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Topic: Curve Lake

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  Buckhorn District Tourist Association
At Curve Lake First Nation, you can witness the past in the context of the present and a promising future.
In 1967, Curve Lake First Nation began the process of taking over the administrative responsibilities of the community's infrastructure and is striving for economic self-sufficiency and self determination.
In addition to crafts, Curve Lake is home to internationally-renowned artists including Alice Williams, David Johnson, Norman Knott and Randy Knott.
www.buckhorncanada.org /four_seasons_fall.html   (344 words)

  Lakes and other Aquatic Habitats
I can attest that while this lake might be oligotrophic (or at least it was in the 1970's), it did have quite a fish population and was well worth the trouble to haul a boat back several miles from the road (white line).
About that time, the lake was still turbid with algal growth, although efforts to stem the flow of nutrients into the lake were beginning to have an effect.
Lake Annie is one of the cleanest of the sinkhole lakes in Florida.
www.marietta.edu /~biol/biomes/laketour1.htm   (3716 words)

  Coosa - Hydro Relicensing - Alabama Power - News and Issues   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Similar to a lake rule curve, the induced surcharge curve is used to manage flows during periods of high inflow to ensure protection of downstream lands.
Whenever the lake reaches the elevation shown on the curve, the powerhouse is operated as necessary up to full-gate capacity in order to discharge the amount of water required to prevent the lake level from exceeding that shown on the curve.
When the lake reaches the elevation shown on the curve, the powerhouse is operated as necessary up to full-gate capacity in order to discharge the amount of water required to prevent the lake level from exceeding that shown on the curve.
www.southernco.com /alpower/hydro/coosa.asp?mnuOpco=&mnuType=&mnuItem=   (2808 words)

 IISG Projects - Coastal Cities
Eolian sand in lake cores is being quantified with peaks in sand % corresponding to high lake levels for the last 4700 years and a newly discovered ~600 year cycle.
With lower and flatter lake levels indicated by the data, we interpret that climate was drier, and that there were periods of warm climate and low lake levels during the mid-Holocene.
The lake sediment provides a higher resolution record of eolian activities and thus is providing more information of the history of the coastal dune complexes, which has management implications of dune age, migration rates, and landscape stability.
www.iisgcp.org /research/projects/coast/rem0304.htm   (3332 words)

 Session 1   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The temperature curve shown in Figure 2reflects the influence of sun in warming surface waters and the work of the wind in pushing part of the warmed surface water down to a depth of 10 meters in the lake.
The distribution of heat in a lake markedly affects the stability of the lake to mixing by the wind.
It is important to realise that chemical analyses of the lake ecosystem mean little in terms of metabolism unless one understands the importance of the chemicals to the organisms inhabiting the lake.
ces.iisc.ernet.in /energy/Lake2002abs/key91.html   (8923 words)

 Journal Inquirer - Lake Street curve a danger, Bolton resident says
While the back yard at 400 Lake Street is beautifully landscaped, complete with a slide and swing set for the children, the front lawn is grooved with deep tire tracks, evidence of the truck that flew off the right shoulder in April.
Lake Street, classified by the state as SR-533, originally was built in the 1700s.
Adding to the trouble at 400 Lake St. is the fact that the road banks at the wrong angle, failing to stop cars when momentum pushes them to the outside of the turn, especially if snow or ice is on the road.
www.journalinquirer.com /site/news.cfm?newsid=16888724&BRD=985&PAG=461&dept_id=569422&rfi=6   (837 words)

 Definition of Curve Lake First Nation 35, Ontario
Curve Lake is the name of two Indian reserves 14 km north of Peterborough, Ontario.
Curve Lake No. 35A is on Fox Island in Buckhorn Lake, and Islands in the Trent Waters is on islands in Buckhorn Lake, Pigeon Lake, and Stony Lake.
The registered Curve Lake population on these three reserves is 694; 1006 registered band members live off the reserve.
www.wordiq.com /definition/Curve_Lake_First_Nation_35%2C_Ontario   (246 words)

