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Topic: Culture of Africa

  Culture of Kenya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
With such diverse regional peoples such as the Swahili along the coast, several pastoralist communities mainly in the North and the different communities in Central and Western regions, having a mutually acceptable cultural identification is difficult.
The Maasai culture owes its widespread identification to the tourist industry which has exploited them for purely commercial purposes.
The colonial administration in partnership with missionary activities and formal education wiped out most cultural practices leaving a gap that was filled by Western cultural attitudes and identification especially by the youth.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Culture_of_Kenya   (266 words)

 Africa Geography Quizzes - Fun Map Games
Ethiopia is rumored to have the ark of the covenant.
Africa is the second largest continent in the world, by population.
Africa is connected to Asia by the Isthmus of Suez.
www.sheppardsoftware.com /African_Geography.htm   (565 words)

 AFRICA: A Legacy in Memory
Africa: A Legacy in Memory was a festival exploring Africa's profound, rich, and varied artistic and cultural heritage and honoring the great contributions of the continent of Africa in the humanities and the arts.
The purpose of the Africa: A Legacy in Memory festival was to help the Hamline community, members of the public, and K-12 students increase their understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of African arts and culture.
Africa’s rich oral traditions, encompassing history, kinship, poetry, and music that have traditionally been passed down from generation to generation, would be recognized and celebrated as legitimate sources of knowledge and history.
www.hamline.edu /150/africa/introduction.html   (344 words)

 Contemporary African Culture, South Africa
Cultural tourism is fraught with all kinds of ideological pitfalls.
Visit a classic 'cultural village' and you'll be treated to an admittedly fascinating visual feast of fabulous costumes, bare-breasted dancing girls and animal-skin-clad warriors brandishing stabbing spears and singing rousing war songs.
Contemporary African culture is a vibrant combination of the old and the new - a synthesis of traditional beliefs with both colonial and modern ideas.
www.safarinow.com /cms/contemporary-african-culture/irie.aspx   (449 words)

 The culture history of Africa as a whole   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Hartford Web Publishing is not the author of the documents in World History Archives and does not presume to validate their accuracy or authenticity nor to release their copyright.
The history of elementary education in Africa as a whole
The history of university education in Africa as a whole
www.hartford-hwp.com /archives/30/index-i.html   (170 words)

 African People and Culture -Tribes
The Amhara are the politically and culturally dominant ethnic group of Ethiopia.
The Chewa, also known as the Cewa or Chichewa is an African culture that has existed since the beginning of the first millennium, A.D. They are primarily located in Zambia, Zimbabwe, with the bulk of the population in Malawi.
Among the people groups in Africa they are unique in that they have kept and continued to develop their own culture even in the midst of Islamic invasions which have conquered and adapted many of the current people groups
www.africaguide.com /culture/tribes   (889 words)

 History of AFRICA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Africa is the setting for the long dawn of human history.
The tropical forests of central Africa are occupied largely by the Pygmies (with an average height of about 4'9', or less than 1.5m).
And the fascinating but still mysterious Nok culture, lasting from the 5th century BC to the 2nd century AD, provides magnificent pottery figures which stand at the beginning of a recognizably African sculptural tradition.
www.historyworld.net /wrldhis/PlainTextHistories.asp?historyid=ab24   (747 words)

 Images of Africa & African History
Africa's top historians take a fresh look at the events and characters that have shaped the continent from the origins of humankind to the end of South African apartheid.
These alternative sources include writings by Africans* (which are found in only a few portions of Sub-Saharan Africa before the twentieth century), the much fuller bodies of oral tradition which are found throughout Africa, the vocabularies and structures of African languages themselves, and the physical artifacts uncovered by archaeologists.
If you are an African or you live in Africa, this stands out very clearly to you, you are constantly being bombarded with bad news, and you know that there is good news in many places.
web.cocc.edu /cagatucci/classes/hum211/coursepack/imagesofafrica.htm   (3630 words)

 Africa: A Culture of Accountability
Trust Africa has been operating for the past five years as part of the Ford Foundation, but will now be run independently from Dakar with an all-African board of directors.
Despite some setbacks and bizarre developments across the continent, in Africa we are learning that public service means we serve the people and not an individual; that the public no longer accept that weary excuse of the past that one received orders from above to break the law or abuse public trust in any way.
Finally, the setbacks on the democratic front in Africa are not causing a generalised feeling of decline, despondency and failure the maturing democracy thus far seems able to absorb the shocks.
www.africafocus.org /docs06/acct0606.php   (2820 words)

