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Topic: Cusco, Peru

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  Cusco, Peru
The city of Cusco is built in the valley of the Huatanay River, in the southern sierra of Peru.
Cusco, from the quechua Qosco, means the "navel of the world" and this name is due to the fact that it has always been the center of a vast network of roads which connect each one of the four regions that represent the " four parts of the world" according to the Andean cosmovision.
The importance of Cusco peaked during the reign of the Incas (1438-1532 A.D.), but its exact origins as a city are not actually known, as they are lost among myths and legends.
worldfacts.us /Peru-Cusco.htm   (934 words)

 Cusco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cuzco (also Cusco, Qosqo, or Qusqu) is a city in southeastern Peru, near the Urubamba Valley (Sacred Valley) of the Andes mountain range.
It is the capital of the Cusco Region as well as the Cusco Province.
The historic capital of the sun-worshipping Inca empire, it has been found in 2006 to be the spot on Earth with the highest UV level.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cusco   (1051 words)

 Cusco Peru tour information for your Peru vacation.
Cusco Peru is the doorway to Machu Picchu, and with almost 300,000 residents it remains an important city.
Although Cusco was heavily damaged by the Spaniards, the Inca city is still very much in evidence.
There is no way you can leave Cusco without visiting Chinchero, this little town is quite important because there is the possibility of seeing the exchange of products instead of buying or selling for money on the sunday market, this was a tradition taught by the Incas, caused by the absence of an official currency.
www.peru4u.com /peru_tour_peru_vacation_travel_to_peru/peru_information/cusco_peru.html   (652 words)

Cusco is one of the most important cities of the region.
Cusco is not only its ruins; it is also its people and their customs, this strange but very interesting mixture of the old Europe and the new continent.
Cusco, mythical capital of the Inca Empire, not only proudly preserves the remaining stonewalls from this lost culture, it also keeps intact many structures built during the Spanish colony, that evoke the greatness of the Children of the Sun and the Spanish influence after the conquest.
www.cusco-peru.org   (711 words)

 Cusco Peru, Travel information on Cuzco, Peru Tours, Sacred Valley
This entire region, punctuated by Cusco, was the heart of the Inca Empire from the 14th to the 15th centuries.
According to legend, Cusco (Qosqo in Quechua, or "earth's navel") is the place where the golden rod finally sunk into the ground, and where Manco Capac founded his capitol city of the Inca Empire, in the 12th century.
Forming the head of the Puma shape that outlines Cusco, it is comprised of three superimposed platforms, whose edges are zigzagged in the shape of the Puma's teeth.
www.destination360.com /peru/cusco.php   (1256 words)

 Cusco Peru. Cuzco Peru. Cusco Hotel. Cusco Vacation. Cusco Travel
Often referred to as the "Archaeological Capital of the Americas" Cusco is a beautiful city riddled with contrasts between the indigenous styles and the modern western world.
The first view to the new visitor to Cusco are the inca walls; enormous granite blocks carved to fit together perfectly without the aid of mortar beds.
When arriving in Cusco from the coast you'll immediately feel the shortage of oxygen in the air, that is result of the City's high altitude.
www.cuscounlimited.com   (240 words)

 Cusco Cuzco Peru, travel guide and travel information center
The famous Sun Temple of Qosqo was and is in practice a synthesis of the Inkan organization, architecture and religion; that had already reached the summit of their level by 1438.
Together with the city of Cusco, this monumental complex is considered the first of the new seven wonders of the world.
Located at a strategic point along the road to the Antisuyo (the jungle part of the Inca empire), it also served as a checkpoint on the Inca road and was a military and administrative center.
www.peru-travel.net /cusco/city/cusco.html   (2764 words)

 EXCEL Spanish Language Centre - Information about Cusco, Peru
Cusco is a charming and fascinating city, located in what was once the capital of the Inca Empire.
In its modern incarnation, Cusco is a bustling center of 300,000 inhabitants whose major industry is tourism.
From Cusco, it is possible to make many interesting short excursions to visit the historic Inca ruins scattered among the surrounding mountains and to small pueblos where life today is not much different from what it was hundreds of years ago.
www.excel-spanishlanguageprograms-peru.org /english/cusco.html   (331 words)

