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Topic: Culture of Tunisia

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

 About Tunisia - Travel, Maps, Flag and Information
The Tunisian Republic (الجمهرية التونسية), or Tunisia, is a country situated on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa.
It is the easternmost and smallest of the nations situated along the Atlas mountain range, bordering Algeria, to the west, and Libya to the south and east.
Tunisia is in north Africa, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert and between Algeria and Libya.
www.canadiancontent.net /profiles/Tunisia.html   (273 words)

 Tunisia Tours - Tunisia Archaeology Tours - archaeological ruins and culture - Tunis - Tunisia hotels, archaeology tour
Tunisia’s position beside the narrow straits of Sicily has kept it con-stantly at the center of the violent history of the Mediterranean.
The city began as a walled citadel, and is one of the oldest towns of the Tunisian interior.
We will see the most complete Roman theatre in Tunisia that is still used for performances today, the Capitoline temple, and the Plaza of Winds, with an elegant circle carved into its paved floor recording the names of the twelve winds.
www.farhorizon.com /Africa/tunisia.htm   (1918 words)

 Tunisia - Gurupedia
Tunisia is a Muslim Arab country situated on the North African
Tunisia was the site of Carthage, a state conquered by the Roman Empire, which withdrew in the
In 2008, Tunisia is a completely associated member of the E.U. (comparable to the status of Norway or Iceland).
www.gurupedia.com /t/tu/tunisia.htm   (437 words)

 Special Report - Tunisia - Culture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The annual budget for culture is expected to grow from $45m in 1999 to $140m in 2004.
The aim is to halt the urban sprawl that is threatening to encroach on one of the world’s richest archeological seams.
Tunisia’s cultural treasures are not limited to Carthage and its neighbourhood.
www.africasia.co.uk /archive/ab/00_10/tunisia_special.htm   (1468 words)

 Top20Tunisia.com - Your Top20 Guide to Tunisia!
In 1159, Tunisia was conquered by the Almohad caliphs of Morocco.
Tunisia's association agreement with the European Union (EU) entered into force on March 1 1998, the first such accord between the EU and Mediterranean countries to be activated.
The Muslim conquest in the 7th century transformed Tunisia and the make-up of its population, with subsequent waves of migration from around the Arab and Ottoman world, including significant numbers of Spanish Moors and Jews at the end of the 15th century.
www.top20tunisia.com   (1221 words)

 Welcome to Tunisia Online, your digital gateway to news and information on Tunisia.
Tunisia, a melting-pot of different civilizations, has always had a rich cultural activity, as testified by its prestigious museums and cultural institutions and by the various international festivals held throughout the year.
A whole strategy has been put in place to set up institutions serving as points of reference in the various domains of cultural activity.
In addition, the International Cultural Center of Hammamet has been refurbished and transformed into the House of the Mediterranean, specializing mainly in theatrical arts.
www.tunisiaonline.com /culture/index.html   (275 words)

 FIFA.com The Official web site of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association
Tunisia coach Roger Lemerre admits to FIFA.com that he wasn't surprised by a FIFA World Cup showing from his team that saw them pick up just one point from a possible nine.
One draw (against Saudi Arabia) and two defeats (Spain and Ukraine) was hardly the return Tunisia fans were hoping for from their heroes at this summer's FIFA World Cup, but that underwhelming set of results came as little surprise to the team's vivacious French coach.
The eternal question of the gulf separating the two continents in football terms is a subject close to the Frenchman's heart, and his greatest hope is for Africa to learn from Europe without losing its identity.
www.fifa.com /en/mens/index/0,2527,122740,00.html?articleid=122740   (1186 words)

 1Up Travel : Tunisia - History and Culture of Tunisia.
The Muslim conquest in the 7th century transformed Tunisia's and the make-up of its population, with subsequent waves of migration from around the Arab and Ottoman world, including significant numbers of Spanish Moors and Jews at the end of the 15th century.
Tunisia became a center of Arab culture and learning and was assimilated into the Turkish Ottoman Empire in the 16th century.
It was a French protectorate from 1881 until independence in 1956, and retains close political, economic, and cultural ties with France.
www.1uptravel.com /international/africa/tunisia/history-culture.html   (436 words)

 Tunisia Culture
It is also in Tunisia that the Federation of African Film Directors was born in 1970.
Tunisian theater was marked in the fifties by the contribution of an outstanding man of the stage, Ali Ben Ayed, whose dedication lead to the birth of private troupes.
The Ministry of Culture later set up the National Theater (the Palace of Kheireddine,) the Regional Drama Centers of El Kef and Gafsa and the National Puppet Center.
www.traveldocs.com /tn/culture.htm   (408 words)

