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Topic: Customs (tax)

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

 Encyclopedia: HM Revenue and Customs
Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is a new department of the British Government created by the merger of the Inland Revenue and Her Majesty's Customs and Excise which came into formal effect on 18 April 2005.
HMRC is responsible for the collection of direct taxes (such as income tax and corporation tax), indirect taxes (such as value added tax) and some import controls, and also for national insurance contributions, and for the distribution of child benefit and some other forms of state support.
HMRC is expected to concentrate on reducing the estimated £30 billion "tax gap"—the gap between the tax that is actually paid and the tax that would be due if all tax avoidance and tax evasion were eliminated. /encyclopedia/HM-Revenue-and-Customs   (2220 words)

The Inland Revenue is responsible for the efficient administration of income tax, tax credits, corporation tax, capital gains tax, petroleum revenue tax, inheritance tax, national insurance contributions and stamp duties.
The Adjudicator, Dame Barbara Mills, DBE, QC, looks at complaints that Customs and Excise have been unable to resolve to the satisfaction of the complainant.
Your customs allowances Banned and restricted goods VAT refunds for visitors Shopping on the Internet /h_m_customs_and_excise.htm   (2220 words)

The Adjudicator, Dame Barbara Mills, DBE, QC, looks at complaints that Customs and Excise have been unable to resolve to the satisfaction of the complainant.
The Adjudicator looks at both sides of a complaint and where she considers it justified, she makes recommendations to Customs and Excise about putting things right.
The Inland Revenue is responsible for the efficient administration of income tax, tax credits, corporation tax, capital gains tax, petroleum revenue tax, inheritance tax, national insurance contributions and stamp duties. /h_m_customs_and_excise.htm   (2220 words)

 Canada Customs and Revenue Agency -- Second Progress Report
As a key stakeholder of Revenue Canada, we are pleased to respond to the invitation to comment on the Second Progress Report of the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency as well as the Proposed Legislative Framework for the Agency.
One is that it is difficult to gauge how, for example, the restructured Agency will provide tax guidance to taxpayers, conduct its field audit work, resolve audit controversies with taxpayers through an independent appeals process, or resolve instances of double taxation that might arise from conflicting interpretations where provincial taxes are administered by the Agency.
TEI is concerned with issues of tax policy and administration and is dedicated to working with government agencies in Ottawa (and Washington), as well as in the provinces (and the states), to reduce the costs and burdens of tax compliance and administration to our common benefit. /tnn/tei/tei_doc_public.nsf/85256396005ac84685256244005d3a03/58c6949029c4181985256a730060f4d8?OpenDocument   (2220 words)

 CEEBIC - Central and Eastern Europe Business Information Center
The excise tax is assessed on the CIF, or cost, insurance and freight of they good, plus the customs duty.
The value added tax is assessed on the CIF, or cost, insurance and freight of the good, plus the customs duties and excise taxes.
The following duties, taxes and other charges need to be paid to the UNMIK Customs Service, which oversees the customs services, to clear the product through Customs. /ceebic/kosovo/export.htm   (2220 words)

 Welcome To uk inland revenue
Customs (HMRC) is the new department responsible for the business of the former Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise.
your tax return using our service On your approval the tax return is filed direct with the inland revenue UK Tax Returns Online Inland Revenue Tax Return and Accountancy Services.
received any tax credits in cash direct from the Inland Revenue.. /25079-ukinlandrevenue.htm   (2220 words)

 Changing Excise Duties
The government too has been losing out; HM Customs and Excise estimate that £200 million tax revenue was lost in the first year of the Single Market from additional cross-border shopping in alcohol and tobacco.
HM Customs and Excise estimate that approximately half of all alcohol bought across the border is new consumption.
HM Customs and Excise estimated that the retail value of all alcohol imported from the EU for personal consumption in the twelve months to June 1994 totalled £570 million. /budget98/byoc/excise.shtml   (2220 words)

Title 82 RCW EXCISE TAXES Chapters 82.01, Department of revenue.
Tax History Project at Tax Analysts - providing scholars, policy makers, and the media with information on the history of American tax ation and Tax World - explanations of tax policy, history, courses, glossaries downloadable forms and a great menu of links to other important sites. /virtualpubliclibrary/halloftaxes/   (2220 words)

 Inland Revenue Uk Government Inland Revenue Uk - Biggest government resource on the Internet
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is the new department responsible for the business of the former Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise.
Online tax filing for citizens and businesses, Inland Revenue UK The Inland Revenue is responsible for providing an effective...
INLAND REVENUE ACT AGAINST CORPORATION TAX AVOIDANCE - The Government has... /index.php?k=inland-revenue-uk-government-inland-revenue-uk   (2220 words)

