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Topic: DB2

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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  DB2 Magazine - Strategies And Solutions for DB2, Informix, and IBM Data Servers and Database Management Systems
The next DB2 release (due later this year) promises advances in XML development, availability, security, workload management, and other features that help IT go with the flow of changing business needs.
Roger Sanders, who is part of the team that develops DB2 certification exams, covers all the topics covered on the exam, including server management, data placement, XML concepts, activity analysis, high availability, database security, and more.
DB2 is a registered trademark of the International Business Machines Corporation and is used by CMP Media under license.
www.db2mag.com   (794 words)

  Inside IBM DB2 Viper | InfoWorld | Review | 2006-08-14 | By Sean McCown
Ordinarily, the query optimizer uses statistics to estimate cardinality of the data stored in tables, and this is one of the major factors used to determine an execution plan for a given query.
DB2 9.1 is catching up, albeit with a slightly different method.
Because DB2 keeps the compression dictionaries in memory, my guess is that the lower memory of the server is causing the compression dictionaries to be paged to disk when the server is busy.
www.infoworld.com /article/06/08/14/33FEdb2viper_2.html   (1276 words)

DB2 use the multiple indexes to satisfy multiple predicates in a SELECT statement that are joined by an AND or OR.
For a clustered index DB2 maintains rows in the same sequence as the columns in the index for as long as there is free space.
It is a DB2 facility for static SQL statements - it replaces these statements with calls to the DB2 language interface module.
members.aol.com /cronid/db2.htm   (2344 words)

  DB2 Standards - Application Programming
DB2 processes the request, returns the data (or error code) to the interface which then sends the data to the Report Writer component of FOCUS for completion of processing.
Avoid an arithmetic expression in a predicate: DB2 does not use an index on a cursor for a column it expects to be updated unless the updated column is qualified by an equal predicate and the preceding key columns are also qualified by equal predicates.
DB2 will automatically rebind the plans the next time they execute, however, for performance reasons it is better to manually rebind invalid plans.
www.indiana.edu /~dbateam/databases/db2/standards/applpgm.html   (5612 words)

Early versions of DB2 did not provide any means in SQL syntax to connect to a database at execution time; instead you were expected to code calls to the appropriate SQL API routines.
You use the DB2 Compiler directive to give the DB2 ECM information such as the fact that you are using SQL, and which database you are using.
If you use the NOACCESS option of the DB2 Compiler directive or intend to execute the application on a machine other than the one it was compiled on, bind the application to a particular database before execution.
www.emunix.emich.edu /info/cobol/books/dbedb2.htm   (5387 words)

 IBM - DB2 - Data server - database software - database management - open source
DB2 offers industry leading performance, scale, and reliability on your choice of platform from Linux to z/OS.
Maximize performance and operations of your DB2 for z/OS data server
DB2 9: Take it for a test drive
www-306.ibm.com /software/data/db2   (187 words)

 DB2 Forum
Hi All, I have set of strings in the db2 table and two range keys to search.
I began to work with DB2 V8.1 for Linux on debian from last month, I'm beginner to DB2, and I have two questions.
hi guys i want two match two columns from two different table in DB2 if the value from the first columns is equal to the part of the value of the...
www.thescripts.com /forum/forum159.html   (721 words)

 Getting the Most out of DB2 for z/OS and System z
This time though, we are going to jump up to DB2 9 for z/OS and look at a ZPARM that it is introducing.
DB2 9 has been improved to use consolidated workfile space.
We'll be discussing how to upgrade to the latest DB2 versions, have detailed "how it works" discussions, performance tips, maintenance alerts, with a few guest posts thrown in occasionally.
blogs.ittoolbox.com /database/db2zos   (1550 words)

 DB2 Management Solutions - Quest Software
Toad™ for DB2 simplifies database development and allows database developers to be more productive by providing an intuitive graphical user interface to DB2 for Linux, Unix, Windows and z/OS.
Spotlight® on DB2 diagnoses DB2 UDB and z/OS performance problems in real time by graphically displaying all database activity in an intuitive user interface, enabling you to respond quickly to issues that need attention.
Knowledge Xpert™ for DB2 is a comprehensive, Windows-based technical resource designed to give you quick access to expert advice to solve common and complex management issues for DB2 on z/OS and UDB for NT and Unix.
www.quest.com /db2   (368 words)

