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Topic: Dani Bunten

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Danielle Bunten Berry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bunten was a transsexual woman, having undergone sex reassignment surgery in November 1992.
Bunten departed EA for Microprose, where she reportedly had a choice between doing a computer version of Civilization or a version of Axis and Allies.
Bunten, a chain smoker since her teens, was diagnosed with lung cancer and died in 1998.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dan_Bunten   (701 words)

 Danielle Bunten Berry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-29)
Dani Bunten, born Daniel Bunten, was an American game designer and programmer, known for the 1983 game M.U.L.E (one of the first successful multiplayer games), and 1984's Seven Cities of Gold.
Bunten was a transsexual, undergoing a sex-change operation in November 1992.
Bunten shifted focus to multiplayer games over the Internet, but was diagnosed with lung cancer and died in 1998.
bopedia.com /en/wikipedia/d/da/danielle_bunten_berry.html   (610 words)

 Happy Puppy / Dani Bunten Berry / Features
Most of Bunten's early work was for the Atari 800, which remains the only personal computer to ship with hardware for play by multiple players; and her games of the late '80s and early '90s (Modem Wars, Command HQ, and Global Conquest) were all designed around modem or network play.
Though her career was badly damaged by her abandonment of the field during and after her change of gender, she never expressed remorse or bitterness about the difficulty of reestablishing herself as a designer, a process still under way at the moment of her death.
Curiously, Dani herself wrote that she "screwed up the game," that it was "a hodgepodge rather than an integration"--and in truth, it was a shame that Microprose shipped a buggy version of the game.
www.costik.com /dani1.html   (1682 words)

 Get behind the M.U.L.E. - Salon
As a computer game designer, Bunten wanted her creations to be as breezy to learn, and social, as her favorite board games, but to also benefit from the complex intelligence of a computer at work beneath the friendly surface.
Dani Bunten Memorial Web site, that while Bunten's partner saw the bike shops as a way of making some extra cash, Bunten saw it as part of a quest to improve the world.
On the Bunten memorial board, former E.A. producer Joe Ybarra recalls that a buggy beta version was unable to generate an image of North and South America that didn't look like an enormous peanut.
dir.salon.com /story/tech/feature/2003/03/18/bunten/?pn=2   (1125 words)

 Gamasutra - Features - The Designer's Notebook - "In Memoriam: Danielle Berry " [07.17.98]
At the presentation of her CGDA Lifetime Achievement Award last May, Dani was quite legitimately described as the foremost authority on multi-player gaming in the world.
Dani's story was not always a happy one, and in later years I felt she had a shadowed, slightly haunted look, even when she was smiling.
At one point Dani was negotiating to do a new version of M.U.L.E. At the same time, she was also in the middle of her transformation, which, of course, included the surgery, and everyone who knew her well was secretly wondering about it.
www.gamasutra.com /features/designers_notebook/19980717.htm   (1371 words)

 GameSpy.com - Article: GameSpy's 30 Most Influential People in Gaming
Dani Bunten Berry was touted as one of the greatest artists of our age, mastering the art of game design and always up for a challenge to push the gaming industry to new heights.
Dani Bunten envisioned the future of gaming and grasped them in her sights, long before multiplayer games became believable and even before modems were invented.
Berry was an individual way ahead of her time, and one of the few pioneers in the industry during her era that tragically came to an end in 1998 when she died of metastatic lung cancer.
archive.gamespy.com /articles/march02/top30/127/index.shtm   (652 words)

 Ozark Softscape - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The company was based out of Little Rock, Arkansas and had profound success with a few of their early titles.
Dan (later Dani) Bunten was arguably the driving force behind Ozark Softscape.
Dani Bunten and the others moved to different areas of the software industry.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ozark_Softscape   (181 words)

 Seven Cities of Gold - videogame classics
Bunten's story is as interesting as the groundbreaking games she created, and is remembered today as one of the true visionary pioneers of the medium.
Bunten was working on an online version of MULE when she succumbed to lung cancer in 1998, owing to a lifetime of chain smoking.
Dan Bunten's connections with his family became strained when he changed genders in 1992, and I suspect this gets to the heart of her career as an artist.
www.danielthomas.org /pop/classics/cities.htm   (1458 words)

 Mischievous Ramblings: Dani Bunten, I miss you.
Until you figured out what it was doing, then you could turn it on its head by doing one thing during the first three quarters and something else during the fourth.
Dani always knew that the real "right stuff" in computer gaming was putting people together, not playing against the computer.
It's too bad she was ahead of the rest of us (and the technology), and that she smoked.
enginesofmischief.com /blogs/ramblings/archives/000042.php   (144 words)