In the UK the Customs and Excise department issues distilling licences.
In the U.S., the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (formerly one organization known as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) enforce regulations related to alcohol.
The Energy Tax Act of 1978 authorized an excise tax exemption for biofuels, chiefly gasohol (a gasoline blend containing at least 10 percent ethanol). /e/et/ethanol.html   (1886 words)

 Chancellor on collision course over anti-tax avoidance moves - [Sunday Herald]
Richard Laverick, head of tax at Ernst and Young, predicts the anti-avoidance regulations will reflect disclosures made to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).
It is also seen as “inevitable” that Brown will raise the tax on North Sea profits from its current level of 40% to 45%-50%, according to analysts at JP Morgan.
Tax experts predict that the Chancellor will impose further anti-avoidance measures and a windfall tax on North Sea profits to plug an £11 billion fiscal deficit. /53123   (603 words)

 Before you send your return
The Tax and Customs Administration uses your most recently known name and address data in its correspondence with you, so make sure you notify the tax office that is competent in your case of any changes in that data.
If you are owed a refund, the Tax and Customs Administration will transfer the money to the bank account number stated on the Invitation to file a return or on the front page of the C Form.
The Tax and Customs Administration registers the data that you fill in on the tax return form. /buitenland_uk/buitenland_uk-97.html   (524 words)

 Customer Care Center - Vitacost
Customers outside of the United States may be subject to customs fees and/or import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country.
If the package is stopped by customs because items ordered are not allowed in the country and the package is abandoned, there will be no credit to the customer for the order.
You the customer are solely responsible for any additional customs clearance fees; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. /help/index.html   (2494 words)

 Inland Revenue - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Inland Revenue Board Act 1849, after the Board of Excise and Board of Stamps and Taxes were amalgamated.
In June 1833, a single body of Commissioners was set up to merge the revenues of stamps and taxes.
Tax Credits schemes, whereby monies are paid by the Government into a recipient's bank account or as part of their wage, such as Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit. /wiki/Inland_Revenue   (2494 words)

Details of a new small business unit that will transform tax administration for small businesses, were announced today by David Varney, Chairman of Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise.
The Commissioners for Revenue and Customs Bill which will provide the authority to integrate Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise and create HMRC was introduced to Parliament on 25 November.
In the Revenue she has worked in policy (in particular on corporation tax) and operations (running a local tax office) as well as time in communications and finance (where she led the Inland Revenue's Spending Review 2002 bid and ran its budget). /home/HMRC..htm   (2494 words)

 Guardian Unlimited The Guardian Customs criticised over offshore property deal
The Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise were today criticised by a committee of MPs over a deal to sell more than 570 properties to a company based in a tax haven.
The influential House of Commons public accounts committee said it was "a very serious blow indeed" for the tax-collecting services - now merged as HM Revenue and Customs - to have entered a contract with "tax avoiders" Mapeley, based in Bermuda.
In April 2001, Customs and the Inland Revenue transferred the ownership and management of most of their properties to Mapeley in a private finance initiative designed to save up to £500m. /uk_news/story/0,3604,1506267,00.html   (2494 words)

 Customs and Excise. HM Customs UK Excise Duty.
Government department dealing in VAT and Customs and Excise duty and Excise Tax.
Excise - Excise tax-- a tax that is measured by the amount of business done not on property or income from real estate
Customs - Customs duty, custom, impost -- money collected under a tariff /Shipping/Customs_and_Excise.htm   (2494 words)

 UNIDO - Tanzania Investors Guide
The Customs and Excise Department administers all taxes and duties on international trade in accordance with the Customs and Excise laws of the country.
The Excise duty is charged on specific or ad-valorem tax rate on certain imported and locally manufactured consumer goods.
Excise Duty is levied on certain locally manufactured goods like soft drinks, beer, cigarettes and petroleum products such as lubricants, fuel, etc. Most of the locally manufactured goods are charged duty at specific amounts and not at an ad-valorem rate. /doc/8045   (2105 words)

 Reports to Parliament by Federal Institution - Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
1998 - Chapter 28 - Follow-up of Recommendations in Previous Reports: Revenue Canada - Creating One Revenue Canada: The Administrative Consolidation of Customs and Excise and Taxation - 1996, Chapter 20
1996 - Chapter 20 - Revenue Canada - Creating One Revenue Canada: The Administrative Consolidation of Customs and Excise and Taxation
2002 - April - Chapter 8 - Other Audit Observations: Canada Customs and Revenue Agency - Process for renewal of duty-free shop licences needs to be improved /domino/other.nsf/html/00ccra_e.html   (2105 words)