 Fort Frances Times - 2005-07-27 - Plea made to modify lake’s rule curve   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He suggested the rule curve be changed so that in April, May, and June, the water levels are low (within 50 percent of the rule curve operating band) in anticipation of heavy rains.
In particular, he complained that with the higher curve, the dam here isn’t fully opened until the water reaches a certain level—a level which is higher than it used to be prior to 2000.
He added many people living in the Rainy Lake area have never witnessed serious flooding, such as that seen in Grand Forks in 1997, and may tend to overreact to what, in fact, are small changes to the lake levels.
www.fftimes.com /print_version.php/22137   (1045 words)

 East Africa: Dams and Lake Victoria
An "Agreed Curve" (based on agreements in 1949, 1953 and again in 1991 between Uganda and Egypt) was developed for the operation of Nalubaale Dam to dictate how much water should be released from Lake Victoria, based on the water level in the lake, shown in Figure 2.
Between 1960-1964, Lake Victoria experienced a massive 2.5 m increase in lake level, which many experts have attributed to a period of excessive rainfall, but the precise cause of which is not agreed.
The Agreed Curve is no longer being adhered to, and the resultant overrelease of water from Nalubaale and Kiira is contributing to the severe drop in water level in Lake Victoria.
www.africafocus.org /docs06/vic0602.php   (3398 words)

 Lake Springfield Parks Map
Round the curve after the dam and the entrances into the parks will be on your left as the road straightens (West park first and East Park a short way down the road).
After the curve, the road straightens out and the parking area to Lake Park is just a short way up the road on the left, just before the turn-off to Henson Robinson Zoo.
This park is the site of the The Beach at Lake Springfield and the Beach House, which is available for rent to the public.
www.cwlp.com /lake_springfield/parks/lake_park_map.htm   (1286 words)

 Township wants more from Curve Lake
Curve Lake’s legal rep says it doesn’t have to justify expansion plans with its Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield Township neighbours.
The Curve Lake First Nation has applied to the federal government to add three parcels of land, totaling 547 acres, to the reserve.
Curve Lake officials also want to develop 133 serviced residential lots over the next 30 years to accommodate a growing population and put in a golf course.
www.mykawartha.com /article/8531   (607 words)

 Rice Lake Info - Our Native Heritage   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Visit the communities of Alderville on the south shore of Rice Lake, Hiawatha on the north shore of Rice Lake, and Curve Lake north of Peterborough, for a rare insight into the geologic, natural, aboriginal and cultural heritage of the Kawarthas over the last 10,000 years.
He was scheduled to cross Rice Lake by train over the Cobourg-Peterborough Railroad bridge and to visit the Rice Lake Indian Village, established in 1829 on the north shore.
The Indian River, on the north shore of the lake near its eastern end, enters through a wide, swampy estuary and was once used by the Natives travelling between Rice Lake and their hunting grounds further north.
www.ricelakeinfo.com /native.htm   (2758 words)

 Glenwood Canyon: Guide
The dam creates a still lake on the Colorado River, and water from the lake flows through an artificial diversion tunnel in the north wall of the canyon to the power plant, where the diversion tunnel exits the canyon wall and drops through the power plant to generate power.
On either side of it the westbound road is on high viaducts, and as it approaches the Reverse Curve Tunnel the road suddenly dives down to be closer to the eastbound road.
It is called "reverse curve" due to a double curve in the river at that point (similar to the shape of a "chicane" on a race course).
www.mesalek.com /colo/glenwood/guide.html   (2003 words)

 Ashton Lake Solicitors, Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK - Recruitment
At present there are no current vacancies at Ashton Lake Solicitors.
As an expanding firm we are always interested to hear from talented people who are experienced in the areas of law in which we practice.
If you would like to be considered for the next available opportunity then please forward your Curriculum Vitae with covering letter to Andrew Spence, Ashton Lake Solicitors, 25 Park Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2ED.
www.ashtonlake.com /recruitment.html   (105 words)

