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Topic: Daisy chain

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In the News (Tue 22 Jan 19)

  Daisy Chain - Vassar College Encyclopedia
The chain itself is carried on the day of Commencement by the female "daisies" dressed in identical white dresses, functioning as a flower-lined corridor to guide the graduates to the ceremony.
Historically, "daisies" were chosen for both their "contribution to college life and their attractiveness," making the early chains a kind of beauty contest, which apparently caused those not chosen much unhappiness.
The daisy chain became famous as a symbol of feminine beauty, mystique and even fertility(1), and also of the elite status imputed to a "Vassar girl": if being a Vassar student was to be amongst the cream of the crop, then to be a "daisy" was to be la crème de la crème.
vcencyclopedia.vassar.edu /index.php/Daisy_Chain   (831 words)

  Daisy chain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
One method of creating a daisy chain is as follows: Daisies are picked and a hole is made towards the base of the stem, generally by piercing with fingernails.
Daisy Chain installation is a "smart" installation, whereby an installation can happen piecemeal, as all the components of the package are connected to each other.
Daisy chains should not be confused with etriers (aka aiders) which are short ladders made in the same way, but with larger loops, also used in aid climbing, nor with load-limiting devices often known as screamers (from their first trade name) designed to simulate a dynamic belay.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Daisy_chain   (1058 words)

 What is daisy chain? - a definition from Whatis.com
- A daisy chain is an interconnection of computer devices, peripherals, or network nodes in series, one after another.
The main advantage of the daisy chain is its simplicity.
Daisy chain is also the name of a recent virus hoax.
searchnetworking.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid7_gci1115470,00.html   (326 words)

 Daisy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Daisy is an abbreviation or nickname for Margaret.
Marguerite Daisy, Argyranthemum frutescens is a perennial plant used in horticulture, that originates from the Canary Islands
Daisy (television commercial), aired by the Lyndon B. Johnson campaign in the 1964 presidential election
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Daisy   (296 words)

 * Daisy chain - (Computing): Definition
Daisy Chain - The sequential connection of hardware devices with cables.
Daisy Chain - In computer terminology, this refers to connecting one device (historically SCSI, but now USB or FireWire as well) to another device, instead of directly to a computer.
This configuration is called daisy chaining and each device on the SCSI cable is assigned its own ID. The ability to add on to the SCSI card provides great flexibility for a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks).
en.mimi.hu /computing/daisy_chain.html   (336 words)

 VMEbus Daisy Chains
Unlike bussed VMEbus signals that are connected to the same pin on each connector, daisy chain bus signal propagates down a backplane starting from slot one by entering the connector on an input pin and exiting the connector on a separate output pin.
A daisy chain line, named IACKIN/OUT (Interrupt ACKnowledge IN/OUT) is used to grant the interrupt to the interrupter closest to slot one that requested an interrupt at the level being serviced.
Automatic daisy chaining is a feature that has been around for several years now and is available from many backplane manufacturers.
www.vita.com /vme-faq/daisychain.html   (851 words)

 Daisy Chain - AOL Music
A daisy chain, in the most elementary sense, is a garland created from the daisy flower, generally as a children's game.
"Daisy chain" is also used as a verb to describe the act of connecting...
Daisy Chain official AOL Music site for Daisy Chain music videos, Daisy Chain songs, Daisy Chain photos, Daisy Chain live performances and more information on Daisy Chain.
music.aol.com /artist/daisy-chain/481495/main   (99 words)

 Daisy Chain Failure Video   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Note: It IS possible to generate forces in the field high enough to blow a daisy chain pocket tack.
Daisy Chains are variable length tie-offs designed to support body weight ONLY.
In the event of a fall the daisy will not stretch, resulting in a severe shock load to you, to the anchor and to all gear in the system.
www.bdel.com /videos/daisy.html   (160 words)

 The Daisy Chain - Charlotte Mary Yonge
His Daisy Chain extracts describe the attempts of the May children, in particular Ethel May, to help, educate and christianise a community of quarry workers a few miles outside town.
The paper argues that The Daisy Chain may be seen as the literary counterpart to Tyntesfield House, in that its expressive and didactic project is a cognate purification of domestic narrative through the sacralizing cadences of religious discourse.
Like a Gothic church, The Daisy Chain functions as a purifying medium, a machine à souffrir for characters and readers alike, participating in a Victorian literary tradition of the house as torture appliance that stretches from Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre (1847) to Henry James's The Spoils of Poynton (1897).
www.dur.ac.uk /c.e.schultze/works/daisychain.html   (954 words)

 The Chain Sinnet, Chain Stitch, or Monkey Braid
It is found on dress uniforms; it can be used to shorten, and add bulk to, the end of a light pull; and it is also used by climbers as a means of preventing a rope getting tangled, e.g., when being washed.
The chain is completed by feeding the end through the final bight.
The chain is released by withdrawing the end.
www.animatedknots.com /chainsinnet/index.php?LogoImage=LogoGrog.jpg&Website=www.animatedknots.com   (369 words)

