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  Cylinder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cylinder (disk drive), a unit of data division on a hard disk drive
Phonograph cylinder, the dominant medium of audio storage from the 1870s to the 1910s and in limited use (such as in the dictaphone) through the mid 20th century
Cylinder (firearms), the cylinder is the rotating device that contains the firing chambers of a revolver
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cylinder   (190 words)

 Phonograph cylinder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Early cylinder records would commonly wear out after they were played a few dozen times; the buyer could then either bring the worn cylinders back to the dealer to be traded in as partial credit for purchase of new recordings, or have their surface shaved smooth so new recordings could be made on them.
Cylinder phonographs also usually used a worm gear to move the stylus in synchronization with the grooves of the recording, whereas most disc machines relied on the grooves to pull the stylus along.
Cylinder phonograph technology continued to be used for dictaphone recordings for office use into the early 1950s when the cylinder dictaphone was supplanted by magnetic tape.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Phonograph_cylinder   (1684 words)

 CYLINDER - LoveToKnow Article on CYLINDER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A right cylinder is the solid traced out by a rectangle which revolves about one of its sides, or the curved surface of this solid; the surface may also be defined as the locus of a line which passes through the circumference of a circle, and is always perpendicular to the plane of the circle.
The axis of a circular cylinder is the line joining the centresbf two circular sections; it is the line through the centre of the directrix parallel to the generators.
The section of an oblique cylinder by a plane perpendicular to the principal section, and inclined to the axis at the same angle as the base, is named the, subcontrary section, and is always a circle; any other section is an ellipse.
59.1911encyclopedia.org /C/CY/CYLINDER.htm   (449 words)

 PlanetMath: cylinder
The portion of the surface of the cylinder belonging to the cylindrical surface is called the lateral surface or the mantle of the cylinder and the portions belonging to the planes are the bases of the cylinder.
The perpendicular distance of the planes of the bases is the height of the cylinder.
This is version 5 of cylinder, born on 2005-08-26, modified 2005-09-05.
planetmath.org /encyclopedia/Cylinder.html   (314 words)

 Gas Cylinder Safety
Mechanical failure of the cylinder, cylinder valve, or regulator can result in rapid diffusion of the pressurized contents into the atmosphere, leading to explosion, fire runaway reaction, or burst reaction vessels.
Ground cylinders of combustible gases (e.g., to a water pipe) to prevent buildup of static electricity.
Keep the protective cap that comes with a cylinder of gas on the cylinder when it is not in use.
www.denison.edu /sec-safe/safety/chemsafe/cylind.html   (582 words)

 AllRefer.com - cylinder (Mathematics) - Encyclopedia
cylinder, in mathematics, surface generated by a line moving parallel to a given fixed line and continually intersecting a given fixed curve called the directrix; each line of the family of lines forming the cylinder is called a ruling, or generator.
The commonest type of cylinder is the right circular cylinder, in which the directrix is a circle and the lines forming the cylinder are all perpendicular to the plane of the circle.
The perpendicular distance between the planes is the altitude of the cylinder.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/C/cylinder.html   (245 words)

 Space figures and basic solids
A cube and a pyramid are both polyhedrons; a sphere, cylinder, and cone are not.
A cylinder is a space figure having two congruent circular bases that are parallel.
If L is the length of a cylinder, and r is the radius of one of the bases of a cylinder, then the volume of the cylinder is L × pi × r
www.mathleague.com /help/geometry/3space.htm   (945 words)

 O'Neill Cylinder Space Colony
Each cylinder has three land areas alternating with three windows, and three mirrors that open and close to form a day-night cycle inside.
The cylinders are always in pairs which rotate in opposite directions, cancelling out any gyroscopic effect that would otherwise make it difficult to keep them aimed toward the sun.
The cylinders are large enough to have weather, which could even be made to change with the seasons, perhaps depending on a colonist vote.
www.l5news.org /oneillcylinder.htm   (261 words)

 Exploratorium: Science Snacks: Spinning Cylinder
As the cylinder spins, the top of one end moves in the same direction as the end that is rotating, while the top of the other end moves opposite the rotation.
Cylinders that are cut so that their length is four diameters have a stable square with four markings.
At first with the cylinder that is three diameters long, the marks on one end appear but they do not form a stable pattern.
www.exploratorium.edu /snacks/spinning_cyl   (1014 words)

