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Topic: Cupertino, California

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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Cupertino, California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cupertino (IPA: /[kupɝɹtino]/) is a suburban city located in Santa Clara County, California, USA, on the western edge of the Santa Clara Valley with portions extending into the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains.
Cupertino was the only city with both a population over 50,000 and a median household income in excess of $100,000 in 2000.
Cupertino High School is located in the Rancho Rinconada section of Cupertino, while Monta Vista High School and its feeder, Kennedy Middle School, are in the Monta Vista neighborhood in the western half of Cupertino.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cupertino,_California   (2353 words)

 Cupertino, California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Cupertino is sometimes referred to as the "heart" of Silicon Valley, as the worldwide headquarters for Apple Computer is located here (in a modern complex circled by the playfully named Infinite Loop).
Cupertino is home to De Anza College, one of the two community colleges in the.
The University of California, Santa Cruz and the University of San Francisco (a private Catholic university) have satellite campuses in Cupertino.
www.moorpark.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Cupertino,_California   (1852 words)

 Rancho Rinconada, Cupertino, California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Because the city of Cupertino recently enacted the "R1e" zoning regulation prohibiting demolition of existing structures for the purpose of building new homes, the Fairgrove neighborhood is one of the few areas in Rancho Rinconada where one can see only eichler homes.
In March 1999, the residents of the unincorporated part of Rancho Rinconada voted to be annexed to Cupertino, with the promise of more restrictive property development procedures and improved services to the neighborhood.
The neighborhood is bordered by the West San Jose neighborhood to the east and south, central Cupertino to the west, and the city of Santa Clara to the north.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rancho_Rinconada   (587 words)

 Cupertino, California, USA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Cupertino is located on the southern San Francisco Peninsula.
Cupertino is the home of such well known companies like Apple Computers, Siemens, and Hewlett Packard.
Cupertino has many parks with miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.
home.att.net /~Diether/cupertin.htm   (275 words)

 Ramblings' Journal: Declaration of Independence banned in California school
Cupertino, California school teacher Steven Williams has been barred from showing his fifth grade students the Declaration of Independance and other historic American documents, simply because they contain references to God.
The story, which reports that a California teacher has been banned from giving students documents from American history that refer to God, including the Declaration of Independence, is said a product of right-wing spin.
In fact, Cupertino public school principal Patricia Vidmar banned documents relating to God because the teacher had been forcing students to listen to what some felt was Christian propaganda, a media watchdog site reports.
mhking.mu.nu /archives/056314.php   (1873 words)

 Cupertino Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Santa Clara County, California
Located just west of San Jose along the scenic foothills of the Silicon Valley, Cupertino is home to a population of 50,000 with its 13 square miles.
Cupertino is also the home of Apple Computer.
Cupertino real estate is composed of primarily single-family detached homes with scarce opportunities to purchase condominium or townhouse real estate.
www.cupertino-homes-for-sale.com   (523 words)

 Realty Times - Real Estate News and Advice - Local Market Conditions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Cupertino - Single Family Homes The market has cooled somewhat from a year ago.
Median price of a home in California at $551,300 in January, up 13.8 percent from year ago; sales decrease 24.1 percent LOS ANGELES (Feb. 28) - The median price of an existing home in California in January increased 13.8 percent and sales...
As we enter the first quarter of 2006 into the Spring, the Cupertino, Los Gatos and Saratoga Market is beginning to heat up.
realtytimes.com /rtmcrloc/California~Cupertino   (497 words)

 Cupertino Real Estate Agents, Cupertino Homes For Sale, REALTORS and Cupertino
Cupertino is located in Santa Clara County in the San Francisco East Bay Area.
Cupertino is known as the heart of the Silicon Valley because it is home to Apple Computers and it houses many other high tech companies such as IBM and Sun Microsystems.
Cupertino’s excellent location accommodates to resident’s needs by providing the San Jose International Airport in close proximity as well as two major freeways.
www.homegain.com /local_real_estate/CA/cupertino.html   (696 words)

 City of Cupertino. Welcome
Alive with energy and rich in diversity, Cupertino is an amazing mix of imagination and cooperation.
Home to such high tech firms as Apple Computer and Hewlett-Packard, Cupertino boasts a vibrant economy, beautiful surroundings, and a population full of spirit and optimism.
Fields may be closed to avoid turf damage due to inclement weather, field saturation or for field maintenance.
www.cupertino.org   (146 words)

