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Topic: Current River

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  Current River Watershed: Water Quality
Approximately 593 stream miles and 45 impoundment acres within the Current River Watershed are classified and have designated beneficial uses as presented in Tables G and H of the Rules of the Department of Natural Resources Division 20-Clean Water Commission Chapter 7-Water Quality (Table Wq01) (MDNR 2000c).
As part of the River Use Management Plan, the Jacks Fork and the Current River were divided into zones with the establishment of maximum levels of canoe use designated as low (up to 10 canoes per mile), medium (11-40 canoes per mile), and high (41-70 canoes per mile)(Figure Wq03).
According to the River Use Management Plan, over 85% of the canoeists floating the rivers obtain canoes from concessionaires Thus, the primary method of the NPS for attaining target levels of canoe use is by limiting the number and distribution of canoes to each concessionaire by zones and districts (NPS 1989).
mdc.mo.gov /fish/watershed/current/watqual/index.htm   (3830 words)

 Current River Watershed: Hydrology
The Current River Watershed is situated in one of the wetter parts of Missouri, which receives from 32 inches of precipitation in the Northwest to 48 inches in the Southeast of the state (Figure Hy01)(MDNR 1986).
The Current River at Van Buren appears to have experienced a slight increase in its flow duration curve slope between the 10 to 90 percentile range in the latter time period.
The 10:90 ratio for the Current River at Doniphan is 4.1.
mdc.mo.gov /fish/watershed/current/hydro   (1748 words)

 Current River (Ontario) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The river's name is the English version of the name given it by early French explorers: "Rivière aux courants", referring to the river's currents.
Two other sizable rivers -- the Neebing and the McIntyre-- run between Current River and the Kaministiquia River to the south, but in 1859 only these two were of sufficient interest to be identified by name.
Trowbridge's 400 acre (1.6 km²) purchase of patented mineral lands at the river's mouth in 1865.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Current_River_(Ontario)   (432 words)

 River Diving Technique
Where we most often play, there is an erosion barrier break-wall along the entire length of the river; the current is 2-10 knots and boat and fishing traffic is heavy; a direct ascent to the surface is not a desirable option.
It is used by experienced river divers diving near shore in intense current with a restrictive barrier along the shore.
The cardinal rule of river diving is "keep your fins lower than your ass." When moving in intense current near the bottom of the river, move with legs spread (like a "spider") and drag your fins along the bottom.
www.mindspring.com /~divegeek/rivertech.htm   (1759 words)

 Current River Missouri Eminence MO
The Current River was the first river in America to become a National Riverway.
The Current River is the principal stream of the Ozark National Scenic Waterways and should not be missed!
The Current River is a class I, occasionally a class II river.
www.eminencemo.com /currentriver.html   (213 words)

 Missouri Trout Hunter -- Current River
The Current River is not only one of the finest trout streams in the country, it is also among the most beautiful and pristine floating rivers around.
With rivers such as this, you may think it would be fun to commit yourself to a hard-core day trip, starting before dawn at one access point and hiking and fishing upstream to the next before nightfall.
However, many portions of this river are too deep to wade (even in August) and have impassable banks that butt against bluffs on one side and are overgrown with serious brush on the other.
www.missouritrouthunter.com /CurrentRiver.htm   (1442 words)

 Current River
The Current River is a spring-fed stream, and except for the first 17 miles of the run described here, it nearly always has adequate water for canoeing.
The Current River is at the southern edge of the Ozark Mountains.
The Current River is subject to closure by the National Park Service when they deem the water is too high for safe canoeing.
members.aol.com /Mmcbs2/current.html   (856 words)

 Current River Fun, Info and Links
Like the Jacks Fork the Current River is also a true Missouri "jewel" of a stream.
River's Edge is located right on the Jacks Fork in "Missouri's Top Outdoor Outpost" Eminence, MO.
A tributary of the Current, the Jacks Fork River is one of the wildest and most scenic of all Missouri Ozark streams.
www.rivers-edge.com /current_river.htm   (2222 words)

 Jetboating on Current River
The wind pours across the boater’s face and through his or her hair as the shiny aluminum boat cuts the reflection of the towering bluffs in the glassy water on a fresh summer morning.
The boats used on Current River are not quite the same as those found on lakes and deeper rivers.
Current River is fairly swift in some areas, as its name suggests, but this does not mean that it is impossible to find a calm place to put a boat in the water.
web.umr.edu /~cracraft/Essays/Jetboat.htm   (882 words)

 Current Colorado River News and Information - Grand Canyon River Runners Association
The Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association (www.gcroa.org) is a non profit trade association whose membership consists of the sixteen independent river-running concessionaires who make available to the public professionally-outfitted and guided Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trips, while working in partnership with the NPS to help conserve and protect the resources of the Park.
More than one thousand river runners have joined the all-volunteer organization, which played a key role in NPS decisions to resume river management planning after the effort was first cancelled in 2000.
The Grand Canyon River Runners Association (www.gcriverrunners.org) is a non-profit public interest group committed to the protection of the Colorado River corridor within the Grand Canyon in an unimpaired condition while preserving public access to the Grand Canyon river experience for those who rely on professional river services.
www.gcriverrunners.org /pages/current_news.htm   (1400 words)