 Coding Horror: Gee, I wish I had spent more time alone with my computer
He was born 'Dan Bunten,' but underwent what she always referred to as her "pronoun change" in the early 90s.
Dani also went on to design Modem Wars, which was arguably the first commercially released network multiplayer game:
Dani Bunten spent a significant part of her career writing computer games that encouraged social behavior.
www.codinghorror.com /blog/archives/000306.html   (490 words)

 Get behind the M.U.L.E. - Salon
Bunten was a computer-game maker of the old school: Her games were designed to fit onto 5.25-inch floppy disks, where a puny 170,000 bytes or less hung suspended on brown magnetic film.
She was also prescient: Even as the gaming industry increasingly focused on games designed for one player only, and her own career faltered, she insisted, again and again, that the future of games would be based on social relationships.
But in 1998 Dani Bunten died of cancer at age 49, shut out from the mass market she envisioned when computer games were only an oddball hobby.
dir.salon.com /story/tech/feature/2003/03/18/bunten/index.html?x   (564 words)

Dani was a wonderful gal who took full responsibility for her actions and didn't blame (although she questions) others for what happened to her.
Dani was left with all the usual difficulties of gender transition, but gained none of the profound benefits felt by many postop women.
Dani would threfore have been much better advised by her counselors to undergo FFS to correct her very masculine facial structure and then quietly undertake a TG social transition.
ai.eecs.umich.edu /people/conway/TS/Warning.html   (4079 words)

 Salon.com Technology | Get behind the M.U.L.E.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-29)
By 1997 Dani Bunten was fighting the effects of a lifetime of heavy smoking.
In an e-mail to Schiller, Bunten described her frustrations: "The unfortunate situation is that virtually all the folks in authority got here after MULE was already out of print.
But as Bunten met with potential publishers in the '90s, they watched the blocky robo-donkeys march to tinny, mock-stately title music; they observed the primitive 8-bit doodles of the Auction; and time after time, they saw nothing more than an ancient, dusty, stupid Atari video game.
archive.salon.com /tech/feature/2003/03/18/bunten/print.html   (3363 words)

 Dani Berry: ZoomInfo Business People Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-29)
Dani Berry's summary was automatically generated using 4 references found on the Internet.
Dani Bunten Berry, president of Ozark Softscape, Inc., passes away at 49 years of age.
Dani was known as the original designer of M.U.L.E. and SEVEN CITIES OF GOLD on early home computers.
www.zoominfo.com /directory/Berry_Dani_241337099.htm   (318 words)

 Stu says stuff: online gaming nostalgia
Dan was the creator of M.U.L.E., and Seven Cities of Gold, both forrunners of Sid Meier's Civilization (which Dani claims she was going to write, but Sid got to it first).
In the early 1990's, after the failure of his second marriage, he had a sex change and bacame Dani Bunten.
Dani is considered one of the greatest game designers of all time.
www.stucharlton.com /blog/archives/000071.html   (230 words)

 TNL Forum - Dani Bunten (creator of M.U.L.E.): A Tribute
When Bunten became more reclusive in the early 1990s, Computer Gaming World's Sipe was one of the few people in the industry she kept updated on her personal life.
The two had a good laugh when they realized Bunten thought Sipe was talking about her other life's struggle: to remake M.U.L.E. for the '90s.
The article bounced back so much from Dan, Dani, he, and she, that by the time I finished reading it I had a headache.
www.the-nextlevel.com /board/printthread.php?t=17000   (335 words)

 WomenGamers.Com :: View topic - Get behind the M.U.L.E.
Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2003 10:52 pm Post subject: Get behind the M.U.L.E. Dani Bunten's pioneering computer game inspired some of the greatest designers in the business, but her life story is a testament to how the industry lost its way.
Dani repeatedly tried to reclaim the rights to M.U.L.E. from Electronic Arts so that she could get it rereleased or do a remake/sequel.
Awhile back, Johnny Wilson relayed (in CGW) something Bunten had told him: She had been approached to collaborate on a new MULE but refused after she found out it was going to feature weapons and combat.
womengamers.com /forums/viewtopic.php?p=19011&...   (1106 words)

 The Seven Cities of Gold (game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Seven Cities of Gold is an adventure game created by Dan (then Danielle) Bunten (and the game development team Bunten founded, Ozark Softscape) and published by Electronic Arts in 1984 for the Apple IIe, the Atari 800 and Commodore 64 computers, as well as the IBM PC and compatibles.
The game has no scoring system and provides the player with feedback from the King, but no interference, if they slaughter the natives.
According to Bunten, from an interview in Antic,
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Seven_Cities_of_Gold_(game)   (575 words)

