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  Dan Crane - dKosopedia
Crane, a native of Cook County, Illinois, graduated from Indiana University with a degree in dentistry, and was a practicing dentist before his entry into politics.
Crane plead guilty to the charges and the committee decided to simply reprimand him along with Congressman Gerry Studds who was charged with similar misconduct.
Crane is the brother of Philip Crane, another former Republican congressman from Illinois.
www.dkosopedia.com /wiki/Dan_Crane   (229 words)

 Dan Crane (II)
Dan Crane was once a bored software producer.
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imdb.com /name/nm1536558   (205 words)

  2003 Grand Prize Winner, Dan Crane
Dan Crane’s tool of the trade is a fishing boat, and his summers are dictated by tides and salmon runs.
Crane is modest about his writing skills and would never classify himself as a poet, despite his master of fine arts degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks that he earned in 1970.
Crane can’t remember when he first started writing poetry — it’s been a part of his life since he was a kid but never something that overwhelms him.
litsite.alaska.edu /uaa/akwrites/2003/dancrane.html   (898 words)

 Dan Crane
Daniel Bever Crane (born January 10, 1936) is an American politician.
He served as a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives and served from 1979 to 1985.
Crane, a native of Cook County, Illinois, attended Chicago public schools, received his A.B. from Hillsdale College in 1958, graduated from Indiana University in 1963 with a degree in dentistry, did graduate work at the University of Michigan in 1964-1965, …
www.spock.com /Dan-Crane   (70 words)

 Montreal Mirror : Books : To Air Is Human
Crane is a freelance writer by day (for Slate.com, The New York Times etc) and a member of NYC’s premier French pop band Nous Non Plus by night.
These days, Crane’s alter ego is only resurrected from retirement to promote his book (you may have spotted him on Conan recently), but for two years, Björn Türoque was an irrepressible force on the competitive air guitar circuit.
Crane’s other rule, one that kept him in air guitar’s top ranks, competing at three world championships in Oulu, Finland, is to drink no more and no less than three drinks before his minute of glory.
www.montrealmirror.com /2006/101206/books.html   (743 words)

 Salon | Left Hook: Hypocrite of the House
In 1983, after a yearlong investigation by the House Ethics Committee, Crane was found to have engaged in an illicit sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl working as a congressional page.
Crane deserved mercy, Hyde explained, because he already had suffered enough.
Every shred of dignity will be stripped away from Dan Crane, and it will endure." (Does any of this sound familiar yet?) Hyde concluded movingly, "I suggest to the members that compassion and justice are not antithetical; they are complementary.
archive.salon.com /col/cona/1998/10/05cona.html   (1084 words)

 How my faux French band wound up in federal court. - By Dan Crane - Slate Magazine
Dan Crane's 2004 Slate Diary hints at tension among band members.
Dan Crane is a writer and musician living in New York.
He is currently completing a book about his experience as a competitive air guitarist.
www.slate.com /id/2128424   (1479 words)

 TRUTH ON THE MARKET » Crane and Lambert on Hovenkamp — the Closet Chicagoan
Crane and Lambert on Hovenkamp — the Closet Chicagoan
Cardozo professor Dan Crane and I are living parallel lives.
Dan’s review, forthcoming in Michigan Law Review, is entitled Antitrust Modesty.
www.truthonthemarket.com /2006/11/13/crane-and-lambert-on-hovenkamp-the-closet-chicagoan   (1159 words)

 July 1995 NY Bar Exam Questions & Sample Answers
Dan als provided the services of Dan's employee, Op, to operate the crane Dan had purchased the crane new from Man, the manufacturer, and ha not used it before renting it to Con.
Pete' complaint alleged that his injuries had been caused by a defect i the load locking device of the crane or, in the alternative, tha his injuries were caused by Op's negligent operation of the crane Dan's answer consisted of a general denial.
Dan is liable in negligence if he owed a duty to Pete, breache that duty, Pete was injured, and the breach was the proximate caus of the injury.
www.nylawyer.com /display.php/file=/exam/qa/795barqa4   (2201 words)

