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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  Dos Centavos
Moreover, it asserts that dying is something we do alone.
At the very least, the irreligious do not kill in the name of something that we're constantly told is "greater than we are".
To do nothing (or too-little) for the betterment of those in need, is not in itself a crime.
doscentavox.blogspot.com   (0 words)

  dos (the band)
lots of dos gigs at this time consisted of kira flying out to meet watt while he was on tour with firehose and open for them during a stretch of four or five dates.
dos songs have come from jams, from lyrics given to them, are covers of great female vocalists they admire, the songs come from other bands they have played in, are written together, are written with one writing both bass lines, just about any way a song can come about, they have.
dos gigs became fewer and fewer though with watt embarking on a solo career after releasing "ball-hog or tugboat" in 1995 for columbia that contained almost fifty people helping watt out to form a band for each song on it.
www.hootpage.com /hoot_dos.html   (9473 words)

  DOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DOS commonly uses a command line interface, in contrast to more modern operating systems which generally include a graphical user interface.
DOS was one of the first operating systems for the PC compatible platform, and the first on that platform to gain widespread use (it was still widespread more than 10 years later).
DOS emulators are recently sought after, even by Windows XP users, due to the incompability of the system with pure DOS.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/DOS   (2216 words)

Although DOS 6.x is distributed on 4 or 5 disks, this space is filled with utility programs to compress data, perform backups, and check programs for virus infection.
DOS services provide, instead, a convenient set of useful services that programs request because they do not want to be bothered with details.
DOS has been able to survive for fifteen years because it was so simple and could easily be extended by other programs.
www.yale.edu /pclt/OPSYS/DOS.HTM   (958 words)

 MS-DOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It was the most widely used member of the DOS family of operating systems and was the dominant operating system for the PC compatible platform during the 1980s.
IBM and Microsoft both released versions of DOS; the IBM version was supplied with the IBM PC and known as PC-DOS.
Many command-line applications (known as console applications) for Windows are incorrectly referred to as DOS applications, when actually they are full Windows applications which use the console for their output rather than a graphical interface, and cannot be run under any version of MS-DOS.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/MS-DOS   (2698 words)

 VintageOS 9.8.8: DOS
DOS is a command line interface operating system for IBM Personal Computer systems and clones.
Although IBM originally used the acronym DOS in the early 1970’s for their disk operating system for the 360 series computers, the 1970's version of DOS (later replaced by VSE) is not the same as what we commonly know as DOS.
Unfortunately I do not have data on other versions of DOS as FreeDOS and DR-DOS 7.03 (only 3.13 MB, 3 floppies), which behave differently and are not normally taught at college.
www.vintageos.com /dos   (1720 words)

 FreeDOS | The FreeDOS Project
He also released the sources and removed FreeDOS restrictions: XMGR, UDMA and UDVD are DOS drivers for an 80386+ system running MS-DOS V5.0+, EDR-DOS, and all similar DOS variants.
It intercepts and caches all DOS Int 13h I-O requests for BIOS devices.
Georg Potthast has made available a free web server for DOS: "Sioux is a new Web Server for DOS which is based on a packet driver and the trumpet NTCPDRV.
www.freedos.org   (0 words)

 EasyDOS Command Index
To be functional, each DOS command must be entered in a particular way: this command entry structure is known as the command's "syntax." The syntax "notation" is a way to reproduce the command syntax in print.
Whenever you enter a DOS command that deals with disk drives and you are already working in the drive in question, you do not have to enter the drive designator.
If you do not enter a drive designation, DOS always assumes you are referring to the drive you are currently working in (sometimes called the "default" drive).
www.easydos.com /dosindex.html   (2074 words)

 F-Secure Computer Virus Information Pages: DoS
A DoS attack is the type of attack when a massive amount of requests is sent to a specific target from one or several hosts.
DoS attacks become quite popular nowdays as they are in many cases quite effective.
For example in 2002 there was a DoS attack on a few IRC servers and many users were unable to connect to these servers.
www.f-secure.com /v-descs/dostool.shtml   (603 words)

