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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Cruiser - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
In the real world, the term cruiser originates in the age of sail, when it denoted simply a ship assigned to cruise independently of large battlefleets, either as a scout operating ahead of the main fleet, or on detached duty.
This of course defined cruisers as ships which did not fight in the line of battle, so that the term was particularly applied to frigates, fast, mid-sized vessels that were not designed to stand up to the firepower of ships of the line.
The inter-war naval treaties formally defined cruisers by three main constraints: limiting their displacement to 10,000 tons; redefining a "light cruiser" with nothing more than six-inch guns; and formalizing a new term, heavy cruiser, for ships with guns of up to eight-inch caliber.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Cruiser   (1890 words)

  Cruiser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Against the German pocket battleship (heavy cruiser) Graf Spee one heavy and two light British cruisers were able to split the fire of her heavier guns and although damaged, trail her to port where she was subsequently scuttled rather than risk battle again.
Cruisers were also attached to the main battlefleet and used for reconnaissance, sweeping ahead of the fleet looking for the enemy.
Light cruisers were defined to be armed with 6.1 in (155 mm) guns or smaller and heavy cruisers to be armed with larger calibers, 8 in (203 mm) being particularly common.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cruiser   (1861 words)

 Products & Services: Seed Treatments
CRUISER seed treatment is an innovative, environmentally safe insecticide, which provides instant, early-season, broad-spectrum pest control, thereby enhancing plant vigor and crop yield potential.
CRUISER seed treatment maximizes the growth potential of the crop by enabling early season vigor.
CRUISER has a minimal impact on non-target organisms such as birds, because it is only present on the seed surface and inside the plant.
www.syngenta.com /en/products_services/cruiser_page.aspx   (435 words)

 Motorola Government and Enterprise - Motorola Cruiser
Motorola Cruiser is an advanced mobile reporting client that allows your officers to work on existing cases and create new reports in the field from both a connected and disconnected environment.
Motorola Cruiser is designed with officers in mind and has been refined and improved upon by input from field officers over the past 20 years.
Cruiser client functions in both a connected and disconnected environment enabling officers to create and work cases, and get paperwork done while out in the field.
www.motorola.com /governmentandenterprise/northamerica/en-us/solution.aspx?navigationpath=id_804i/id_2334i/id_1049i/id_2447i   (270 words)

 Toyota FJ Cruiser Overview - Edmunds.com
On the FJ Cruiser, Toyota has emphasized off-road performance and a style that invokes the heritage of the original FJ of the '60s.
All FJ Cruisers have two standard front doors with a pair of smaller, reverse-opening rear doors that provide easier access to the rear seat.
FJ Cruiser drawbacks include limited outward visibility and a rear seat area that's, in spite of the access doors, difficult to get in and out of and not particularly comfortable.
www.edmunds.com /toyota/fjcruiser/review.html   (564 words)

The Cruiser Ramp system will install into any pickup bed with 42" between the wheel wells, and a standard bed length of 5'-6", 6'-6", or 8'.
With the motorcycle removed, the tailgate may be closed with all Cruiser Ramp systems without having to remove the loader.
If you are transfering the cruiser Ramp loader into another pickup bed with the same length, the system will transfer.
www.cruiserlift.com /cruiserrampfaq.html   (893 words)

Cruiser won Best in Show at the Chesapeake Kennel Club of Virginia in April 2001 under Judge Mrs.
Cruiser's first litter was born on July 3, 2001, a litter of five out of Winfree's Tuson's Finer Things "China" --2 oranges and 3 fl and whites; 2 males and 3 females.
A breeding between Cruiser and Fame produced a litter on January 23, 2006--2 blue roan girls, 1 blue roan boy, and 1 fl and white girl.
www.winfreeenglishcockers.com /Cruiser.htm   (868 words)

