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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

 SGI IRIX df, pset, and eject Buffer Overrun Vulnerabilities
df Buffer Overrun Vulnerability =========================================================================== AA-97.19 AUSCERT Advisory SGI IRIX df Buffer Overrun Vulnerability 26 May 1997 Last Revised: -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AUSCERT has received information that a vulnerability exists in df(1), distributed under IRIX 5.3, 6.2 and 6.3.
As df is setuid root, this may allow intruders to run arbitrary commands with root privileges.
As df will no longer work for non-root users, it is recommended that the execute permissions for them also be removed.
ciac.llnl.gov /ciac/bulletins/h-61b.shtml   (5271 words)

 LearnThis.Info Encyclopedia articles beginning with 'Df'
D > Df Listed below are all articles that begin with Df.
encyclopedia.learnthis.info /d/df/index.html   (26 words)

 DF - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about DF
DF is not available in the Hutchinson encyclopedia.
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
You may also use the word browser links:
encyclopedia.farlex.com /DF   (78 words)

 DF Richard Energy Home
D.F. Richard Energy has more than 35 certified service and delivery personnel.
D.F. Richard Energy can save you money immediately with an energy-saving propane hot water heater, gas appliance, or room heating system.
D.F. Richard's VIP Service Contracts provide you with total peace of mind.
www.dfrichard.com   (748 words)

Hotel Lepanto, Guerrero # 90, Col. Buenavista, Mexico D.F., C.P. Tel: 5-703-3965 / 5-703-0011 / 5-703-0191 / 5-703-0077 / 5-703-0275
All the attractions of the Historical Center are close to the hotel, for example, Bellas Artes, the Zócalo and the Cathedral.
Hotel Lepanto is a luxury hotel situated in the heart of the Historic Center of Mexico City, if your visit to Mexico City is long or short, we have all the facilities that you will need.
www.hotellepanto.com   (532 words)

 SissyLand - a Delta Force 1 and Delta Force:Land Warrior information site
On the remaining DF install, apply the Expansion Pack and then apply the DFME - this will be for modifying Standard and Exp. Pack games.
This is available for download, although it is quite large (22 MegaBytes) and automatically installs into the DF game.
There is no new functionality to the DF1 game, however the terrains give a new and exciting dimension to the "old" game - "tall grass" is even in some of the levels.
www.teamwetworks.com /sissyland/mapfiles.htm   (863 words)

 DF Lewis - an infinity plus profile
© DF Lewis 21 August 1999; updated May 2005
The official DF Lewis website is packed with stories, news, discussion board, offbeat mailing list and more.
Over 1200 DF Lewis stories have been published worldwide from 1987.
www.infinityplus.co.uk /misc/dfl.htm   (660 words)

 ISS X-Force Database: df-bo(440): IRIX df utility allows local user to gain root privileges through a buffer overflow
SGI Security Advisory 19970505-01-A, IRIX df Buffer Overrun Vulnerability at ftp://patches.sgi.com/support/free/security/advisories/19970505-01-A.
CERT Vulnerability Note VU#20851, SGI IRIX df buffer overflow in directory argument at https://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/20851.
CVE-1999-0025: root privileges via buffer overflow in df command on SGI IRIX systems.
xforce.iss.net /static/440.php   (318 words)

 Services for Tour Operators - DF Travel Services
Services for Tour Operators - DF Travel Services
D.F. Travel Services is a member of the Coach Tourism Council
If you are a tour or coach operator D. Travel Services is able to offer a number of services of benefit to you:
www.dftravel.co.uk /trade.htm   (176 words)

Hotel Catedral, Donceles # 95, Col. Centro, Mexico D.F., C.P. Tel: (011-52-55) 5518-5232 / 5521-6183 from United States.
Hotel Catedral is a luxury hotel located in the center of Mexico City, very close to the capitals Zócalo.
www.hotelcatedral.com   (333 words)

All the attractions of the Historical Center are close to the hotel, for example, the shops of 5 de Mayo and surrounding area, the "Templo Mayor", the National Palace, the Zócalo, the Cathedral and Bellas Artes.
Our postal address is: Hotel Gillow, Isabel La Católica #17, Col. Centro, C.P.06000, Mexico D.F. Hotel Gillow is located on Isabel la Católica, in the historical center of Mexico City, very close to 5 de Mayo, the main Zócalo and Cathedral.
Here you can find all the contact information for Hotel Gillow in the Historical Center of Mexico City, here you will find our hotel telephone numbers, fax numbers, postal address, e-mail address, hours of attencion by our reservations executives, a list of the hotel managing board and hotel area managers.
www.hotelgillow.com /Epages/contact.html   (326 words)