 Cupertino, California Photographers - Wedding, Portrait, Commercial, Event and Other Photography Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
This Cupertino, California photographer featured listing has received 3403 unique visitors in the past three months.
This Cupertino, California photographer featured listing has received 2160 unique visitors in the past three months.
Click here to learn more about why a Marketingtool.com Cupertino photography service featured listing is one of the best methods of advertising your business.
www.marketingtool.com /channel/photo/b.465.g.4319.html   (1122 words)

 Quota International of Cupertino a member in good standing of Quota International, Inc.
Quota International of Cupertino, California is a community service organization dedicated to serving the deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech impaired as well as disadvantaged women and children.
We are proud that 12th District Governor Judy Burrill is a Cupertino Quotarian and who was just elected to a 2nd term at 12th District Conference in Carmel on Oct. 19, 2002.
We are also very proud of Cupertino Quotarian Nicol Lea who was the first member from our Club to serve as West Area Director and who was elected Quota International Treasurer at Convention in Pittsburgh in July, 2002 and is now the President Elect of Quota International for 2004-2005.
www.geocities.com /Heartland/Village/8188   (450 words)

 Dining & Restaurants | Cupertino, California
Tatami seating surrounds the interior, where tables are cared for by cordial young servers.
Crowd-pleasing chefs flip and spin food and utensils alike as they prepare steak and seafood dishes before your eyes.
Cupertino's 7-month-old Dynasty Seafood Restaurant is a particularly delicious point of departure.
www.metroactive.com /restaurants/silicon-valley/siliconvalley-reviews-cupertino.html   (555 words)

 Driving Schools - Driver Education - Driver Training - Driving Instruction - DMV Offices - Traffic Schools   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Some students take driver training in three consecutive days while other students may space the lesson out over several months while practicing with their learner's permit.
California is one of the few states to allow home study driver education.
High school students can now study at home at their own pace supervised by their parents.
www.bestofwv.com /California-Traffic-School/Cupertino.html   (377 words)

 The Cupertino Courier | 0613 | March 22, 2006
A national debate over the portrayal of Hindus in sixth-grade textbooks ended on March 8 with the California Board of Education rejecting major revisions but conceding to some edits.
The revised textbooks are to be used in schools in the fall.
Hindu religious and advocacy groups, including Cupertino's Hindu Education Foundation, ignited the controversy last autumn when they alleged that depictions of Hinduism in textbooks drew more upon stereotypes than historical accuracy.
www.cupertinocourier.com /cu-news2.shtml   (579 words)

 Cupertino California Real Estate
There aren't any futuristic monorails; rather, much of the city has the look of a functional suburban boomtown with large blocks of "town homes and condominiums" and wide boulevards lined with an endless string of strip malls.
Perhaps because the city includes the foothills at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Cupertino is more upscale than its neighboring cities/communities of Sunnyvale and Santa Clara.
The newly completed Highway 85 has eased some of the terrible congestion on Cupertino's streets and made an easy link north to Highway 101 and south to San Jose.
www.relocate-america.com /states/ca/cities/cupertino.htm   (267 words)

 Cupertino Historical Society and Museum, Cupertino, California
We have a vision for the future, "the Cupertino Center for Living History," which will involve a $4 million capital campaign to restore historic structures in Cupertino, and create a "hands-on" history park for kids.
We collaborate with the City of Cupertino on projects of a historic nature and we occasionally place historic plaques on historic sites, such as the Glendenning Barn located on the HP campus in Cupertino.
We are a 501(c)(3) organization governed by a board of directors, and we receive no funding from the City of Cupertino.
www.museumsusa.org /museums/info/1153367   (361 words)

 Cupertino, California - Real Estate, Homes, Property, Commercial   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
You can preview other Cities in California by visiting the CaliforniaWebPage or any other State or city at the UnitedStatesWebPage.
If you are moving to Cupertino or any of the more than 1083 California cities you can contact us immediately.
NEW CAREER CANDIDATES: A career in real estate can be one of the most rewarding jobs, not only financially, but in terms of the challenges, growth and of course the opportunity to meet people and assist them with one of their most important economic decisions...
www.cupertinowebpage.com   (614 words)

 The Claremont Institute: Declaration of Independence Banned   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Precepts is published weekly by the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy, 937 W. Foothill Boulevard, Claremont, California 91711.
In the city of Cupertino, California, a fifth grade public school teacher at Stevens Creek School, Stephen Williams, has been prohibited by the principal from distributing the Declaration of Independence among other documents from the American Founding.
Understanding that sound government and a free, moral society rest upon a belief in the "laws of nature and of nature's God," California passed a law in 1997 requiring public schools to teach the Declaration of Independence and other documents from the Founding period.
www.claremont.org /writings/precepts/041124karako_krannawitter.html   (546 words)

