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Topic: Dandelion and burdock

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  Dandelion and burdock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dandelion and burdock is a traditional British flavoured soft drink tasting of licorice with a pungent aftertaste.
Dandelion and Burdock shares a historical origin with a number of drinks originally made from lightly fermented root extracts, such as root beer and sarsaparilla.
Dandelion and burdock is best served chilled and is a light refreshing soft drink popular amoungst children.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dandelion_and_burdock   (238 words)

 Burdock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The burdocks are sometimes confused with the cockleburs (genus Xanthium) and rhubarb (genus Rheum).
"Dandelion and Burdock" is a soft drink that has long been popular in the United Kingdom, and authentic recipes are sold by health food shops, but it is not clear whether the cheaper supermarket versions actually contain either plant.
Burdock is believed to be a galactagogue, a substance that increases lactation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Burdock   (868 words)

Dandelions were originally widely distributed throughout Eurasia, but have been inadvertently introduced to North America and Australia, where they have thrived.
The dandelion has a bright yellow flower, which gives way in time to a globe of fine filaments that are usually distributed by wind, containing the seeds that help it spread.
Dandelions are high in vitamin A and also are a source of vitamin C. Ground roasted dandelion root is used as a coffee substitute.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/da/Dandelion.html   (541 words)

 Burdock   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Burdock is possibly more widely recognised by the hooked, seed heads [burs] which attach themselves to animal fur and bits of clothing.
Burdock is a wonderfully detoxifying herb with mild diuretic, antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties.
All parts of the Burdock plant serve a purpose medicinally: the seeds are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, and are used to remove toxins in fevers such as measles and mumps.
www.gaias-garden.co.uk /Herbs/Burdock.html   (331 words)

 Dandelion Root / Burdock Root - Cream
Burdock Root (Arctium lappa) is a biennial herb native to Europe and Asia.
Burdock is frequently combined with dandelion in herbal formulas to maintain healthy, normal liver, kidney, and gallbladder function.
Burdock is rich in vitamins and minerals such as chromium, copper, iron, manganese, sulfur, biotin, zinc, iron, amino acids, mucilage, and vitamins B1, B6, B12, and E. Chromium is particularly effective in supporting the body's maintenance of blood glucose levels already in the normal range.
www.zooscape.com /cgi-bin/maitred/RedSafari/questp428028   (517 words)

 Dandelion -
Dandelion (Taraxacum) is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae.
Dandelions are used as food plants by the larvae of some species of Lepidoptera - see list of Lepidoptera which feed on Dandelions.
Dandelions are grown commercially at a small scale as a leaf vegetable.
psychcentral.com /psypsych/Dandelion   (962 words)

 Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements - Dandelion Root with Burdock   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The high choline content of the root may be a major factor in dandelion's ability to act as a liver tonic.
Because dandelion replaces potassium lost through diuresis, it does not have some of the potential side effects of other diuretic drugs, such as hepatic coma and circulatory collapse.
Dandelion has been shown to have extremely low side effects and is considered safe in very high doses.
www.organicfood.co.uk /vms/dandelion-burdock.html   (521 words)

Burdock is a strong liver purifying and hormone balancing herb with particular value for skin, arthritic, and glandular problems.
Burdock is an excellent blood purifier and cleanser and eliminates long-term impurities from the blood very rapidly.
Inulin, the source of most of Burdock's curative powers,consists of 27% to 45% inulin which is a form of starch important in the metabolism of carbohydrates.
www.infertilityworkshop.com /newsletter/november2001/herb.htm   (469 words)

 botanical.com - A Modern Herbal | Dandelion - Herb Profile and Information
Dandelion roots have long been largely used on the Continent, and the plant is cultivated largely in India as a remedy for liver complaints.
Dried Dandelion root is 1/2 inch or less in thickness, dark brown, shrivelled, with wrinkles running lengthwise, often in a spiral direction; when quite dry, it breaks easily with a short, corky fracture, showing a very thick, white bark, surrounding a wooden column.
Dandelion is used as a bitter tonic in atonic dyspepsia, and as a mild laxative in habitual constipation.
www.botanical.com /botanical/mgmh/d/dandel08.html   (4088 words)

 burdock on Encyclopedia.com
BURDOCK [burdock], common name of any plant of the genus Arctium of the family Asteraceae (aster family), coarse biennials indigenous to temperate Eurasia and mostly weedy in North America.
Burdock is classified in the division Magnoliophyta, class Magnoliopsida, order Asterales, family Asteraceae.
Burdock 2 19 0165 --Chinese grown burdock faked as homegrown by Miyazaki firm
www.encyclopedia.com /html/b/burdock.asp   (210 words)

