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Topic: Crude oil

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In the News (Tue 22 Jan 19)

  What is crude oil?
Crude oil - as petroleum directly out of the ground is called - is a remarkably varied substance, both in its use and composition.
Second, migration of the oil from the source rock to a "reservoir rock," usually a sandstone or limestone that's thick and porous enough to hold a sizable accumulation of oil.
Crude oil may not be the panacea that snake oil claimed to be.
www.chevron.com /products/learning_center/crude   (1435 words)

  Howstuffworks "How Oil Refining Works"
Crude oil is the term for "unprocessed" oil, the stuff that comes out of the ground.
Crude oil is a fossil fuel, meaning that it was made naturally from decaying plants and animals living in ancient seas millions of years ago -- anywhere you find crude oil was once a sea bed.
Crude oils vary in color, from clear to tar-fl, and in viscosity, from water to almost solid.
science.howstuffworks.com /oil-refining1.htm   (476 words)

  Petroleum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The name is derived from the fl color of crude oil combined with its status as a highly valuable resource, serving in the industrial age, in many ways, the same role that gold did in the pre-industrial era.
Oil extraction is costly and sometimes environmentally damaging, although Dr. John Hunt of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution pointed out in a 1981 paper that over 70% of the reserves in the world are associated with visible macroseepages, and many oil fields are found due to natural leaks.
The oil is landed at Sullom Voe terminal in the Shetlands.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Crude_oil   (4955 words)

 Crude Oil Washing
The jets washed the oil residues from the tank surfaces, resulting in a mixture of oil and water which collected at the bottom of the tank and was then pumped overboard.
Crude oil washing meant that the mixture of oil and water which led to so much operational pollution in the past was virtually ended.
Crude oil washing was made mandatory for new tankers by the 1978 Protocol to the MARPOL Convention.
www.imo.org /Environment/mainframe.asp?topic_id=306   (820 words)

 Types of Crude Oil, Oil Program, US EPA
Classification of crude oil types by geographical source is generally not a useful classification scheme for response personnel because they offer little information about general toxicity, physical state, and changes that occur with time and weathering.
These oils are highly fluid, often clear, spread rapidly on solid or water surfaces, have a strong odor, a high evaporation rate, and are usually flammable.
Class C oils are characteristically viscous, sticky or tarry, and brown or fl.
www.epa.gov /oilspill/crude.htm   (492 words)

 History and Analysis -Crude Oil Prices
In 1972 the price of crude oil was about $3.00 per barrel and by the end of 1974 the price of oil had quadrupled to over $12.00.
Drilling an oil or gas well is a capital investment in the expectation of returns from the production and sale of crude oil or natural gas.
In spite of all of these efforts the percentage of rigs employed in drilling for crude oil decreased from over 60 percent of total rigs at the beginning of 1988 to under 15 percent until a recent resurgence.
www.wtrg.com /prices.htm   (4080 words)

 Comments on Crude Oil Gravity Adjustments - LA DNR - Technology Assessment Division
The API gravity of a particualr crude is merely a measure of its specific API gravity of a particular crude is merely a measure of its specific gravity, or density.
For crudes that have undergone detailed physical and chemical property analysis, the API gravity can be used as a rough index of the quality of the crudes of similar compostion as they naturally occur (that is, without adulteration, mixing, blending, etc.).
When crudes of different type and quality are mixed, or when different petroleum components are mixed, API gravity cannot be used meaningfully for anything other than a measure of the density of the fluid.
dnr.louisiana.gov /sec/execdiv/techasmt/oil_gas/crude_oil_gravity/comments_1989.htm   (808 words)

 Introduction to Crude Oil
Crude oil is a liquid formed from tiny sea creatures and plants that died millions of years ago.
However, all crude oil was formed from the bodies of tiny sea creatures and plants that died about 150 million years ago.
Crude oil was formed millions of years ago from organisms that lived in the sea.
www.patana.ac.th /parents/curriculum/Chemistry/units/LR1201.html   (614 words)