 South Africa Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide
South Africa is an exhilarating, spectacular and complex country.
With its post-apartheid identity still in the process of definition, there is undoubtedly an abundance of energy and sense of progress about the place.
The infrastructure is constantly improving, the climate is kind and there are few better places to see Africa's wildlife.
www.lonelyplanet.com /destinations/africa/south_africa/culture.htm   (235 words)

Arts and Culture Minister Pallo Jordan was last week quoted as saying that a decision on the name chance would not be taken until all the implications of this move had been considered.
The city was named 151 years ago by Pretorius's son and the first president of South Africa -- Marthinus.
It is the symbol of the anti-colonial war that Afrikaners fought against the British empire, which was one of Africa's earliest liberation struggles," he said in a statement concerning the name change, in May last year.
www.ipsterraviva.net /Africa/viewstory.asp?idnews=664   (657 words)

 Language and Popular Culture in Africa - Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Language and Popular Culture in Africa is a web-based project set up by Johannes Fabian and Vincent de Rooij of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam.
The main aim of LPCA is to document and further the study of expressions of popular language and culture in Africa.
First of all, by making available, in LPCA Text Archives and Archives of Popular Swahili, texts that express and mediate forms of African popular culture, and secondly, by publishing the Journal of Language and Popular Culture in Africa which publishes studies of African popular texts.
www2.fmg.uva.nl /lpca   (1043 words)

 Africana Studies Resources Guide - Africa
To understand aspects of the research process for the study of Africa, it is important to use both print and electronic reference sources.
Cultural and political studies are difficult to classify in terms of territorial borders.
Africa and the Disciplines: The Contributions of Research in Africa to the Social Sciences and Humanities.
www.albany.edu /~dlafonde/Africana/africaguide2005.htm   (7586 words)

 Journal of Language and Popular Culture in Africa - Info Page
First, the texts that will be published in the first issues of the Journal of Language and Popular Culture in Africa will be in rather distinct varieties of Swahili that differ from each other in phonology, morpho-syntax, lexical semantics (including idioms), and lexicon in general, due to contact with English, French, and locally spoken languages.
Second, the texts to be published in the Journal of Language and Popular Culture in Africa should be accessible to scholars working outside Swahiliphone areas, with a general interest in popular culture, folk literacy, language contact (code-switching, borrowing, pidginization and creolization), stylistic variation, and oral literature.
The main aim of the Journal of Language and Popular Culture in Africa is to document the popular culture expressed in, and mediated by, popular, vernacular, varieties of African languages.
www2.fmg.uva.nl /lpca/jlpca/index.html   (1608 words)

 Amazon.com: Culture - Live in Africa: DVD: Culture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
On December 14, 2000, Culture, Burning Spear, and the Wailers all arrived in South Africa to perform three historic shows organized by Justin Engels of the label/distributor Revolver Records.
Culture has been the biggest selling group for Revolver for many years and the night was full of anticipation as he hit the stage.
Culture has been playing since the 1970's, do not miss the DVD and many of their CD's.
www.amazon.com /Culture-Live-Africa/dp/B00006SFL0   (924 words)

 People Culture Languages Africa
The colonial period was brutal for Africa, and the legacy of its devastating past continues to trouble its people.
It influenced all aspects of African society and culture.
The customs, languages, and cultural mores of people on the continent are quite different from country to country and from region to region.
www.africanculturalcenter.org /5_0people.html   (148 words)

 CULTURE-SOUTH AFRICA: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
However, this braidless, white reporter was disappointed to discover that — in South Africa's financial centre of Johannesburg, at least — this is not necessarily the case.
Ntanda says she has braided the hair of a few white clients in the past, and Nyandeni says she often sees white men and women with braids in the coastal city of Cape Town: "They look amazing, but you wonder where they come from.
Earlier this year, newspapers in South Africa reported that an exclusive Johannesburg school, Dainfern College, disciplined a white teenager for wearing braids to school.
www.ipsnews.net /africa/nota.asp?idnews=32697   (903 words)

 Odyssey Online: Africa
Africa is a vast continent -- almost four times the size of the United States!
Over 1000 languages are spoken in Africa, and hundreds of different ethnic groups live there.
Our museums contain objects made in Africa 4000 years ago and objects made very recently, most were created in the 19th and 20th centuries.
carlos.emory.edu /ODYSSEY/AFRICA/ahomepg.html   (204 words)

