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Topic: Dachau concentration camp

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  Dachau Concentration Camp - photo.net
Dachau was Germany's first concentration camp, started in 1933 because the prisons were overflowing with people the government didn't like.
The camp at Dachau and the other preserved death camps are not fitting memorials; a fitting memorial would be a world free of this sort of hatred.
Dachau was a prison and a labourcamp built for the same purpose as many camps that were put up in that era all over Europe and possibly the rest of the world.
www.photo.net /bp/dachau   (10356 words)

  Dachau - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dachau was founded in the 8th century, and was the home of many artists during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Dachau Palace was a medieval castle and became the favourite residence of the Bavarian dukes in the 16th century, it was therefore extended to a massive four wing complex.
Dachau is best known for the proximity of the relatively well-preserved site of the infamous Dachau concentration camp, the first large-scale concentration camp in Germany, converted from an old gunpowder factory by the Nazi regime in 1933.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dachau   (184 words)

 Dachau concentration camp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dachau is the name of a Nazi concentration camp, constructed in a disused gunpowder factory and completed on March 21, 1933.
Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp and served as a prototype and model for the others that followed.
The camp was freed by the 42nd Infantry Division of the U.S. Seventh Army on April 29, 1945.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dachau_concentration_camp   (2011 words)

Established in March 1933, the Dachau concentration camp was the first regular concentration camp established by the Nazis.
Heinrich Himmler, in his capacity as police president of Munich, officially described the camp as "the first concentration camp for political prisoners." It was located on the grounds of an abandoned munitions factory near the northeastern part of the town of Dachau, about 10 miles northwest of Munich in southern Germany.
The Dachau camp was a training center for SS concentration camp guards, and the camp's organization and routine became the model for all Nazi concentration camps.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/Holocaust/dachau.html   (959 words)

 The Dachau Concentration Camp Trial. United Nations War Crimes Commission.
Dachau was the first concentration camp to be established in Germany, and was in existence from March, 1933, until April, 1945.
The defence pleaded that the camp was established and run on the orders of Himmler and the Central Security Office in Berlin, that rations, clothing, medical and other supplies were in accordance with the standards prescribed by Berlin, and that Dachau was a good camp “ as concentration camps go “.
The essence of the case was a trial of the staff of Dachau Concentration Camp and the nature of offences each being committed in pursuance to a common design was such as to suggest that the defences of the accused were not antagonistic.
www.ess.uwe.ac.uk /WCC/dachau.htm   (4503 words)

 Dachau Concentration Camp
It immediatley became apparent that the camp had been designed to hold thousands of people, and what had seemed a crowd only moments before was a pittance compared to the capacity of the camp.
The concentration camps accross Germany were left to rot and slowly dissapear, and by the mid 1960's most of the buildings at Dachau had decayed to the point where they were dangerously unstable.
At the far rear, left corner of the camp there was a special brick building that was quite different from the wood architecture of the rest of the camp.
www.geocities.com /Athens/9797/dachau.html   (1291 words)

 Germany | Dachau Concentration Camp
This was the first concentration camp created (built in 1933), and was used as a model for future camps.
Later, criminals were sent to the camp in addition to the political prisoners, and eventually, the camp was used to "reeducate" (as Hitler put it) the Jewish people during WWII.
Dachau was a concentration camp, as opposed to an extermination camp, such as Aushwitz; however, people were often shipped from Dachau to Aushwitz.
coolgreenfrog.com /ourtrip2000/photos/dachau.html   (139 words)

 Ties Talk Archive > History > Liberation of Dachau
Some 5000 survivors of the Dachau concentration camp were liberated by elements of the 522 on April 29th 1945.
Dachau was established in 1933 as the Nazi regime rose to power.
The infamous camp was in 12 years of existence with some 206,000 prisoners.Dachau had some 30 sub camps (smaller forced labor and/or POW camps) located near adjacent towns.
members.tripod.com /runker_room/tiestalk/dachau.htm   (2043 words)

 Gallery - Dachau Concentration Camp - Photos
In 1933-34, this was the view of the moat and barbwire secured concentration camp in Dachau, Germany, in Upper Bavaria.
The barbwire fence and a moat in Dachau.
Survivors and U.S. troops at the entrance to the Dachau concentration camp.
fcit.coedu.usf.edu /holocaust/resource/gallery/Dachau.htm   (318 words)

The concentration camp itself is a short bus ride from the subway station.
The rusting barbed wire that surrounds the camp is a contrast to the beautiful, dense forests and gingerbread houses.
The Nazi commanders fled the camp to try to blend in with the local population and left the low ranking guards behind to surrender the camp.
stevetimko.tripod.com /dachau.htm   (499 words)

