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Topic: Culture of Spain

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Culture of Spain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The generally warm and relatively dry summers have led to a culture in which a lot of life is lived outdoors, whether on a patio in the courtyard of a building or on a public plaza.
Spain was part of the Roman Empire and many areas of Spain retain significant Roman architectural remnants.
Spain is home to several fine examples of medieval architecture; outside of the areas that were under Muslim control, these are primarily in the Romanesque and Gothic styles.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Culture_of_Spain   (2263 words)

 Spain Culture - Guide to the Spanish culture in Spain
Spain is many countries all rolled into one therefore the culture in Spain is very varied and interesting.
Spain is the world’s third largest wine producer; with an industry that most experts regard as the fastest improving vinicuhure of recent decades.
Christmas in Spain is not as huge a commercial occasion as is the case in many other western cities.
www.spain4uk.co.uk /Spain_culture.htm   (462 words)

 Culture Guide: Spain - Advice for Jobs Overseas from Monster.com
Anti-Americanism is at an all-time high in Spain, but if you tread carefully in political discussions and share in your host country's love of food and conversation, you're likely to feel welcome.
Spain was under a fascist dictatorship from 1935 to 1975.
Spain is a common vacation destination, and there is a stereotype that young Americans, English and Germans can't handle their alcohol.
workabroad.monster.com /articles/spanish_culture   (1057 words)

 Spain History & Spain Culture | iExplore.com
For five centuries from 218 BC, Spain was under the rule of the Romans, who left remnants of their culture throughout the country.
Their main achievement in office was to establish Spain as a valuable and enthusiastic member of the European Union, which it joined in 1986 and from which it has benefited considerably.
Spain has also become an important producer of motor vehicles; this industry alone accounts for 5 per cent of GDP and 80 per cent of all output is exported.
www.iexplore.com /dmap/Spain/History   (1641 words)

 Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain, also known as the Golden Age of Arab Rule in Spain, refers to a period of history during the Muslim occupation of Spain in which Jews were generally accepted in Spanish society and Jewish religious, cultural, and economic life blossomed.
Starting especially after 912, with the reign of Abd-ar-Rahman III and his son, Al-Hakam II the Jews prospered, devoting themselves to the service of the Caliphate of Cordoba, to the study of the sciences, and to commerce and industry, especially to trading in silk and slaves, in this way promoting the prosperity of the country.
The Jewish presence in Spain ended with the edict of expulsion by Christian Spain in 1492.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Golden_age_of_Jewish_culture_in_Spain   (1234 words)

 Spanish and Spain Culture
Francisco Goya emerged in the 18th century as Spain's most prolific painter and he produced some wonderfully unflattering portraits of royalty.
The art world in the early 20th century was influenced by a remarkable group of Spanish artists: Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris, Joan Miró and Salvador Dalí.
Spain's architecture ranges from prehistoric monuments in Minorca in the Balearic Islands, through to the Roman ruins of Mérida and Tarragona, the decorative Lonja in Seville, Mudéjar buildings, Gothic cathedrals, castles, fantastic modernist monuments and Gaudí's intricate fabulist sculptures.
www.donquijote.org /culture/spain   (351 words)

 Spain Culture
Spain's cultural mix became even richer during the Middle Ages because of the presence of a large and influential Jewish population.
Medieval Spain witnessed one of the periods of greatest cultural achievement in Jewish history.
Spanish culture must stress the tremendous importance of religion in the history of the country and in the life of the individual.
www.traveldocs.com /es/culture.htm   (477 words)

 Practical Spain Guide - Spanish Culture
Spain is a country full of contrasts, with a diverse countryside and a vibrant culture.
The best way to learn about Spain is to visit the country and come to know her history and her culture, not only in the monuments and museums you will visit, but in the stories its people will tell you.
The fan-shaped sea scallop, called vieira, or the pilgrim's shell, are sweet and plump; they may be eaten straight from the water with a squeeze of lemon, or baked on their shells in a splash of local Albariño wine, from the Rías Baixas, or with a coating of crumbs and spices.
www.escuelai.com /practicalguide_sp.html   (4022 words)

 Narrative Culture in Spain c.1500   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
For a number of well-known reasons, this was a cricual moment in Spanish history: it saw the consolidation of several kingdoms into the first modern nation-state; the expulsion of heterogeneous populations (Jews, Muslims) from the Iberian Peninsulal and the beginning of the trans-Atlantic empire.
But at least as significant, on the cultural level, was the explosion in the number of printing presses and printed books produced in Spain.
Ultimately, the student's research will be incorporated in my book-lenght project on narrative culture in Spain at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries.
ls.berkeley.edu /departments/townsend/groupapp9.shtml   (328 words)