 The Savvy Cruiser: Helping You Get the Right Cruise at the Right Price
Cruising can be one of life's great pleasures,as well as an incredible travel value.
In seeking the right cruise, we look at the different personalities of cruise lines, the attributes of different ships, the diffences you may expect to find depending on length of cruise, time of year, and where the ship goes, and the differences between cruise travel agencies.
Since we are not affiliated with a cruise line, you can rely on us as a source of independent advice on cruises.
www.savvy-cruiser.com   (644 words)

 Cruiser (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cruiser may refer to one of the following:
Cruiser tank, also called a cavalry or fast tank
This is a disambiguation page: a list of articles associated with the same title.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cruiser_(disambiguation)   (90 words)

 Cruisers Yachts
This gives Cruisers Yachts' Express Cruisers, Motoryachts and Sedans a distinctive and timeless allure as fluid and graceful as the water they sail on.
Cruisers Yachts has always made it easy for owners to quickly locate important items on their boats.
Cruisers Yachts’ engineers and designers have made prop pockets an integral part of the hull’s performance.
www.cruisersyachts.com   (2307 words)

 MillenWorks - Retro Land Cruiser   (Site not responding. Last check: )
To adjust for the difference in size between the FJ and the current-generation vehicle, the Retro Cruiser body was widened by 3 in.
Once the body dimensions were established, it was time to drop in the Retro Cruiser's powerplant, the 4.7-liter 32-valve DOHC V8 engine found in the Land Cruisers and Tundra full-size pickup trucks.
For the Retro Cruiser to be the ultimate off-road vehicle, it needed to be able to go virtually everywhere, which meant it required the ultimate in suspension set-ups.
www.rodmillen.com /Lcruiser.htm   (510 words)

 MACH Wingmaster's Bearboat Cruiser UD JH WCX CCA (ADHF)
Cruiser has a powerful, athletic gait and is an effortless jumper.
Cruiser stands 23 inches at the shoulder and weighs 67 pounds in hard-working condition.
In the house, Cruiser is quiet and well-mannered...a joy to live with.
www.gaylans.com /cruiser.html   (467 words)

 Cruisers For Sale : Cruiser Solutions, custom cruisers, restorations, genuine Toyota parts, body tubs, used Land ...
SOLD 1977 FJ40- This Land Cruiser is available for purchase or to be purchased and used as a CORE Cruiser for restoration here at Cruiser...
This has been our shop Cruiser for many years and we are going to be...
However, it is a great Cruiser that a limited amount of work will be...
cruisersolutions.com /index.php?main_page=index&cPath=28   (818 words)

 CRUISER LOG the complete sailing and cruising yacht resource.
"Cruiser Log" strives towards that goal and I welcome input for consideration to make it the resource that you, the cruiser, needs and wants in order to 'cast off the lines' and set sail around the world on your offshore voyage of a lifetime.
Read the narratives, passage reports and voyage logs from cruising yachts at sea to see how they are doing it.
CRUISING FAQ's - The Frequently Asked Questions section is a large database of cruising information that is continuously updated.
www.cruiser.co.za   (186 words)

Cruiser Extreme Pak provides the seedling with superior protection against a broad spectrum of early-season insects and diseases.
This formulation – which is already on the seed when it arrives at the farm – systemically moves throughout the young corn seedling to protect it against target pests via both contact and stomach activity.
Cruiser, Maxim XL, Apron XL and Dynasty are commercially applied by Midwest Seed as a tank mix at low-use rates.
www.midwestseed.com /products/cruiser.asp   (255 words)

 PT Cruiser Rental - PT Cruiser Car Rental
The Chrysler PT Cruiser sells itself on style alone, but in addition, it has great handling, fits in a small parking space, and holds full-sized adults and their luggage in comfort.
The PT Cruiser is equipped with a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine producing 150 horsepower at 5200 rpm and 162 lb-ft. of torque at 4000 rpm.
And the PT Cruiser's Low-Speed Traction Control keeps the front wheels from slipping during acceleration, especially if one wheel is on a slippery surface.
www.foxrentacar.com /pt_cruiser-special.html   (568 words)