A DB2 utility used to collect statistics about the data values in tables which can be used by the optimizer to decide the access path.
A QUIESCE flushes all DB2 buffers on to the disk.
DB2 has no specific operator for outer joins, it can be simulated by combining a join and a correlated sub query with a UNION.
www.geocities.com /srcsinc/DB2.html   (2783 words)

 IBM Redbooks | DB2 Performance Expert for Multiplatforms V2.2
DB2 Performance Expert (PE) for Multiplatforms V2.2 is a workstation-based performance analysis and tuning tool for managing a heterogeneous mix of DB2 systems with a single end-user interface.
DB2 PE simplifies DB2 performance management by providing you with the ability to monitor applications, system statistics, and system parameters using a single tool.
He has been a member of the DB2 Performance Expert development team for three and half years, where he is responsible for the design and implementation of major parts of the Performance Expert Server.
www.redbooks.ibm.com /abstracts/sg246470.html   (484 words)

 SQL Manager | DB2 | Products Family
EMS Data Import for DB2 is a powerful tool to import your data quickly from MS Excel, MS Access, DBF, XML, TXT and CSV files to DB2 tables.
DB2 Data Import includes a wizard, which allows you to set all the import options for different files visually, and a command-line utility to execute import in one-touch.
EMS Data Generator for DB2 is an impressive utility for generating test data to several DB2 database tables at once.
www.sqlmanager.net /en/products/db2   (326 words)

 DB2 Solutions from Compuware
Compuware's DB2 products have been helping DBAs and application programmers be more productive for years.
Monitors the performance of DB2 databases in a distributed environment down to the SQL statement level.
Simulates any date and time between 1900 and 2041—all dates and times provided by DB2 are dynamically exchanged with the simulated date and time.
www.compuware.com /products/590_ENG_HTML.htm   (317 words)

 PHP: IBM DB2, Cloudscape and Apache Derby Functions - Manual
To connect to IBM DB2 Universal Database for Linux, UNIX, and Windows, or IBM Cloudscape, or Apache Derby, you must install an IBM DB2 Universal Database client on the same computer on which you are running PHP.
To connect to IBM DB2 Universal Database for z/OS or iSeries, you also require IBM DB2 Connect or the equivalent DRDA gateway software.
DB2 does not install these by default, so you may have to return to your DB2 installer and add this option.
php.net /ibm_db2   (1282 words)

 Aston Martin Picture Gallery - Aston Martin DB2
Since the DB2 is strictly a two seater, there's plenty of space for luggage behind the seats.
This DB2 was privately entered at Le Mans, finishing well in both 1951 and 1952.
At one time the DB2 and driver reached 114 mph with a lap at an average of 108.5mph.
www.astonmartins.com /feltham/db2.htm   (528 words)

 DB2 SQL Cookbook
The above link is for an HTML file that has the DDL and INSERT stmts for the standard DB2 sample tables, which are used throughout the Cookbook.
The above link is to an HTML file that has the DB2 user-defined function defintions for the prior java code.
DB2 and z/OS are registered trademarks of the IBM Corporation.
mysite.verizon.net /Graeme_Birchall/id1.html   (583 words)

 alphaWorks : Starter Toolkit for DB2 on Rails : Overview
Starter Toolkit for DB2® on Rails is a conveniently-packaged set of products and technologies that enables the quick creation of a configuration for building DB2 Web applications using Ruby on Rails technology.
All requirements are included: DB2 Express - C; DB2 driver for Ruby; DB2 Adapter for Rails; a "free to build, deploy, distribute" data server; and tutorials, examples, and other learning materials.
He developed the IBM DB2 Adapter for ActiveRecord and contributed towards the testing of the Ruby DB2 driver on Windows.
www.alphaworks.ibm.com /tech/db2onrails   (499 words)

 Antennas Direct | "DB2" The Best Indoor HDTV Antenna
Although the DB2 was originally designed for outdoor use, it has quickly become one of our most popular indoor antennas due to its small size and extraordinary gain.
The bowtie design provides strong gain across the entire UHF spectrum and it functions incredibly well in areas where a low profile antenna is required.
In fact the DB2 was recently named "The highest performing indoor antenna" from HDTV Primer.
www.antennasdirect.com /DB2_Indoor_antenna.html   (115 words)