 Current River, Page One.
We'd crossed the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.
The river flows into the grates on the other side of this structure, flows beneath the structure, and emerges through the pipes on the other side.
It is about 100 yards off the river, and flows into the river at a right angle with such volume and force that its current dominates that of the river's.
www.geocities.com /joelshiver/current1.html   (1753 words)

 OzarkChronicles.com -- Stream Info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Current River is one of the most popular trout streams in Missouri, and rightfully so.
Portions of the river have been described as the "Miracle Mile" of the Ozarks in area fishing publications, yet some of the river goes unnoted for its trout fishing potential.
The Current River is a part of the National Scenic Riverway and is managed by the National Forest Service.
www.ozarkchronicles.com /waters/MO/currentriver/currentriver.htm   (226 words)

 Missouri's Current River
Most spring-fed of all the Ozark rivers, the Current may be floated at almost any time of the year, particularly below Welch Spring.
Due to the increase in size of the river and the frequency of motor boats below Big Spring, most canoe and kayak trips are made on the sections above Big Spring.
A meander of a cave, cut off by the deepening river valley, it is now more like a natural bridge than a cave and makes a good shelter.
www.missouricanoe.org /river-maps/current.html   (591 words)

 Merrimack River Rowing Association - MRRA
The safety ropes near the dam have been pulled in for the season, so there is nothing stopping you from rowing with the fishes on the wrong side of the dam if you can't perform the out-of-shell maneuver in time.
We may update the restrictions as river conditions warrant, but given the season, all three points are worthy guidelines even under the best of circumstances.
River conditions are still good, the current seems to have subsided a bit.
www.merrimackrowing.org /content_current_year/status_river.html   (1251 words)

 Current River, Arkansas
Flows are almost always adequate for paddle trips on this reach of the river, though the current is slow and the river is wider than in Missouri.
However, the river is popular with motorboaters and personal watercraft operators, so care has to be taken to avoid prop wash turbulence, especially during spring and summer weekend periods.
Missouri's Current River is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable rivers anybody can paddle, and the journey to its Black River confluence in Arkansas is certainly no exception.
southwestpaddler.com /docs/whitear11.html   (760 words)

 Current River, Missouri   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Current River drops at a rate of about 4.4 feet per mile (fpm) on average, with a high rate of 8.7 fpm from Montauk State Park down to Akers, and a low rate of 3.2 fpm from Big Spring Campground to Doniphan.
Surrounding the river are dense stands of maples, hickories, oaks, elms and many other species of hardwood trees, all of which provide a visual feast during the fall season when the colors begin to change.
The Current River is known for its astounding natural beauty amid Ozark vistas that were made for photo postcards.
southwestpaddler.com /docs/current2.html   (1116 words)

 Canoe Eminence Missouri: Cabins Motel Lodging Jacks Fork Current River Camping
The Current River drops at a rate of about 4.4 feet per mile (fpm) on average, with a high rate of 8.7 fpm from Montauk State Park down to Akers, and a low rate of 3.2 fpm from Big Spring to Doniphan.
The Current River is one of those you want to paddle because it is just so beautiful that you want to know you have been here, and you will want to shoot a lot of photos as reminders long after you leave.
The Current River is fed by several huge springs, some pumping over 2 million gallons of water per day into the river.
www.shadylanecabins.com /currentriver.html   (837 words)

 Current River Canoe Trips, Current River Kayaking, Float Trips Current River, Silver Arrow Canoe Rental
A Canoeing Adventure on the Current River in Southern Missouri.
The Current River is the most spring fed of all the Ozarks Rivers and can be floated year round.
There are several caves and large springs on the Current River with excellent gravel bars for overnight floaters.
www.silverarrowcanoe.com   (234 words)

 GORP - Ozark National Scenic Riverways - Wild and Scenic rivers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Jacks Fork and the Current Rivers remain nearly as wild as the day Indians lightly trod the Ozark trails.
The upper stretches of the rivers are often more fun to float during late winter and spring because in summer's low water, portages have to be made around exposed gravel bars.
The major center of activity on the Jacks Fork River is at Alley Spring, and the major centers on the Current River (see other side) are at Akers, Pulltite Spring, Round Spring, and Big Spring.
gorp.away.com /gorp/resource/us_river/mo_ozark.htm   (3280 words)

 Current River Canoe Rental - Canoeing, Kayaking and Tubing in Eminence Missouri MO
Current River Canoe Rental - Canoeing, Kayaking and Tubing in Eminence Missouri MO Current River Canoe Trips in the Missouri Ozarks!
There are many caves and large springs along the river with excellent gravel bars for overnight floaters.
The Current River provides a perfect canoeing adventure for both experienced and inexperienced paddlers.
www.current-river.com   (192 words)