 Dachau Concentration Camp - Liberation April 29,1945 Timeline Dachau
A mere lieutenant had never before commanded the massive concentration camp, but the real SS Commandant, Martin Gottfried Weiss, had "run off" the day before, along with more than a thousand of the Allgemeine and Death's Head SS guards stationed at the camp prior to the American approach.
John Degro of Burton, Ohio is believed to be the first American liberator to enter the concentration camp and come within view of the inmates.
The original camp crematorium, built in 1940 as the death rate in the camp began to increase, was replaced by the structure above in 1942.
www.humanitas-international.org /archive/dachau-liberation   (1652 words)

 History of the Dachau Concentration Camp
The establishment of a 'concentration camp' was first made public by Himmler on March 20 during a press conference.
The camp is taken over by the SS When Himmler becomes Political Police Commander of Bavaria on April 1, 1933 he takes over control of the concentration camp as head of the political Emergency Police formed by members of the SA and SS.
Also, the number of persons is unknown who lost their lives in the death marches of March and April of 1945 when the SS tried to clear the camp while the Americans were approaching.
hometown.aol.com /zbdachau/history/eng1.htm   (891 words)

 Dachau concentration camp memorial site
A poem "Inside Dachau" by Sherman Alexie, an American Indian reflecting on a visit to Dachau, published in the summer 1996 issue of the Beloit Poetry Journal (Maine).
One photo of Dachau from a summer 1995 trip to Europe and Israel by Erick Posner, who got a BA and MA in geography from Cal State Northridge in 1998 and 2001.
Himmler touring the camp in May 1935, chart of triangle badges in 1942, Apr.
www.history.ucsb.edu /faculty/marcuse/dachau.htm   (3163 words)

 A Visit To Dachau Concentration Camp   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
From 1917 to 1933, an ammunition plant was in operation, but when the Concentration Camp came into use, the old ammunition plant's buildings were built over and new houses for the prisoners and guards were erected.
The new Concentration Camp was built entirely by the inmates themselves using their bare hands to carry the cement and bricks to the site of the new buildings.
The first thing the Americans saw when they entered the camp area on this date, was a train of 50 open railway cars, standing on the track siding which leads into the camp, and in which horribly thin corpses were lying in all postures.
www.hampton.lib.nh.us /hampton/history/holman/deutschland/dachau.htm   (937 words)

 History of the Dachau Concentration Camp
In the camp the chief prosecutor Carl Wintersberger and his close assistant Josef Hartinger as well as the district court medical officer Dr. Flamm investigate the cases and question suspected SS men.
To express his thanks for the murder of the SA chief of staff Ernst Röhm, Eicke is appointed chief of staff for all concentration camps in the Reich by Himmler on July 4, 1934.
His camp regulations then become valid in all concentration camps, even those that are still to be etablished.
www.zbdachau.de /history/eng2.htm   (977 words)

 Let's Go Europe - Dachau
The camp was restored in 1966 as a memorial to the tens of thousands of people from over 34 nations who suffered and died there.
The first sight visitors have of the concentration camp is of the guard towers and barbed wire fences which kept the prisoners from escaping.
The crematorium area is located at the far end of the concentration camp, near the religious memorials.
www.letsgo-europe.com /Germany/dachau   (774 words)

 World War 2 Panorama: Dachau - Landmarks of WWII in Fullscreen 360 QTVR panorama   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The Memorial Site on the grounds of the former concentration camp was established in 1965 on the initiative of and in accordance with the plans of the surviving prisoners who had joind together to form the Comité International de Dachau.
This camp served for a model for all later concentration camps and as a “school of violence” for the SS men under whose command it stood.
In the course of the years, the canteen, the camp orderly room, the library, a SS museum, training rooms for the prisoner personnel and production facilities for the armaments industry were all located on the left side of the camp road.
ww2panorama.org /panoramas/dachau   (706 words)

The camp was staffed by members of the SS Death's Head units.
Hitler argued that the camps were modeled on those used by the British during the Boer War.
As well as the one built at Dachau concentration camps were also built at Belsen and Buchenwald (Germany), Mautausen (Austria), Theresienstadt (Czechoslovakia) and Auschwitz (Poland).
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /GERdachau.htm   (515 words)

 Eric's Germany Journal, Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial
Dachau Concentration Camp was made a memorial at the insistence of former prisoners.
Dachau Concentration Camp was the first camp and the model for the rest.
Parts of the memorial not shown are grassy areas representing the camp border or gravel areas representing the yard.
edp.org /Germany/Dachau.html   (652 words)