 Daisy Chain Nursery school, Heaton, Bradford
Daisy Chain Nursery has been caring for children, from babies through to five year olds, for nine years, and now has a reputation as a leading child day-care nursery, demonstrated by our NDNA Quality Counts Level 2 accreditation.
OFSTED commented that "Daisy Chain Nursery provides a high standard of care and education where children make very good progress in all six areas of learning in the foundation stage".
Daisy Chain Nursery has several outdoor play areas, including one for babies, one for older children and a sensory garden.  Pictures of our other areas can be found here.
www.daisychain.cc   (380 words)

 Urban Dictionary: daisy chain
She wore a daisy chain around her neck on the last day of school.
Daisy Chain, a.k.a Daisie Chain, US porn actress.
Quentin as usual at the front of the daisy chain called to his friend Julian at the opposite end of the line "Back up duck and lets form a circle".
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=daisy+chain&r=f   (499 words)

 Back To The Boots - Home Of Dirty Crust 'n' Punk
Inhaltlich beschreiben DAISY CHAIN in ihren Songs (persönliche) Erfahrungen und Geschichten, die alle in direktem Zusammenhang mit ihren alltäglichen Erlebnissen stehen, und somit für den, der sich die Mühe macht, die Texte die in deutsch und englisch auf dem beigelegten Poster enthalten sind, nachzuvollziehen sind.
Musikalisch rocken DAISY CHAIN, wie bereits oben erwähnt, ganz klar auf den Pfaden des kraft- und druckvollen 1977- Punkrocks, ohne sich dabei den Einflüssen der letzten dreißig Jahre Punk zu entziehen….
DAISY CHAIN können zu einer der nächsten Entdeckungen in Sachen Punkrock aus Berlin werden.
www.bttb.de /index.php?mod=daisychain   (1600 words)

 daisy chain
Topics covered include: reactance, backbone phase angle, logarithms, diodes, passive bridges audiovox filters, daisy chained amplifiers repeater and cebles preamplifiers, fibre optic LAMM typology employs topographies switches tube and the FGCC receiver tests.
New fast-tune crank knob daisy chaoin ethernet flash 2gb gauss New TrueActive™ peak-reading daisy chani meter New toplogy brouters high-voltage current f 505v balun is made for any disadvantage bnc wans forensic agent looking for a snug, yet network twisted pair cable comfortable fit for anyone"s lan 58u keychain.
future hubs versions daisy chaimn of instruction manuals that are coaxiales 12in1 banda ancha daisychain at your daisy chaion fingertips.
daisy-chain.bopaq.info   (1084 words)

 Daisy Chain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
She is led to a storage area where she not only finds her belt, but also Daisy Chain (Stacy Burke) who had been imprisoned by Satan Doll in Tape #427.
Daisy Chain is totally overwhelmed by Corpus Christine's savage assault and, when the brunette catches Daisy Chain in a killer sleeper hold, it looks like the end for the blonde beauty.
However, even as Dragonfly's moment of triumph seems imminent, the unconscious Daisy Chain begins to stir with a strange glow in her eyes.
www.geocities.com /double_trouble_productions/daisychain.htm   (190 words)

 Daisy Chain - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag - Price - Review
The Nylon Daisy Chain from Yates Gear is made from tough nylon webbing for superb durability that is also lightweight.
Daisy Chain Beaded Thong - Daisy Chain Beaded Thong - Daisy Chain Beaded Thong - Shimmering bead accents elevate thong sandals to a whole new level of style.
These daisy chains are made from the same Titan webbing as Titan runners.
www.nextag.com /daisy-chain/search-html   (283 words)

 Godlyke PA9 POWER-ALL Universal Daisy Chain Power Supply for Effects Pedals - Bananas.com
Includes 5-connector daisy chain cable to power multiple effects units from one supply.
Daisy Chain connector with standard polarity tip negative/barrel positive jacks connects the PA-9 Power-All to five 9-volt effect pedals.
The Cable-Red can be hooked to any jack on the Cable-5 daisy chain or directly to the PA-9 itself.
www.bananas.com /productdetail.asp/pid_939/productname_Godlyke-PA9-POWER-ALL-Universal-Daisy-Chain-Power-Supply-for-Effects-Pedals   (886 words)

 Moldcraft Tuna Daisy Chain Kit - MCKT4 - BoatersWorld.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Chains imitate the appearance of schools of baitfish or squid in your lure spread, increasing your chances of attracting the bite.
Kits includes a 3-piece green with red tracer, 12'' Soft Machine daisy chain, rigged on 200# Momoi mono with a single 10/0 Mustad 3407SS hook in the last (trailer) bait.
You also get two 9'' Squirt Squid daisy chains (one in natural tan, one in amber) with 3 squid on each chain rigged on 200# momoi with a single 10/0 Mustad 3407SS hook in the trailer.
www.boatersworld.com /product/478698905.htm   (212 words)

 daisy chain definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
daisy chain definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
Search for "daisy chain" in all of MSN Encarta
garland of daisies: a garland made by threading the stems of daisies together
encarta.msn.com /encnet/features/dictionary/DictionaryResults.aspx?refid=1861688769   (81 words)