 CRUDE OIL PRICING   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Crude oil is sold through a variety of contract arrangements and in spot transactions.
A futures contract for crude oil is a promise to deliver a given quantity of crude oil but this rarely occurs as participants are more interested in taking a position on the price of the crude oil.
Prices of crude oil markers and petrol markers are affected by a myriad of factors from overall supply/demand for crude oil, supply/demand for petrol, freight rates and competition in the crude markets, and competition in the regional and domestic markets for petrol.
www.aip.com.au /pricing/crude.htm   (1292 words)

 Oil and Environment
Crude Energy provides a backstage pass to the world of petroleum, where students learn about finding oil while protecting the environment, take a trip in a super fuel-efficient car and discover the dozens of petroleum-derived products they use daily.
Oil spills on land, rivers, bays and the ocean are mostly caused by accidents involving tankers, barges, pipelines, refineries and storage facilities.
Oil spills are often harmful to marine birds, mammals and, sometimes, fish and shellfish.
www.teachingtools.com /CrudeEnergy/OilEnvironment.htm   (1251 words)

 Multi Commodity Exchange   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Crude oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons that exists in a liquid phase in natural underground reservoirs.
Oil and gas account for about 60 per cent of the total world's primary energy consumption.
Oil and lubricants, transportation, petrochemicals, pesticides and insecticides, paints, perfumes, etc. are largely and directly affected by the oil prices.
www.mcxindia.com /Crude_oil.aspx   (676 words)

 Crude Oil and Total Petroleum Imports Top 15 Countries
Monthly data on the origins of crude oil imports in August 2007 has been released and it shows that one country has exported more than 1.50 million barrels per day to the United States.
The top sources of US crude oil imports for August were Canada (1.950 million barrels per day), Saudi Arabia (1.468 million barrels per day), Mexico (1.381 million barrels per day), Nigeria (1.184 million barrels per day), and Venezuela (1.138 million barrels per day).
Total crude oil imports averaged 10,284 million barrels per day in August, which is an increase of 0.382 million barrels per day from July 2007.
www.eia.doe.gov /pub/oil_gas/petroleum/data_publications/company_level_imports/current/import.html   (261 words)

 WEC Survey of Energy Resources 2001 - Crude Oil and Natural Gas Liquids
The volumes of exploitable oil and gas are closely correlated to technological advances, technical costs and the price of the barrel of crude or the cubic metre of gas.
In the case of oil, Africa and South America were the major regions to experience growth (of around 4% in each case) whereas Africa (+13%) and Oceania (+11%) witnessed the largest percentage additions to gas reserves.
Crude oil is a naturally occurring mixture consisting predominantly of hydrocarbons that exists in liquid phase in natural underground reservoirs and is recoverable as liquids at typical atmospheric conditions of pressure and temperature.
www.worldenergy.org /wec-geis/publications/reports/ser/oil/oil.asp   (1875 words)

 Crude Oil
Crude oil is a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons, often found together with natural gas.
Its density; in the oil industry this is usually measured by its API Gravity.
Crude oil is normally described as sweet (low sulphur) or sour (high sulphur) and  light or heavy (depending on its density).
moneyterms.co.uk /crude-oil   (257 words)

 Crude oil   (Site not responding. Last check: )
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crude oil distribution crude oil inventory is focused on crude main oil use and this is the best resource on crude oil renewable related to crude oil reformate and type of crude oil.
www.crude-oil.jino-net.ru /Crude-oil.htm   (456 words)

 Crude Oil 101
The gas oil fraction is a heavy, relatively slow burning, non-volatile fuel, or it is frequently used as a light lubricating oil.
Classification of crude oil types by geographical source is generally not a useful classification scheme for response personnel because they offer little information about general toxicity, physical state, and changes that occur with time and weathering.
These oils are highly fluid, often clear, spread rapidly on solid or water surfaces, have a strong odor, a high evaporation rate, and are usually flammable.
www.wetestit.com /Crude_101.htm   (1269 words)

