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Topic: Cultural heritage of India

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  Heritage India
Explore the ancient land of India, which is an eloquent witness to the spirit of a continuing civilization for at least 5000 years.
India - the land unique civilization is known for its rich sights, cultural exuberance and diversity of terrain.
India is a land of lofty mountains and mighty rivers and has a tropical weather.
www.indiantravels.com /heritage-india   (295 words)

 Heritage India,Indian Heritage,India Heritage Tour,Heritage Travel in India
India's heritage is an insight in the varied facets of the country's history, religious and cultural contrasts, and its indigenous lifestyles still untouched by the trappings of modernity.
Fairs in India are celebrations of myriad cults and sub cults, an enormous body of legend and historical events.
The performing art culture of India is a fusion of the arts, an aesthetic sensibility shared between music, dance, drama, and literature..
www.indiantravelportal.com /heritage   (351 words)

 Indian cultural tour,travel guide,culture tour of India,religious tour operator,India cultural heritage,Indian culture ...
India is a big country, and here the culture and traditions vary after every 50 kms, but we have been able to mastermind the itineraries, giving exposure to various traditions and customs, of this great country.
India became a land of assimilation and learning, a land of change and continuity.
India is a rich land which has attracted invaders from Central Europe and Asia who left their imprint on this land, its religions and its lifestyles over 40 centuries.
www.tourmyindia.com /cultural_tours/index.html   (1363 words)

 Cultural Heritage India,Cultural Travel in India,Heritage Travel in India
India, the country, where culture echoes, traditions speak and diversity delights is a land of magnificent monuments and where Taj Mahal, is only one of the historical wonders.
The rich cultural heritage of India unveils the magic of the past that tends to meet the present.
These cultural heritage destinations open those unread pages of history that rekindle the Indian imagination that is presumed to be deadlocked with time.
www.cultural-heritage-india.com   (510 words)

 Cultural Heritage of India, India Culture Tours, Indian Cultural Heritage, India Cultural Tours,Cultural and Heritage ...
India with its centuries old civilization is perhaps one of the few nations, which has a cultural heritage that is rich, diverse and unique.
The history of India is testimony to the fact that foreign invasions influenced the polity and culture of India.
The cultural heritage of India is not limited to the art and architecture that we see today in the form of many architectural wonders that dot many Indian cities but it traverses beyond that.
www.heritageinindia.com /cultural-heritage/index.html   (380 words)

 Heritage Tourism in India, Cultural Heritage of India, Indian Heritage Guide : India Line Travel
The glorious past of India has ensured that the present and subsequent generations have plenty of historical and cultural heritage to be proud of.
For centuries, people migrating into the rich country, India, with their respective culture and tradition and later mixing with the rituals of the Indians have given birth to a new colour of heritage and culture.
As one turns the pages of history, the rich heritage of India comes alive with all its fragrance and colour which are still breathing in the heritage forts, palaces, temples and monuments fringed in each and every corner of this multi facet country, India.
www.indialine.com /travel/heritage   (554 words)

 Culture of India,Great Indian Culture,Rich Culture and Heritage of India,Cultural India
Culture of India,Great Indian Culture,Rich Culture and Heritage of India,Cultural India
The culture of India is one of the oldest cultures in the world.
India's history and culture is ancient and influential, stretching back to the beginning of human civilization, starting from ancient history of India to modern Indian history.
www.indiasite.com /culture   (646 words)

 Heritage of India, Cultural Heritage of India, About Indian Heritage Tourism - India Travelog
Heritage - Rediscover the enchanting heritage of India in its gracious monuments, royal forts and splendid temples.
The opulent heritage of India unveils the magic of the past that tends to meet the present.
The heritage of India open those unread pages of history that rekindle the Indian imagination that is presumed to be deadlocked with time.
www.indiatravelog.com /heritage   (499 words)