 EUROPA - Taxation and Customs Union / Taxation and Customs Union
EUROPA - Taxation and Customs Union / Taxation and Customs Union
EU Commissioner for taxation and customs László Kovács welcomes the European Court of Justice ruling in the Marks & Spencer case on cross-border loss relief.
by László Kovács, European Commissioner for Taxation and Customs, at the Conference "Tax harmonisation and legal uncertainty in Central and Eastern Europe" organised by the Austrian Chamber of Professional Accountants and Tax Advisors /comm/taxation_customs/index_en.htm   (725 words)

 Customs Update
Customs Superintendent Raphael Whyms said that boaters who have a valid cruising permit should have to pay only a 7% stamp tax on replacement boat parts.
Tuck these numbers in your Explorer Chartbook under Customs and you'll have them when you're ready to come back in to the U.S. vessels of 30+ feet must display a Customs User Fee Decal and be prepared to give the decal number when clearing back in to the States.
At those sites, there is only a Customs Officer, who is authorized to act for Immigration. /customs.html   (1939 words)

 Customs duties
A company that is registered to perform FEA must submit quarterly reports to the customs service certifying that all taxes have been paid (certification is issued by the tax service).
Registration is not compulsory, but without it, a company must present documents to the customs service (i.e., foundation documents, informational letter from statistical committee, certificate from tax inspection, reference form bank, etc.) for every import-export operation.
FEA participant registration is regulated by a decree of the State Customs Committee 832 of 1 December, 1999, On the procedure for registering participants of FEA in custom institutions of the Russian Federation. /3/default.asp   (566 words)

 BBC NEWS Business Ugandan business fears customs union
For the people who buy these goods, the formation of the customs union should would have been good news as falling tax rates and free movement of goods should have meant lower prices.
Under the East African Community Treaty of 1999, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda were to work towards a customs union within four years of the treaty signing.
The planned signing of the East African Customs Union protocol by Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya has been postponed for the second time in three months. /1/hi/business/3481301.stm   (906 words)

 Jamaica - Economic analysis of government's policies, investment climate and political risk.
With the onset of deregulation and the dramatic reduction of customs duties on imports as a major source of government income, the vast majority of multinational companies closed their plants and opted to import instead.
The importance of customs duties as a major source of government income is declining and most imports are duty free.
In addition, a stamp duty is levied on motor vehicles, alcohol, and tobacco of 25% to 56%; as well as a special consumption tax of 5% to 39.9%. /jamaica.html   (6801 words)

 Information for the Trade - Customs Duties & Taxes
Add Amounts A and B to the Customs value and multiply the result by the Value Added Tax percentage.
These rates appear in the Second Schedule of the Excise Tax Act.
Import duties and taxes must be paid or covered by acceptable surety before the goods are released from the Port of Entry. /customs/traveller/Customs.asp   (544 words)

 Canada Customs
Canada Customs - Government Regulations at the Canadian Border
Before you or your goods cross the Canadian border, be sure you are aware of Canadian government customs regulations and services.
Information, services, and applications that help promote compliance with Canada's tax and regulations; including forms, publications, and guides. /canada-customs   (544 words)

 Indirect Tax Services
This is a specialist unit which deals with customs duties, sales tax, service tax and excise duties.
Our customs consultants can provide you with the necessary tax advice to minimize costs or exposure and identify missed duty-saving opportunities.
Review of agreements/contracts/documentation and quantification of service tax and sales tax exposure; /global/content.nsf/Malaysia/Indirect_Tax_Services   (544 words)

 Vehicle Import & Export , English Version
For further advice on import duty and tax contact HM Customs and Excise Advice Service on
A visitor to the UK may use a vehicle displaying foreign plates, provided that all taxes (including vehicle excise duty) are paid in their country of origin.
BFG 414 - This form is issued to all Customs relieved vehicles, irrespective of age, which have been personally acquired within the EU by British Forces Germany personnel. /vehicles/exptimpt.htm   (544 words)

 Value Added Tax Act
Where information required for the calculation of the amount of value added tax on the import of goods or intra-Community acquisition of goods is expressed in a foreign currency, the exchange rate shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of the Community Customs Code governing the calculation of value for customs purposes.
Input value added tax of the same taxable period on goods or services used for services specified in clause 16 (2) 1), 5) or 6) of this Act which are provided to a person of a third country may also be deducted.
Tax exemption is not applied on the provision of accommodation services, the leasing or letting of or establishment of a usufruct on multi-storey car parks and premises for parking vehicles, and the hiring or leasing of or establishment of a usufruct on permanently installed equipment or machinery or safes; /text/en/X70060K2.htm   (9863 words)

 WorldTariff Home Page
Getting accurate product classifiaction and up-to-date information on Customs duties and taxes shouldn't take hours on the phone.
, offers you accurate product classifications and duty and tax information for up to 94 customs areas (118 countries) -available online just a few clicks away.
Get immediate access to duty and tax data at the HS-4 heading level.   (151 words)

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