 Spain Culture
Spain's architecture ranges from prehistoric monuments in Menorca in the Balearic Islands, through to the Roman ruins of Mérida and Tarragona, the decorative Islamic Alhambra in Granada, Mudéjar buildings, Gothic cathedrals, castles and palaces, fantastic modernist monuments and Gaudí's intricate fabulist sculptures.
Paella, gazpacho and chorizo may be familiar to most Western diners, but Spanish cuisine goes well beyond these, with a smorgasbord of rich stews, soups, beans, seafood and meats, all of which have been influential in Latin American cooking.
It's a good idea to reset your stomach-clock when travelling in Spain because lunch, eaten between 1.30 and 4pm, is usually the main meal of the day.
www.donquijote.org /tourist/profiles/paises/espana/culture.asp   (547 words)

 Ancient Scotland: The Spanish Celtic Connection
The dolmens, standing stones and the trail of "cup and ring" designs carved on stones by the prehistoric people of Iberia make their way from Spain and Portugal and northern France to Ireland and Scotland and represent the earliest evidence of the movement of prehistoric man from Iberia to the northern islands.
Bile's son was Milesius, perhaps the most famous of all the Celtic Kings of Spain and the father of the Irish race.
He took her to Spain and they reigned as King and Queen of that European nation.
members.tripod.com /~Halfmoon/Spain.html   (1028 words)

Spain's mixed capitalist economy supports a GDP that on a per capita basis is 80% that of the four leading West European economies.
The government intends to make further progress in changing labor laws and reforming pension schemes, which are key to the sustainability of both Spain's internal economic advances and its competitiveness in a single currency area.
Part of the useful series on culture shock, a good introduction and a well presented series for a first impression of another culture.
www.peoplegoingglobal.com /Europe/Spain.htm   (434 words)

 EUROPA - Culture - Spain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
At state level, the body responsible is the Ministry of Culture which is responsible for orientating the international relations on cultural matters as well as following up the actions of the European Union in this field.
The General Directorate of Cultural Cooperation and Communication has the mission to facilitate external knowledge of the cultural diversity of the 17 Autonomous Communities and to cooperate in the cultural projection of Spain abroad.
The General Directorate for Fine Arts and Cultural Goods has also several international dimensions; it proposes for example the measures to protect the illicit exportation of Spanish cultural goods.
europa.eu.int /comm/culture/portal/sites/members/en/spain_en.htm   (374 words)

 Culture Shock - Spain, Morocco and Gibraltar - Where am I?
Ok, I've been suffering a bit of culture shock changing locations a little too quickly in the last week: Tarifa surfin' town Spain, Tangier in Morocco, Gibraltar a little bit o' the UK, Granada and now the Super 8 Motel in Houston, friggin Texas just outside the lovely George Bush Airport.
I did like Spain a lot but found myself seeking out non-Spanish experiences in the last week so maybe i'm ready for a change.
The contents of this website may not be reproduced either in whole or in part without the consent of Travelblogs.com and the author/photographer.
www.travelblogs.com /dougdo/culture_shock.htm   (342 words)

 Spain Business >> Culture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Spain is, above all, a mosaic of heterogeneous cultures.
Spanish culture is extremely rich and touches upon all forms of artistic expression.
Spain has the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage listings.
www.spainbusiness.com /icex/cda/controller/pageGen/0,3346,1549487_1604439_1598670_0,00.html   (103 words)

 Spain Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide
In the cities, narrow twisting old streets suddenly open out to views of daring modern architecture, while spit-and-sawdust bars serving wine from the barrel rub shoulders with blaring, glaring discos.
Travel is easy, accommodation plentiful, the climate benign, the people relaxed, the beaches long and sandy, the food and drink easy to come by and full of regional variety.
Winter along the southern and southeastern Mediterranean coasts is mild, while in the height of summer you can retreat to the northwest, to beaches or high mountains anywhere to escape excessive heat.
www.lonelyplanet.com /worldguide/destinations/europe/spain   (343 words)

 HomeEspana Spanish Property - Customs and Culture of Spain
In a modern world where people have become increasingly isolated from their neighbours it is refreshing to find Spain still so community-minded: every single city, town and village, no matter how small, has its own special day of celebration, when most residents will take to the streets and socialise with their neighbours.
Spain’s vibrant history is also commemorated, for example the famous Fiesta de Moros Y Christianos (Moors and Christians) in Alicante, Valencia mirrors around 150 other ‘Moors and Christians’ celebrations that take place all over Spain.
Bullfighting is a controversial and emotive subject but, while you need never see a bullfight while living in Spain if you choose not to, it is a significant part of Spanish life and culture, indeed it is the National Sport or Fiesta Nacional, and thus is included here.
www.homeespana.co.uk /moving/customs.asp   (1367 words)

