
However, there is always the possibility that your reason for crossdressing may be misunderstood - particularly if you go to higher crime areas or prefer overly sexy clothing.
www.transgender.org /stlgf/member2.html   (1081 words)

Announcements concerning fashion, support group meetings, important events and transcribed news articles of interest to crossdressers are allowed and encouraged.
New individuals to the group are encouraged to post a short introduction about themselves and their situation.
Posting monthly pointers to websites of interest to the crossdressing community in general is also allowed.
www.usenet.org.uk /uk.people.crossdressing.html   (225 words)

 Coping With Crossdressing
In many job situations, the discovery of crossdressing behavior may be cause, however unjustified, for dismissal.
A family of this type may realize that many of the good qualities about the crossdresser are due to their transgendered nature.
Discuss limits: where and when crossdressing is acceptable both privately and publicly; the role of crossdressing in the bedroom; and whether to tell others, including children, other family members and friends.
www.cdspub.com /cope01.html   (1226 words)

The sensitive male crossdresser is a canvas, the brush of Woman will come upon him.
The Dominant Trainer may pleasure Herself with electric vibrators as sissy is forced to endure the waves of Her power over him.
For the LORD has poured out the spirit of deep sleep upon them, and has closed their eyes: the prophets and the rulers, they are all blind men who have no understanding.
www.thetemple.cc /femdom/crossdressing.htm   (407 words)

 Classic Curves Crossdressing
Try a 12 inch crossdresser corset which works well at creating a shapely figure for the male crossdresser.
Crossdresser underclothing, breast enhancement, panties, gaffs, breast forms, corsets, and more for transvestites, transgender men, and genetic females looking for more curves.
Veronicas are custom fitted underclothing that give you the proper hip and derriere proportions of a curvaceous women, whether you are a crossdresser, transgender man, or genetic female.
www.clcrv.com   (733 words)

 Crossdressing - Shopping for Transvestites
We are here to provide for all your crossdressing needs.
The Veronica 2 gives the most fiinine results for crossdressing in skirts within 4 inches of the knee, or lightweight, clingy or stretchy fabrics.
Crossdressers, this iti is the best thing for shaving large portions of our bodies.
www.clcrv.com /crossdressing/index.cfm   (357 words)

 Nina Katchadourian
Debs and Co is pleased to present Natural Crossdressing, Uninvited Collaborations, and One Small Act of Endurance, an exhibition of new work by Nina Katchadourian.
In the photograph titled Natural Crossdressing, the artist conscripts two hairy caterpillars to serve as a mustache, transforming her own face into a heroic male visage reminiscent of portraits of politicial leaders or revolutionaries (the iconic image of Che Guevara cannot help but come to mind).
Photographs of the crossdressed animals, and a video showing the not-so-straightforward task of dressing them up, accompany display cases holding the actual outfits worn by the animals.
www.debsandco.com /crossdressing.html   (550 words)

 Coping With Crossdressing #4
It seemed unwise to share crossdressing with them during their adolescence, when they would be struggling with their own sexuality and gender role issues.
We did not have to deal with the trauma of an "accidental" discovery of a "guilty" secret, with its attendant sense of betrayal and breach of the trust that is the bedrock of a marriage relationship.
If Dad's crossdressing is presented as something not that uncommon, as not a moral shortcoming but a gift, as a matter of freedom of expression and full personality development, and above all, as not threatening to the parents' marriage nor to the children's own lives and relationships, acceptance is far more likely.
www.cdspub.com /cope04.html   (2393 words)

 Crossdressing Men - Transgendered TV TS and Sissy Boys Cross Dressers Transformation Makeovers
Suki and Kaya are TV (transvestites) crossdressing nail beauty and makeup specialists catering for TS (transexuals) and TV sissy boys, transgendered males, gay and effeminate males, big butch males with suppressed emotions, pretty boys, ladyboys and all manner of forced and non forced crossdressing makeovers and fantasy roleplay.
We have a nice selection of sensually erotic male crossdressing clothing and fetish footwear for serious tv crossdressers and we are both fully trained as beauty and makeover specialists and we know exactly what tv crossdressing males are looking for and we give a bespoke service second to none.
We cater for a wide range of clientile and you can always be assured of a friendly and welcoming (yet forceful where required) forced or non forced crossdressing service where we will help you become transformed into your "inner self" in a relaxed atmosphere without prejudice and taboo.
www.tvcrossdressing.org   (357 words)

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