 Peru Bus >>> Peru Bus Reservation Route Cusco Puno Cusco Lima Pisco Nazca Arequipa Oltursa Ormeño Cruz del ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The church of Andahuaylillas is a jewerly of the Mestizo baroque arquitecture that was developed in Cusco.
RAQCHI (Temple of the god Wiracocha): 121 km from Cusco, it was a very important Inca shrine of great dimensions, traditionally known as the temple of Wiracocha, the main god of the ancient andean civilization as the chronicler mestizo Garcilazo de la Vega mentions in one of his notes.
LARAYA: The highest point between Cusco and Puno (14234 feet), it is also the beginning of the famous sacred valley, and the meeting point between two very ancient civilizations: Quechuas (cusco region) and Aymaras (region of Puno).
www.perucusco.com /peru_bus_inka_express.htm   (417 words)

 Cusco Peru, travel agencies cuzco peru
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Pikillaqta is considered to be one of the best-known and well-kept pre-Inca cities in Peru.
In 1,927, 40 turquoise idols were found, portraying human dressed in different robes and of incalculable value for the study of ancient Peruvian clothing.
www.cuscotrips.com /english/cusco_tipon.html   (261 words)

 Tour Information Peru - Tour packages in Peru. About Cusco
Cusco, a region with the most beautiful views of the world, surrounded by six mountains more than 6,000 meters high, is the oldest city in the western hemisphere and the cradle of the Inca civilization.
Cusco is located in southern part of Peru.
The creativity and the wide variety of Cusco cuisine was achieved without a lot of effort and has great prestige on an international level.
www.aboutcusco.com /cusco/tours_peru/index.asp   (287 words)

 CuscoWeb.com - Peru Tourism Cusco, Machu Picchu Sacred Valley of The Incas
Cusco is the Inca city, Cusco is the Humanity's Cultural Patrimony and Cusco or Cuzco is the Archaeological Capital of America.
We begin to describe this way to the City Imperial of the Cusco to be this the cradle of the Incan Empire; center of a powerful civilization that occupied from the Kingdom Quito to great part of Chile and Bolivia.
Cusco is known by its Quechua name "Qosqo" that one interprets as "Navel of the World" and is that Cusco - Peru was the center of the Tahuantinsuyo.
www.cuscoweb.com /english   (198 words)

 Peru Discovery - Peru Travel Agency: Jungle Mountain Bike Hiking Adventure Travels & Tours in Peru
Come with us and discover Peru from a different perspective: we will lead you on old Inca roads down to the Sacred Valley of the Inca, around the highest mountain of the Cusco region or along the eastern slopes of the Andes through the Manu Cloud Forest down to the Amazon Rainforest.
Cusco, the former Inka capital, is the ideal starting point for innumerable trips through different landscapes of South America visiting the scenes of ancient cultures.
Peru Discovery is your specialist for jungle tours and mountain bike and hiking adventure holidays.
www.perudiscovery.com /home.html   (193 words)

 The Peru Guide, great Peru travel: Cusco, Machu Picchu, Inka Trail, Lima and more.
From Lima's delightful restaurant scene to Cusco's multi-ethnic nightlife, it's a magical place at the crossroads between millenary traditions and cosmopolitan modernism.
Peru's Tourism Board of Peru is promoting a wide selection of short weekend trips near Lima, that comprise many different ecosystems: snow tipped peaks, coastal deserts, fertile valleys, and grasslands.
Peru's tough geography is sometimes a challenge for the more adventurous travellers, as many remote locations -yet fabulous for adventure sports and nature watching- are difficult and expensive to reach.
www.theperuguide.com   (474 words)

