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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Dan Gurney - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gurney was the first driver hired by Jack Brabham to drive with him for the Brabham Racing Organisation.
Gurney was not comfortable with the name at first, fearing it sounded somewhat jingoistic, but felt compelled to agree to his benefactor's suggestion.
Perhaps the greatest tribute to Gurney's driving ability, however, was paid by the father of Scottish World Champion Jim Clark when he took Gurney aside at his son's funeral in 1968 and told Gurney that he was the only driver Clark had ever feared on the track.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dan_Gurney   (1692 words)

 Sandcastle V.I. - Auto Racing Classics - Dan Gurney: All American Racer / Part 4
Dan Gurney's introduction to American open-wheel racing was at four Formula Libre (open formula) races, where he had great success.
Dan was caught in the multi-car pile-up on the opening lap and his race was over before it started.
Dan ended his Indy car driving career in 1970 with a 3rd place at the "500," a victory at Sears Point, California, and a DNF while running 3rd at Ontario, California.
www.sandcastlevi.com /racing/gurney-4.htm   (585 words)

 Sandcastle V.I. - Auto Racing Classics - Dan Gurney: All American Racer / Part 1
From his first professional race in 1955 until his retirement in 1970, Daniel Sexton Gurney was the consummate race car driver -- skilled, dedicated, versatile, hard-charging, always in control of his vehicle, and a winner.
Dan didn't win that day, but his first victory came not long after -- in July 1956 driving a Porsche in a race at Santa Monica, California.
Dan joined up with Carroll Shelby's team in 1963, driving the legendary Cobra 289 roadster to victory in the October 1963 U.S. Road Racing Championship 3-hour race at Riverside.
www.sandcastlevi.com /racing/gurney-1.htm   (473 words)

 American GP - Dan Gurney   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Dan Gurney was born in New York, in 1931.
Gurney’s Formula 1 career was still in full swing and it wasn’t until 1964 that the initial steps were taken in establishing a team.
Gurney, not wanting to appear too jingoistic was hesitant at first but deferred to their financial benefactor.
www.ddavid.com /formula1/gurney.htm   (1093 words)

 Dan Gurney - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
While Brabham himself scored the maiden victory at the 1963 Solitude race, it was Gurney again who took the team's first win in a championship race, in 1964, and again in Rouen.
Partnered with British engine maker Weslake, the Formula One effort was called "Anglo-American Racers." The Weslake V12 engine was not ready for the 1966 Grand Prix season, so the team used four-cylinder 2.7-liter Coventry-Climax engines and made their first appearance in the second race of the year in Belgium.
Dan Gurney's NASCAR sucess was with the Wood Brothers and beating everyone at the old Riverside International Raceway in Riverside, California whenever NASCAR was at RIR.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Dan_Gurney   (1167 words)

 AutoRacing1.com - CART News Page
AJ Foyt and Dan Gurney at Indy in 1965
DAN GURNEY: I saw lot of people, a lot of fans that were so rabid that they were there despite fact that it rained pretty hard and frequently, and we were not only knee-deep in mud, but knee deep in nostalgia.
DAN GURNEY: As near as we can tell, it is. We looked into it as carefully as we could, and it looks like, strange as it may seem, because everyone knows it now, it looks like that must have been the first time.
www.autoracing1.com /htmfiles/2001/CART/1016GurneyPapis.htm   (5095 words)

 Dan Gurney's Alligator A6 - MotorcycleUSA.com
Dan Gurney is a legend among gearheads, having demonstrated an unrelenting flair for speed together with multi-faceted ingenuity over the past 40 years of being a successful driver and car constructor.
Dan Gurney's interest in two wheels began when he was a teenager in Long Island, riding both off- and on-road.
Gurney is a fairly lanky guy, and he complained that the weight he carried high caused many bikes to pitch excessively when braking and accelerating.
www.motorcycle-usa.com /Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=2598&Page=1   (1090 words)

 Dan Gurney's Alligator motorcycle - Road Test & Review — Motorcycle Cruiser
Gurney going over specifics of development with Elvidge during her tour of the AAR facilit--she's totally enamored, but refrains from bubbling.
Gurney and his design crew went with a bigger bore (approximately 670cc) and modified the cylinder head to include dual inlet tracks.
Gurney's daughter and sons (Jimmy with the helmet) have been involved in the project and ride it regularly.
www.motorcyclecruiser.com /roadtests/dan_gurney_alligator_motorcycle   (1485 words)

