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Topic: Cuckoo clock

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  Cuckoo clock World, the world of cuckoo clocks
Thus the first clocks were rather primitive, the cuckoo clock was at that time really a piece of art – detailed crafted and featured by a hand carved cuckoo bird which was animated by various weights and pendulums.
Old clocks and original drawings of the first clocks are still used and modified as patterns for new models, but the cuckoo clock in its basic form is 200 years old.
The cuckoo clock is a clock of the past, present and the future, still much loved by children and grandchildren.
www.cuckooclockmall.com /history.htm   (1058 words)

 Cuckoo clock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A cuckoo clock is a clock, typically pendulum driven, that strikes the hours using small bellows and whistles that imitate the call of the Common Cuckoo in addition to striking a wire gong.
The mechanism to produce the cuckoo call was installed in almost every kind of cuckoo clock since the middle of the eighteenth century and has remained almost without variation until the present.
The cuckoo clock is often wrongly associated with Switzerland, as in the movie The Third Man.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cuckoo_clock   (1605 words)

 Cuckoo Clock - Background, History, Raw Materials, Design, The Manufacturing Process, Quality Control
A cuckoo clock and a sideview of its mechanism.
Cuckoo clocks are made from the wood of the linden tree, a hardwood that grows in Europe.
Clock manufacturers have developed their own styles of chalets and forest scenes for the wood work as well as particular "casts of characters" for the cuckoo bird itself and the villagers or animals that may share "action scenes" with the cuckoo.
www.madehow.com /Volume-6/Cuckoo-Clock.html   (2080 words)

 Anton Schneider Cuckoo Clock Design # 8
The height of a clock is measured from the very top (for example at the top of the antlers on hunter-style clocks) to the bottom of the clock.
It is either a switch on one side of the clock, or a little wire under the clock.
Christmas or a Birthday) and the clock cannot be delivered on time, we can send a letter with a picture of the clock and a text of your choice to announce the arrival of the clock.
www.cuckooclockmall.com /shop/en-us/p_77.html   (617 words)

 Instructions to setup your cuckoo clock
The clock might now start to cuckoo; do not try to stop this; after the first full hour call, the striking mechanism will adjust itself and always be correct.
If your clock is not hanging evenly on the wall, it may interfere with the swing of the pendulum causing the clock to stop.
If your clock is hanging on a nail that is too long, it may interfere with the inner workings of the movement.
www.cuckooclocksrus.com /cuckoo_clock_instructions.html   (630 words)

 Cuckoo clock movements
Three inch cuckoo bird that opens its mouth when the tail is lifted.
The level is to be used when putting the cuckoo clock in beat.
The cuckoo clock epoxy we offer is not the super epoxy that is in the picture.
www.clockworks.com /cuckooprt.html   (1064 words)

 Cuckoo Clocks Forum: History of the Cuckoo Clock
A cuckoo clock is a clock, typically a pendulum clock, that strikes the hours using small bellows and whistles that imitate the call of the Common Cuckoo bird in addition to striking on a wire gong.
The cuckoo clock was invented in the Black Forest town of Schönwald, Germany, by Franz Ketterer in 1738.
The cuckoo clock is often wrongly associated with Switzerland, as in the movie The Third Man. This error is probably due to a story by Mark Twain in which the hero depicts the Swiss town of Lucerne as the home of cuckoo clocks.
www.cuckooclocks.com /forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=3&get=last   (706 words)

 Making a Cuckoo Clock   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-05)
These are the Bavarian style of Cuckoo clock (as opposed to the others, which come from the Black Forest).
These clocks were originally used in German railroad stations, and are the most understated of the cuckoo clocks.
Cuckoo clocks use a special movement, that does several things when it strikes: It hits a gong, pushes the bird out of a door, and makes the "cuckoo" noise.
www.brendlers.net /oldtools/cuckoo   (3099 words)

 Cuckoo Clock Nest Australia, black forest german clocks, cuckoo clocks
Cuckoo Clock Nest has a large collection of cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest Region in Germany.
Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest are very beautiful, so we offer an exquisite assortment of original handcrafted german cuckoo clocks.
Cuckoo Clocks from our factory are today still completely handcrafted by woodcarvers just as they were 200 years ago.
www.cuckooclocks.info-link.com.au   (110 words)

 Featherwood Cuckoo Clock
The night time sensor silences the cuckoo bird after dark, but he will be back in business when the sun comes up or the lights come on the next morning.
He will cuckoo the number of the hour so you will know what time it is without looking at the clock.
This means he will cuckoo five times at 5 o'clock, six times at 6 o'clock, etc. This clock body is made of real wood and not particleboard or pressed paper.
www.bestgrandfatherclock4u.com /site/1417976/product/CC111   (253 words)