 Cusco Peru Tours. Cusco Peru Travel Guide. Travel to Cusco Peru
Cusco is located in the Andes and is well-known for their warm and friendly inhabitants.
Due to Cusco's central location, the city is often used as departing point for discovering Peru, Bolivia and Chile.
Choquequirao is located in the Inka region, department of Cusco, province of Convention, district of Santa Teresa.
www.machupicchuschool.org /cusco-peru   (142 words)

 Cusco Transports - Cusco Peru Travel Guide, Cuzco Peru Tours
International Flights: The only direct flight to Cusco is from La Paz, Bolivia, the rest of the international flights normally arrive to Lima and then usually adomestic flight conection is made.
The highest point of this route is the Ray to 4 313 msnm between Cusco and Juliaca.
Departure from Cusco: 6:25, 8:40 and 10:15 a.m.
www.gocuscoperu.com /english/transports.asp   (391 words)

 Cusco Peru. Sacred Valley Peru. Cuzco Peru \ Cusco Travel
This entire region, highlighted by Cusco, was the heart of the Inca civilization from the 14th to the 15th centuries.
Cusco is a city plentiful of historical monuments and relics and of myths and legends.
Visiting Cuzco is an unforgettable experience that permits to unravel some of the mysteries of the Incas, because Cusco was the center, the navel of the Andean world.
www.peru-travel-adventures.com /sacredvalley-cuzco.html   (344 words)

 Dos Manos Destinations: Cusco
Cusco is situated at 3,400 meters (11,000 feet) above sea level, surrounded by mountains and valleys.
The capital of the ancient Inca empire and the oldest continuously inhabited city on the continent, Cusco is now an important link in the South American travel network.
Its legacy as the hub of the Inca empire is readily apparent: Most of the city streets are lined with Inca-built stonewalls and crowded with Quechua-speaking descendants of the Incas.
www.dosmanosperu.com /dosmanos/english/destinations/cusco.php   (400 words)

 Cusco History. Cusco Tourist Information
In the case of Peru, in 1969 Mac Neish revealed the oldest dates for the first Peruvians: 18 to 20 thousand years B.C. for the Pacaicasa Man around Ayacucho.
That age is beyond the logical sphere because it was determined using the absolute date technique of Radiocarbon or Carbon 14.
In 1821 Peru got finally its independence from Spain at the end of a long, cruel and bloody process developed in all the countries of Hispanic America.
www.cuscounlimited.com /cusco-peru/history.asp   (895 words)

 Perú, adventure that does not forget - All Trek Peru Tour Operator,cusco,peru   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Magnificent scenarios and the combination of the two big journeys of the Cusco are those that it offers us this program; Arrive to the Cusco and you have only two days to visit some impressive places as the strength of Sacsehuaman and the sacred Valley of the Inca with their famous Indian markets.
One of the trips most fascinating and complete on the Peru, we will visit in our itineraries the most varied ecological as well as archaeological cultural wealth The islands Ballestas rich in flora and marine fauna, the mysterious Lines of Nazca, the picturesque white city of Arequipa.
We explore the old capital of the Inca: Cusco, the impressive archaeological park of Sacsayhuaman and the beautiful Sacred Valley of the Inca with the fascinating archaeological groups of Pisaq and Ollantaytambo.
www.alltrekperu.com   (540 words)

 Maras - Sacred Valley of the Incas - Cusco Peru
Maras - Sacred Valley of the Incas - Cusco Peru
The salt mines have been exploited since Inca times and during the Vice-regency, it was the largest salt producer of the southern highlands.
Barrionuevo comments on the origin of this settlement in "Cusco Mágico": "The Maras believe that they come from the ancient Maras who once came out of the heart of the mountain, the Sacred Tanpu T'oqo.
www.cuscoperu.info /english/sacredvalley/valle060.shtml   (207 words)

 Cusco Peru - Travel to Cusco and Tours in Cuzco
At 3,360 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.), in the Huatanay valley of the southeastern Andes of Peru, visiting Cusco is an unforgettable experience, as it allows you to uncover some of the mysteries of the Incas, because Cusco was the center, the "navel" of the Andean world.
On March 23, 1534, Francisco Pizarro, the Spanish conquistador of Peru, refounded the Inca city as a Spanish colonial settlement.
The city of Cusco is surrounded by impressive archeological remains such as the citadel of Machu
www.enjoyperu.com /peru_travel_tours_information/peru_travel_destinations/peru_cusco/cusco_cusco.html   (380 words)