 6-8-05   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Crane lost the 2004 referendum by a healthy 9,043 votes, and the energetic Bean just happened to be the ballot alternative.
Incumbent Republican Dan Crane was accused of having sex with a female congressional page, and he lost to Democrat Terry Bruce, who kept the seat until 1992.
When Crane finally became aware of his predicament in 2004, he unleashed a torrent of ads accusing Bean of being a liberal.
www.russstewart.com /6-8-05.htm   (1544 words)

 Antitrust Review » Dan Crane Joins the Antitrust Review
We are thrilled that Dan Crane, assistant professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law has decided to join us as a co-blogger!
Dan teaches antitrust and IP, and has recently published some great papers on mixed bundling and predatory pricing.
Last year, Dan was invited to present at the Stanford-Yale Junior Faculty forum.
www.antitrustreview.com /archives/182   (187 words)

 CANOE -- JAM! Movies - Artists - Crane, Dan: 'Air Guitar' star flying high   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Dan Crane is the second-best air guitar player in America, and he can prove it.
Crane, 36, visited Toronto last week to promote Air Guitar Nation -- which opens in theatres today -- and to talk about how air guitar changed his life.
Crane is the author of To Air is Human: One Man's Quest to Become the World's Greatest Air Guitarist.
jam.canoe.ca /Movies/Artists/C/Crane_Dan/2007/03/23/3812242.html   (495 words)

 The Political Graveyard: Index to Politicians: Crane   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Crane, Charles Richard (1858-1939) — also known as Charles R. Crane — of Illinois.
Crane, Evelyn — of Detroit, Wayne County, Mich. Republican.
Son of Charles R. Crane and Cornelia (Smith) Crane; married 1909 to Ellen Douglas Bruce.
politicalgraveyard.com /bio/crane.html   (763 words)

 Antitrust Review » Dan Crane
Overall, the case seems to be more of a “duck” than a serious resolution of the difficult and important issues raised by patent infringement cases.
When was the last time that a U.S. president made antitrust law a major issue?  It’s been a while.  Thanks to the miracle of presidential speech archives on the Internet, such questions can be answered (very casually, of course) in about 10 minutes.
In my forthcoming Emory article, I explain why that model is conceptually interesting but: (1) not relevant to almost any of the recent bundling cases; and (2) not a good case for being restrictive with mixed bundling, because it shows a strategy that generally increases consumer (and social) welfare.
www.antitrustreview.com /archives/author/dan   (2638 words)

 - Technology
(Fri Oct 13th, 2006 06:39:44 PM, by Dan Crane) If you have some valuable items or information in your house, you want to protect your home from burglars in the best possible way.
While it is easy to be tempted to buy the one that looks prettiest in the advertisement or on the showroom floor, it's not always the best fit for...
(Wed Sep 13th, 2006 09:57:14 AM, by Dan Crane) Surveillance is not only a game of PI (private investigators) or the police.
www.startuparticles.com /index55-1.html   (545 words)

 Amazon.com: To Air is Human: One Man's Quest to Become the World's Greatest Air Guitarist: Books: Bjorn Turoque,Dan ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This exploration of the international air guitar sub-culture addresses the issue of dedicating oneself to an invisible art in order to achieve the ultimate goal of "airness"-that is, when air guitar transcends the "real" art that it imitates and becomes an art form in and of itself.
In "To Air Is Human: One Man's Quest To Become The World's Greatest Air Guitarist" (304 pages), author Dan Crane brings the improbable tale of how he decided on a whim to enter the 2003 NY regionals and subsequently the world championships, and what happened next.
Crane had me hooked from the first competition; I read the book practically in one sitting.
www.amazon.com /Air-Human-Become-Greatest-Guitarist/dp/1594482101   (1642 words)

