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  The DV, DVCAM, & DVCPRO Formats -- tech details, FAQ, and links.
DV codec comparisons by Dmitry Gromov (may be lost forever; link preserved in case it comes back online).
DV Format is an improving source for press releases, articles (some purloined from earlier versions of this website, grin), and reviews.
Also, DV is the first broadcast-quality format small enough for a camera master to fall into a cup of tea (trust me on this; no need to try it yourself).
www.adamwilt.com /DV.html   (0 words)

  MediaCoder Audio Video Glossary
DV uses DCT intraframe compression at a fixed bitrate of 25 megabits per second (25.146 Mbit/s), which, when added to the sound data (1.536 Mbit/s), the subcode data, error detection, and error correction (approx 8.7 Mbit/s) amounts in all to roughly 36 megabits per second (approx 35.382 Mbit/s) or one Gigabyte every four minutes.
DV allows either 2 digital audio channels (usually stereo) at 16 bit resolution and 48 kHz sampling rate, or 4 digital audio channels at 12 bit resolution and 32 kHz sampling rate.
DV on SP has a helical scan track width of 10 micrometres, while EP uses a track width of only 6.7 micrometres.
mediacoder.sourceforge.net /glossary/dv.htm   (1972 words)

 [No title]
DV camcorders should be a huge market success, but it will take some time to reach the vast consumer market that Sony and Panasonic are after.
DV cassette error correction is like RAID Level 5 redundancy in hard drives, in which one of the five drives can be disconnected and all the data is still available.
DV media files can be transferred digitally from the camcorder to computer, between computers and servers over local area networks (for video teleconferencing), and can be assembled into the MPEG 2 System Transport Layer for travel wherever MPEG can go.
www.dtvgroup.com /DigVideo/DVC/DVC.html   (3749 words)

 Digital Video (DV) Frequently Asked Questions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
DV camcorder images are particularly unsatisfactory when you're taking wide panoramas, such as views from a hill.
DV is designed as an acquisition format - its reason for existance is for you to take pictures using it.
DV is the name for a format identical to MiniDV except that it uses large, expensive tapes that can record up to three hours, versus an hour (at normal speed) for MiniDV.
www.amazing.com /dv/dv-faq.html   (18047 words)

 DV Guru
In her short time, she brought an awesome amount of content to DV Guru, and I'll always be grateful.
This April, he'll be moving to an ecovillage community in rural Missouri, where he hopes to help build homes made out of mud and straw, partake in organic gardening, learn the ins and outs of solar and wind power, and promote a sustainable, low-impact, and self-sufficient lifestyle.
DV Guru is a member of the Weblogs, Inc. Network.
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 DV Data in the AVI File Format (DirectX 9.0 C++ Archive)
DV data can be stored in a single stream within an AVI RIFF file by specifying the 'iavs' (interleaved audio and video stream) FOURCC (four-character code) in the fccType member and either of the 'dvsd', 'dvhd', or 'dvsl' FOURCCs in the fccHandler member of the 'strh' stream header chunk.
DV data can be stored as a video stream with a separate number of audio streams in an AVI RIFF file.
The DV video data is stored as '##dc' chunks, as defined in the preceding description of an AVI file with one DV data, and the audio data is stored as '##wb' chunks in the 'movi' chunk.
msdn.microsoft.com /archive/default.asp?url=/archive/en-us/directx9_c/directx/htm/dvdataintheavifileformat.asp   (1068 words)

 DV Information
DV cassettes are designed for maximum performance when used with today's digital video (DV) camcorders and VCRs.
DV tapes with IC Memory Chips allows you to build a "Table of Contents" of the tape that can be accessed automatically to locate a particular recording date, index point or even add titling to the memory that can be turned on and off during playback.
DV cassettes are designed to take full advantage of the DV format, providing remarkably faithful image reproduction with lifelike color and detailed edge sharpness, along with the ability to record digital audio with better than CD-quality stereo sound.
www.high-techproductions.com /dvFAQ.htm   (844 words)

 DV - Magazine
DV content is written by experts who use the technolgy in the field and every day.
Through case studies, technology primers, and tutorials, DV digs into solutions to real world gotchas to help you navigate the fast-changing world of digital video tools and techniques.
DV invites you to join the thousands of digital video professionals who regularly read DV Magazine for hard-hitting, in-depth product reviews, timely and relevant news, tutorials, case studies, and analysis of real-world challenges faced by video professionals.
www.dv.com /magazine   (0 words)