 Cultural Portraits of India --- Lindsay Hebberd
India is the seventh largest country in the world, covering a total land area of approximately 3.3 million square kilometers.
Contemporary India is a dynamic country of infinite contrasts, where the 21st century coexists with the ancient past.
Rather, Cultural Portraits of India celebrates the beauty and heritage of India in a spirit of respect, appreciation, and affection for a diverse people and their traditions, talents and beliefs.
www.culturalportraits.com /indiabook.html   (462 words)

 Culture Tourism in India, Culture and Traditions of India, Ancient Indian Culture : India Line Travel
The people of India belong to different religions, caste and faith as such inhabitants of every region, state, city and even within it have their own set of beliefs and practices that guide them in their lives.
India's culture is like a rainbow of multiple facets which accommodates music, dance, performing arts, paintings and literature in itself which have gained recognition and fame from every corner of the world.
An extensive cultural trip into the vast land of India is sure to change your taste and sense of culture for the rest of your life while you will be amazed by the cultural diversity of the country.
www.indialine.com /travel/culture   (435 words)

 Tourism of India - Holiday Ideas
With a civilization that is over 5000 years old, India's cultural heritage is diverse, rich and unique.
India has always attracted visitors, be it invaders or traders.
Over the years, each have left behind their unique traditions which are reflected in every aspect of Indian culture, be it art, dance, drama, music, architecture, language, cuisine or religion.
www.tourismofindia.com /hi/heritage.htm   (402 words)

 Indian Culture - Cultural India - Culture of India - Cultural Heritage of India - Cultural Attractions in India - ...
Indian Culture - Cultural India - Culture of India - Cultural Heritage of India - Cultural Attractions in India - Indian Cultural Heritage
India is a vast country, having variety of geographical features and climatic conditions.
Indian culture is a composite mixture of varying styles and influences.
www.culturalindia.net   (210 words)

 India Culture Tours, Cultural Tour in India, Culture Tours of India,Culture Travel in India,India Culture Tour,Indian ...
India's cultural heritage can be seen in its grand monuments built by various rulers in different periods of time.
When in central India the cultural influences of Buddhism can be seen in the frescoes on the walls of the Ajanta Caves and in the sculptures of the Buddhist, Jain and Hindu temples at the Ellora Caves near Aurangabad, in Maharashtra, India.
The temples of the Vijayanagar Empire in Hampi and the spectacular temples of South India including the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, the Kailashnatha temple at Kanchipuram, the rathas or chariot shaped temples in Mahabalipuram and the thousand-pillared temples in Rameshwaram are all stunning examples of the living cultural heritage of south India.
www.indiatravelportal.com /culture-tours/index.html   (578 words)

 India Heritage tour,travel guide,heritage travel package,heritage tour to India,tour,operators,heritage travel in ...
India's heritage is like a rainbow of multiple facets like performing arts, crafts, religion, customs, traditions, beliefs, philosophy, history, health, medicine, travel, cuisine, monuments, literature, painting and languages.
These were the cultures primarily taken birth from the amalgamation of migrating cultures with the Indian ones.
Explore the thousands of years old heritage of India with these tour packages created in consultation with eminent specialists in the field of travel and heritage.
www.tourmyindia.com /heritage/index.html   (689 words)

 Cultural India,Cultural Heritage India,Cultural Tourism in India
India is a popular destination and boast a cultural heritage that is worth exploring.
Dating back to over 5000 years old civilization, India's culture has been enriched by successive waves of migration which were absorbed into the Indian way of life.
This festival is celebrated on a grand scale in almost all the regions of India and is looked upon mainly as the beginning of New Year.
www.surfindia.com /travel/cultural-india.html   (1770 words)

 Cultural Cities of India,Travel to Indian Cultural Cities,India Cultural Cities
India has been a home to numerous inhabitants coming from various cultures and races.
The culture cities of India is reflected in its art and architecture, quite dominant in its vibrant temples and places.
Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka...
www.indiantraveltrendz.com /cultural-cities-india.html   (251 words)