 Travel in Lagos - Nigeria - Africa - Culture - WorldTravelGate.net®-
Lagos is Nigeria's largest city, chief port, and principal economic and cultural center.
Although Lagos is a cosmopolitan city, the traditions of the original settlers have been preserved and now form part of the rich culture of the State.
True to its heterogeneous population, the state has a religious system that is varied, complex and rich in texture often cutting across borders of social classifications.
www.africatravelling.net /nigeria/lagos/lagos_culture.htm   (522 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
South Africa has its own za.* newsgroup hierarchy, in which the articles are predominantly written in English.
Although it is a uniquely African language, it is nonetheless classed as a member of the Germanic languages, and is similar to the Dutch language, which is predominantly spoken in the Netherlands and a large part of Belgium.
Afrikaans is a language spoken largely in southern Africa (predominantly South Africa, Namibia and to a lesser extent Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho), although small communities of Afrikaans-speaking people are found in other parts of the world.
www.faqs.org /ftp/pub/usenet/news.announce.newgroups/soc/soc.culture.south-africa.afrikaans   (4471 words)

 History and Culture of Africa
Provides an overview of Africa both as a geographic location and as a Western idea, with additional emphasis on regional variations and multicultural differences within the continent.
This course will examine the development of African history and cultures by engaging in the debates through which scholars have described and understood Africa in the modern period.
To foster scholarly discussion on Africa's past and present and social problems facing the continent, the course will be organized around small and large group discussion, lecture, workshops, and media presentations.
www.nu.edu /Academics/Schools/COLS/SocSci/Courses/HIS349Syllabus.html   (2148 words)

 South Africa Cultural Tours - South Africa Weekend Breaks and Package Holidays
Our aim is to give visitors to South Africa the opportunity to experience South African culture by sharing the intimacies of our country, its varied experiences and its colourful people.
We are constantly running specials on cultural tours to South Africa and are able to make tailor-made tours for any number of visitors to South Africa.
Our cultural tours give you the opportunity to follow a specific theme throughout the regions, and to mix and match as you desire.
www.vuyaafrica.co.za   (399 words)

 Department: Arts and Culture, South Africa
Earlier this year the Department of Arts and Culture partnered with the Mutloatse Heritage Trust to launch the “Memory is Our Heritage” Fellowship Grants.
What is demonstrably true is that literally thousands of geographical names were imposed on the country by the colonial powers who governed South Africa and portions of it over the last three and half centuries.
The Minister of Arts and Culture tenders his apology for any statement which Mrs Wixley may have construed to be defamatory.
www.dac.gov.za   (263 words)

Colors of Africa: Contemporary Art from the Continent surveys over 70 works of fine art by 40 contemporary artists representing 19 African countries.
In 1970, Wolford, a graduate of Mills College co-founded Mbari Art, an organization promoting international cultural exchange; and presenting the works of artists from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and the United States in prominent museums and institutions in the U.S. and abroad -including three simultaneously at the Corcoran, Renwick and National Museum of African Art.
Its goals are to educate the public, give visibility to African artists, promote and publish research, and act as a permanent repository for the works of contemporary African artists, books, publications, and related materials.
www.africancraft.com /exhibit.php?id=mbari2   (389 words)

 Amazon.com: Culture Shock!: South Africa: Books: Dee Rissik   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
While white South Africans are essentialy from western culture and embrace western democracy, fl (and other) South Africans have many different cultures and languages, and most embrace communist ideaology.
In response the true proponents of Democracy, South Africa's Democratic Party, have protested and been met with virulent critism by this evil regime.The ANC classes all white South Africans who do not agree with the Anc Regimes' Satalinist purges as being selfish "racists" who cling to "privilege.
Dee Rissik does not even address the topic of gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender visitors or immigrants to South Africa, despite the fact that this is the only country in the world where sexual orientation is legally protected in the constitution.
www.amazon.com /Culture-Shock-Africa-Dee-Rissik/dp/1558681493   (1152 words)

 Swahili Culture
he coast of East Africa, as it stretches from Somalia to Mozambique, and the islands of Comores and Madagascar, are dotted with the remains of Swahili towns, often in ruins.
These settlements are the testimony of a long history of Swahili culture.
But the trade reached its peak in the 15th century, referred to as the "golden age" of Swahili civilisation.
www.unesco.org /whc/exhibits/afr_rev/africa-k.htm   (287 words)

 Tribes of Africa eBook - African Culture
This eBook is a list of the tribes of Africa sorted by country and by tribe name.
Some tribes where split up when Africa was divided into political countries, other tribes have migrated during times of famine and/or violence.
Sign up for the African Culture newsletter to find out when the next edition of this eBook is made available.
www.bellaonline.com /articles/art16307.asp   (183 words)

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