 Modeling Water Quality Effects of Structural and Operational Changes to Scoggins Dam and Henry Hagg Lake, Oregon
The maximum elevation of the fill curve was increased by 6.1, 7.6, or 12.2 m (20, 25, or 40 ft), and the minimum (winter) fill curve elevation was determined as the lake elevation that provides space for 20,600 acre-ft of flood control storage.
This extra phosphorus load to the lake might stimulate additional algal growth in the lake during the summer, thus creating higher levels of organic matter that, in turn, could cause problematic levels of disinfection byproducts or taste or odor problems once that material is delivered to the JWC drinking water treatment plant.
It is not known whether additional lake outlets and selective withdrawal might be required as part of a dam raise; these model scenarios were included simply to explore the consequences of including selective withdrawal as a means of complying with the temperature criteria in Scoggins Creek.
pubs.usgs.gov /sir/2006/5060/section4.html   (3727 words)

 Lake Cycles   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The individual segments from box 27 and those from boxes 26 and 28 were strung together to produce the composite section at left.
The blue lake depth curve shows three cycles of rise and fall of lake depth.
Note, however, that lake depth was deeper and the deep lake lasted longer in the lowest cycle, whereas lake depth was shallower and the "deep" lake lasted shorter in the uppermost cycle.
geology.rutgers.edu /103web/Newarkbasin/lakecycles.html   (167 words)

 Go Jump in the Lake : Lake Magazine
Many lake-area athletes count Lake Michigan as a staple in their training regimen, and they say there are advantages to swimming in open water that pool swimming cannot duplicate.
Battallini advised anyone adding swimming in Lake Michigan to their training schedule to begin by practice sighting, or picking up your head from the water to look where you’re going.
“There are days where the lake is not very clear, so you have to get comfortable with putting your face in the water and literally not being able to see a whole heck of a lot in front of you,” she says.
www.lakemagazine.com /magazine/article.asp?articleid=LID-711-LBZV5-2006356   (1053 words)

 -- US Army Corps of Engineers - Vicksburg District --- Corps Lakes
FLOOD DAMAGE REDUCTION – Arkabutla Lake is part of the comprehensive plan for flood control on the Yazoo River and tributaries above the head of the Mississippi River backwater area.
Although flood control was the authorized purpose of the project, additional resources created by the lake have resulted in important regional benefits from recreation, fish and wildlife, conservation, and forestry.
The lands surrounding the lake, acquired as part of the project, are now being managed for public recreation, habitat improvement, forest resources, and preservation of the biological resources.
www.mvk.usace.army.mil /Lakes/arkabutlalake/main.php?page=floodContent   (116 words)

 Lake Levels - Lesson Plan
These curves are an excellent resource to help students understand the expected fluctuations of lake levels, both seasonal and longer term variations.
The variation in the lake levels on an annual basis appears to be cyclic.
Use the average curve (1918-1998) to determine during which season the lakes appear to be the highest.
faculty.gvsu.edu /videticp/lake_levels_lp.htm   (603 words)

 Elevation area-volume curve for Great Salt Lake
The relation between water-surface elevation and corresponding surface area and volume of the lake is shown on an elevation-area-volume curve, also called a hypsographic curve (from the Greek, hypsos, meaning height).
The hypsographic curve shown below can be used to determine area and total volume of Great Salt Lake (Gilbert and Gunnison Bays) by using the water-surface elevation from the Saltair Boat Harbor USGS gage located at the south end of Gilbert Bay.
The following data sources used to compile this curve: The 4,170- and 4,180-foot contour data for Gunnison Basin (north of causeway) were recorded from a map prepared by A.J. Eardley, University of Utah, April 1961.
ut.water.usgs.gov /gslelev/index.html   (437 words)

 Curve Lake Personals at Matchmaker.com
One of the oldest matchmaking services providing Curve Lake personals to the area.
Our Curve Lake personals service provides the latest in dating services to help you meet Curve Lake single men and Curve Lake single women.
Specializing in Curve Lake personals services for the past ten years and helping Curve Lake singles find that special someone has helped matchmaker become one of the best online destinations.
www.matchmaker.com /mm/personals/ontario-curvelake2.htm   (446 words)