 India Cultural Tour, India Cultural Tour Package, Culture Tour of India, India Cultural Travel, Heritage Tours of India.
The India cultural tour is an exploration of the incomparable exquisite land of India.
These heritage tours of India introduce you to the ethnic and cultural groups that have thrived from times immemorial.
The cultural tours of India mirror the traditional and religious diversity that exists in one color of unity.
www.lepassagetoindia.com /architecture-tour.htm   (453 words)

 Indian Monuments Portal - India Monuments,Famous Cultural Heritage Monuments of India
Monuments stand as witnesses of a country's past; the monuments of India solve the same purpose, but they are also the guardian pillars of India's cultural heritage.
Take an Indian heritage tour and travel by Palace on Wheels, pay a visit to World Heritage Sites of India that brings to the fore some of the most amazing examples of architectural grandeur that took place in India in the gone by era's and became an inspiration for the future generations.
India's famous must visit monuments include the outstanding architectural wonder - Taj Mahal, the exquisite monumental temples of Khajuraho and the heritage forts and palaces of Rajasthan.
www.indianmonumentsportal.com   (235 words)

 The Embassy of India to the Lao PDR/Cultural Interaction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
Indo-Lao cultural contacts have existed since the 2nd Century B.C. when relic of Lord Buddha was brought to this country by the emissaries of Emperor Ashoka.
At present, cultural cooperation between the two countries is governed by a Cultural Exchange Programme (CEP) signed between India and Lao PDR in January 1996, and subsequently extended regularly.
Cultural and religious connectivity between India and Laos has been further reinforced to mutual benefit with the participation of the 18-member Lao delegation at this International Conclave.
www.indianembassylao.com /culture_relation.html   (1417 words)

 India Culture,Heritage India Culture,Indian Cutural Heritage in India
The carvers, known as gudigars in South India, start their work either by drawing a pattern that is to be engraved on the smooth and whitewashed surface of the sandalwood, or on a piece of paper pasted over its surface.
Every woman in India, regardless of the social strata or region she comes from, is desirous of ornamenting herself with golden ear-rings or nose-rings, armlets, wristlets, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, hairpins or other ornaments.
It is believed that this craft was not indigenous in India but was introduced by travellers or Haj pilgrims who were fascinated by the beautiful carpet traditions of Central Asia and Persia and wanted to bring these art forms back to India.
www.indiavacationpackages.com /india-vacations/india-culture-heritage.html   (1070 words)

 Culture Heritage, India Culture Heritage, Cultural Heritage Tour, Cultural Heritage Tour Packages
After breakfast transfer to airport to board the flight for Varanasi-said to be the India’s most sacred city situated on the western bank of the holy river Ganga.
East of Varanasi, is one of the Buddhism’s major centers of India.
It may be possible that we may have to go for a higher / lower category of hotels/ rooms in any place and we shall advice you of any supplement / reduction in the price.
www.tajmahaltours.com /cultural-tours/cultural-heritage.htm   (1152 words)

 Ellora Caves,Ellora Caves India,Ajanta Ellora Cave Temples   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
Ellora Caves in Aurangabad, the historical and heritage cave temples in India for Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religion.
The state of Maharashtra is blessed with a rich heritage of ancient monuments and exquisite architectural marvels representing different phases of development in the art and architectural style.
Kailasha (Cave 16) is a remarkable example of rock-cut temples in India on account of its striking proportion, elaborate workmanship architectural content and sculptural ornamentation.
www.cultural-heritage-india.com /monuments-in-india/ellora-caves.html   (524 words)

 Cultural India,Cultural Tours India,Indian Cultural Tour   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
The name India evokes vivid images of flowing saris, sounds of crowded streets and the perfume of curry and sandlewood mingling in warm breezes.
Today however, there is a struggle among the various established dancers of India to renew thought of the old ways at the same time, preserve its rich heritage.
Dancers are very important figures in the Indian culture and Indian dance have many varieties which reflects all aspect of life from religious to war to social.
www.north-india.net /cultural-india.html   (429 words)

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