 Antique Cuckoo Clock Instructions from Bill's Clockworks
Place one of your hands on the clock to steady it, and with your other hand, pull down on the free end of one chain, bringing the weight on the other end up to the bottom of the clock gently.
The clock can be made to go faster or slower by means of the bob (usually a leaf or a disk) on the pendulum.
Most antique cuckoo clocks have heavy weights which will run the clock for years after the oil has gone bad, causing severe wear to pivots and pivot holes.
billsclockworks.com /opinstructions/cuckoo.htm   (1069 words)

Cuckoo clocks are magical works of art with mid-18th century tradition.
Cuckoo clocks are almost always mechanical weight driven movement; a very few are spring driven.
The Chalet cuckoo clock is often wrongly associated with Switzerland, as in the movie The Third Man. In the USA, this error is probably due to a story by Mark Twain in which the hero depicts the Swiss town of Lucerne as the home of cuckoo clocks.
www.mycuckooclocks.com   (1650 words)

 www.cuckooclock.de - Welcome to our large Cuckoo Clock Shop
The most important kind of cuckoo clocks are the chalets.
Cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest are famous for their handcrafted carvings.
The Hönes Cuckoo Clocks on this website are made in the town of Titisee-Neustadt in the Black Forest.
www.cuckooclock.de   (151 words)

 Cuckoo Clocks
All Cuckoo Clocks on these pages are from the Black Forest in Germany, They are of the highest quality and are made from actual trees grown in that region.
Cuckoo Clocks types are hunter, beer drinkers, festival dancers, wood choppers, wood sawers, etc. Black Forest Gifts is sure you will be pleased with your Cuckoo Clock purchase.
Cuckoo Clocks in stock normally ship the same day if the order is placed prior to 2:00 PM Eastern.
www.blackforestgifts.com /cuckoo_clocks.html   (420 words)

 Cuckoo Clocks : purchase a cuckoo clock online
All Cuckoo Clocks have an hourly Cuckoo Call and one call on the half-hour.
The Clocks are either fitted with a one day or eight day mechanical movement (unless otherwise specified).
The symbol MT (Musik Tanzfiguren) before the Clock number, means the Clock also has dancing figures that will turn or dance when the melodies play on the hour and the half-hour.
www.cuckooclocknest.com.au /html/cuckoo.html   (173 words)

 Cuckoo Clock Instructions
The following cuckoo clock instructions are a good set of generic instructions that will work with most cuckoo clocks.
When removing the cuckoo clock from the box please hold it at the roof.
You can move the minute hand clock-wise, but you must allow the clock to cuckoo and/or finish playing music every hour and/or half-hour until the correct time is attained.
www.cuckookingdom.com /store.asp?C=46   (588 words)

 Cuckoo Clock
The clock installed in the English Garden in Woolton Woods was a gift of the family of Lieut.-Col J. Gaskell as a memorial of his association with the life of Woolton and his family connection with the estate.
The clock early 2001, the shaft for the hands can be seen in the centre of the picture.
The clock mechanism restored in 2001, a competition was organised for children to design the clock face to be planted in 2002.
www.bcss-liverpool.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk /cuckoo_clock.htm   (187 words)

 our cuckoo clock repair page
Cuckoo clock repair is not my hobby, not my sideline, and not an afterthought at my shop.
Cuckoo repairs are generally returned to you in days or weeks, rather than the months or even years other shops require for repairs.
If you've ever been told that cuckoos are "junk", or "can't be repaired", or if you have ever paid a so-called "clock repair man" or a "jeweler" to try to "fix" your cuckoo clock, and were discouraged that it "never really worked right after he fixed it", then please consider using my services.
www.jfkclock.com /cuckoo-clock-repair.html   (854 words)

If your clock looks straight and level, but does not want to run, try tilting the cottage a little to the left and listen for a steady "heartbeat".
A typical clock should be hung 6’-0" to the center of the dial to allow for the weights to run the clock for a 24 hour day or approximately 8 days if it is an 8 day movement.
If you have other questions about your clock, please e-mail us or go to the contact us page, fill out the form and we will be happy to answer your questions.
www.cuckooclockologist.com /faq.htm   (534 words)

 Cuckoo Clock History and Lore
The first cuckoo clocks were primitive compared to those made later.
The many themes decorating the clocks were only limited to the imagination of the painters of the faces for the clocks.
As well as factories where the clocks where made and assembled, Families would live and work together in large cottages, each individual working on the part of the clock they specialized in.
www.clockstop.com /perl/csCuckooClocks.pl   (388 words)