 The DV Video Format
The DV standard has spawned a few variations, including DVCAM (Sony) and DVCPRO (Panasonic).
DV uses intraframe compression; that is, compression within each frame rather than between consecutive frames.
DV uses the Firewire (IEEE 1394) interface to transfer video files between cameras, editing equipment, etc.
www.mediacollege.com /video/format/dv   (180 words)

 DV - Digital Video
Redrock Micro's M2: Mount 35mm Lenses on Your DV Camera
Pocket Digital: Point and Shoot for Under $300
DV is brought to you by NewBay Media LLC
www.dv.com   (248 words)

 FUJIFILM Global | Products | Professional AV Media | Mini DV
Compared to analog recording, the high-density digital recording of the Mini DV (Digital Video) system requires a tremendous amount of signal data.
The three-lid structure ensures opening and closing involves the minimum of movement for exceptional sealing performance, and to achieve the precision required by the Mini DV system, a reel-lock feature prevents slack developing in the tape.
Please note that the DV digital video system is NOT compatible with analog video systems.
www.fujifilm.com /products/professional_av/minidv.html   (422 words)

 DV Dreams
Few people are using DV tape for anything but audio/video recording; the MIC chip is not the success envisioned; and there are at least half a dozen competing DV tape formats (in several cassette sizes) rather than a single, universal standard.
Matrox's Bernard Lamborelle said DV has the best price/performance ratio for capturing video, but there are other issues to consider.
Thus, they can play transitions between two DV clips out to an analog monitor in realtime, or play a cuts-only DV project out to a DV destination in realtime, but they can't play transitions between two DV clips out to a DV destination in realtime.
digitalcontentproducer.com /mag/video_dv_dreams/index.html   (2141 words)

 Panasonic Professional Video Products - Applications: DV
From DV Cinema to DV events, Panasonic has a developed a complete line of DV products designed to empower videographers to achieve new levels of creativity without sacrificing affordability.
Featuring CineSwitch™ technology, the DVX100A was and is, the only DV camera with the ability to switch frame rates from 24p, to 30p and 60i.
Panasonic’s DV products offer professional solutions that are designed to meet today’s demanding production schedules.
www.panasonic.com /business/provideo/app_dv.asp   (415 words)

While the interface seems to be not as sophisticated as on, say, Yahoo Groups, it is certainly cleaner, and does not bombard you with banner ads.
One does not have to be a DV professional to be a member of DV-L, but keeping a professional attitude is called for.
If you feel that your post is off-topic (not related to DV), but you still experience an insatiable desire to share it with all other DV-L members, please mark it so by including "OFF:" or "Off topic:" in the beginning of your post's subject line, e.g.: "Off topic: gone fishing".
www.dvcentral.org /thelist.html   (2081 words)

 SpinImage DV - 3D Imaging Software
The SpinImage DV software also allows the choice of QuickTime VR output: one of the standards for interactive Web content, which allows zooming in and out, plus rotation.
The SpinImage DV Object Imaging Kit is a complete 3-D object capture solution that utilizes a Kaidan Motorized PiXi™-M turntable and the SpinImage DV™ software.
SpinImage Pro Bundle 1 is an extremely powerful, versatile, and easy way to image products in 3-D. It includes the SpinImage DV Pro software and the TT-300 turntable (capable of supporting 300 pounds).
www.spinimagedv.com   (0 words)

 (mt) Media Temple - (dv) Dedicated-Virtual Server
Tailor your own (dv) using our step by step KnowledgeBase articles.
Customize your (dv) server anyway you want with root level access to install all the applications you need.
Profit from your (dv) by easily reselling hosting services with separate control panels for your clients.
www.mediatemple.net /webhosting/dv   (0 words)

 DVFilm - Digital to Film Transfers, Tape to Film Tranfers
We transfer DV and HD to 35mm film, and create software for independent filmmakers.
The results are like shooting HD-24P, with 2 times the sharpness and resolution of any DV camera!
This 200-page guidebook is the only book in the world written specifically on shooting DV and HDV for transfer to film.
www.dvfilm.com   (0 words)