While the river was in flood stage recently and giant trees were floating down the river about 20 miles per hour what did we see but one of our kayaks zooming down the river.
Also, a project is going on down river about 3 miles that includes an RV park, lodge and cabins with plans for hunting and horse riding.
Paddling clubs are beginning to notice the Kiamichi river as a new and exciting place to canoe for up to 100 river miles of undisturbed and natural paddling when water levels are sufficient, check for 150 cfs minimum.
www.kriver.com /river_conditions.htm   (4349 words)

The lower Current River is considerably larger than the upper because of the more than 276 million gallons of water a day entering the stream from Big Spring, just south of Van Buren.
Because this part of the river is slower moving and less well-known it is used less by canoeists.
A popular geologic feature of the lower Current is Deer Leap, a high bluff on the river north of Doniphan where this month’s cover shot was taken.
www.ruralmissouri.org /04pages/04MarchCurrent.html   (259 words)

 Current River (Missouri) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Since 1964, over 100 mi (160 km) of the upper course of the river and its tributaries in Shannon and Carter counties in Missouri has been federally protected as part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.
The Current River flows south through the Mark Twain National Forest and crosses into Arkansas, where the River becomes slow and silt laden.
Some of the scenic geographical and historical sights along the course of the river include: Welch Spring and Hospital, Cave Spring, Round Spring, Devils Well, Big Spring, and Two Rivers (the junction of another popular floating stream, Jacks Fork meets with the Current).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Current_River_(Missouri)   (385 words)

 Missouri's Current River & Jacks Fork River
A higher degree of canoeing skill is required to float the Jacks Fork River.
The section of the river above Alley Spring is floatable only until early June, due to the low water conditions after mid-May below Alley Spring to Two Rivers is floatable year round on the Jacks Fork, and makes a good one-day canoe trip.
This is the most spring-fed of the Ozark rivers and can be floated year round.
www.harveysalleyspring.com /jacks-fork-current.html   (137 words)

 Information about Buffalo River canoeing, rafting, camping and floating trips
The Buffalo National River begins as a trickle in the Boston Mountains, where it flows north and then eastward through the Ozark Mountains until it merges 150 miles later with the White River at Buffalo City.
Click here for our current Buffalo River and Trail Report, which also gives you helpful information about what paddling skills are necessary to float the river at its present level.
You can check our current river report to learn the river access at which we are presently launching.
www.buffaloriver.com /canoeing   (1666 words)

 Friends of the Chicago River : Home : Current Highlights
Friends’ McCormick Tribune Bridgehouse and Chicago River Museum uncovers the marvels of the Chicago River.
The mission of Friends of the Chicago River is to preserve, protect, and foster the vitality of the Chicago River for the human, plant, and animal communities within its watershed.
Since 1979, Friends has been working to improve the health of the Chicago River for the benefit of people and wildlife and by doing so, has laid the foundation for the river to be a beautiful, continuous, easily accessible corridor of open space in Metropolitan Chicago.
www.chicagoriver.org   (425 words)

 Grand Canyon River Runners Association
Our goal is to preserve for the public the quality and quantity of professional river services traditionally available in the Grand Canyon.
We seek to educate the public about Grand Canyon history and science, to keep the public informed about river access issues, and to promote the highest ideals of resource stewardship and conservation for the Colorado River corridor within the Grand Canyon.
THE GCRRA is committed to conserving the Grand Canyon's Colorado River corridor in an unimpaired natural condition for future generations.
www.gcriverrunners.org   (243 words)

 Ozark National Scenic Riverways - Ozark National Scenic Riverways (U.S. National Park Service)
Two of America’s clearest and most beautiful spring-fed rivers make up the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, the first national park area to protect a wild river system.
The Current and Jacks Fork Rivers wind through a landscape of rugged hills and towering bluffs.
Floating the river in canoes, kayaks or even inner tubes is a great way to see the Ozark Riverways.
www.nps.gov /ozar   (411 words)

 The River Current News - Proudly serving Duvall, Carnation, and Outlying Areas.
The River Current News is a weekly publication serving Duvall, Carnation, and Outlying areas.
Subscribe to The River Current News and receive the lastest issue delivered to your mailbox.
The results of the River Current News Storm Photo Contest are in.
www.rivercurrentnews.com   (848 words)

 Canoe Missouri Current River Jacks Fork River: Float, Camp, Cabins, Fishing, Vacation in the Ozarks.
Canoe Missouri Current River Jacks Fork River: Float, Camp, Cabins, Fishing, Vacation in the Ozarks.
But, float on the Current and ride downstream in a canoe or innertube and suddenly the companionship with a new and watery world of excitement is yours.
The Current River is 75% spring fed and floatable year round.
www.currentrivercanoe.com /crinfo.html   (348 words)

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