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Topic: DCC

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  Wiring for DCC by Allan Gartner - Home (Index) Page
Say you saw their advertisement here at Wiring For DCC!
A whimsical garden railway where all the buildings are bird houses.
Ask your question on the DCC QandA Forum.Check out the very popular section on Turnouts.
www.wiringfordcc.com   (384 words)

  Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse
If the public DCC servers not working for you, it might be because objectionable DCC operations have been received from your network.
The DCC source includes a script named fetch-testmsg-whitelist intended to be invoked by cron to periodically fetch new copies.
DCC Reputations are a distinct mechanism based on and contributing to DCC data.
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  What Is DCC
DCC allows one engineer to control many trains or many engineers to control their own trains limited only by the number of hand throttles available.
DCC works by providing both power and signals to all trains on the track through the rails and the decoders in individual engines determine how to respond in terms of speed, direction, lights etc..
DCC power is similar to AC but the current alternates in a controlled series of pulses that the locomotive decoders can understand as series of 1's and 0's (or digits) and then interprets those digits as commands which the engineer has controlled the hand throttle.
dcc-bitswitch.com /WhatisDCC.htm   (461 words)

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