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Topic: Cytology

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  British Society for Clinical Cytology
To advance the science and art of clinical cytology by encouraging higher standards in clinical cytology for the benefit of the public.
To encourage research and the publication of the useful results thereof.
Members can access abstracts and papers from past meetings, find contact details for all UK cytology laboratories in laboratories and discuss topical issues on the forum.
www.clinicalcytology.co.uk   (124 words)

 ISAC Homepage - Home
As these samples can contain infectious agents, precautions to protect instrument operators and the environment from hazards arising from the use of sorters are paramount.
This unit presents a revised and updated version of the biosafety guidelines for sorting of unfixed cells established in 1977 by the International Society of Analytical Cytology (ISAC), whose recommendations have become recognized worldwide as the standard practices and safety precautions for laboratories performing viable cell-sorting experiments.
The unit contains background information on the biohazard potential of sorting and the hazard classification of infectious agents as well as recommendations on (1) sample handling, (2) operator training and personal protection, (3) laboratory design, (4) cell sorter setup, maintenance, and decontamination, and (5) testing the instrument for the efficiency of aerosol containment.
www.isac-net.org   (1981 words)

  Cytology Training Centre
A 3 day refresher course in various aspects of gynaecological cytology designed for Biomedical Scientists and Cytology Screeners.
A 3 day course for individuals who wish to broaden their knowledge of histological diagnosis.
A 4-week course for Biomedical Scientists and Trainee Cytology Screeners, to be followed by a 5-day follow-up assessment workshop approximately one year later.
www.cytology-training.co.uk /course_biomed.html   (143 words)

  Urine cytology - MayoClinic.com
Urine cytology is a test used to detect bladder, ureteral and kidney cancers.
You provide a urine sample, which is sent to a lab for examination.
The results of urine cytology are not 100 percent accurate and require interpretation by someone skilled in evaluating and treating urinary tract cancers.
www.mayoclinic.com /health/urine-cytology/HQ01050   (224 words)

  Cytology - LoveToKnow 1911
CYTOLOGY (from hums, a hollow vessel, and Xeyos, science), the scientific study of the " cells " or living units of protoplasm, of which plants and animals are composed.
All the higher, and the great majority of the lower, plants and animals are composed of a vast number of these vital units or " cells." In the case of many microscopic forms, however, the entire organism, plant or animal, consists throughout life of a single cell.
It is to the wealth of correlated observations and to the philosophic breadth of the conclusions in this paper that the subsequent rapid progress in cytology is undoubtedly to be attributed.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Cytology   (10188 words)

 Why perform a cytology smear in conjunction with a uterine culture?
The combination of endometrial cytology smear and culture results offer the most accurate diagnostic tool connected with uterine swabbing and pathogenicity (an endometrial biopsy is probably more accurate, but is not necessarily cost-effective in all cases).
It has been suggested by some that if no neutrophils are identified on a cytology smear, it is not necessary to perform a culture of the sample, and the mare may be considered "clean".
A cytology smear is prepared using a sample taken from the non-centrifuged portion of the recovered fluid.
www.equine-reproduction.com /articles/cytology.shtml   (971 words)

 A detailed description of brush cytology, and the oral brush biopsy.
The mechanism of cytology, regardless of its application to cervical, bladder or oral mucosal lining, is based upon the fact that dysplastic and cancerous cells tend to have fewer and weaker connections to each other and to their neighboring normal cells in the surrounding tissue.
Although many authors initially concluded from their data that oral cytology could serve as a useful adjunct to biopsy, the current general perception among both dentists and physicians is that the sensitivity of oral cytology is not sufficient to warrant its widespread use as a screening modality to triage visible lesions.
Furthermore, since the sensitivity of cytology is often dependent on a tedious visual search for a potentially rare abnormality on the microscope slide, the precancerous or cancerous cells collected on the slide may not have been detected by the laboratory pathologist.
www.oralcancerfoundation.org /products/detailed_brush_cytology.htm   (1837 words)

 ACS :: Testing Biopsy and Cytology Specimens for Cancer
A cytology specimen usually is easier to obtain, causes less discomfort to the patient, is less likely to result in serious complications, and is less expensive than a tissue biopsy.
A sample of cells from a biopsy, cytology specimen, or blood specimen is treated with special antibodies and passed in front of a laser beam.
For cytology specimens, the gross description is very short and usually indicates the number of slides or smears made by the doctor.
www.cancer.org /docroot/PED/content/PED_2_3X_Testing_Biopsy_and_Cytology_Specimens_for_Cancer.asp?sitearea=PED   (6742 words)