 Culture Briefing Spain - Your guide to Spanish culture and customs
Culture Briefing Spain gives you current, in-depth information to help you understand the culture, customs, values and beliefs of the Spanish people.
Culture Briefing: Spain helps you figure out the Spanish by penetrating below their society’s surface to reveal the customs and established ways of life in Spain.
It is produced by a team that brings together backgrounds in cultural geography and cultural anthropology as well as extensive experience living for extended periods in a variety of foreign cultures and writing about travel, geography and culture for both the popular press and college-level textbooks.
www.culturebriefings.com /Pages/pubstore/pscbsp.html   (1177 words)

 Muslim Spain and European Culture
When you think of European culture, one of the first things that comes to mind is the renaissance.
By the beginning of the ninth century, Moorish Spain was the gem of Europe with its capital city, Cordova.
In Northern Spain the various Christian kingdoms united to expel the Moors from the European continent.
www.sunnah.org /history/moors.htm   (1653 words)

Detailed handbook describing the history of Spain and analysing its political, economic, social, and national security systems and institutions, the interrelationships of those systems and the ways they are shaped by cultural factors.
Particular attention is given to the people who make up the society, their origins, dominant beliefs and values, common interests and the issues on which they are divided, and their attitudes toward each other and toward their social system and political order.
Brief guide to the history and collections of the El Prado Museum in Madrid, Originally built to be a science museum at the end of the 17th century, El Prado became one of the world's first public art museums when it opened in 1819 to house the Royal art collection.
bubl.ac.uk /link/s/spain.htm   (893 words)

 Spanish language and culture in Spanish Unlimited guide.
On May 15th there is the Fiesta de San Isidro to the honour of Madrid's patron, one of the most spectacular events in all the year with numerous concerts and other kinds of public performances.
No nation on earth is quite as good at enjoying itself as Spain.
There are so many fiestas that even if you could attend more than one a day you would not be able to see them all in a single lifetime.
www.spanishunlimited.com /spain/culture   (306 words)

 Online Encyclopedia and Dictionary - Culture of Spain
The relative lateness of the dinner hour is explained by Spain's adherence to Central European Time, even though most of the country is West of London (GMT).
Hence 22:00 in Spain is equivalent to 21:00 in England -- and geographically is about 20:30.
Arts and Culture Entertainment People Science Social Sciences Geography
fact-archive.com /encyclopedia/Culture_of_Spain   (1869 words)

 HUM 310 Culture of Spain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The purpose is to discover major trends and themes that run throughout the target culture in such a way that we can appreciate both the positive and negative aspects of Spanish culture--positive and negative, of course, being relative to what is different and distinctive about Spanish culture and its people.
Therefore, the focus balances theoretical knowledge about the culture of Spain on the one hand and fairly direct experience of the same culture by means of art, music, literature, essay, photographic slides, and film.
The required reading material includes Spain's national epic poem, the Star Wars-like chivalric romance in which the idea of California itself was created (when not out of print), short masterpiece prose fictions by Cervantes, a twentieth-century play, and a book about contemporary politics, society, economy, morality, and education in Spain.
cla.calpoly.edu /~wlittle/hum310.html   (251 words)

 Spain Culture Life
Spain Covering an area of about 1,020,000 km², it includes the Sinai Peninsula Egypt Geography and History (considered part of Southwest Asia), whilst the majority of the country is located in North Africa.
hungria europe serbia culture, ukraine coast russian federation vikings suecia.
Today, Spain Egypt is widely considered the main political and cultural center of the Arab world.
gambia.africa-atlas.com /travel/spain.htm   (875 words)

 Culture : Basque & Catalan Spain, Portugal
There are seven provinces: four in Spain (Vizcaya, Guipúzcoa, Álava and Navarra) and three in France (Labourd, Haute-Navarre and Soule).
No written historical records exist for the Basques; however, recent discoveries indicate ancestral connections to Cro-Magnon man. Perhaps the chief reason the Basque culture remains intact is the character of the people and the natural boundaries.
Catalan Spain occupies a small northeastern part of Spain, touching the Pyrenees Mountains, France’s southern border and the Mediterranean coastline.
www.cobblestonetours.com /culture   (649 words)

 Spanish culture - Culture of Spain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Any consideration about the Spanish culture should emphasize the transcendency and importance of the religion in the history of the country.
A reflection of the influence of the Catholicism provides it the abundant mystic elements in the art and the literature of Spain, the long list of its saints and the great number of congregations and religious orders.
The bullfights are an important part of the Spanish festival tradition, in those that the fans don't only applaud the courage of the bullfighters but also their dexterity and art.
www.historia-es.com /usa/a_05_in.htm   (290 words)

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