 City of Cupertino Proclaims Kenneth Chung Day   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A crowd of 70 current and former students were on hand to hear Mayor Chang make the proclamation and present Chung with a commemorative plaque containing the words of the proclamation.
Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese martial art invented over 300 years ago by Ng Mui, a woman nun, and taught and passed on in secret until 1949 when Grandmaster Yip Man, fleeing from the communists in mainland China, introduced it to the public in Hong Kong.
The term "Grandmaster" was in the document as written by the Mayor and City Council of Cupertino, California.
www.rochesterwingchun.com /RWC_files/pages/readings/Ken_Chung_Day.htm   (415 words)

 Apple Computer article - Apple Computer NASDAQ Silicon Valley Cupertino California computer Macintosh - What-Means.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is a Silicon Valley company based in Cupertino, California, whose main business is computer technologies.
Best known for its range of Macintosh computers and also its iPod MP3 player and iTunes Music Store, Apple has a reputation for innovation in the high-tech industry.
On a visit to Apple headquarters in Cupertino Jobs showed Bill Gates, now president of Microsoft, a prototype of the Mac GUI.
www.what-means.com /encyclopedia/Apple_Computer   (3277 words)

 Former Vice President Al Gore Joins Apple's Board of Directors
CUPERTINO, California—March 19, 2003—Apple® today announced that Albert Gore Jr., the former Vice President of the United States, has joined the Company’s Board of Directors.
Gore serves as a Senior Advisor to Google, Inc. He is also a visiting professor at the University of California Los Angeles, Fisk University and Middle Tennessee State University.
Gore received his B.A. in Government with honors from Harvard University in 1969, and attended the Vanderbilt University School of Religion and the Vanderbilt University School of Law.
www.apple.com /pr/library/2003/mar/19gore.html   (513 words)

 Cupertino Homes for Sale. Real Estate in Cupertino, California
Browse Homes.com for Cupertino, California homes for sale, Cupertino CA Real Estate Agents or real estate agents, plus Cupertino, CA apartments and houses for rent.
Then contact any of the Cupertino Real Estate Agents for professional assistance finding your Cupertino area home.
Excellent 4-plex in highly desired Cupertino School District.
www.homes.com /Real_Estate/CA/City/CUPERTINO   (224 words)

 San Jose Business Law Attorneys - Business Start Up Lawyers - Cupertino California Attorneys - Grellas & Associates
California Business Law and Business Start Up Attorneys Disclaimer: The business law, business start up, corporate tax, business litigation or other legal information presented at this site should not be construed as formal legal advice, or the formation of a lawyer or attorney client relationship.
Any results portrayed here were dependent on the facts of that case, and results will differ if based on different facts.
Please contact a California business lawyer or San Jose business start up attorney at our law offices located in Cupertino, California.
www.grellas.com   (251 words)

 Cupertino, California (CA) Detailed Profile - travel and real estate info, jobs, hotels, hospitals, weather, schools, ...
Cupertino, California (CA) Detailed Profile - travel and real estate info, jobs, hotels, hospitals, weather, schools, crime,...
Back to California, CA smaller cities, CA small cities, All Cities.
Cupertino, California business data: stores, dealers, real estate agents, wholesalers, restaurants...
www.city-data.com /city/Cupertino-California.html   (1200 words)

 MuniWireless » Blog Archive » Cupertino citywide Wi-Fi for $19.95 per month
If you live in Cupertino, California, you may want to check out MetroFi’s $19.95 a month wireless broadband service.
If you live in Cupertino and have tried out the MetroFi service, let me know what you think.
I live in Cupertino and have had the MetroFi service in my home for almost one month.
www.muniwireless.com /archives/projects/653   (615 words)

 California Cougars Youth Ice Hockey Club
They beat the Indy Racers from Indianapolis 4-0 today in Ft. Wayne, Indiana to become the first USA Hockey National Champion at any level from Northern California!
Cougars selected at the CAHA Select Camp and Team California representatives.
California Cougars® is registered with The Library of Congress - Copyright Office and cannot be
www.californiacougars.org   (513 words)

 Active Skim View of: Cupertino, California
The major focus of the Cupertino Union School District has been on curriculum selection, professional development, and building community support.
John Erkman, director of instruction since 1993, maintains that the approach being used in training teachers in science fits well within the district's overall staff development model.
This has enabled the school district to create an elementary science program that meets exacting state stanclarcls, provides its students with challenging opportunities in science education, and boasts a cadre of enthusiastic, well-informed, and well-equipped teachers.
www.nap.edu /nap-cgi/skimit.cgi?isbn=0309052971&chap=158-163   (425 words)

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