 VetRef: Canine Exfoliative Vaginal Cytology
Simply put, vaginal exfoliative cytology consists of the observation of types and quantities of "loose" vaginal cells under a microscope and arriving at a determination of a bitch's reproductive or physiological status at any given time.
Vaginal cytology is a highly useful, noninvasive, and inexpensive tool in both the assessment of canine reproduction status and as an aid to differential diagnosis.
For example, vaginal cytology cannot identify the day of ovulation or fertilization and the exact day for breeding cannot be determined from an evaluation of smears.
www.vetref.net /cevc/desc.html   (638 words)

 Peritoneal cytology in staging of gastric cancer
Cytology is positive in 6,9% of cases without macroscopic peritoneal dissemination and in 42% of those with peritoneal dissemination.
When the tumor invasion is limited to the mucosal or submucosal layer, positive cytology is absent; however when the invasion includes the muscolaris propria, subserosal layer, serosal surface and adjacent structures, the rate of positive cytology is 5,9%, 9,8%, 27,3% and 21,4% respectively.
Administration of anticancer drug during surgery seems reasonable when the rapid results of cytology are positive, since the accuracy of rapid result of cytology has been proven from this study and positive cytology has been revealed as a sensitive predictor for the development of peritoneal recurrence.
www.geocities.com /surgoncnet/staging5.htm   (1757 words)

 What is Cytology?
Cytology became, in the 19th century, a way to describe and identify cells, and also to diagnose certain medical diseases.
Cytology, more commonly known as cell biology, studies cell structure, cell composition, and the interaction of cells with other cells and the larger environment in which they exist.
Though biology precedes cytology in its development, cytologists are responsible for our modern view of biology and all other life sciences.
www.wisegeek.com /what-is-cytology.htm   (607 words)

Cytology is the study of individual cells to detect abnormal cells.
Used extensively to diagnose cancer, cytology is also used in screening for fetal abnormalities and in diagnosing infectious organisms.
Cytology is different from histology, which is the study of grouping of cells that form tissues.
www.healthsystem.virginia.edu /uvahealth/adult_path/cyto.cfm   (81 words)

 Vaginal Cytology - WSAVA 2002
The vaginal cytology is typical of estrogens secreted by developing ovarian follicles with RBC, numerous parabasal, small and large intermediate vaginal cells, neutrophils are common, bacteria, and a dirty background in the early proestrus and with no neutrophils, less blood cells, more than 80% of superficial cells and a clear background in the late proestrus.
Vaginal cytology is characteristic in this phase with a dramatic "shift" form a estrus with a 80-100% superficial cells to one of 80-100% of parabasal and intermediate cells plus neutrophils and metestrus cells.
The vaginal cytology is really curious and has a lot of typical characteristics: we can observe all types of vaginal cytology cells, intermediate, squames, parabasal and superficial and again we can see debris in the background.
www.vin.com /proceedings/Proceedings.plx?CID=WSAVA2002&PID=2711   (1522 words)

The Cytology Laboratory is located on the seventh floor of the Shorey building, room S719.
All specimens brought to the Cytology Laboratory should be accompanied by a Cytopathology Request form which has been properly completed.
Saccomanno's fixative is available in the Cytology Laboratory, room S719; in the specimen refrigerator, fourth floor, Shorey building; and on the first floor of the hospital in the Clinical Laboratory.
www.uams.edu /clinlab/cytology.htm   (1672 words)

 Cytology in Small Animal Practice
In human hospitals where cytology is an important diagnostic tool and is routinely used, over 3/4 of surgical lymph node biopsies were prevented by findings of aspiration cytology.
This "instant" cytology sometimes allows the client to make a decision as to disposition of the animal (for example, if the animal has disseminated disease), or may allow the surgeon to make a decision about resection of lymph nodes.
One of the truer statements ever made is that the results of cytology are inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the cytologist and the clinician.
www.cvm.tamu.edu /cancer/professional/cytology/asp/cytwork01.asp   (674 words)

 Unflagging role of urinary tract cytology in monitoring patients with bladder cancer: Currents: UI Health Care
However, both the sensitivity and specificity of voided urine cytology for the diagnosis of high-grade lesions are close to 100%.
New facts: The main argument of the critics of urine cytology is that, regardless of its high specificity (very low number of false positive results), it has an unacceptable low sensitivity (high number of false negative results) as far as diagnosis of superficial low-grade tumors is concerned.
Although they have been targeted as replacement for cytology, most tests are still inferior to cytology, thus, allowing cytology to keep its unflagging role in diagnosing bladder cancer.
www.uihealthcare.com /news/currents/vol4issue4/urinarytractcytology.html   (1303 words)