 Advogato: Personal info for DV
Also responsible for the gamin messy attempt to get rid of FAM.
Articles Posted by DV Advogato RFE: Advogato as a social platform 18 Mar 2002 at 11:16 UTC
Recent blog entries by DV Syndication: RSS 2.0
www.advogato.org /person/DV   (0 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Mini DV Camcorders at Epinions.com
Digital, Mini DV, NTSC, 3 x CCD, Up to 3.95 Megapixels Still Shots, 12x Optical Zoom, 1.26 lb.
Digital, Mini DV, PAL, 3 x CCD, Up to 0.31 Megapixels Still Shots, 12x Optical Zoom, 3.38 lb.
Digital, Mini DV, 3 x CCD, Up to 2.07 Megapixels Still Shots, 20x Optical Zoom, 4.6 lb.
www.epinions.com /Camcorders--reviews--format_mini_dv   (357 words)

 File Extension .DV Details   (Site not responding. Last check: )
If you need further information you might try the research tips on the FILExt Help Me page.
The program was developed and marketed by Quarterdeck Corporation which was purchased by Symantec 15 October 1998.
This is record 3674 last modified on 2005-04-25.
filext.com /detaillist.php?extdetail=DV   (771 words)

 Flickr: Photos tagged with dv
DV and Large DV tape at low prices with same day shipping.
Don't lose out on the opportunity to work and live in the United States - USA Green Card offers...
Feed – Subscribe to photos tagged with dv
www.flickr.com /photos/tags/dv   (154 words)

 Multimedia Software Developer: Ulead Download Center - DV Converter Free Download
Ulead DV Converter conveniently changes DV Type I format video to DV Type II.
This program is freeware and yours to use without time restrictions.
Ulead does provide a forum where you can get answers to your questions promptly.
www.ulead.com /download/dvconverter/download.htm   (132 words)

 Digital Cameras Photography Video Dealer DV Shop Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Panasonic Canon Nikon Tokina Apple
The DV Shop is located in Toronto but we ship mail-orders right across Canada.
The DV Shop is an Authorized Apple Dealer located in the Junction/High Park neighbourhood in
Please note that we do not ship outside of Canada.
www.dvshop.ca   (0 words)

 Xpress DV 4 - Avid
The Avid Xpress DV interface and underlying technology is the same toolset used by professional video editors all over the world!
With the Avid Xpress DV 4 software, you get more than 100 customizable real-time effects, expert color correction capabilities, comprehensive video and audio toolsets and complete compatibility and upgradeability to the entire Avid family!
And only Avid Xpress DV 4 runs on both Windows XP Pro and Macintosh OS X platforms right out of the same box.
www.computervideogear.com /nonlinear_video_editing_software/avid-xpress-dv.htm   (406 words)

 DV Expo
Enroll in the Conference and Gain New Tips and Tricks from conference sessions on After Effects, Audio for Video, Cameras, Flash, HDV, Lighting, Motion Graphics, Photoshop CS3, Shooting, and more.
Keep abreast of event developments, including registration details.
DV Expo is brought to you by NewBay Media LLC
www.dvexpo.com   (0 words)

 DV Stock Quote - DeVry Inc Stock Quote - DV Quote - DV Stock Price
DV Stock Quote - DeVry Inc Stock Quote - DV Quote - DV Stock Price
Will DV close Up or Down from its current price on the next trading day?
MarketWatch News on DV Movers and Shakers: Friday's biggest stock gainers and decliners - by MarketWatch
www.marketwatch.com /quotes/dv   (395 words)

 Exclusive offer for Avid Xpress DV editors
This is a great time to step up to full-featured, real-time HD, SD, DV and film editing for Mac and PC systems.
Because we are no longer offering Avid Xpress DV software, we’re making a special offer to anyone who already owns Avid Xpress DV: you can now upgrade to the latest Avid Xpress Pro software for only $495USD.
Support for tapeless media formats such as XDCAM and P2 Mix and match formats and resolutions in your timeline in real time without transcoding
www.avid.com /products/xpressdv   (0 words)

 Edgewise Media - Home
MiniDV, Mini DV (DVC) Tapes by Edgewise Media
With locations in Hollywood, New York, Anaheim and Denver, we can serve all your video, audio, data media and motion picture film needs.
PHDVM63DM Digital Master HD and Mini DV HDV Take your Media to a new Level!
www.edgewise-media.com   (0 words)

 Dv - Products for Dv - Manufacturers,Exporters,Suppliers,Traders,Companies,Factories
Related Searches: dv camera, 300k pixels dv, digital camera, video camera, digital video camera
3.1 mega pixels DV (interpolated 10 mega pixels)
Copyright Notice © 1999-2007 Alibaba.com Corporation and its licensors.
www.alibaba.com /showroom/Dv.html   (569 words)

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