 L-Tronics Home Page
The price for our new DF will be $750.00 including ground shipping in the Continental US.
As noted above, we no longer offer either the crystal-controlled hand held DF, the permanently mounted aircraft DF or the mountaintop monitor receivers based on them.
Last update Sept 16, 2005 Changes to home page.
www.ltronics.com   (408 words)

 Ruths Chris Steak House Cancun DF and Los Cabos, Restaurant of Steakhouse in Cancun and International Cuisine.
Ruths Chris Steak House Cancun DF and Los Cabos, Restaurant of Steakhouse in Cancun and International Cuisine.
www.ruthschris.com.mx   (17 words)

 DF Black Gate from scriptspub.com
DF Black Gate is a script that password protects your webpages.
You can assign the users you wish their own username and password to access your pages.
Click here to see other scripts from this member
www.scriptspub.com /scripts/100469000030.htm   (86 words)

 The Official AFI & DF Message Board - Powered by vBulletin
Discussion about the DF Chapters, Chapter events, and new member introductions.
Welcome to the The Official AFI & DF Message Board.
The Official AFI & DF Message Board Statistics
board.despairfaction.com   (163 words)

 DF-21 - Hall of Fame - Dark Forces add-on levels, downloads, editors & discussion
"It's a massive level, with some of the most consistently detailed and complex architecture ever attempted in a DF level.
The new weapon kicks ass, and the many new custom components look fabulous.
www.df-21.net /halloffame/aons.html   (239 words)

 World History :: Encyclopedia Index -- Df
INDEX OF ARTICLES: Df Articles are indexed by the first word of the title, including "A," "The," etc.
World History :: Encyclopedia Index -- Df Events Encyclopedia Localities Companies Surnames Shop
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/Df.htm   (80 words)

 Calling all D
Introduction to DF and Reports by Andrew Mead
www.forjac.freeserve.co.uk /df.htm   (8 words)

 Darkfall Warcry
Ground breaking news about DF Beta for trusted source
Some new faces join the DF Warcry team
Nefastus has kicked off his column with an introduction to who he is and what he will be talking about.
df.warcry.com   (1937 words)

 SMRC DFing Home Page
Chris Plummer reminisces with a humorous look back at DFs from the past.
- Includes reports of Winter Series and other local DF events.
Read the tongue in cheek Rough Guide written by Chris Plummer.
www.smrc42.freeserve.co.uk /df/default.htm   (46 words)

 Cell phone rental at Mexico Distrito Federal DF Alquiler telefonos celulares Mejico Cancun Acapulco Puerto Vallarta Cozumel Merida
Mexico phone rental DF alquiler celulares en Distrito Federal Mejico Cancun rent a phone
Cell phone rental at Mexico Distrito Federal DF Alquiler telefonos celulares Mejico Cancun Acapulco Puerto Vallarta Cozumel Merida
Rent a cell phone Mexico, Rent a cell phone Merida Rent a cell phone rental cozumel, Alquiler de celulares en Mejico, Telefonos celulares, renta de celulares en Distrito federal Mejico.
www.phonerental.com.mx   (82 words)

 Df (Unix) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Typically, df collects its data by reading the mtab file and directly polling listed file systems for statistics.
The df utility may first have appeared in version 3 of
Unix computer program to display the amount of disk space used and available on a system.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Df_%28Unix%29   (82 words)

 The Despair Faction: Introduction
has had the chance to participate in meet-and-greet events with the band all over the world, get free tickets to shows, and use the DF Event Calendar for user-organized events.
hosts the Official AFI and DF Message Board here on despairfaction.com.
We plan to continue these special happenings for members of
www.despairfaction.com   (345 words)

 Protect your software against piracy: DF_ProtectionKit free download
Keywords: protection, trial, limited, info2000, limitazione, form, protect, valutazione, evalutation, df protectionkit, shareware, freeware, protezione, splash, security, visual basic
www.soft411.com /company/Info2000/DF_ProtectionKit.htm   (117 words)

 British Top-Band DF Association: Links
Loughborough & District Amateur Radio Club (G3RAL) - they have three 160m DF's and three 2m DF's per year, all on Tuesday evenings, plus occasional Sunday afternoon events.
Yahoo group "ardf-eastmidlands" - lists DF events organised by many local East Midlands clubs including Derby (DADARS), Nunsfield House (NHARG), Nottingham (ARCON), Loughborough (LADARC), Melton (MMARS), Leicester (LRS) and Coventry (CARS).
Please send details of other links or errors in these to the webmaster.
www.topbanddf.org.uk /links.htm   (72 words)

 DF Concerts
You can also read about some of the events we've created and promoted over the years and the latest news about DF.
Here on our website you will find info on our latest events, contact details and links to our music websites www.gigsinscotland.com and www.kingtuts.co.uk
www.dfconcerts.co.uk   (115 words)

 DF - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
df, a Unix command to report filesystem disk space
en2.wikipedia.org /wiki/DF   (115 words)

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