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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  DC++ your files, your way, no limits
DC++ is an open source client for Windows for the Direct Connect network.
DC++ is a highly ranked piece of software among the projects hosted at Sourceforge.
If you're new to DC++ don't hesitate to take a moment to browse the forum (currently offline) or read the frequently asked questions.
dcplusplus.sourceforge.net   (154 words)

  Don Markstein's Toonopedia: DC Comics
DC was not only the first to publish superheroes — it was also prominent among the companies exploiting the trend.
In 1967, DC — by that time, America's largest comic book publisher — was itself acquired by Kinney National Services, which changed its name to Warner Communications a year later, when it later bought the Warner Bros. movie studio.
DC Comics may or may not be the "Comics Publisher of the Century" — but considering its size, its staying power and its corporate connections, it's certainly one of the century's biggest successes in comics.
www.toonopedia.com /dc.htm   (1124 words)

  Direct current - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The DC solution of an electric circuit is the solution where all voltages and currents are constant.
Some forms of DC (such as that produced by a voltage regulator) have almost no variations in voltage, but may still have variations in output power and current.
DC is commonly found in many low-voltage applications, especially where these are powered by batteries, which can produce only DC, or solar power systems, since solar cells can produce only DC.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Direct_current   (485 words)

 DC Comics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DC Comics (originally called Detective Comics, Inc. and later National Comics (1947) and then National Periodical Publications (1961)) is one of the largest American companies in comic book and related media publishing.
DC Comics should not be confused with British comic publisher D.C. Thomson.
DC's extended storylines in which Superman was killed and Batman was crippled, resulted in dramatically increased sales, but the increases were as temporary as the substitutes, and sales dropped off as industry sales went into a major slump.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/DC_Comics   (3378 words)

 What is DC? - a definition from Whatis.com - see also: direct current
DC (direct current) is the unidirectional flow or movement of electric charge carriers (which are usually electrons).
As an adjective, the term DC is used in reference to voltage whose polarity never reverses.
Utility AC can be converted to DC by means of a power supply consisting of a transformer, a rectifier (which prevents the flow of current from reversing), and a filter (which eliminates current pulsations in the output of the rectifier).
whatis.techtarget.com /definition/0,,sid9_gci213659,00.html   (283 words)

 dc, an arbitrary precision calculator
DC is a reverse-polish desk calculator which supports unlimited precision arithmetic.
Normally DC reads from the standard input; if any command arguments are given to it, they are filenames, and DC reads and executes the contents of the files instead of reading from standard input.
DC has three parameters that control its operation: the precision, the input radix, and the output radix.
www.gnu.org /software/bc/manual/dc-1.05/html_mono/dc.html   (1700 words)

 District of Columbia: DC Guide
Powered by DC Atlas, DC Guide can help you find your way around the District, view DC neighborhoods, find real property values, calculate taxi fares, and much more.
Find out about DC neighborhoods, wards, and school districts.
Create a map that highlights the DC places that are important to you.
about.dc.gov   (87 words)

 Welcome to American University: WASHINGTON, DC
Welcome to American University: WASHINGTON, DC Located at the top of Embassy Row in prestigious northwest Washington, D.C., American University's campus is a safe, liveable 84-acre home base.
The DC Board of Elections and Ethics may also be contacted at 441 4th Street NW, Room 215 North, Washington, DC 20001; phone 202/727-2525; fax 202/347-2648.
Washington, D.C., locat-ed along the Potomac River, was chosen as the permanent site for the capital of the United States by Congress in 1790.
www.american.edu /dccampus   (210 words)

 Guidelines for implementing DC in XML
A simple DC record is made up of one or more properties and their associated values.
A qualified DC record is made up of one or more properties and their associated values.
Note that DC case conventions for element names may not apply to other metadata schemas.
www.dublincore.org /documents/dc-xml-guidelines   (1710 words)

 District of Columbia: About
Yet, DC residents are denied voting representation in the US Senate and the US House of Representatives, and do not have complete autonomy over their own budget and local laws.
DC elects a Delegate to the House of Representatives who can vote in committee and draft legislation, but does not have full voting rights.
Additionally, DC residents elect two shadow senators and a shadow representative as non-voting representatives who lobby Congress on District issues and concerns.
about.dc.gov /statehood.asp   (233 words)

 DC Government’s Resident Resource Center: Inauguration Day 2005
If you're not attending but are still in the spirit, make a point to visit one of the timely presidential exhibits at the National Archives, the Library of Congress and the National Museum of American History.
DC and federal government offices will be closed January 20.
All DC Public Library locations will be closed January 20.
rrc.dc.gov /rrc/cwp/view.asp?a=1182&q=457229&PM=1   (442 words)