 IBM - DB2 - Data server - database software - database management - open source
DB2 offers industry leading performance, scale, and reliability on your choice of platform from Linux to z/OS.
DB2 9 wins 2007 Best Database Management Solution at the 22nd Annual CODiE Awards
Oracle, Sybase, and MS SQL Server to DB2 Migration Toolkits
www.software.ibm.com /data/db2   (189 words)

 What is DB2? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
DB2 provides an open database environment that runs on a wide variety of computing platforms.
A DB2 database can grow from a small single-user application to a large multi-user system.
DB2 includes a range of application development and management tools.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/D/DB2.html   (183 words)

 UDB DB2 Training DB2 Courses DB2 SYS-ED Teach SYS-ED SYSED
Our DB2 courses include the latest up-to-date information which reflect a consultant’s hard earned swagger and the tough DB2 questions that our client’s routinely ask (which we encourage) after a course is over.
Case in point, our DB2 UDB Replication course workbook is the by-product of our clients having an ASAP requirement to master and implement these capabilities into their IT business operations.
Our comprehensive DB2 UDB catalog courses includes 50+ course titles, with the tc suffix indicating a course that was developed and taught in conjunction with consulting assignments.
www.sysed.com /tech_assessments/DB2UDB.htm   (793 words)

 DB2 for Linux - Information Management
Flexible - DB2 data server implements open standards such as SQL and XML and runs on Linux from handhelds to clusters to mainframes.
DB2 9 marks the culmination of a five-year IBM development project that transformed traditional, static database technology into an interactive, vibrant data server that merges the high performance and ease of use of DB2 with the flexible, self-describing benefits that XML offers.
IBM DB2 Integrated Cluster Environment (DB2 ICE) for Linux is a completely integrated, high-performance and pre-tested solution that incorporates best-of-breed software, hardware and services.
www-4.ibm.com /software/data/db2/linux   (417 words)

 DB2 Basics
Db2 list tablespaces show detail will display the tablespace is in a load pending state.
Describes the access plan selection for static SQL statements in packages that are stored in the DB2 common server systems catalog.
Db2 =>update db cfg for sample using maxappls 60
users.sdsc.edu /~jrowley/db2/howto.html   (1630 words)

 Products: Informatica PowerExchange for DB2
Informatica PowerExchange for DB2 offers IT organizations noninvasive software based on a service-oriented architecture to provide direct, scalable access to bulk or change-only data in real time or on a scheduled basis without programming.
It achieves direct access through a high-speed, metadata-centric architecture that uses native DB2 SQL as the execution language.
The Batch Option provides direct access to bulk DB2 data by executing native extract or update SQL statements.
www.informatica.com /products/powerexchange/supported_platforms/db2/default.htm   (532 words)

 Database Journal: The Knowledge Center for DB2 Professionals
Paul Zikopoulos discusses a new tool that is unique to DB2 9 in the Visual Studio 2005 integrated development environment (IDE) called a designer.
Part 3 of this series demonstrates another method to quickly build a data grid and bind it to your DB2 data source.
Paul Zikopoulos shows how easy it is to be a.NET developer and work with DB2 UDB V8 or DB2 9 databases.
www.databasejournal.com /features/db2   (712 words)

 IBM - DB2 9 for Linux UNIX and Windows - Product Overview
IBM - DB2 9 for Linux UNIX and Windows - Product Overview
Software > Information Management > Data Servers > DB2 Product Family >
DB2 9.5 extends its innovative abilities as a hybrid data server and cost savings of deep compression to enable rapid use of data, staying ahead of threats, and extracting the full value of XML data in operational processes. 
www.ibm.com /software/data/db2/v9   (121 words)

 IBM DB2 Performance Tool from Quest Central by Quest Software
With powerful DB2 monitoring, database administration, SQL tuning, and comprehensive space management in a single place, Quest Central for DB2 improves database performance and DBA productivity.
Quest SQL Optimizer for DB2 (Included with SQL Tuning for DB2 Linux, Unix and Windows) — Offers complete SQL performance optimization with proactive detection of inefficient SQL, automated SQL rewrite, and comprehensive virtual index advice and index impact analysis.
Spotlight on DB2 — Quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your DB2 environment through an innovative graphical display that renders the DB2 process model.
www.quest.com /quest_central_for_db2   (378 words)

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