The story of DOS is not really that of Bill Gates—it is the story of Gary Kildall, the maker of the original CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers) operating system, and the founder of Digital Research (DR).
DOS was a 16-bit, real-mode OS, had no pre-emptive multi-tasking, no protected memory, and seemed like a "dead-end." In fact, as early as 1983/84 IBM and MS had agreed to develop the successor to DOS—Operating System 2, or OS/2.
One of the "new" markets for DOS is in embedded systems; DOS can be placed on a ROM chip, and be used to operate any number of small devices.
www.skrause.org /computers/dos.shtml   (1426 words)

 DOS FAQ by Christoph Fuchs
DOS is a Disk Operating System, that means it's an OS that uses a disk.
DOS was a mainstream OS until Windows 95 (which also uses DOS, btw) threw it off the market.
DOS can only address this first 640 KB of RAM directly, the other part won't be recognized if you don't load a memory manager like himem.sys.
www.drdos.net /faq   (4742 words)

 Apple II History Chap 14
A disk drive consists of a recording head that is mechanically moved across the surface of the floppy disk, tracing the radius of the disk from the center to the edge.
Consider the four parts of DOS as layers; as you get closer to the bottom layer, you are closer to the hardware (the raw data on the disk and direct control of the disk drive), but you also increase greatly the difficulty of managing it.
It was not until the release of DOS 3.2 in February 1979 that a true reference manual was made available.
apple2history.org /history/ah14.html   (4217 words)

DOS will let you check or change the date and time once it has been set.
The DOS prompt tells you that you are working in the C directory (drive) and in the Info subdirectory.
DOS has a quick way to move from the current directory back to the parent directory.
www.glue.umd.edu /~nsw/ench250/dostutor.htm   (2304 words)

 DDB: DOS Batch File Tutorial
With regards to batch files, a DOS "label" is a word or a series of numbers/characters used to identify a part of a batch file.
Although they do not affect the running, or contribute to the mis-running, of the batch file, they should be used here because DOS will display an unnecessary prompt on the screen for any blank line before an "ECHO OFF" command.
The reason this works is that after a DOS batch file hands control over to a program, when the program finishes, it returns the reins to DOS which remembers that there is another line in the batch file to run.
www.chebucto.ns.ca /~ak621/DOS/BatBasic.html   (4263 words)

 MAME - Download - Main downloads   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Compile the DOS version by uncompressing the DOS source code changes on top of the main source code archive and typing
DJGPP (GCC 3.2.2) compile environment for use in DOS, updated to the DOS MAME 0.88 requirements.
ZVG vector library, required for DOS MAME 0.72 and later.
www.mame.net /downmain.html   (557 words)

 Many Systems on a PowerBook: DOS
DR DOS is an embedded DOS system, designed for implementation into ROM or flash memory.
It had enhanced memory management that allowed parts of DOS, device drivers and TSRs to be moved out of conventional memory on systems with an Intel 286 or later processors and extended or expanded memory.
Novell DOS had support for preemptive multitasking and peer-to-peer networking, courtesy DOS Requester (a client that provided transparent redirection of printing and file accesses to a network server - handling layers 3, 4 and 5 of the OSI 7 layer model) and VLMs (Virtual Loadable Modules).
www.kernelthread.com /mac/vpc/dos.html   (1062 words)

 Bootdisk.Com - DOS USB Drivers
Please keep in mind that DOS USB CDrom/HDD/zip/etc. drivers is a brand new and developing area so there is no one single method that is guaranteed to work on every PC.
Note that after you get your business done in DOS with the USB drivers that they really should be remmed out when you've done what you needed to and now want Windows to use the drive correctly using Windows drivers.
Please keep in mind that this is a new/developing area and I'm doing the best that I can in providing you with the info as it comes in so you are going to have to do some tweaking in the meantime.
www.bootdisk.com /usb.htm   (1298 words)

