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Topic: Cross-platform interchange

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 Interchange - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Cross-platform interchange is a connection between two lines of a metro system.
Interchange software is an open source application server for electronic commerce.
An interchange is a location where two things meet, usually perform some kind of exchange, and possibly go on their ways again. /wiki/Interchange

 End Point Corporation: Interchange
Interchange is well suited for a variety of purposes, including: online catalogs, sales, order processing, content management, customer service, reporting and analysis, and personalization.
Interchange can be used as a standalone product or as part of a larger system.
Compared to many of the commercial solutions, Interchange is less expensive, quicker to implement, and leaves you free to customize any aspect of its functionality. /interchange.html

cross -> In Christianity The most frequent use of a cross is among Christians, to whom it recalls the crucifixion of Jesus and humanity's redemption thereby.
With two transoms it is called an archiepiscopal or patriarchal cross; with three it is a papal cross.
The abbey there, the Norman nave of which is used as a parish church, was built in 1030 to contain a cross found in Somerset; it was believed to have miraculous powers. /searchpool.asp?target=Cross-platform+interchange

The approach to this platform involved crossing from the southbound road to the northbound immediately north of the platforms themselves, and oddly enough, the approach came immediately after a short right-hand curve, meaning that drivers on the crossover had an unobstructed view of the platform and its short overrun tunnel.
Platform nine was more than long enough to accommodate a six car train of 1938 stock, in fact longer formations had previously worked the branch.
A 66ft long overrun tunnel, ending in a blank wall, was at the end of the platform, with a sand drag preceded by a red stop-lamp, and with a single, hydraulic buffer behind it. /moorgate.htm

 Cross-platform interchange - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In a cross-platform interchange, instead of the two opposite directions of a single line sharing an island platform, two similar directions of two different lines share it.
A cross-platform interchange is a type of interchange between different lines in a
It occurs in a system with island platforms: where there is a single platform in between the two directions of travel, or two platforms between the tracks, connected by level corridors. /wiki/Cross-platform_interchange

 Transport Integration.
Cross platform interchange on a cold snowy afternoon between the Tunnelbanan (underground) and Nockebybanan light rail line at Alvik station, Stockholm, Sweden.
As this is the trams' terminus arriving tramcars deposit passengers at the correct platform to interchange with city-bound Tunnelban trains and then shunt into this platform where they wait for out-bound passengers.
The platform on the near side serves trains heading towards Southend-on-Sea whilst the platform on the far side is the terminus for trains on a quiet (because trains are too infrequent and poorly promoted) urban service which uses 'pay trains' - the passengers pay their fare to a conductor and not at the station. /Integ.htm

 The Common Locale Data Repository Project: Standardizing Cross-Platform Locale Data
Ensuring operability across heterogeneous platforms, systems, and environments is now an important consideration for globalization engineers delivering locale support.
Because platform locale data and user-defined locale data are not always clearly noted or created with agreed-upon standards, they must be defined by platform vendors themselves.
A single repository visible and vetted by international and national standards bodies, platform vendors, and end users will increase the singular focus required to create a set of correct locale data that is widely accepted and adopted by the industry. /dev/gadc/technicalpublications/articles/cldr.html

 Interchange and Travel Choice Volume 2 - Chapter Two (Cont.) : Literature Review
Conversely, cross town interchanges were disliked considerably by 74% of the respondents.
The report concluded that interchange points must be designed as an integral part of the journey and identified that the main factors in interchange decisions were distance between different services and differences in the length of wait.
Changing platform or station is less acceptable to passengers in a group, especially if the group includes children, and passengers with luggage are less willing to change platform or station than those without but this effect is surprisingly weak. /cru/kd01/blue/itcv2_06.htm

 Finsbury Park tube station
In 1968 the Victoria Line opened, using the two remaining platforms, allowing cross-platform interchange between the two lines in both directions.
In 1964 the Northern City platforms closed and the southbound Piccadilly Line was diverted through one of the Northern City platforms.
The southbound platform tunnels are larger than the northbound, having been built for the larger trains of the Northern City. /fi/finsbury-park-tube-station.html

 David Connor's Tribute to the Victoria Line
GREEN PARK - Victoria Line interchange passageway with the Piccadilly Line is/was really long, because it uses the original platform entrance stairways from the lifts, made redundant when they were replaced by escalators in the '30s.
The northbound platform was gutted by fire in 1984, and has been rebuilt in a totally different style to those on the rest of the line.
Platform decor throughout the line is dull, and the platforms were designed to be identical to each other as much as possible - now seen as a big mistake. /Athens/Acropolis/7069/connor.html