 Peruvian Odyssey - Cusco, Peru
But, with a location of approximately only four hours from Cusco (half hour commercial flight, transfer to the port, and three hours by boat to the lodge) it is one of the most accessible rain forest destinations from Machu Picchu.
This combination of National Reserve and proximity to Cusco, Machu Picchu and Lima assures a convenient and rewarding visit to excellent rain forest habitat without having to lose your holiday time travelling.
The ecosystems in this part of southeastern Peru are the most diverse on the planet, meaning that within the territory of the Libertador Tambopata Lodge there are limitless opportunities to observe the tropical rainforest and its wildlife.
www.peruvianodyssey.com /web/english/extensions.asp   (820 words)

 Sacred Valley of the Incas,Pisaq markets,Ollantaytambo Cusco Peru
Located 78km from Cusco via Pisaq and 57km via Chinchero, it is located in the heart of the Sacred Valley and is known as the "Pearl of the Vilcanota" with beautiful countrysides and a healthy climate, located at the foot of the majestic snow-capped peak Chicón.
The valley is mainly agricultural, where the finest corn in Peru is produced, one that is highly nutritious and of excellent quality.
This beautiful and suggestive valley between the towns of Pisaq and Ollantaytambo was greatly admired by Peruvians' ancestors due to its special conditions such as its beneficial climate, its fertile lands and the presence of the Wilcamayu or Sacred River.
www.peru-travel.net /cusco/valle_sagrado/sacred_valley.htm   (1604 words)

 Spanish Language School Peru. spanish courses and study abroad program in cusco
Peru Language Center combines a rigorous teaching program with a friendly and fun environment.
In addition to the lessons we organize tours to the most beautiful places in the city of Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire.
Peru Language Center also offers you optional Salsa and cooking lessons which you will greatly enjoy.
www.perulanguage.com   (342 words)

 Peru For Less - Building Magical Memories » Peru Tours Cusco Tours Cuzco Peru   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Cusco is a land of sharp contrasts with climatic conditions ranging from arctic to tropical.
Cusco is the home of the Inca and its natural wealth.
Cusco is a must see for anyone coming to South America.
www.peruforless.com /landing/cusco.htm   (325 words)

 Learn Spanish in Peru. Spanish courses in Peru.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Cusco is one of the most beautiful cities in Peru and is a truly wonderful location in which to learn Spanish.
Cusco offers all the amenities of an internationally-known city, such as internet cafes and a range of restaurants, whilst still preserving its Spanish colonial heritage, built on the foundations of the Incas.
On arrival at Cusco Airport, all of our students are met free-of-charge by their host family and are taken to their accommodation.
www.languagesabroad.co.uk /peru.html   (781 words)

 Accommodation in Cusco Peru, Lodging in cuzco, Hotel in Cusco
Peru Accommodations is an agency specialized in housing placement service for domestic and international travelers and visitors.
We are Homestay and Bed and Breakfast suppliers to many of the largest and best known Peru language schools, Tourist agencyes and also to many corporate, industrial and travel related clients.
They are dedicated to make your stay in Peru a truly enjoyable and enriching experience.
www.hostfamilyinperu.com   (478 words)

 Brandon Export - Export Cusquenian Art
Pieces of art in silver 925 done by craftsmen whom they shape to cusco mystical with stone incrustations with unique designs that single the beauty of the silver can express.
The decorativas dolls unique in its expression and dressed in the typical suits the CUSCO shaping the beauty tenderness and anger the woman cusco.
Wall Hanging and carpets using alpaca and/or ewes, dyed with the natural colors extracted of the plants, designed wonderfully with the drawings and the symbols geometric, and costumary typical of the Incas.
www.cuscoperuexport.com   (134 words)

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