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Topic: Dangerous (album)

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In the News (Thu 22 Aug 19)

  Dangerous Toys mp3 music song hits
Dangerous Toys - Line 'em Up [Live] mp3
Dangerous Toys - Sport'n A Woody [Live] mp3
Dangerous Toys - Gimme' No Lip [Live] mp3
dangerous-toys.napddare.net   (98 words)

  Dangerous - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dangerous (album), is an album by singer/songwriter Michael Jackson.
Dangerous (Bill Hicks album) a comedy album by satirist and stand-up comic Bill Hicks.
Dangerous (Depeche Mode song) is a song by Depeche Mode on the B-side of its Personal Jesus single.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dangerous   (183 words)

 Dangerous   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Dangerous album was released in Nov 91 and early sales were record breaking.
However Dangerous remained in the album chart for over 2 years (117 wks) and enjoyed a huge boost in sales in early 1993 when MJ performed at the Super Bowl and gave his Oprah Winfrey Interview.
To summarise the basic reason is that Dangerous outsold Bad is that with the exception of the UK and USA it outsold Bad in almost every country across the globe.
www.mjinf.co.uk /Dangerous/Dangerous.htm   (854 words)

 USATODAY.com - Michael: Thrilling, bad, dangerous and more   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Dangerous: It expands the scope of the medium to admit all manner of pretentious swill.
Dangerous: Financial troubles and death threats mar the tour, which effectively marks the end of The Jacksons as a musical force.
Dangerous: With most hits from his last three albums and much-touted collaborations with sister Janet and R.Kelly, the album was projected to become as ubiquitous as coffee tables.
www.usatoday.com /life/music/2001-09-07-jackson-sidebar.htm   (1393 words)

 CD Baby: DANGEROUS: The Deadly MC
DANGEROUS is one of Vancouver’s hottest upcoming underground MC's in the independent Canadian music industry.
The album is available in stores locally in Vancouver, BC and is also available worldwide via an online distributor.
In addition to a successful album release Dangerous has secured a management contract with GTPD MUSIC an international artist development company that promotes unsigned talent.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/dangerousmc   (562 words)

 Dangerous.... Best.... Album.... Evar! - Michael Jackson Discussion
This album has everything, pop(fl or white), rnb(remember the time), rock(give into me), classical(will you be there), little gospel(keep the faith).
Last part of the album pretty much sums it up for me. Who is it, i cannot say enough about this song.
dangerous is my fav too....i love it..i remember being like 2 and my mom would put it on and i would fall asleep.
www.mjnewsonline.com /board/showthread.php?t=5063   (702 words)

 THE GREATNESS OF THE DANGEROUS ALBUM!! - Michael Jackson Discussion
This was the stepping stone to all great r andb/pop albums from the 90s to this day.
Dangerous, man that beat is awesome, very danceable, I love the words.
I have listened to this album hundreds of times and even though it was realesed 12 years ago the sound of the album is still fresh
www.mjnewsonline.com /board/showthread.php?t=1245   (997 words)

 The Dangerous Fanlisting - the album by Michael Jackson » About
Michael Jackson's Dangerous album was released on November 22nd in 1992 and it has sold over 32 million copies worldwide.
Jackson was awarded a new record breaking $890 million contract by Sony in March, 1991, and released his first album under the new contract, Dangerous, that November.
Several of the music videos taken from the Dangerous album had complex storylines and dance sequences, and featured cameo appearances by celebrities.
www.m00nwalk.com /dangerous/index.php?about   (549 words)

 Dangerous (album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dangerous was a hit album for singer/songwriter Michael Jackson released in 1991 and went on to become the second biggest selling album of 1992.
Beginning with this album, Jackson ended his association with Quincy Jones, and enlisted new producers such as new jack swing inventor Teddy Riley for his records.
As was becoming the standard for Jackson, the album's music videos were among the most costly and innovative of their time.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dangerous_(album)   (1128 words)

 No Life Til Metal - CD Gallery - Dangerous Toys
Dangerous Toys were kicking off the tour for their second album titled 'Hellacious Acres' that had just been released.
Anyhow, "The R*tist 4*merly Known as Dangerous Toys" is far removed from the boogie metal and pop metal leanings of their first three records.
Tracks 1 through 7, originally released on the '89 studio album, Dangerous Toys were recorded by Westwood One, at the Orpheum Theater, in Boston MA, on November 4, 1989.
www.nolifetilmetal.com /dangeroustoys.htm   (1043 words)