 Daisy Chain Halo | Bands.co.nz   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The pair were saddened at the news of their drummer's departure but determined to keep the 4-year project going.
Daisy Chain Halo are doing one more road trip before Christmas over the next few weeks, journeying to Palmy and Wellington in late November, before playing Mount Maunganui and Napier for the first time ever in early December.
The brand new self-titled EP is out this week from Daisy Chain Halo, it's only taken 4 years...
www.bands.co.nz /band.php?bid=882   (418 words)

 Daisy chain?
"Liidaaja asettaa kallion halkeamaan kiilan, haan tai frendin, ripustaa siihen narutikkaan, kiipeää narutikasta pitkin niin ylös, kuin voi, kiinnittää itsensä valjaista fiffikoukulla daisy chainiin, joka myös on kiinni narutikkaan yläpäässä.
Jos daisyä käyttää standillä niin kannattaa muistaa että se ei välttämättä kestä liidiputousta (voi kestääkin jos on oikein klipattu).
Sit uusi piissi seinään ja "vanha" tikaspari kiinni siihen (jossa on tietty daisy, jonka varassa tikkaat hulmuaa tuulessa) ja homma jatkuu samanlaisena muutaman päivän ajan kunnes ollaan topissa...
www.relaa.com /viewtopic.php?t=1067   (701 words)

 Model, actress, director, writer Daisy Chain information pictures photos posters scans wallpapers images biographies ...
Daisy Chain is trying to pull together both her professional and her personal lives.
The female celebrity Daisy Chain was born in the year 1965 and in the country USA!
Choose an other female celebrity than the model, actress, director, writer daisy chain with the surname C.
www.thecelebrityportal.com /female/celebrities/C/Daisy_Chain.html   (808 words)

 Daisy Chain Movies
Daisy Chain pornstarwas born in California, November 30, 1966.
Speaking about temper, Daisy is a girl who likes extreme in everything.
WARNING: By entering to Daisy Chain Movies free site you agree to be at least 18 years of age or older depending on local, state / provincial or federal laws governing access to adult materials.
www.nylon-pictures.com /daisy-chain/videos   (300 words)

 Daisy chain kids craft.
You’ll look as fresh as a daisy with a daisy chain around your neck.
Daisy chains are so bright and cheerful, no matter where you put them it will seem like a sunny spring day.
Glue the flowers into a circle large enough to fit over your head or as large as you want to make the chain.
www.craftown.com /kids/kc43.htm   (218 words)

 Daisy Chain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
A daisy chain is one of the simplest forms of a computer network, where like a daisy chain the computers are connected one to another in a series.
A daisy chain is one of the slowest ways to connect computers because a message has to be sent from one computer to the next and then to the next and so on.
Whereas a network with a central computer sending messages to all the terminals at the same time is much faster.
www.internet-guide.co.uk /daisy-chain.html   (81 words)

 Predator Offshore Tackle - Daisy Chains
Calcutta's daisy chain teaser is very effective on the surface or below the surface with the use of trolling weights.
This daisy consists of 3-6" Tuna Bombs being chased by a 12" Tuna Thunder Jet.
The 6" Daisy Chain is also very effective on Stripped Bass.
www.predatortackle.com /html/daisychains.html   (559 words)

 Daisy Chain Guitar Amps   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
PCS 20a "daisy chain" to power multiple pedals for use with TU 2 LS 2 NS 2 PSM 5 simple control of on/off functions such as channel and effects switching on guitar amps.
March 2002: For Immediate At 1.67 amps of current Power Pad II will deliver 9 You can also daisy chain additional pedals using a daisy vocal processors buy chromatic tuners DJ gear etc. in addition to guitar amps.
Diago Website; Pedal Board Range See these other helpful resources when you decide to "Daisy Chain" power: The "Avoiding Hum was developed specifically as an "all in one" cable to go between FX pedals and amps not between guitar string Behringer AT108 Ultracoustic Acoustic Amplifier BEHAT108 Acoustic Guitar Amps Behringer Guitars Amps and Effects.
www.prop75no.com /daisy-chain-guitar-amps.htm   (310 words)

 Garden-NZ - Garden Design - Landscaping - The Daisy Chain -
The Daisy Chain offers a range of services from design, maintenance, plant selection, plant sourcing, patio and courtyard designs.
This service is a 90 minute visit to your garden, that includes an overview of the current garden, a plan to implement changes you want to make with a step by step guide to implement changes and a planting list as required.
Have your containers and pots looking great all year round with The Daisy Chain container plant service.
www.garden-nz.co.nz /thedaisychain   (199 words)

 Shopping.com - Find, Compare, and Buy Anything in Seconds
Daisy chains are precision bar tacked and individually inspected.
Sterling daisies form a chain, their polished images sculpted in silver.
Topped by a daisy chain, the charming and feminine choker is adjustable.
www.shopping.com /xGS-Daisy_Chain   (469 words)

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