 Baker Street tube station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The sub-surface Circle Line platforms are part of the very oldest Underground line, and of the stations on this section of line they are perhaps the best-preserved.
Plaques along the platform show old plans and photographs of the station.
This is a terminus for most trains, but there is also a connecting curve that joins to the Circle Line just beyond the platforms. /wiki/Baker_Street_tube_station

 Cross-platform interchange - Wikipedia
Cross-platform interchange suchen “ um nach Cross-platform interchange zu suchen.
Falls Du diese Seite soeben erstellt hast, kann es sein, dass die Aktualisierung der Datenbank verzögert wurde. /wiki/Cross-platform_interchange

 Commonplace Wiki: RTF
RTF (usually referred to as such) stands for Rich Text Format, a document file format developed by Microsoft for cross-platform document interchange that most text processing programs are able to read and write.
RTF is a poorly standardised format with incompatibilities reported even between different Microsoft applications, and tends to be rarely used for document distribution.
Outlook uses this format, in its own so-called Outlook RTF version, as one of the 3 possible mail formats. /e4lwiki/

 Southern - Route info - Sutton
Cross platform interchange from platforms 2 (to Epsom) to 3 (to London).
Accessible unisex toilets on platforms 1, 2 and 3.
Waiting rooms/ buffet on platforms 1 and 2/3, with level access and seats. /route_info/station.shtml?1089920882

 Victoria Line - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is because of this that the Victoria line has just one station which is not a tube or rail interchange: Pimlico.
The Victoria line was designed to maximise the possible interchanges, yet keep a large distance between stations for trains to build up speed.
In some cases this was achieved by placing the Victoria Line tubes on either side of the existing station; in others the Victoria Line uses one of the old platforms while the older line was diverted into a new platform. /wiki/Victoria_Line

 New Wave
AAF facilitates the cross-platform interchange of metadata and/or program content, and it is designed to replace OMF.
There is a growing need for a solution that allows work to cross over multiple platforms, operating systems, and various software from different manufacturers without the loss of creative decisions made on any one software or platform.
Well, if you ever use more than one computer platform for postproduction, or software from multiple manufacturers, or a second platform for compositing, or if you import or export an EDL, then you may be using such a technology yourself. /mag/video_new_wave

 $3.75 - Web Site Hosting With MySQL, PHP, & Domain Registration.
Because of it's cross platform design, it will deliver your products and information to anyone anywhere.
Interchange is by far one of the most, if not the single most, flexable e-commerce and content management package on the Internet today.
Since Interchange is SOOOO powerful, in many many cases we use it to drive dynamic content sites. /interchange-hosting.html

 mainframe - PC conversions, data translation, migration, conversion & interchange
Data interchange is the term applied to the process of moving data in and around different hardware platforms and operating systems, usually through specific media devices and peripherals such as tape drives, optical drives or networked systems.
Data interchange software gives users the ability to connect tape drives to the PC and read and write tapes with data written from Mainframes and Mini computers.
AllRight for Windows is a data interchange and magnetic tape handling software that allows you to exchange data with a variety of other systems and formats. /data_storage/data_interchange.html

 CULG - Victoria Line
At Euston and Highbury and Islington the work was more complex: the existing island platform became the interchange platform for one direction of travel, while a new island was created for the other direction and one track of each line diverted into it.
Finally, at Finsbury Park, there were two separate island platforms for the Piccadilly Line and the Northern Line; these were reconstructed as northbound and southbound platforms and the Northern Line was cut back to Drayton Park in consequence.
For a while there were plans for a further station at Manor House, either providing interchange with the Piccadilly Line or allowing the latter to be diverted on to a shorter alignment, but these were dropped in 1954. /rail/culg/victoria.html

 cross platform - OneLook Dictionary Search
Phrases that include cross platform : component library for cross platform, cross platform interchange
Cross platform : Glossary of video terms [ home, info ]
Cross Platform : TECHNICAL [ home, info ] /?w=cross+platform&ls=a