 Dangerous by Michael Jackson CD
If I would say 'Thriller' is his best album (also the best album ever) it would underestimate the quality of Dangerous because there aren't (and will never be) any artists who can make an album as perfect as MJ's albums.
His 1991 album Dangerous named it one of his record of the 90's & still being on top of the charts earlier in 1992.
This album is not a failure, but it is not of the same calibre as Thriller.
www.cduniverse.com /search/xx/music/pid/2226747/a/Dangerous.htm   (561 words)

 DVD.net : Michael Jackson - Dangerous: The Short Films - DVD Review
Dangerous seemed to be the beginning of the end for Michael Jackson - as both critically and commercially he is yet to equal the dizzying heights of Thriller or Bad.
Watching this compilation really makes you realise what a great album Dangerous was, and Jackson must be credited for being one of the very few artists to take the music video medium and push it to its limits.
This is a great document of what may be Michael Jackson's last great album, and is great watching for both fans of Jackson and music-video lovers in general.
www.dvd.net.au /review.cgi?review_id=1246   (769 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Dangerous And Moving: Music: t.A.T.u.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The single is the first to be taken from their second studio album Dangerous & Moving, the follow up to the 5 million selling 200KM/hour In The Wrong Lane which spawned the massive hit "All The Things She Said".
It is a fantastic album, even better than the first, and very Tatu, unique and very listenable.
And 'Dangerous and Moving' pretty much takes up where their brilliant debut left off, each track hurtling along with an energy that leaves every other eurodisco beat in the dust, and yet with a heartfelt angst and foreboding from those amazing russian voices that most indie bands would kill for.
www.amazon.co.uk /Dangerous-Moving-t-T-u/dp/B000BFHYD0   (1122 words)

 MP3 Downloads - Music Downloads - Music Videos
With their self-titled debut album, Dangerous Toys found themselves in regular rotation on MTV.
The album contains such memorable, and somewhat laughable tracks as "Take Me Drunk," "Feels Like a Hammer," "Sportin' a Woody," plus their breakthrough hit "Teas'n, Pleas'n." Despite the bands enduring reputation as a cult favorite, the album has a very corporate rock feel.
Earlier albums were slightly tacky, while later efforts lost the chances of Loudness becoming a household name.
www.mp3.com /albums/4178/similar.html   (564 words)

 TATU - Dangerous and Moving, Lyudi Invalidi
In October 2005, two years after the release of "200 km/h in the wrong lane", the second album "Dangerous And Moving" was finally released.
The exploitative angle is gone: Yulia and Lena are adults now, they have shed their lesbian schoolgirl image and one of them has even become a mother.
The Onion's AV Club included "Dangerous And Moving" in their list of Inessential Albums of 2005 -- and it made the top of their list...
www.hellonearth.com /tatu/music2.html   (895 words)

 Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams - Album Review
There are so many familiar sounds coming at you from all angles that at first you may be forgiven for thinking this album lacks originality.
If you’d never heard of this LA trio before, the album sleeve does lead you to think they’re some too funky DJ outfit, but when you wack that bad boy on, what a refreshingly uber cool surprise – rock, disco, electro.
Led by beautiful, voluptuous bass guitar and mounted with a dirty beat and riff, ‘Dangerous Dreams’ will appeal to anyone who wants what bands like The Killers and Interpol offer but with a slightly more grubby-camp edge.
www.contactmusic.com /new/home.nsf/webpages/movingunitsx21x02x05   (339 words)

 Album Dangerous by Michael Jackson - AOL Music
Album Dangerous by Michael Jackson - AOL Music
Use the Notify links to report improper post.
Everything about the album 'Dangerous' by Michael Jackson including album title, track listings, release dates, guest artists, record label info and user reviews on AOL Music.
music.aol.com /artist/michael-jackson/4576/album/dangerous/10095   (166 words)

 Armed and Dangerous (album) album pop music info
The album was released in February of 1985 by Megaforce Records.
The band produced the album alone, which was released as a double album (along with Fistful of Metal) in Germany in 2000.
The album also includes the single Soldiers of Metal as its last two tracks.
www.artbrain.co.uk /pop-albums/armed-and-dangerous--album-.htm   (230 words)