 Golden Fields - Organic Dandelion & Burdock Coffee - Purchase Online
Burdock is diuretic and diaphoretic, it is one of the best blood purifiers and a remedy for all skin deseases including eczema.
Put together, dandelion and burdock reinforce each other's action, in particular as a liver tonic.
Golden Field's burdock is grown in New Zealand on certified organic farms and is harvested early autumn.
www.goldenfields.co.nz /dandelion_burdock.php   (335 words)

 Empower Yourself - Dirty Roots (Burdock and Dandelion) by A.J. Ahlberg-Venezia - Weed Wanderings Herbal eZine with ...
Burdock leaves were also tied (with their points facing out) around the wrists and ankles of feverish folk, in accordance with the belief that the fever would be drawn to the extremities and out through the leaf points.
Burdock is often referred to as an alterative or blood cleanser; she strengthens the kidneys and liver.
Burdock’s large, thick taproot is sehr Thorian, and my husband has noticed that I fondle the roots too much while making my selection at the local whole foods market, as I ponder anew why this herb must have been dedicated to big-hammer swinging Thor.
www.susunweed.com /herbal_ezine/april04/empower.htm   (2617 words)

 Dandelion and Lotus
The fresh leaves of the ubiquitous dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) are used in green salads and as a cooked vegetable.
The roasted, ground taproot of this European relative of the dandelion is blended with ground coffee beans to produce a smoother, more flavorful coffee.
Like the cocklebur, the one-seeded achenes of burdock are enclosed in a bur or involucre that is covered with long spines which are hooked at the tip.
waynesword.palomar.edu /ecoph32.htm   (803 words)

 Thorncroft - cordials, fruit and sparkling drinks
The flavour of dandelion and burdock drinks nowadays is artificial sassafras –; artificial because real sassafras was found to be toxic and banned some years ago.
Dandelion and burdock, like sarsaparilla, have no flavour to speak of.
Dandelion root is a cholalogue which markedly increases bile flow, and burdock root is both cleansing and stimulating to the appetite.
www.thorncroftdrinks.co.uk /benefits.htm   (280 words)

There are several similar species of burdock and it is often difficult to distinguish one from the other.
An extract of burdock root called burdock root oil is used to stimulate hair growth in alopoecia.
Culinary uses include the Dandelion and Burdock drink, candied stalks, and the root can be used as a vegetable.
www.purplesage.org.uk /profiles/burdock.htm   (867 words)

 peculiar pops   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Ben Shaws Original Dandelion & Burdock, estd 1871 is one of several dandelion and burdock sodas from England.
In the U.S. burdock is a surly weed that leaves huge seed heads completly snarled in your dog's hair.
It's not like anything we've ever had before (except when we drank Dandelion & Burdock soda in England in the past), but we've never tried to analyze it until now.
www.exoticsoda.com /dand.html   (263 words)

 Products :: Details :: Thorncroft :: Detox (330ml)
Detox Cordial is based on Dandelion and Burdock, but couldn’t be further from the drink of that name found nowadays, which is really an artificial sassafras flavoured drink.
Thorncroft went back to basics and realised that the purpose of Dandelion and Burdock as ingredients was not flavour — they have none to speak of - but their cleansing functions.
Dandelion is known to increase bile flow, and Burdock stimulates the kidneys and the appetite.
www.althealth.co.uk /products/details.php?id=6440   (367 words)

 Dandelion: A rare and yummy health food - Food Mall
A typical Dandelion salad is usually paired with hard-boiled eggs...yea I remember, the last time I had eggs with yoghurt and mustard sauce, and they were yummy.
Dandelion roots are also used as coffee substitute.
Dandelion being rich in Vitamin A, C and iron is a potential source for manufacturing healthy foods in the food industry.
www.foodmall.org /entry/dandelion-a-rare-and-yummy-health-food   (402 words)

 Balance Blend Detox Tea - 16 tea bags - ZIN: 426383
Burdock root, native to Asia and Europe, is the primary source of many herbal preparations.
Dandelion is widely considered an invasive, unattractive weed, but must be regarded as a Godsend to the manufacturers of lawn herbicides.
While the dandelion's efficacy in destroying a perfect green, carpeted lawn is undisputed, its efficacy for health matters is - or should be - of greater interest.
www.zooscape.com /cgi-bin/maitred/GreenCanyon/questp426383   (767 words)

 Welcome to Cate Farm - Certified Organic Burdock
Burdock is a biennial: seeded in spring, the plant produces a long taproot and large foliage, but no seed.
While burdock seed is harvested in the fall of the second year, the root is harvested in the fall of the first year, or overwintered and dug early the next spring.
Burdock root is a main component in the Essiac formula.
www.catefarm.com /burdock.html   (324 words)

 Burdock - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Burdock, common name for any of a genus of coarse biennial weeds (Composite Flowers) characterized by bristly burrs.
goldenrod, ragweed, bindweed, burdock, chickweed, dandelion, dock, jimsonweed, nettle, poison ivy, poison oak, stinging nettle, thistle, thorn apple,...
Exclusively for MSN Encarta Premium Subscribers--quickly search thousands of articles from magazines such as Time, Newsweek, The Atlantic Monthly, and Smithsonian.
ca.encarta.msn.com /Burdock.html   (66 words)