Interchange is released under the GNU General Public License.
You should install the main interchange RPM with --nodeps first, then install interchange-foundation and interchange-foundation-demo normally with a separate command, since they depend on the interchange package, and rpm doesn't know what order to install them in when you use --nodeps.
Interchange has product modifiers, or attributes, which can be carried around with the product. /i/dev/download.html

 Shinagawa Station
The Keihin Kyūkō line platforms are on the western side of the station at a higher level than the JR platforms.
Platforms are on the east side of the station and are raised somewhat above the other platforms.
Shinagawa (品川駅; -eki) is the first major station south of Tokyo Station and is a major interchange between the Tōkaidō Shinkansen, several JR commuter and regional lines as well as the private Keihin Kyūkō (京浜急行) line. /s/sh/shinagawa_station.html

 Tube lines interchange in The AnswerBank: Travel
In addition, in order to allow for cross-platform interchange at Euston with both the Northern Line branches, the Victoria line had to cross over itself twice - the southbound tube crossing over the northbound between Highbury and King's Cross, and back under again just south of Warren Street.
There was insufficient room to put the crossings any closer, and certainly no room for an interchange with the sub-surface line.
With these complications, and with the proximity of Euston Square itself, it was deemed sufficient to connect between these lines at ground level rather than having a dedicated interchange. /Travel/Question82315.html

 Quark: Cross-platform issues: graphics
PDF is a platform independent format and you do not need the application used to create the PDF in order to view it.
PICT (Macintosh Picture) and WMF (Windows Metafile) are file formats native to Mac OS and Windows respectively and may not output consistently on different platforms.
This file format is called JFIF (JPEG File Interchange Format) and was designed to allow the exchange of JPEG-encoded data between otherwise incompatible systems and applications. /service/desktop/support/techinfo/view.jsp?faq_id=235

 Untitled Document
AAF is primarily a file interchange format, but there are several companies that are going to employ AAF internally within their systems.
If the system is not computer-aware, then you can still use 601 as an interchange format.
Or, a low-quality version of an Avid edit still had active time code, and when the high resolution version was delivered, a conform could be done according to a single AAF file that has reference to that external content. /current_issue/newsmaker_p114.html

 Sun joins fray in tackling XML (InfoWorld)
The OMG and a group of its members are building a specification called the XML Metadata Interchange (XMI), which provides application developers with a common means of building powerful applications using a variety of object types.
XMI may also reduce proprietary meta-data interchange formats and speed the integration of development environments based on CORBA, XML, Java, and the Component Object Model.
IBM, Unisys, and Oracle are expected to implement XMI in their products as early as the second quarter. /cgi-bin/

 Tamachi Station - railway station located in Tokyo's Minato-ku
As this is the first cross-platform interchange following the intersection of both lines the platforms are comparatively busy.
The station consists of two platforms with cross-platform interchange in the direction of
Mita Station (三田駅) on the Toei Asakusa and Mita underground (subway) lines is within walking distance, although there is no physical connection and the stations are generally not marked as an interchange on route maps. /travel/tamachi_station.htm

 UrbanRail.Net > Europe > Austria > WIEN (Vienna) U-Bahn
Until 2002, platforms were extended in all stations to 115m to allow for the use of 6-car trains, except for Lerchenfelder Straße, which was situated between Rathaus and Volkstheater and closed in 2003.
Along the original line which was initially built as a tram tunnel, platforms were lengthened from 75 m to 115 m, and Lerchenfelder Str.
The northern section opened in 1996 as a mainly underground extension crossing the Danube river on a bridge to Floridsdorf. /eu/vie/wien.htm

 BeGroovy » Gobe offers special cross-platform upgrade price
And “whatever platform you prefer” is much better sounding than “whatever platforms you like.” More accurate would be “on either Windows or Linux.” If you’re considering a career in journalism please reconsider.
It can not be run on “any” platform one prefers, because it has not been developed for every platform.
Your point is invalid, a family license allows you to use the software on multiple platforms (hence the plural) and will include any future platform, yes that includes BeOS in the unlikely event that the BeOS version is released. /wordpress/index.php?p=212

 SEG Kent Coast Electrification
Cross platform interchange was provided between a fast train and the proceeding slow train at Faversham.
The track alterations at Ashford were the most complex of the entire scheme, and principally involved the conversion of the bay platforms at the country end of the station into the present through platforms 1 and 4.
The platforms were also cut back to meet the Railway Inspectorate requirement for a 10ft 6in gap between fast and slow lines. /seglibrarykentcoastComplete.html

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