 IFEX ::
The decision to hold the meeting in Tunisia was made in 2000 following a vote by member states of the United Nations (U.N.)General Assembly.
If Tunisia's answers to these questions are not satisfactory, IPI says U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan should ask the General Assembly to reconsider its decision.
Tunisia continues to imprison journalists and other citizens for exercising freedom of speech, notes IPI.
www.ifex.org /en/content/view/full/58964   (290 words)

 Culture - DestinationPlanner to Tunisia for your incentive and meeting
The Berbers were the original inhabitants of Tunisia, but waves of immigration over the centuries have brought Phoenicians, Jews, Romans, Vandals and Arabs.
Hammams (public bathhouses) are one of life's focal points in Tunisia, as they are all across North Africa and the Middle East, and are seen as a place not just to clean up, but to unwind and socialise.
The arts in Tunisia have been greatly influenced by the country's mix of cultures.
www.destinationplanner.com /africa/tunisia/culture.html   (734 words)

 Tunisia Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide
Tunisia's list of attractions would do justice to a country twice its size.
The new province of Africa occupied the northeastern third of modern Tunisia.
The name spread as the boundaries of Roman control were extended, until it eventually became synonymous with the entire continent.
www.lonelyplanet.com /destinations/africa/tunisia/culture.htm   (215 words)

 Tunisia's Minister of Culture To Speak at the Library of Congress on January 29
Tunisia's Minister of Culture To Speak at the Library of Congress on January 29
Abdelbaki Hermassi, the minister of culture of Tunisia, will deliver a lecture titled "Tunisia and Cultural Modernization" at noon on Thursday, Jan. 29, in Room LJ 119 of the Thomas Jefferson Building, 10 First Street, S.E., Washington, D.C. The program is free and open to the public, and no tickets are required.
Hermassi holds a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California at Los Angeles, and served as Tunisia's ambassador to UNESCO in Paris in the early 1990s.
www.loc.gov /today/pr/2004/04-011.html   (276 words)

 Tunisia - History, Culture, & People
Sorkin, a specialist in Middle East and North African studies, has spent considerable time in Tunisia over nearly two decades, during which he has developed close relationships with a myriad of Tunisians in various parts of the country and of various walks of life.
He is a frequent lecturer with recent lecture invitations including a UNESCO sponsored conference in Tunisia, as well as at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. Also joining the tour will be Professor Nejib Ben Lazreg, one of Tunisia’s leading archaeologists and historians.
You travel eastward via the Chott-el-Jerid, Tunisia’s salt lake and then stop in Douz, a small town that appears to be plopped down amidst the dunes.
www.tunisusa.com /tours/tunisia/deluxe_escorted/tunisia_history.html   (1380 words)

 Tunisia, Where's That?!
Tunisia is also inbetween Libya (South) and Algeria (West).
Tunisia is an Arabic and Islamic country, but it was once a French protectorate and as a result, Tunisia is a crossroads between East and West.
When Tunisia became the Rupublic of Tunisia it strengthened its relations with both the Arab states and with France.
members.tripod.com /~Djebbana   (360 words)

 Tunisia Travel Guide and Bicycle Touring Guide
In the south the landscape is more subtle and the culture more traditional.
The one dark side of cycling in Tunisia is a rock throwing problem.
Tunisians throw small rocks at their sheep, adults throw rocks at children, children through rocks at each other and rocks are thrown at non-Tunisian bicyclists -- but you can return five minutes later and walk through an area and everybody will ignore you.
www.ibike.org /africaguide/tunisia.htm   (885 words)

 Culture of Tunisia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Culture of Tunisia - Tunisia attracts millions of tourists every year.
Near the capital of Tunis are the ruins of Carthage, once the center of the ancient Carthaginian empire which was defeated by the Roman Empire in three Punic wars.
Tunisia held the African Nations Cup in 1964, 1994 and 2004.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Culture_of_Tunisia   (100 words)

 Tunisia - Inclusive Land Tours
A seven night package concentrating on the northern portion of Tunisia and the legacy of the Roman period.
A seven night package that explores the coastal region of Tunisia, along with the regions of the south from Jerba to the oases.
Airport reception and transfers in Tunisia will be arranged at no charge for those participants arriving and departing on the scheduled days.
www.tunisusa.com /tours/tunisia/regular/index.html   (318 words)

 Tunisia-Culture (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
There is a rich cultural atmosphere here that is evident by its numerous museums, international festivals, mosaics, and cultural institutions.
The vast majority of people in Tunisia share a common language and religion.Six languages are spoken in Tunisia.
The official language is Arabic (spoken by 98% of the population) although French is often used for banking and government reasons.
www.sjr.mb.ca.cob-web.org:8888 /ms/geo/countries/tunisia/culture.htm   (405 words)