 District Department of Transportation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The DC Circulator, the “Coolest Ride in Town,” continues to celebrate its first anniversary by launching a new website.
The DC Circulator, the “Coolest Ride in Town,” is celebrating the first anniversary of its launch in July with free rides and extended hours.
The DC Circulator has announced single day service changes for Tuesday, July 4, 2006, in observance of Independence Day holiday road closures in the National Mall area.
www.ddot.dc.gov /ddot/site/default.asp   (441 words)

 IGN: DC Comics
DC Comics is one of the world's most prolific comic book publishers.
DC essentially invented the superhero genre in 1938 with Action Comics #1, which introduced Superman to the world.
The DC doctors are in for a final convention session.
comics.ign.com /objects/734/734474.html   (1452 words)

 DC++ - Descargar
DC++ (también conocido como DC Plus Plus) es una herramienta para intercambiar todo tipo de archivos usando el sistema de Direct Connect, conectando incluso con usuarios de esta aplicación.
Direct Connect (y por tanto DC++ también) se basa en el intercambio de archivos a través de "hubs", una especie de salones de chat cada uno con sus propias reglas de compartir un mínimo de archivos y permitir un número determinado de uploads por tu parte.
DC++ es totalmente compatible con Direct Connect, ofreciendo una más que interesante alternativa a éste ya que, entre otras cosas, posee más funciones como por ejemplo poder conectar a más de un hub simultáneamente y ofrece una DefiniciĆ³n de 'Interfaz':
dc.softonic.com /ie/26351   (431 words)

 District of Columbia
The Yards is scheduled to open in 2010.
Mayor Fenty delivers a speech entitled “Mayoral Accountability in Education,” outlining his plans for the future of the DC Public Schools.
Mayor Fenty, Councilmember Marion Barry (Ward Eight) and others take part in a Peaceoholics event in Southeast.
www.dc.gov   (282 words)

 DC Emergency Management Agency: Terrorist Threat Advisory System
The DC Emergency Management Agency (DCEMA) has a Homeland Security Terrorist Threat Conditions System that mirrors the national Homeland Security Threat system.
Unique in the District system are suggested precautions (guidelines) for DC residents and businesses to take for each threat level.
A comprehensive list of security actions that could be implemented at the high risk (orange) or lower terror threat levels is also available.
dcema.dc.gov /dcema/cwp/view.asp?a=1226&q=533613&dcemaNav=|31810|   (189 words)

 Open Directory - Arts: Comics: Publishers: D: DC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
DC Fanzine - News, columns, interviews, links and articles about comics, toys, and animation.
Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics - Includes indexes to popular DC Silver and Golden Age comics, including character appearances, story synopses, and cover scans for thousands of DC comic books.
The Unauthorized Chronology of the DC Universe - A comprehensive, fully annotated timeline of the DC Comics Universe, based on canonical stories (not Secret Files!).
dmoz.org /Arts/Comics/Publishers/D/DC   (742 words)

 Download DC++ 0.699 beta - The ultimate file sharing client for the Direct Connect Network. - Soft32.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In conclusion: Having both advantages and a few flaws, DC++ is still a reliable application when it comes to the imperative: "I need it, and I need it now!".
DC++ Manager is a program for those who use DC++.
DC++ MP3 Finder is a FREE client for Direct Connect P2P protocol.
www.soft32.com /download_15504.html   (686 words)

 DC Government Resource Center: DC Government's Courts - Main page
It hears civil, criminal, administrative, family, landlord and tenant, and other cases involving DC law.
It hears appeals from the Superior Court and administrative agencies of the District government.
These courts, located in Washington, are not part of the District government, but are provided here for reference.
www.grc.dc.gov /grc/cwp/view.asp?a=1201&Q=447114&grcNav_GID=1422   (149 words)

 DC Comics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
DC Comics is best known as the home of the world's most famous super hero characters, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Plastic Man - and literally thousands more.
DC comic books in stock and ready to be shipped today.
Import toys are our specialty, but we also have everything from Diamond Select and DC Direct and each month our toy, statue and bust catalog grows.
www.bcbcomics.com /index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=90   (430 words)

 Washington DC - USA Tourist
Washington DC Washington DC is located near the middle of the eastern coast of the USA.
Washington DC is one of the few cities in the USA that was built according to a plan.
Washington DC offers many historical and educational attractions, a variety of cultural and entertainment activities, plenty of multi-ethnic dining experiences and an array of shopping opportunities.
www.usatourist.com /english/places/dc/index.html   (1367 words)