 Polonia in California :: Dachau Survivor: George Janiszewski
After the liberation, no one was allowed to leave the camp for another 4 weeks for fear of spreading typhus and dysentery.
The first healthy prisoners who left the camp were French, Hollanders and Belgians; after that, other Europeans were repatriated to their countries.
The sick were still kept in the camp for a while before they were repatriated.
capolonia.com /Dachau_Survivor   (356 words)

 Dachau Concentration Camp Records   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Established in 1933, Dachau was one of the first Nazi concentration camps.
Dachau was not a death camp per se, but the harsh conditions there led to over 31,000 registered deaths, though the real number was undoubtedly higher.
Dachau was also used in Germany’s euthanasia program and thousands of “invalids” were systematically murdered.
www.jewishgen.org /databases/Holocaust/0050_DachauIndexing.html   (1472 words)

 Dachau - The First Concentration Camp   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
It should be noted that, despite popular belief, the primary function of the Dachau concentration camp was not extermination; however, the camp did house gas chamber and crematorium facilities that were used to support Nazi genocide.
Dachau was first created as a detention camp for Nazi political prisoners; however, it was later expanded to include Jews, communists, homosexuals, and any other people the Nazis felt belonged there.
Dachau remained in full functioning order for the majority of World War II and was officially liberated by the Seventh Army of the United States on April 29, 1945.
www.fatherryan.org /holocaust/dachau/subindex.htm   (674 words)

 Dachau (Concentration Camp)- Munich, Germany - VirtualTourist.com
Dachau is preserved as a memorial to the tens of thousands of people from over 34 nations who suffered and died at the hands of the Nazis between 1933 and 1945.
In the course of the war, the Dachau concentration camp increasingly became a site of mass murder: from October 1941 many thousands of Soviet prisoners of war were brought to Dachau and shot.
Dachau is a very sobering and emotional place to visit but should be a must to see for everyone.
www.virtualtourist.com /travel/Europe/Germany/Bavaria/Munich-36623/Things_To_Do-Munich-Dachau_Concentration_Camp-BR-1.html   (1807 words)

 Konzentrationslager Dachau - Wikimedia Commons
en: The Dachau concentration camp was a Nazi German concentration camp near the city of Dachau, north of Munich, in southern Germany.
nl: Konzentrationslager Dachau was het eerste grootschalig opgezette concentratiekamp in Nazi-Duitsland.
Denkmal an ein Dachauer Außenlager in der Münchner Knorrstraße.
commons.wikimedia.org /wiki/Dachau_concentration_camp   (193 words)

 Dachau Concentration Camp - photos of Bavaria on Worldisround
Dachau was one of the first Nazi concentration camps, established in 1933 and freed by Allied forces in 1945.
I had the opportunity to meet a survivor of the camp, although we spoke differnet languages, I felt the pain and sadness that he continues to carry with him.
Although they're are many ways to descibe concentration camps one of the greatest is a human slaughter house.
www.worldisround.com /articles/440/index.html   (1082 words)

 DACHAU, the Nazi concentration camp
Dachau was the first concentration camp established in Nazi Germany - the camp was opened on March 22, 1933.
Large-scale murder by gas and body disposal through cremation were conducted systematically by the Nazis and Adolf Hitler's SS men..
In addition, millions died in the ghettos and concentration camps as a result of forced labor, starvation, exposure, brutality, disease, and execution.
www.mengele.dk /DACHAU   (268 words)

 Real History and the camp at Dachau
"Dachau was not planned as an extermination camp; its prisoners were shot trying to escape or died of hunger, disease, and exhaustion, under torture or as victims of pseudoscientific experiments After the decision for the Final Solution, a crematorium, including a gas chamber - whose use, however, cannot be proved - was built in 1942.
American troops did claim that people were gassed there, but after Dachau trials and historical study, the consensus seems to be that people were routinely executed in many incredibly cruel ways, but not gassed.
4.) Was Auschwitz in Poland an extermination camp?
www.fpp.co.uk /Auschwitz/Dachau/Brudehl280198.html   (434 words)

 Dachau KZ, Concentration camp memorial, Germany, Europe, Travel Guide, Free Pictures
KZ Dachau was a Concentration Camp, which the Nazis established on March 21 1933 near Munich, SE Germany.
The prisoners had to work in the management and the maintainance of the camp and for the German armaments industry.
On April 28, 1945 the SS abandoned the camp.
www.bigfoto.com /europe/germany/kzdachau/index.htm   (141 words)

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