 milf cruiser   (Site not responding. Last check: )
What follows milf cruiser sends me please dont worry, as hard milf cruiser you don't wanna, be starting to fuck milf cruiser my eyes, it to her knickers.
Under the head was totally taken milf cruiser by the pub closing down as did walking milf cruiser hand to insert it.
milf sex Ass wiggling urgently around, me it was milf cruiser hard through you cum wave of discovery milf cruiser for years, meeting for a tutor in her milf cruiser eyes off ok. Melanie gushed.
h1.ripway.com /chumilf/milf-cruiser.html   (457 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Republic Cruiser
The distinctive shape and hue of a Republic Cruiser is instantly recognizable throughout the galaxy, indicating a vessel on a mission for the Galactic Senate, the Supreme Chancellor, or the Jedi order.
Though the cruiser was a capital ship -- a vessel of impressive size -- it was nonetheless dwarfed by the immense Trade Federation battleships encircling the peaceful planet.
With its shields down, the cruiser was no match for the destructive power unleashed by a concealed turbolaser turret inside the hangar bay.
www.starwars.com /databank/starship/republiccruiser/index.html   (148 words)

 AsianHandicap.com – Your Guide To Asian Handicap Betting
Description:After spending 6 years in England, Cruiser is now back in Malaysia and has become a regular tipster at The Goonersguide.com Cruiser has been giving predictions in handicap bets over the years and covers the Italian Serie A, German Bundeliga, and everyone's favourite English Premier League.
Cruiser believes in statistics and past meetings and at times love to go for draw games.
Cruiser is a keen follower of \"The Red Devils\" - Manchester United ever since the days of Eric Cantona and loves their attacking style of play.Other interests includes other ball games such as pool, snooker and loves the occasional challenge in punting competitions.
www.asianhandicap.com /Bruger/Tipper.asp?Bruger=Cruiser   (126 words)

 PT Cruiser Club
PT Cruiser Club is a resource for you to form friendships with other Chrysler PT Cruiser owners/members.
The retro-styled PT Cruiser had been on the short list of four models that Chrysler was expected to cut due to slow sales.
Despite a sales decline of 27% through September, the PT Cruiser is still the third best-selling model in Chrysler's lineup, behind the 300 sedan and the Town & County minivan.
www.ptcruiserclub.org   (1051 words)

 Aero Cruiser Motorhome Club 29 Footer
All Aero Cruisers are rear-wheel driven, not front-wheel like the GMC and Cortez RVs, and have air-assisted suspension on the rear, for an adjustable, smooth ride.
The latter is usually in the 8-12 MPG neighborhood, depending on the Aero Cruiser and its driver.
Because Aero Cruisers are so unique and attractive to many, and no longer in production, their prices may gradually rise, especially for well-taken-care-of and well-restored units.
aero-cruiser.fl-ink.com /ac-29ft.htm   (874 words)

 PT Cruiser LINKS Forums - 2004 Chrysler PT Dream Cruiser Series 3
Just in time for Detroit's Woodward Dream Cruise, the latest offering in the limited-production series of Chrysler PT Cruisers includes a standard 220-horsepower High Output turbo engine, unique Midnight Blue and Bright Silver two-tone paint scheme and blue-tinted glass, the latter of which are both firsts in the PT Cruiser lineup.
The Chrysler PT Dream Cruiser Series 3 is the latest in the ever growing PT Cruiser lineup, which to date, has included the Flames, Woodie, PT Dream Cruiser Series 1, PT Turbo, Chrome and Dream Cruiser Series 2 vehicles.
The first in the PT Dream Cruiser Series, the 2002 Chrysler PT Dream Cruiser Series 1, was painted Inca Gold, which is the same color featured on the original Chrysler Pronto Cruizer concept car revealed at the 1998 Salon de l'Automobile in Geneva, Switzerland.
www.ptcruiserlinks.com /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3392   (1454 words)

 Hammond Cruiser   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This fact is obvious as you study the Cruiser, which abounds with design subtleties.
To give the Cruiser maximum utility in a variety of work situations, we had Jim design a special paddle style clothing/gear clip system, which can be attached in four positions: tip up1, tip down, left or right.
We know Jim designed the Cruiser for speed, strength, and grip, but we can’t help but note it is also one of the most pleasing shapes ever built as a folder.
www.crkt.com /cruiser.html   (388 words)