 Reuben - Very Fast Very Dangerous : album review
More punchy, more catchy, tighter and less sprawling than last year's Racecar is Racecar Backwards, Very Fast Very Dangerous is a very good, and very English rock album, and one that grows significantly with each listen.
Dave Grohl's influence is still obvious throughout, but so is that of label-mates Million Dead and you have to wonder whether the lyrical inventiveness of the latter has set up some kind of contest within the Xtra Mile roster for the cleverest wordplay.
The album kicks off with A Kick in the Mouth, which immediately sets up the combination of American grunge vs UK hardcore vs English idiosyncrasy.
www.musicomh.com /albums4/reuben-2_0905.htm   (585 words)

 YouTube - "Dangerous!" Album in the Mix
this is the dangerous album mix that goes on for 20mins right?
Join YouTube for a free account, or Login if you are already a member.
Four explosive Michael Jackson videos, " Four explosive Michael Jackson videos, "Dangerous," "Jam!" "In The Closet," and "Black or White" all combine to form this compilation dance extravaganza.
www.youtube.com /watch?v=UhHpSennmys   (122 words)

 Shaved And Dangerous album down Baby Animals lyrics
Shaved And Dangerous album down Baby Animals lyrics
Artist Baby Animals Albums: Baby Animals, Shaved And Dangerous.
Je pourrai dire amen a tout et ce qui sera sera Je pourrai oui, sans questions Mais Mon Dieu, tu mu tue Parfois le temps manque tu veux tout savoir, t...
www.lyric.su /album_s_shaved_and_dangerous_baby_animals.html   (354 words)

 The Dangerous Fanlisting - the album by Michael Jackson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Dangerous Fanlisting - The Michael Jackson album
Welcome to The Dangerous FL, approved by TFL.org.
Put a code on your site if you have one.
www.m00nwalk.com /dangerous   (64 words)

 Michael Jackson: Dangerous - The Short Films
Currently, there are not enough Tomatometer critic reviews for Michael Jackson: Dangerous - The Short Films to receive a rating.
After pioneering the epic music video with his ground breaking short movies for "Thriller," "Bad" (directed by the acclaimed feature auteur Michael Jackson,) and others, the King of Pop's next project was awaited with great expectations.
And Jackson, as always, managed to meet these with his album, "Dangerous," for which he continued his pattern of making innovative, trend-setting videos.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/michael_jackson_dangerous_the_short_films   (366 words)

 FREE-ALBUMS.NET :: Free Mp3 Albums Download
Free Mp3 Hits Download, MTV Mp3 Charts and Full Mp3 Albums
Free-Albums.net does not store any mp3/other files on its server.
Please inform us for any copyrighted material, which should not be posted on the site.
www.free-albums.net   (36 words)

 Amazon.com: Dangerous: The Album: Music: Da Buzz
Buy this album with Last Goodbye ~ Da Buzz today!
Includes tracks "Dangerous", "How Could You Leave Me", "Come Away With Me", "Waiting For Me", etc.
Think of a tag as a keyword or label you consider is strongly related to this product.
www.amazon.com /Dangerous-Album-Da-Buzz/dp/B0002L4DOQ   (438 words)

 Michael Jackson : Dangerous - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Even so, Dangerous captures Jackson at a near-peak, delivering an album that would have ruled the pop charts surely and smoothly if it had arrived just a year earlier.
But it didn't -- it arrived along with grunge, which changed the rules of the game nearly as much as Thriller itself.
Bobby Brown - Bobby; Madonna - Erotica; George Michael - Too Funky; Prince - The Love Symbol Album;
www.artistdirect.com /nad/store/artist/album/0,,107895,00.html   (391 words)

 Reuben, Very Fast Very Dangerous, Album Review
Much of this album sounds like a sequel to Nirvana'
The dirty, mashed up guitar sound so reminiscent of nineties grunge is the thread that links all the diverse songs on this album together.
There are some lovely, haunting vocal moments on here, and some heavy bass lines that are designed to get you swinging your hair about metal-style.
www.contactmusic.com /new/home.nsf/webpages/reubenx10x11x05   (141 words)

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