 Can-Am at Laguna Seca: Dan Gurney
Dan Gurney driving his Plymouth Barracuda in the Trans-Am.
When these photos were taken Dan Gurney had only one more professional race at Riverside, CA before he retired as a professional race driver.
Dan had a very good chance of winning the Can-Am Challenge in 1970 if he had been able to continue racing for McLaren Cars.
www.photoessayist.com /canam/gurney/index.html   (181 words)

 - Salon: 1967 All American Racers Eagle-Weslake (11/2002)
Dan Gurney, Grand Prix star, NASCAR champion of Riverside, ruler of the real Nürburgring, constructor of Indy 500 winners, erstwhile Presidential candidate, ironman victor at Le Mans and Daytona, championship IMSA team owner, Cannonball legend...Our Hero...has a tear in his eye.
Dan dabs at the dampness with a napkin, microphone in the other hand as dinner guests of the Liège Royal Motor Union at Belgium's Spa-Francorchamps circuit listen to his every word.
Dan is recounting his win at Spa 35 years ago with a facial expression that seems to have him looking outward and inward at the same time, a sweet remembrance of people and places...and what's this?
www.roadandtrack.com /article.asp?section_id=33&article_id=368   (257 words)

 Daniel Gurney of Runcton Hall
Daniel (Dan) Gurney was born on March 9th 1791, the youngest of 11 children (another child, a first son, had died in infancy).
Hudson (in a patriarchal position as the eldest son of Dan's eldest uncle) was not in favour of the project.
In 1865 Dan's fortune had been lost in the collapse of the bank Overend, Gurney and Co. Ltd, of which he was the senior partner.
www.runctonweb.co.uk /hist/dgurney.html   (1210 words)

 dan gurney and bob bondurant finished 4th overall and won the gt class at le mans in 1964. this - reviews by users & ...
dan gurney and bob bondurant finished 4th overall and won the gt class at le mans in 1964.
Read reviews for dan gurney and bob bondurant finished 4th overall and won the gt class at le mans in 1964.
Location: Home / dan gurney and bob bondurant finished 4th overall and won the gt class at le mans in 1964.
www.comparestoreprices.co.uk /compare-prices/dan-gurney-and-bob-bondurant-finished-4th-overall-and-won-the-gt-class-at-le-mans-in-1964.---this   (209 words)

 Dan Gurney Biography
Dan was the first driver ever to win races in the four, major categories of motorsports: Grand Prix, Indy Car, NASCAR and Sports Car.
Gurney started All American Racers (AAR) in 1965 with Carroll Shelby, and has been its Chairman and CEO ever since.
Gurney and his wife, Evi, who was a junior executive in the public relations/press department of Porsche in Stuttgart and a well-known motorsports journalist in Germany during the sixties, have two sons.
www.autographedtoyou.com /Dan-Gurney-Biography.htm   (248 words)

 Schedule for Historic Trans Am
It was driven by Dan Gurney and Swede Savage during pre-season testing and used in all of AAR's and Chrysler's preseason promotional photographs.
It was driven by Dan Gurney in the first two races, then the rest of the Season by Swede Savage.
Gurney had intended to run a full season of Trans Am however budget cuts by Chrysler forced AAR to reduce its two car effort to a single car for Savage after Gurney had run just two races.
www.trans-amseries.com /Drivers/AndyBoone.htm   (439 words)

 Dan Gurney - Grand Prix Racing - the whole story
Between 1963 and 1965 Dan drove for Jack Brabham at the wheel of the fine- handling tubular chassis 1.5-litre Climax-engined car carrying the Australian's name, but while he consistently proved himself almost a match for Clark and the dominant Lotus, time and again he was let down by trifling mechanical failures.
Dan would later admit that the Eagle- Weslake was a dramatically underfinanced project: 'We had minimal backing in every area.
The Eagle F1 project finally died in mid-1968, Gurney's enthusiasm for motor racing in general having received a severe dent when Jim Clark was killed in April of that year.
www.gpracing.net192.com /drivers/careers/258.cfm   (734 words)

 The Auto Channel--Dan Gurney Returns
Now in his sixties, Dan Gurney doesn't cut quite the same picture he did back when he was winning at Le Mans, or when he was taking the Lotus and Eagles around Indy and driving Porsche and Ferrari Grand Prix and sports cars.
Gurney has been a manufacturer for the past thirty years, becoming successful enough that by 1973 twenty-one of the thirty-three cars in the Indianapolis 500 field were Eagles, constructed and built by Dan Gurney.
Gurney speaks softly, as Teddy Roosevelt might have said, and he carries a big stick, a refreshing sort of self-effacing confidence.
www.theautochannel.com /sports/openwheel/ms9610.html   (615 words)