 Pasco: Upscale neighborhood planned near U.S. 41 in Dade City
Curve Lake will join other upscale residential areas near U.S. Plans call for 36 homes off the 13-acre lake.
The new Curve Lake community will join Caliente nudist resort, the Preserve at Wilderness Lake and Sunset Lakes in the upscale residential category.
The selling point of the walled community will be its proximity to Curve Lake, a 13-acre body of water southeast of Caliente Boulevard and U.S. 41, said David Maltby, the planner-turned-developer behind the project.
www.sptimes.com /News/121201/news_pf/Pasco/Upscale_neighborhood_.shtml   (290 words)

 TopKayaker.Net's Kayak Destination Guide: Richardson's Lake, Maine
Richardson lakes are situated near the northern border of Maine and New Hampshire on the Maine side.
The lakes, still referred to as "Upper" and "Lower," (No one ever blamed a New Englander for being too original) now stretch into one long lake having been joined in the early 1900s by the construction of a dam.
It turns out that the water level in the lake was so low that the two islands were joined to the mainland by a vast sandy beach and grassland that normally would be under water.
www.sit-on-topkayaking.com /Articles/Destinations/Fall2002.html   (3544 words)

 CapeGazette.com - Covering Delaware's Cape Region
In addition to the bridge, the city is also trying to improve the intersection at Lake Avenue and Second Street.
Currently the intersection where the two roads link is a sharp curve at Lake Avenue meeting up with Second Street from the right, leading onto the bridge from the north.
The city’s engineers want that curve to be more gentle leading to the bridge due to concerns about traffic safety.
www.capegazette.com /storiescurrent/200702/lakegerarbridge020907.html   (411 words)

 Horseshoe Curve National Historic Landmark - NE Rails   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The 220 degree arc that forms Horseshoe Curve comprises two curves; the north side has a radius of 637 feet while the south side tightens to 609 feet.
Some of the M's were used in passenger service early in their careers and these reportedly were able to handle a relatively short passenger train up the Curve without a helper.
But they went into freight service pretty quickly and were utilized mainly in fast freight service on the more level areas of the PRR due to their horsepower and speed.
www.northeast.railfan.net /horseshoe.html   (370 words)

 IRLBC News Release   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Today, the Board authorized the targeting of Namakan Lake levels in the range of 80% to 90% of its rule curve band.
The level of Namakan Lake this morning was 340.77 m (1118.0 ft), down 42 cm (16.5 inches) from its peak of 341.19 m (1119.4 ft) on July 6, down 1 cm (0.4 inches) from yesterday morning's reading and continuing a downward trend.
The level of Rainy Lake this morning was 338.03 m (1109.02 ft), down 53 cm (20.9 inches) from its peak of 338.56 m (1110.77 ft) on June 27, down 3 cm (1.2 inches) from yesterday morning's reading and continuing a downward trend.
www.ijc.org /rel/boards/rainylake/NR_20020722_e.html   (267 words)

 Condos in Curve Lake, Ontario
If you are interested in purchasing property in Curve Lake, Ontario you will find a wide selection of homes to choose from.
If you are considering a property purchase in Curve Lake, check local real estate listings or discuss your options with a real estate agent.
Investing in a condominium may be just the option you are looking for, and real estate professionals in Curve Lake, Ontario will be able to provide you with available options.
www.realestateproperty.ca /secure/condos/ontario/curve_lake.html   (276 words)

 Curve Lake Tournament
Curve Lake Tournament - Curve Lake, Ontario - June 26, 27 and 28
Bill Shannon gets an infield hit on a error by the Curve Lake third baseman which moves Pat to second.
In the 7th inning Curve Lake got on the board when a triple drove in a run.
www.angelfire.com /ak/Waldie/CurveLake.html   (625 words)

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