But they reach back into the last century to borrow the obsessive guitar drones of the early '90s shoegazer movement, the dark keyboard lines of British post-punk a decade previous, and the gentle acoustics of older folky pop.
This weird marriage of aesthetics yields a dreamy and exotic sound unlike anything else around, one that glows with a quirky beauty, sometimes humming eerily, sometimes floating contemplatively.
Cruiser's music gleans its power as much from what it suggests as what it is, summoning an inscrutable but lovely aural landscape in which disparate elements are mixed indiscriminately, often to great emotional effect, as in a dream.
www.epitonic.com /artists/cruiser.html   (238 words)

 Daimler - Home - All-new 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible Rolls into Production at Chrysler Group’s Toluca ...
Training for Toluca Assembly PT Cruiser Convertible operators began early in the development of the vehicle program and was cascaded to the entire work force at the plant.
Based on their experience with the PT Cruiser sedan manufacturing process, this group captured and incorporated the sedan best practices into the convertible build before the new vehicle launched.
During each minute since the successful launch of the PT Cruiser sedan, plant employees have gained experience building the hugely popular vehicle that started a global phenomenon and invented a new segment of personal transportation never known before.
www.daimlerchrysler.com /dccom/0-5-7153-1-166047-1-0-0-0-0-0-3882-7145-0-0-0-0-0-0-1.html   (1124 words)

 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4x4 2007: un todoterreno muy innovador | terra
La Toyota FJ Cruiser 2007 es un vehículo con un diseño innovador, moderno y llamativo de tracción en las cuatro ruedas, que replica deliberadamente a la FJ40 original, una ruda y probada maquina de tipo militar sobre la cual Toyota formó su reputación en los años sesenta.
Entre la original FJ 40 y el FJ Cruiser de hoy hay varias cosas en común como los faros son redondos, la llanta de refacción en el exterior de la parte trasera, el parabrisas vertical y la capota blanca.
Es evidente que Toyota está teniendo mayores éxitos de venta de la FJ Cruiser entre los compradores jóvenes, al mantener el precio en un rango accesible a una amplia variedad de usuarios con un activo estilo de vida.
www.terra.com /autos/articulo/html/aut3220.htm   (731 words)

 CruiserBike.ca - Cruiser Bike, Low Rider, Beach Cruiser, Vancouver, Meet-up, Stanley Park Seawall
Cruiser Bike Canada is a blog for all those living in Vancouver who love to ride their Cruiser Bike's.
The Cruiser Bike was the star of the show and all I could do was hang on for the ride....
I got the cruiser out and met tonnes of cool people riding the streets of Vancouver.
www.cruiserbike.ca   (592 words)

 Rutabaga - Sawyer Paddles & Oars - Cruiser
For more than 35 years Sawyer’s Cruiser paddle has offered serious canoeists around the world a high value, race bred paddle with legendary durability.
Whether paddling around a pond, through the Quetico, or down a class 3 whitewater river, the Cruiser is built to take it all.
The oval shaft is made from 5 laminations of Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir while the blade features pine, walnut, and ash reinforced with a fiberglass for exceptional durability.
www.rutabaga.com /product.asp?pid=1005202   (124 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser at Epinions.com
The PT Cruiser has been on my shortlist of cars to replace my BMW 3-series lease but a recent drive in a 2003 PT Cruiser shows that there are some rough edges that Chrysler should address.
I rented a 2001 PT Cruiser a couple years ago (see my review) for a weekend drive from LA to San Francisco and I was then impressed by the room-efficiency of this vehicle but surprised at some flimsy interior pieces.
When I first drove a PT Cruiser a few years ago, I was impressed with its highway mileage and its peppiness - all this with the base 2.4L 4-cylinder engine that is rated at 150hp.
www.epinions.com /content_119829008004   (1130 words)

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