 CREATE Lab - Mare Uterine Cytology
Case 2 - Cytology from a mare with intraluminal fluid at the beginning of estrus.
As the examiner gains experience reading cytologies a more general assessment is usually adequate, as the veterinarian is concerned first of all with determining if inflammation is present.
The inflammatory process present may be grossly classified as mild, moderate or severe depending on the numbers of cells present and the condition or health of the cells.
education.vetmed.vt.edu /Curriculum/VM9124/Diagnostics/UterineCytology/cytology.html   (532 words)

 Cytology Proficiency Testing
We note several reasons why cytology PT is not identical to the routine evaluation of patient material, both in terms of the microscopic examination and the reporting of results.
To assess the proficiency of personnel, slides used for cytology PT include a high percentage of abnormal preparations which could be up to 80 percent of the challenges for the testing event, whereas a laboratory's routine patient case load might vary, with abnormal cases representing 5 percent to 25 percent of the total volume.
Under the CLIA cytology PT requirements, each person examining cytologic preparations is tested on his or her ability to categorize each slide into one of four response categories.
www.phppo.cdc.gov /clia/docs/hsq233p.htm   (5207 words)

 Residency Training Program - Northwestern University - Pathology Content
The section of cytology of the division of pathology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital is under the direction of Dr.Ritu Nayar.
The cytology section in the division of pathology is accredited by the College of American Pathologists and the Joint Commission of Hospital Accreditation.
The resident should be responsible for procuring cytology samples from the specimens handled in the frozen section area to fine-tune their diagnostic skills with immediate frozen section correlation as well as to obtain research material for the cytology laboratory.
www.pathology.northwestern.edu /Residency/Cytology.html   (2681 words)

 WHO | Cytology screening
Cytology screening with the familiar Pap smear has been the mainstay of cervical cancer screening for many years.
Data from the Nordic countries have shown that well-organized cytology screening programmes have reduced mortality from cervical cancer by approximately 60%.
Strengths of cytology screening include the decades of experience in its use, a high specificity, its adaptability to computer-assisted reading, the lesions identified are easy to treat and its relatively low cost.
www.who.int /cancer/detection/cytologyscreen/en   (357 words)

 Past now present with cytology PT - College of American Pathologists   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The requirement that laboratories conduct cytology PT was not only included in the law, but also viewed by some as one of its chief purposes because of widespread media attention to Pap testing errors.
CLIA '67 was the genesis of cytology proficiency testing because it set requirements for PT in a variety of laboratory areas, notes R. Marshall Austin, MD, PhD, of Coastal Pathology Laboratories, Charleston, SC.
In cytology, it's very hard to find what people call "classic examples" of slides to review, he says, "because there are so many cells on every slide, and cells in biology are not made on a cookie cutter.
www.cap.org /apps/docs/cap_today/feature_stories/0105Cytology.html   (1997 words)

 The Historical Background of Cytology   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When the cytology caseload developed beyond Franzen's ability to interpret it alone, Joseph Zajicek was added to the staff to organize the exfoliative cytology laboratory.
Although human cytology was languishing in the United States, cytology acquired rapid acceptance with veterinary clinicians, largely due to the pioneering work of Victor Perman, a pathologist at the University of Minnesota.
Cytology was embraced warmly by the veterinary profession, contributing substantially to the careers of the authors of this book.
www.cvm.tamu.edu /cancer/professional/Cytology/asp/A_History.asp   (5996 words)

 Cytology - New York Presbyterian Hospital
Cytology is the study of individual cells to detect abnormal cells.
Used extensively to diagnose cancer, cytology is also used in screening for fetal abnormalities and in diagnosing infectious organisms.
Cytology is different from histology, which is the study of grouping of cells that form tissues.
www.nyp.org /health/cytology.html   (187 words)

 Wikinfo | Cytology
Cytology (also known as Cell biology) is the scientific study of cells.
The word Cytology comes from the Greek word 'kytos' which means 'container'.
Images, some of which are used under the doctrine of Fair use or used with permission, may not be available.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=cytology   (115 words)

Fixation of the specimen is the most critical step in cytology processing to obtain diagnosis.
Bronchial and bronchoalveolar specimens for cytology are obtained according to the following procedure.
Gastrointestinal tract specimens for cytology are obtained according to the following procedure.
www.micropathlabs.com /cytology.htm   (2339 words)

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