 Tunisia Culture and Social Profile - TravelPuppy.com
Although Tunisia is an Islamic country, alcohol is not forbidden.
Tunisia produces an excellent range of table wines, sparkling wines, beers, aperitifs and local liqueurs.
Visitors who make a purchase of more than TD5, anywhere in Tunisia, should ask for a sales slip and keep all the sales slips, along with bank receipts for any currency exchanged, for any customs inspections.
travelpuppy.com /tunisia/socialprofile.htm   (558 words)

 Tunisia - Tunisian Republic - Country Profile - Tunis - Al Jumhuriyah at Tunisiyah
Tunisia is a member state of the League of Arab States
Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia in Japan
The University of Tunis, leading institution of higher education in Tunisia.
www.nationsonline.org /oneworld/tunisia.htm   (645 words)

 Kutrubes Travel: Combined Tunisia and Libya
As early as the 11th century BC, Tunisia began to turn her attention to Europe through commerce and trade.
The French made Tunisia a protectorate in 1883 and finally granted independence to Tunisia in 1957.
Year round Tunisia beckons visitors with warm and sunny weather, superb beaches, a rich history and culture, and a friendly and hospitable people.
www.gis.net /~ktravel/tours-tunisia-libya.html   (1039 words)

 Tunisia, Where's that?
Tunisia is perhaps best described as a crossroads between East and West.
However, Tunisia was once a French protectorate.This western influence still permeates Tunisian culture.
When Tunisia became the Republic of Tunisia it strengthened its relations with both the Arab states and with France.
members.tripod.com /~Carthage/index.html   (331 words)

 Web Directory » Web Directory » Regional » Africa » Tunisia » Society and Culture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Contemporary African Database - Institutions: Tunisia - Database of institutions in the country, listed alphabetically and by category.
Cultural Heritage Management and Valorisation Project - Includes project presentation, photo gallery and contact information.
Ethnologue - Languages of Tunisia - Information about the living languages of the African country including language map, population, region, classification, dialects and alternate names.
www.dcpages.com /DC_ODP/?c=Regional/Africa/Tunisia/Society_and_Culture   (316 words)

 Tunisia cultural heritage
Chrome plated copper and bronze are used to produce different wares including pestles, candelabras and saber’s handles.
Different types of high pile carpets are available including the Berber gatifa carpet, the mergoum widely used in central and southern Tunisia and the alloucha traditionally manufactured in Kairouan.
Today, it aims at developing Tunisian’ cultural assets and national and regional identities.
www.promotunisia.com /culture0.html   (287 words)

 Tunisia - Books, Maps and Atlases
There are also notes on the country's historical and cultural heritage and outdoor activities from lazing on Mediterranean beaches to camel safaris.
While its next door neighbor, Algeria, is in the midst of an upheaval threatening modernization and a secular government, Tunisia is the only Muslim country to ban polygamy and to introduce state-funded contraception.
Borowiec shows why Tunisia may succeed in its aspirations to make the transition to a "young developed nation" at the beginning of the next millennium.
www.africaguide.com /country/tunisia/books.htm   (1090 words)

 The Country & People of Tunisia
AD) and the Byzantines (6th cent.), the Arabs conquered Tunisia in the 7th cent., and the Berber population was converted to Islam.
Tunisia was seized by the Ottoman Turks, and as one of the Barbary States it became a stronghold of pirates, on whom the treasury depended for several centuries.
Tunisia and the IMF Position in the fund, reports....
www.hejleh.com /countries/tunisia.html   (2305 words)

 Tunisia - Education Links
Documents from the Central Bank of Tunisia on economic outlook.
Notes on Tunisia from the Department of State.
Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technology in Tunisia.
www.mepc.org /resources_links/Tunisia.asp   (174 words)

 Tunisia-History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Tunisia History - from the days of Carthage to modern times.
Ancient Voices Speak Again in Carthage - account of the excavation of a cemetery in Carthage.
Excavation of Bir El Djebbana (Tunisia) - an archaeological project run through the University of Alberta and directed by Dr. Jeremy Rossiter.
www.arabinfoseek.com /tunisia-history.htm   (220 words)

 tunisia - Ask.com Web Search
Tunisia national radio: live programs and recorded archives from...
Tunisia national radio: live programs and recorded archives (music, news, cultural and religious programs).
Tunisia (Arabic: تونس, Berber:), officially the Tunisian Republic (الجمهورية التونسية), is a country situated on the
search.ask.com /web?q=tunisia   (158 words)

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