 NFPA :: Research & Reports :: Fact sheets :: Vehicle fires/gas and fuel safety :: Propane cylinder overfilling ...
As of April 1, 2002, OPDs are required on all propane cylinders between 4 and 40 pounds propane capacity, per the 1998 edition of NFPA 58, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code.
Cylinders of this size manufactured after September 30, 1998, were required to have an OPD.
In many parts of the U.S., exchange cylinder racks can be used to swap an empty cylinder without an OPD for a full cylinder equipped with an OPD, for a nominal fee, eliminating the need to dispose of the cylinder or to have it retrofitted.
www.nfpa.org /displayContent.asp?categoryID=303   (385 words)

 FLOW AROUND A CYLINDER - 1a   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The grid of smoke sources is equally spaced in the vertical direction and it is positioned far upstream from the body (at a distance of about 100 times the radius of the cylinder), so that sources are not influenced by the body (uniform flow).
This delay is not due to friction (we are dealing with an inviscid fluid) but to the fact that near the stagnation points velocity tends to decelerate to zero speed.
In many elementary aerodynamics textbooks it is stated that, with non-zero circulation, the portion of fluid flowing above the cylinder is accelerated with respect to the one flowing below it ``because it must travel for a longer route to reach downstream in the same amount of time''.
www.diam.unige.it /~irro/cilindro1a_e.html   (578 words)

 Safety Services - Chemistry Appendix K: Gas Cylinder Safery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Cylinders transported by truck must be fastened securely in an upright position so that they will not fall or strike each other.
Before attaching cylinders to a connection, be sure that the threads on the cylinder and the connection mate are of a type intended for the gas service.
Cylinders should be stored in a well ventilated area away from flames, sparks or any source of heat or ignition.
www.weizmann.ac.il /safety/chappk.html   (536 words)

 BMW E34 Website
A leak can often be seen at the reservoir/clutch master cylinder, at the other end of the clutch hydraulic line, at the clutch slave cylinder, or inside the car behind the clutch pedal.
Loosen all the bolts holding the master cylinder then remove the eccentric bolt connecting the cylinder to the pedal, remove the remaining bolts.
This nut is hard to loosen and I found it not accessible from the engine compartment, I pulled a little bit on the cylinder from the inside (in an uncomfortable position) and used the wrench to loosen the nut.
www.bmwe34.net /E34main/Maintenance/Transmission/Clutch_hydraulic.htm   (553 words)

 cylinder on Encyclopedia.com
CYLINDER [cylinder] in mathematics, surface generated by a line moving parallel to a given fixed line and continually intersecting a given fixed curve called the directrix; each line of the family of lines forming the cylinder is called a ruling, or generator.
Cylinder The cylinder is the aggregate of the same track number on every platter used for recording.
A Georgian carries a gas cylinder in the center of Tbilisi 22 January 2006.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/c1/cylinder.asp   (892 words)

 Edison:The History of the Edison Cylinder Phonograph
Edison increased the entertainment offerings on his cylinders, which by 1892 were made of a wax known among collectors today as "brown wax." Although called by this name, the cylinders could range in color from off-white to light tan to dark brown.
The finer sound of the cylinder was partly due to the fact that a cylinder had constant surface speed from beginning to end in contrast to the inner groove distortion that occurred on discs when the surface speed slowed down.
Cylinders, though, had truly peaked by this time, and even the superior sound of the Blue Amberols could not persuade the larger public to buy cylinders.
memory.loc.gov /ammem/edhtml/edcyldr.html   (2285 words)

 Animated Engines, Two Cylinder Stirling
Stirling, one cylinder is kept hot while the other is kept cool.
In the illustration the lower-left cylinder is heated by burning fuel.
When hot gas is transferred to the cool cylinder, it is first driven through the regenerator, where a portion of the heat is deposited.
www.keveney.com /Vstirling.html   (393 words)

 How To Bench Bleed A Master Cylinder
If the master cylinder is not bled, it will take you at least twice as long to bleed the system, and then there's no guarantee that you'll have removed all the air from the system.
If the cylinder isn't level, not all the air will be able to be removed from the master cylinder.
Remove the master cylinder top and fill with fresh brake fluid to the appropriate level as indicated in the master cylinder-- generally about 1/2 to 1 inch from the top of the reservoir.
superchevy.com /technical/chassis/brakes/0509sc_bench   (512 words)

 ArtLex's Cp-Cz page
Calculate volume of a right cylinder as pi (3.14159) times the radius squared times the length of the generatrix.
The surface area of a right cylinder (including the circular ends) is 2 times pi times the radius times the product of the radius plus the length of the generatrix.
The surface area of the lateral area (not including the circular ends) of a right cylinder is 2 times pi times the radius times the length of the generatrix.
www.artlex.com /ArtLex/Cp.html   (4203 words)

