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Topic: Cyaxares

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After their victory over Cyaxares, the Scythians conquered and wasted the whole of western Asia, and ruled twenty-eight years, till at last they were made drunk and slain by Cyaxares at a banquet (cf.
Syennesis of Cilicia and Nebuchadrezzar (in Herodotus named Labynetus) of Babylon interceded and effected a peace, by which the Halys was fixed as frontier between the two empires, and Alyattess daughter married to Cyaxaress son Astyages (Herod.
Cyaxares) is mentioned as attacking an Assyrian fortress (Kharkhar, in the chains of the Zagros).
www.1911ency.org /C/CY/CYAXARES.htm   (467 words)

Toward 1200 B. the Israelitish tribe invaded and settled in Chanaan.
In 605 B. C., Ninive, the capital of the Assyrian Empire, fell by the hands of Nabupalassar, of Babylonia, and Cyaxares, of Media; and with its fall the powerful Assyrian Empire came to an end.
While the Sassanian kings held their power and authority over the whole region east of the Euphrates, the Romans had absolute power over Syria, parts of northern Mesopotamia, and Asia Minor.
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 Thales of Miletus [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
Thales was not named as a Sage because of any political advice which is extant.
One of the few dates in Thales's life which can be known with certainty is the date of the Eclipse of 585 BCE It brought to a halt the battle being fought between Alyattes and the Mede, Cyaxares and, in addition, brought peace to the region after 'five years of indecisive warfare' (Hdt.
The Greeks believed that Thales had predicted the Eclipse, and perhaps even regarded him as being influential in causing the phenomenon to occur.
www.iep.utm.edu /t/thales.htm   (9340 words)

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