 SSRN-Mixed Bundling, Profit Sacrifice, and Consumer Welfare by Daniel Crane
Given the generally procompetitive effects of mixed bundling and the propensity of plaintiffs strategically to misuse monopolization law to stymie vigorous price competition, courts should be reluctant to create new prohibitory rules and should, at most, use existing predatory pricing principles to assess the practice.
Crane, Daniel A., "Mixed Bundling, Profit Sacrifice, and Consumer Welfare".
This page was served by hermes in 0.30 seconds.
papers.ssrn.com /sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=838265   (381 words)

 The Length of the NuMI Shield - Crane (ResearchIndex)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Length of the NuMI Shield - Crane (ResearchIndex)
21 November 1995 Dan Crane, Maury Goodman, Gordon...
NuMI-B-121, D. Crane et al., November 1995, "The length of the NuMI shield".
citeseer.ist.psu.edu /crane95length.html   (330 words)

 Dan Crane Photos - Dan Crane News - Dan Crane Information
After Chase is shot, he begins to hemorrhage and is wheeled into surgery.
After Greg and Harriet Roberts bail Jordan out of jail, they discover that Jordan's split personality, Monica, is...
Tell the world what you think of Dan Crane, write a review for this person.
www.tv.com /dan-crane/person/68891/summary.html   (113 words)

 Dan Crane picture from the movie - Dan Crane movie stills - Dan Crane pics
Dan Crane picture from the movie - Dan Crane movie stills - Dan Crane pics
Input celebrity name or movie title, e.g.: Dan Crane.
Dan Crane Picture from 2007 Air Guitar Nation
www.allmoviephoto.com /c/DanCrane.html   (149 words)

 Dan Crane - iSnare.com Author
Surveillance is not only a game of PI (private investigators) or the police You can also have a surveillance gear (maybe not as sophisticated as wearable spy equipment or mini audio recorder measuring the size of your fingernail…) to keep tracking almost anyone you want...
Many regular homeowners want a spy camera to protect themselves from thieves and burglars Another reason is that they may want to spy on some of their family members...
Surveillance cameras are one of the best ways to monitor and capture any illegal activity, such as shoplifting in stores or supermarkets, some fighting near schools, or robbery in the warehouse...
www.isnare.com /?s=author&a=Dan+Crane   (443 words)

Not to mention: health tips from our ancestors, Naomi Harris profiles aging beauty, and a exploration into a little-known phenomena: the healthy Jew.
Musician Dan Crane battles the evil powers of hearing loss.
We hope our magazine and the DIY Salon guide on this web site will be used as raw material for good, old-fashioned conversation — be it around the dinner table or in a public forum — the kind of full-blooded exchanges that form the backbone of our network.
www.guiltandpleasure.com   (291 words)

 Talking Points Memo |
Joe Barton, R-Texas, wrote a letter supporting Hastert, saying it was inappropriate to ask for the speaker's resignation when similar scandals in the 1980s prompted a "dramatically different standard."
Barton was referring to Democratic Reps. Gerry Studds of Massachusetts and Dan Crane of Illinois, both of whom were censured after having sexual relationships with 17-year-old pages.
Crane lost his re-election bid, while Studds survived the scandal.
www.talkingpointsmemo.com /archives/010236.php   (270 words)

 Dan Crane Reviews - User Opinions at FilmSpot
If a critic does not indicate a score, we assign a score based on the general impression given by the text of the review.
Tell the world what you think of Dan Crane
When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean.
www.filmspot.com /people/68891/dan-crane/reviews.html   (100 words)

 How to Choose the Right Webcam Surveillance Software? by Dan Crane - Articles Archive @ hotlib.com. Extremely popular ...
by Dan Crane - Articles Archive @ hotlib.com.
Such systems cost over thousand dollars, but they're ideal for quality home or office protection.
Dan Crane offer free tips and article about spy cameras, bug detectors, security systems or body worn cams.
www.hotlib.com /articles/show.php?t=How_to_Choose_the_Right_Webcam_Surveillance_Software?   (1243 words)

 Dan Crane profile and articles - Article Dashboard Directory | Submit Articles | Search Find Free Content | Author ...
Dan Crane profile and articles - Article Dashboard Directory
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www.articledashboard.com /profile/Dan-Crane/12349   (46 words)

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