 BitchX, Online and Gaming news & Views
Today's required reading: Dani was active in the industry and penned a number of pieces of interest to those of us creating online games.
Dani Bunten Berry designed and directed development of 13 original computer games for major publishers.
Dani received the lifetime achievement award at this years CGDC...
www.gaminginsider.com /index.asp?date=7/9/1998   (387 words)

 panfletonegro.com - año 7 - número 83 - MULAS
Salvo por pequeños rastros, guiños, huellas digitales encontradas en diseños modernos desde Civilization hasta The Sims, es como si Dani Bunten jamás hubiese existido.
Bunten era de la vieja guardia: sus creaciones estaban diseñadas para caber en un floppy de 5¼, 170.000 bytes o menos sobre una delgada capa magnética.
Daniel Bunten, antes de lo que él llamó su “cambio de pronombre”, también diseñó el primer juego de estrategia en tiempo real con su lectura de la conquista española, Seven Cities of Gold.
www.panfletonegro.com /site/content/view/113/84   (1685 words)

 Charlie "Flayra" Cleveland: Orson Scott Card and Dani Bunten Berry
This was largely due to one reason: Dani Bunten Berry.
Dani Bunten Berry has always been my game design idol.
Dani invented the real-time strategy genre with Command HQ.
www.charliecleveland.com /archives/2006/02/orson_scott_car.html   (437 words)

 Electric Playground: Staff
This was true real-time gaming, including resource management, for not only did gamers have to fight for the world, but keep a close eye on their petroleum reserves.
Although both of Bunten's global domination-type titles included resource management, Dune II was the first to make the gamer seek the resources (in this case Spice) to fund the construction of buildings that in turn would build units.
Bunten's offerings were strategic, played from an overhead view of the world, with square counters representing divisions of units.
www.elecplay.com /features/rts/rtshistory.html   (2765 words)

 Cruft: Dani Bunten
Salon has an excellent article on Dani Bunten.
Dani was the creator the best computer game I ever played, M.U.L.E. She also made Seven Cities of Gold, a revolutionary game for the time that was the forerunner for all the RTS games that followed.
It is truly sad that a woman that brought so much innovation to gaming was stuck by cancer just as the internet opened up a whole new world of gaming.
www.cruftbox.com /blog/archives/000605.html   (239 words)

 Eidolon´s Inn - M.U.L.E.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-29)
My brother, Bill Bunten, helped with design and the play-testing logistics; Jim Rushing helped with programming (especially the solo opponent); Alan Watson took care of the graphics; Roy Glover did the sounds and music and our producer at EA was Joe Ybarra.
In this interview, Dani reveals details about her personal change, her role in the industry, the direction in which she expects it to evolve and her hope of a revival of her popular game "M.U.L.E.".
Dani was presented with the Computer Game Developers Association's Lifetime Achievement Award at the CGDC in Long Beach, Calif., last May. Dani's longtime friend and fellow game designer Brian Moriarty honored her at that ceremony with a laudatory speech, which we have excerpted here.
www.worldofmule.net /mulememo.htm   (16344 words)

 M.U.L.E. for Commodore 64 Reviews - Commodore 64 M.U.L.E. Reviews
M.U.L.E. was originally written for the Atari 800 back in 1983 and was then successfully ported over to the C64 which made it appear that you were playing on the Atari 800 PC which I found to be quite surprising considering the infancy of the home gaming market back then.
This title was created by Dan Bunten as a multiplayer game that incorporated a real-time auction feature which was a great aspect in this game as it added a feature that was incredibly immersive.
Dan Bunten was a master and has been recognized and awarded for his [and later her] achievements to gamedom [Dan Bunten became Dani Berry in the early 90s].
www.gamespot.com /c64/strategy/mule/player_review.html?id=250670   (453 words)

Ozark Softscape was started by Dan Bunten, Bill Bunten (Dan's brother and MBA), Jim Rushing, and Alan Watson.
While the company was founded by four partners, Dan Bunten was the driving force behind Ozark.
Buten was diagnosed with lung cancer and she died on July 3, 1998.
www.geocities.com /conspiracyprime/e2_ozark.htm   (881 words)

 Brian Moriarty | Lectures | Dani Bunten Berry: Lifetime Achievement Award (1998)
This is a transcript of a presentation delivered on 7 May 1998, at an awards ceremony for the (now defunct) Computer Game Developers Association, held aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.
Dani died of smoking-induced lung cancer on 3 July, less than two months after receiving the award.
On behalf of the community of game developers and game players worldwide, it is my great pleasure to present this Lifetime Achievement Award to one of the pioneers of interactive entertainment, my courageous teacher and fascinating friend, Dani Bunten Berry.
ludix.com /moriarty/dani.html   (1322 words)

 Mischievous Ramblings: Dani Bunten Berry's Legacy
I previously blogged Salon's profile of Dani Bunten Berry, surely one of the greatest computer game designers ever.
He has links to some of her games on the web, but the mPath site doesn't appear to be there anymore.
However, all of Dani's Games can be found here.
enginesofmischief.com /blogs/ramblings/archives/000047.php   (59 words)

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