 Crude Oil Futures Prices - NYMEX
Crude oil began futures trading on the NYMEX in 1983 and is the most heavily traded commodity.
Crude Oil Futures: Trading terminates at the close of business on the third business day prior to the 25th calendar day of the month preceding the delivery month.
Specific domestic crudes with 0.42% sulfur by weight or less, not less than 37° API gravity nor more than 42° API gravity.
www.wtrg.com /daily/crudeoilprice.html   (709 words)

 Crude Oil
Crude oil supplies were up 1.1 million barrels last week to 328.5 million barrels.
Crude oil supplies increased 5.5 million barrels to 324.4 million barrels.
Crude oil inventories were unchanged at 298.9 million barrels.
www.investmenttools.com /futures/energy/index.htm   (3951 words)

 BBC NEWS | Business | Oil markets explained
Crude oil, also known as petroleum, is the world's most actively traded commodity.
Crude oil comes in many varieties and qualities, depending on its specific gravity and sulphur content which depend on where it has been pumped from.
Because there are so many different varieties and grades of crude oil, buyers and sellers have found it easier to refer to a limited number of reference, or benchmark, crude oils.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/business/904748.stm   (623 words)

 Marketplace Special Series: Crude Awakenings
How concerns about oil may impact how this war is fought and may explain why it started in the first place.
In our continuing series on oil, Crude Awakenings, Adam Davidson reports that the U.S. might lift sanctions against Iran, a move that will change the landscape of the global oil industry for generations.
The big fear among oil analysts is that Central Asia-the last vast region with oil and gas reserve potential-could fall into the hands of Islamic fundamentalists whose foreign policy might not be nearly as friendly as the Saudis.
marketplace.publicradio.org /features/crude   (686 words)

 What are the uses of crude oil?
Burning crude oil itself is of limited use.
Other useful products which are not fuels can also be manufactured by refining crude oil, such as lubricants and asphalt (used in paving roads).
Life as we know it today would be extremely difficult without crude oil and its by-products.
www.opec.org /library/faqs/crudeoil/q4.htm   (233 words)

 CRUDE OIL PRICING   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Crude oil, diesel and petrol prices are closely linked, as the price of crude oil accounts for the vast majority of the cost of producing a litre of petrol or diesel.
Crude oil is purchased in US dollars, meaning that changes in the value of the Australian dollar against the US dollar have a direct impact on the relative price of crude oil in Australian dollar terms.
The Platts Tapis quote was chosen as a representative regional crude oil price marker which is quoted daily and is based on the expected price of cargoes loading 15 to 45 days in the future.
www.aip.com.au /pricing/market.htm   (518 words)

 Crude Awakenings
March crude oil was slightly higher due to light short covering overnight as it consolidates some of Thursday’s huge decline, which led to a close below the 20-day moving average crossing at 66.17.
In analyzing crude oil markets, some people may look at market conditions now and find some comparable period in the past in order to draw conclusions about where the market is headed.
Oil futures fell as much as 80 cents today, or 1.2 percent, to $67.30 on the New York Mercantile Exchange, where it was down 65 cents at 12:57 p.m.
peakoilportal.com /crudeoil   (4263 words)

 Crude Oil Resources
Crude oil plays a central role in the daily lives of Canadians.
Most other refined oil products are used to heat homes and buildings, generate electricity, and manufacture lubricants, waxes, plastics, synthetic rubber and asphalt.
The crude oil industry is also a key component of the Canadian economy.
www.abheritage.ca /abresources/inventory/resources_hydro_crude.html   (134 words)

 Crude Oil
Another positive factor for crude oil prices was the fact that global economic growth appeared to be improving and that was expected to continue into 2003.
In October 2002, crude oil imports averaged 9.28 million barrels, up almost 1 percent from a year earlier.
U.S. stocks of crude oil at the end of October 2002 were estimated at 880 million barrels.
www.spectrumcommodities.com /education/commodity/cl.html   (674 words)

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