 Manufacturer - Dan Gurney   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Shelby convinced Goodyear, who wanted to challenge Firestone Tire and Rubber Companys domination of American racing at the time, to sponsor the team, and Goodyears president Victor Holt suggested the name, All American Racers, and the team was formed in 1965.
Their initial focus was Indianapolis 500 and Goodyears battle with Firestone, but Gurneys first love was road racing, especially in Europe, and he wanted to win the Formula One World Championship while driving an American Grand Prix Eagle racing team.
The Weslake V12 engine was not ready for the 1966 Grand Prix season, so the team used four-cylinder 2.7-liter Coventry-Climax engines and made their first appearance in the second race of the year in Belgium.
mywebpage.netscape.com /Adachi4101/dan-gurney-manufacturer.html   (378 words)

 Dan Gurney and his Aligator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Dan Gurney and his All American Racers organization won't have an Indy car presence in 2000 after finishing up their Toyota deal last year.
Gurney is a former Formula One car racer (and winner) and one of the very few guys on the planet to have won F1, Indy car and NASCAR.
Gurney has built race cars for a living for the past thirty-odd years and still does a great deal of engine and chassis development work for many of the manufacturers, so he can back up this talk, big time.
www.superbikeplanet.com /000105d.htm   (558 words)

 Dan Gurney & Stirling Moss   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
In the second 100 mile heat, Moss and Gurney resumed the fight.
Gurney's spin gave Moss "breathing room" to win the 2nd heat easily.
Gurney, a non-starter in 1960 with mechanical problems, was 2nd in both heats in 1961.
www.tamsoldracecarsite.net /DanGurneyandStirlingMoss.html   (180 words)

 Amazon.ca: Dan Gurney: The Ultimate Racer: Books: Jack Brabham,Karl Ludvigsen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Gurney quite a lot and was constantly in touch with him during the writing of the book.
Gurney then demanded changes which did not necessarily portray the truth of what happened in certain instances.
Enjoyed it but when I went to AAR and talked to Dan, he mentioned that he was disappointed that he was not asked or consulted in any way.
www.amazon.ca /Dan-Gurney-Ultimate-Jack-Brabham/dp/1859606555   (658 words)

 Dan Gurney
Mit dieser Gurney Flap wird der Abtrieb des Flügels verbessert, was zur Folge hat, dass der Rennwagen eine bessere Bodenhaftung hat.
Dan Gurney war außerdem in einigen Hollywood-Filmen zu sehen, die den Automobilsport zum Thema hatten, so in "Winning" (mit Paul Newman), "A Man and a Woman" oder "Grand Prix" (mit James Garner).
2002 präsentierte Gurney ein von ihm entwickeltes Motorrad mit der Bezeichnung "Alligator", eine Einzylinder-Maschine, bei der der Fahrer extrem tief in der Maschine anstatt auf ihr sitzt.
www.xn--enzyklopdie-s8a.de /Dan_Gurney.html   (914 words)

 Dan Gurney   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Gurney brakes for Turn 5 at Laguna Seca during qualifying for the second "Pacific Grand Prix" on Oct. 21-22,1961.
Gurney was honored at the 2000 "Wine Country Classics" at Sear Point Raceway.
It was in this car that Gurney estab- lished himself in the top rank of American drivers.
www.tamsoldracecarsite.net /DanGurney.html   (173 words)

 RaceSearch.com to Auction Classic Items From Racing Legend Dan Gurney's Collection; Fans Get Rare Opportunity to Own a ...
Auto racing legend Dan Gurney today announced that thousands of memorabilia items from his personal collection will be available over the next few months in an unprecedented auction to be conducted over the Internet by RaceSearch.com.
Gurney and fellow racing icon Mario Andretti are the only professional drivers in history to win races in the four major categories of motorsports -- NASCAR, Indy Car, Grand Prix and Sports Car.
Gurney's All American Racers will be providing historically significant auction items that will be treasured by auto racing fans throughout the world.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_2000_April_15/ai_61513183   (783 words)

 On TV : Behind the Wheel : All-American Dan Gurney/Santa Barbara Concours : Fine Living
Although Gurney retired as a race driver, he is also a legend behind the scenes.
His Gurney Eagle had dominated the racing scene for several years, and Gurney has brought his expertise to Hollywood in several different films and shows.
Dan Gurney is a member of the Screen Actors Guild with work on such films as "Winning," "A Man and a Women," and "Grand Prix."
www.fineliving.com /fine/behind_the_wheel/episode/0,1663,FINE_4136_13244,00.html   (332 words)

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