 FindLaw: Case Law: DC Circuit
FindLaw's searchable database of the DC Circuit Court decisions since February 1995.
U.S. Court of Appeals (DC Circuit) Includes court forms, calendar, recent opinions, and other court information.
U.S. Court of Appeals D.C. Circuit Opinions from Georgetown Law School.
www.findlaw.com /casecode/courts/dc.html   (199 words)

 DC Comics
THE DAILY YOMIURI, the largest English-language newspaper in Japan, recently reviewed the first volume of GON
DC Bullets Softball: New York Media Softball League Playoff Report
All site contents ™ and © DC Comics, unless otherwise noted
www.dccomics.com   (99 words)

 Amazon.com: DC - Shoes: Sports & Outdoors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
DC Shoes Men's Rob Dyrdek (White/Royal 7.0 M)
DC Court Graffik Velcro 2 Skate Shoes - Toddlers'
DC Court Men's Skateboard Shoes - White / Navy
www.amazon.com /s.html?ie=UTF8&node=3392741&brand=DC   (93 words)

 District of Columbia: DC Guide
Powered by DC Atlas, DC Guide can help you find your way around the District, view DC neighborhoods, find real property values, calculate taxi fares, and much more.
Find out about DC neighborhoods, wards, and school districts.
Create a map that highlights the DC places that are important to you.
about.dc.gov /index.asp   (87 words)

 Washington DC hotels, cheap hotel accommodation, reservations - lodgings
Washington DC's largest luxury hotel, this National Landmark hotel is a member of Historic Hotels of America and is located in the heart of Washington's business district.
A premier property located midway between Capitol Hill and the White House, the Renaissance Washington DC Hotel is central to business, government and all main attractions of the nation's capitol including the MCI Center.
The Savoy Suites of Georgetown features 150 spacious suites, many with stunning views of Washington, DCs skyline and historic monuments All of our suites are larger than the average hotel room, giving you plenty of room to settle in, stretch out, and get comfortable...
www.all-hotels.com /washington-dc-hotels.htm   (1054 words)

 District of Columbia: Business Resource Center: Homepage
Start a Nonprofit in DC Use this checklist to create a successful organization.
Finance a Business in DC Explore resources and learn about the loan process.
The Enhanced Business Information Center (e-BIC) provides DC entrepreneurs with training, cutting edge computer software and other small business resources.
brc.dc.gov /index.asp   (270 words)

 Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Pamela Graham Appointed Financial Chief for DC Public Schools
Graham previously served as associate chief financial officer for the Government Services Cluster.
The laptop, which was not encrypted and did not have password protection, was populated with the Social Security numbers of approximately 13,000 DCPlus retirees and plan participants.
www.cfo.dc.gov /cfo/site/default.asp   (80 words)

 DC Government’s Resident Resource Center: Find a Home in DC - Main Page
DC Government’s Resident Resource Center: Find a Home in DC - Main Page
The Real Estate section of The Washington Post provides information online to buy, sell, or rent an apartment or home in DC.
The DC Housing Finance Agency (DCHFA) offers a one-stop resource for new home buyers.
www.rrc.dc.gov /rrc/cwp/view,a,1193,q,445679,rrcNav_GID,1415.asp   (217 words)

 Washington, DC Real Estate
DC Rowhouse Washington, DC--looking for a contractor, find out what your neighbor think of local contractors so you can find the best person for the job.
Columbia National Mortgage-Washington, D.C. Branch--Columbia National Mortgage is a residential mortgage company located in Washington, D.C. We do home loans including Fixed Rate, Adjustable Rate, FHA, VA, Jumbo, etc. Please call or E-mail.
We conduct Stress-Free Settlements in Washington, DC and Maryland.
www.dcregistry.com /housing.html   (1906 words)

 APC Product Information for DC
Wall-mountable, redundant DC power system for low-powered points of presence (POP's) and customer premise applications.
Modular, rack-mountable DC power plant for low power wireless/cellular, customer premises and distributed networks applications.
Modular, scalable DC power system for mid-sized wireless, fiber, broadband and other telecommunication and data communication applications.
www.apcc.com /products/category.cfm?paramcategory=4&web_displayed=   (88 words)

 DC++ - Free Software Downloads and Software Reviews - Download.com
DC++ 0.668 has been updated to DC++ 0.689.
In a moment, you will be re-directed to the latest version of DC++.
Please click here for DC++ 0.689 if your browser does not automatically re-direct you.
www.download.com /DC-/3000-2196_4-10354164.html   (61 words)

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