 Learn DOS in a few dozen paragraphs!
DOS is considered the bad guy, especially by people at Microsoft, who 'dis' it more than anybody, and so people are naturally a little afraid of DOS.
DOS as installed by Microsoft is virtually crippled and very difficult to use.
Unfortunately, if you tend to use DOS or the DOS emulator from within Windows, repeatedly running new sessions of DOS, a command stacker won't help much, because each session is completely separate.
www.animatedsoftware.com /faqs/learndos.htm   (4294 words)

 What is denial of service? - a definition from Whatis.com - see also: denial-of-service, denial of service attack, ...
A denial of service (DoS) attack is an incident in which a user or organization is deprived of the services of a resource they would normally expect to have.
Although a DoS attack does not usually result in the theft of information or other security loss, it can cost the target person or company a great deal of time and money.
The most common kind of DoS attack is simply to send more traffic to a network address than the programmers who planned its data buffers anticipated someone might send.
whatis.techtarget.com /definition/0,289893,sid9_gci213591,00.html   (869 words)

 WordPerfect for DOS Updated
Some basic advice on using WordPerfect for DOS on a Windows network and on printing to networked printers may be found on this site's networking page.
WordPerfect for DOS is so packed with features that some were never described in the printed manuals or help files.
WordPerfect 5.1 and 6.x for DOS are generally free of Y2K problems, and accept four-digit years in almost all dialogs where you can enter dates.
www.columbia.edu /~em36/wpdos   (3471 words)

 What is DOS? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
The term DOS can refer to any operating system, but it is most often used as a shorthand for MS-DOS (Microsoft disk operating system).
However, DOS is still a 16-bit operating system and does not support multiple users or multitasking.
Included are DOS command names with their definitions and examples of usage.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/D/DOS.html   (496 words)

 Product overview - F-PROT Antivirus Products
The F-PROT Antivirus for DOS shareware package has been available for downloading for 10 years as F-PROT for DOS, and has proven to be one of the most efficient and popular antivirus programs in the market.
Our users have come to rely on the DOS version to keep their valuable data safe and their workstations virus-free.
Among features included in F-PROT Antivirus for DOS is an effective heuristic scanner to scan for new viruses and suspicious files.
www.f-prot.com /products/home_use/dos   (509 words)

DOS was not developed originally by the Microsoft group.
DOS was first marketed by IBM as PC-DOS with the original IBM Personal Computer on August 1981.
To do so, type in 'CHKDSK filenames', where'filenames' is a filename or group of filenames you would like to check.
www.techiwarehouse.com /cms/articles.php?cat=39   (2899 words)

 FreeDOS | About
But that year, there was an announcement that Microsoft would stop support for DOS, that a new version of Windows was going to be released that completely removed DOS from the picture.
Then, I saw a discussion thread on the DOS groups asking "hey, why doesn't someone write their own free version of DOS?" Remember, this was about three years after Linus Torvalds announced his work on the Linux kernel, and by 1993 Linux had shown that free software can achieve incredible results.
DOS remains a great environment to work in if you are building an embedded system, for example.
www.freedos.org /freedos/about   (1542 words)

 What is DOS? - a definition from Whatis.com - see also: Disk Operating System
The first personal computer version of DOS, called PC-DOS, was developed for IBM by Bill Gates and his new Microsoft Corporation.
PC-DOS and MS-DOS are almost identical and most users have referred to either of them as just "DOS." DOS was (and still is) a non-graphical line-oriented command- or menu-driven operating system, with a relatively simple interface but not overly "friendly" user interface.
In the 1970s before the personal computer was invented, IBM had a different and unrelated DOS (Disk Operating System) that ran on smaller business computers.
searchsecurity.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid14_gci213911,00.html   (385 words)

Until Win 95 came along, you needed to have DOS running in order to run Windows (win 3.x).
Additionally, some applications (especially games) are still DOS based.
You can also work from a regular DOS prompt by hitting the Start menu, Programs, MS DOS prompt.
www.worldstart.com /tips/computer-terms/termdos.htm   (117 words)

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