 VA National Center for Patient Safety - Oxygen (Compressed Gas) Cylinder Hazard Summary
A gray and green CO cylinder was confused with the gray CO cylinder that resulted in an internal body cavity fire when a surgical laser was used.
cylinder is believed to be empty when trapped pressure in regulator is bled off by opening the flow meter/regulator valve when the cylinder valve is in the closed position.
Cylinder tags (Full/In-use/Empty) are often misused and misunderstood and are a relic from systems used for compressed gases found in industry (welding torches, etc).
www.patientsafety.gov /SafetyTopics/O2Cylinder.html   (1987 words)

 YJ Master Cylinder Upgrade
The consensus seems to be the master cylinder on the YJs does not push enough brake fluid for the rear calipers.
The master cylinder's reservoir for the rear drums is much smaller than the one for the front discs.
When we put the new master cylinder in place (after a thorough bench bleeding) we found a bit of interference between the booster and the larger master cylinder but by adding a washer to each side as a spacer it bolted right on.
www.4x4wire.com /jeep/tech/brakes/yjmc   (1782 words)

 cylinder - Wiktionary
When the two-dimensional curve is a circle, the cylinder is called a circular cylinder.
A cylindrical cavity or chamber in a mechanism, such as the counterpart to a piston found in a piston-driven engine.
A container in the form of a cylinder with rounded ends for storing pressurized gas.
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/cylinder   (220 words)

 Cylinder Heads
Spark plugs are closer to the center of the cylinder bore and shifted toward the top of the chamber, which improves flame across the chamber and reduces spark advance requirements.
This cylinder head is a service head less valves and springs which is used on the 350 ci (300 hp) engine.
The exhaust valves are 11 degrees, with a 4 degree tilt.
www.gmpartsdirect.com /performance_parts/store/catalog/Category.jhtmlCATID=671.html   (4679 words)

 Lift of a Rotating Cylinder
In fact, because the flow field associated with a rotating cylinder is two dimensional, it is much easier to understand the basic physics of this problem than the more complex three dimensional aspects of a curveball.
The equation states that the lift L per unit length along the cylinder is directly proportional to the velocity V of the flow, the density r of the flow, and the strength of the vortex G that is established by the rotation.
The cylinder is two feet in diameter and 20 feet long and the air is flowing past this cylinder at 100 miles per hour.
www.grc.nasa.gov /WWW/K-12/airplane/cyl.html   (971 words)

The cylinder was also the dominant medium of audio storage from the 1870s to the 1910s, and continued in limited use (such as the dictaphone) through the mid 20th century.
In firearms the cylinder is the rotating device that contains the firing chamberss of a revolver.
A cylinder is a type of lens and a form of refraction error.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/c/cy/cylinder.html   (115 words)

 Custom handguns and revolver gunsmith. Hand guns, pistols and revolvers.  Pistolsmithing
Cylinder and Slide Inc. now has some of the most beautiful 1911 grips and Browning Hi Power grips made from Coco Bolo and French Walnut.
Cylinder and Slide Inc. stocks and sells only the highest quality custom parts manufactured by other famous manufacturers such as Novak, Smith and Alexander, Ed Brown, Wilson, MMC, Heinie, XS Sights, Bo-Mar, Caspian, Bar-Sto, Wolff, Craig Spegel, Trijicon, Gun Craft, Mec-Gar, Metal Form, and Jarvis.
Cylinder and Slide Inc. imports and distributes the RDIH Safety Fast Shooting Systems for the 1911 and the Browning Hi Power style pistols and the RDIH Tactical Light Mounting System for the 1911 and the Browning Hi Power style pistols.
www.cylinder-slide.com   (845 words)

 Hydraulic Tutorials
Cylinders convert fluid power into linear force and motion.
The linear force generated by a hydraulic cylinder is a product of system pressure and effective area, minus inefficiencies (losses).
When sizing a hydraulic cylinder for a specific application the relationships between pressure, area, displacement volume, flow, speed, and the influence of inefficiencies must be considered.
www.hydraulicsupermarket.com /technical5.html   (120 words)

 Total Surface Area and Volume of a Box
The total surface area is made up of a circular top and bottom, which are each the same size, and the side surface, which is actually a rectangle.
You would be looking at a rectangle that is as tall as the cylinder and as long as the circumference of its top (or bottom).
The volume of the cylinder, since it is a right solid, is the product of the top area times the height.
id.mind.net /~zona/mmts/geometrySection/surfaceAreasAndVolumes/areaVolumeCylinder1.html   (227 words)

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