 Nutritive Herbs for Companion Animals
One of the pitfalls of evaluating herbs from only what the headlines read is that most scientific studies compare herbs with conventional medicine, meaning the focus of most studies is centered on what an herb can or cannot do in the treatment of a specific ailment.
Dandelion or burdock root on the other hand, may serve to improve the liver's production of bile, enzymes, and various other biochemicals, which are critical to digestion and the transport of nutrients throughout the body, while at the same time adding a rich diversity of vitamins and minerals to the animal's diet.
This makes dandelion and burdock especially useful in animals suffering from chronic constipation, arthritis, skin problems, or other disorders that may be associated with deficient liver function.
www.petsage.com /art_herbs.htm   (779 words)

 HerbalEzine ~Almost Spring~ Dandelion, Burdock, & Gotu kola
Dandelion has been safely used as a medicinal herb and food for centuries.
Dandelion is a powerful diuretic but does not deplete the body of potassium like many diuretics.
This is an excellent herb to combine with dandelion for the ritual spring cleaning of your body.
teas-herbals.com /HerbalEzine/OnlineHerbEzine/03March_Issue.htm   (578 words)

 Burdock - LocalHarvest
For centuries burdock has been used by apothecaries in various parts of the world for eczema, rheumatism, clearing of stones, purifying the blood, cleansing the liver, colic and numerous other ailments.
A very potent dandelion and burdock wine used to be made in Ireland, (if anyone should have a recipe for it please pass it along).
Wildcrafted burdock roots are lovingly harvested in the Fall and steeped in organic alcohol for a minimum of six weeks.
www.localharvest.org /burdock.jsp   (281 words)

 Alcoholic Beverages - Cooking with herbs
Boil burdock, chamomile and ginger in half of the water for 15 minutes.
Boil burdock, dandelion and block juice in half the quantity of water for 15 minutes.
Juice of 2 lemons may be substituted for the dandelion and cleavers.
earthnotes.tripod.com /alcbevg.htm   (2002 words)

 Traditional Uses of Herbs 6   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Dandelion, buried in the northwest corner of the house, brings favorable winds.
In the 16th century, dandelion became known as Herba urinaria because of the strong diuretic action of the leaves, a property still clearly reflected in its country name, piss-a-bed (in French, pissenlit).
Modern herbalists still recommend dandelion for water retention, while the root, which has a tonic effect on the liver and gallbladder, is prescribed for liver ailments.
www.copperdreams.com /pages%20t2z/traditional_uses_of_herbs_6.htm   (2696 words)

 Herbs For Ailments
Alfalfa, Red beet root, yellow dock root, strawberry leaves, chickweed, burdock root, nettle, mullein leaves.
Corn silk, dandelion, juniper, parsley, uva ursi, thyme.
Dandelion, ginseng, gotu kola, alfalfa, licorice, yellow dock.
www.i4at.org /lib2/ailments.htm   (1399 words)

 Elchai's Herbal Talk
Herbs which, in general, maintain body health, by keeping the blood free of stagnating gasses and materials, include dandelion root, burdock root, cleavers, red clover, often assisted by nettle and alfalfa for their nutritional benefits.
Dandelion root is not included in the actual mix, nor is burdock root.
A nice mix is dandelion root and burdock root which do an excellent job helping the liver cleanse the blood of toxins along with alfalfa and nettle which provide excellent vitamins and minerals for nutrition and help the kidneys and strengthen the endocrine system which helps menstrual problems.
www.reikisanantonio.com /elchai/htalk4.htm   (5427 words)

 Dandelion Burdock - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag - Price - Review
This traditional combination of liver supporting herbs: dandelion, burdock and artichoke leaf are combined with milk thistle extract, which supplies 80% silymarin and is...
Ingredients: Dandelion root, burdock root, licorice root, cayenne pepper (fruit), yellow dock root, sarsaparilla root, kelp, Echinacea purpurea stem (leaf and flower), and...
Ingredients: A 0.8 ml proprietary blend of an extract of milk thistle seed, dandelion root, yellow dock root, salvia root, hyssop leaf, red clover herb, burdock root, bayberry...
www.nextag.com /dandelion-burdock/search-html   (406 words)

 acne dandelion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Medicinal direct 2U - nature herbs - Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale - Dandelion is now naturalised throughout the Northern Hemisphere and is often complaints, and heart weakness, chronic joint and skin - gout, and acne.
and Infromation Dandelion Pictures - plant Dandelion is a perennial Origin: growing almost everywhere.
Dandelion - with high blood pressure and heart weakness, chronic joint and skin complaints, gout, eczema and acne.
www.acness.com /acne-dandelion.html   (803 words)

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