 Quartz Cuckoo Clock
Quartz Cuckoo Clocks are operated by batteries, so you don't need to pull up the weights every day or every 8 days.
The quartz cuckoo clocks come with chains and weights, and they have volume control.
All our cuckoo clocks are made individually, so each clock will be slightly different from the pictures.
www.topclock.com /store/Quartz.htm   (101 words)

 Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks from Germany.
In addition, Black Forest cuckoo clocks have an impressive tradition of clock-making on which to draw; each and every cuckoo clock made in this particular part of Germany is informed by over two hundred years worth of cuckoo clock design and construction.
This means purchasing a cuckoo clock made in the Black Forest region guarantees quality craftsmanship, and with the proper care and maintenance, the clock will be around to delight family and friends for generations to come.
After years of researching and collecting Black Forest cuckoo clocks on a personal level, Cuckoo Clocks R Us was created so that what was once an individual passion could be shared with others of like mind.
www.cuckooclocksrus.com   (715 words)

I took the clock home, hung it on the wall and it ran perfectly for several weeks.
He had had his clock for many years and said that it never missed a beat for as long as he owned it.
The clock ticked and tocked and all of a sudden the little door flung open but still no bird.
www.cuckooclockologist.com /story.htm   (869 words)

 Cuckoo clock, black forest cuckoo clock, musical cuckoo clock, german cuckoo clocks
We carry a wide selection of traditional German clocks, as well, with a musical cuckoo clock selection that can't be beat.
These authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks are sure to be a hit in your home, so take some time to look around our site, and buy your collectible clock today, and start keeping time in traditional German Black Forest Style.
Original handcarved Cuckoo Clocks made in the Black Forest are authenticated, and carry this seal.
www.blenheim-cuckoo-clocks.com   (377 words)

 eBay Store - Cuckoo Clock Parts: Horns Hoods Dials Backs Gong, Movements movement parts, Tools Cleaning kits   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-05)
Short history of the cuckoo clock The moment you hear that distinctive call as the cuckoo pops out of the hollow in the carved wood, you'll be transported back to a time of great clock making.
The details in the carvings and the echoing forest sound of the cuckoo bird are sure to bring joy for years to come.
The Cuckoo Clock emerged during the first half of the 1700s from the Black Forest region of Germany.
stores.ebay.com /Cuckoo-Clock-Parts   (470 words)

 German Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
he first Black Forest Cuckoo Clock was designed and made by Franz Anton Ketterer in the small village of Schoenwald near Triberg, Germany, in the depths of the Black Forest.
With their inventive genius, cleverness and dexterity, the inhabitants of the region employed the long winter months in making cuckoo clocks with richly handcarved decorations from various woods.
All cuckoo clocks are manufactured in Schoenwald in the Black Forest/Germany.
www.cuckoo-clock.com   (280 words)

 Cuckoo clocks, black forest cuckoo clocks, coo coo clocks, pendulum clocks, mantle clocks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-05)
Welcome to Cuckoo Nuts the premier supplier of hand carved wooden wall clocks and Black Forest cuckoo clocks.
We have products ranging from floor pendulum clocks to mantle clocks, as well as an assortment of masterfully detailed cuckoo clocks and musical clocks.
These cuckoo clocks are made with unsurpassed craftsmanship, we hope you will examine all of our great gift clocks and wooden clocks today.
www.cuckoonuts.com   (160 words)

 Cuckoo clock home page
In 1730, when Anton Ketterer built the very first cuckoo clock, no one could have predicted the popularity of this timekeeper.
Young and old all over the globe are enthusiastic cuckoo clock fans.
These clocks can be found in modern settings as well as more traditional homes.
www.cuckooclocks.com.au   (125 words)

 Cuckoo Clock Repair at Bill's Clockworks
Our fee for examining and minor adjustments on cuckoo clocks by mail order is $40 for two weight cuckoo clocks and $70 for three weight cuckoo clocks.
When sending a cuckoo clock, please enclose a check for $75 for 2 weight clocks or $105 for 3 weight clocks (for the USA) to cover the minimum charge and return shipping.
The best packing is to wrap the clock in several layers of bubble wrap, and then put in a box with 2 - 3 inches of space on all sides filled with packing peanuts.
billsclockworks.com /repair/cuckoo.htm   (358 words)

 Welcome to Cuckoo Clock Nest importers and exporters of Cuckoo Clocks
The story of making cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest can be traced back to the early 1600’s.
Today the clock makers in Germany combine the century-old craft of the Black Forest clockmakers with new ideas, to bring to you traditional and modern clocks.
The German Cuckoo Clock Nest is an extremely large importer of German Clocks into Australia.
www.cuckooclocknest.com /html/welcome.html   (225 words)

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