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Topic: Daniel Dumile

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Stones Throw Records
Dumile was born in London in the early 70s and his family shuttled between New York's boroughs before settling in Long Island.
Dumile and his brother were both in their teens and they would troop from Long Island to Manhattan's Chung King Studios every night.
It's easy to dismiss Dumile when he raps that all he needs is a "metal-face mask with a built-in frown" ("It Ain't Nttin") and a steady supply of beers (nearly every other song) when the adjacent verse invokes space monsters or, on his latest disc, Mm...
www.stonesthrow.com /madvillain/wire.html   (4100 words)

 Daniel Dumile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Daniel Dumile (pronounced "DOOM-uh-lay") is an American hip-hop artist who has taken on several stage name s (King Geedorah, MF DOOM, Viktor Vaughn) in his career.
He was born in southwest London, England on January 9 1971 to a South African father and a West Indian mother; the family moved to New York and lived in Long Island where he was raised.
Still dealing with the loss of his brother, Dumile became disillusioned and began to suffer from bouts of depression.
www.seattleluxury.com /encyclopedia/entry/Daniel_Dumile   (1135 words)

 Daniel Dumile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Daniel Dumile (IPA: duːməleɪ) is an American hip hop artist who has taken on several stage names in his career - originally Zev Love X, most famously MF DOOM, and in side projects as King Geedorah, Metal Fingers and Viktor Vaughn.
With the loss of his brother, Dumile became disillusioned and began to suffer from bouts of depression.
Dumile is rarely seen in public without a mask or hood on, other than the MF Grimm vs. MF DOOM album cover, there exist no promotional photos or videos of his face post-KMD, save for the video to "?" where his face can be seen by pausing the video as he's putting on his mask.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Daniel_Dumile   (1575 words)

 Stones Throw Records
According to Dumile, his mask and reluctance to do press are not mere acts of defiance against the MTV generation.
Throughout the album, Jackson and Dumile sound both confident and intuitive, and that can be attributed to the aforementioned "freestyle approach," in which there is little time for either hesitation or self-consciousness, much less the complications and clashes that often arise with this sort collaboration.
The finished product works so well that at times Dumile sounds as if he could only exist in Jackson's self-contained world, as if there were some essential, spiritual affinity between the two artists, which, despite their differences, makes a certain kind of sense.
www.stonesthrow.com /madvillain/sfweekly.html   (1346 words)

 Cokemachineglow.com - MF Doom: MM...Food
It’s hard not to cut Daniel Dumile, the man behind the metal mask, some slack; this is his sixth album this year by my count (Madvillainy, Special Herbs Vol.
Dumile is a daunting rapper; few can pack so many words, many of them seemingly unrelated, into a verse.
Half of the fun with Dumile has always been the unexpected, ridiculous sampling and the storyline he develops around it.
www.cokemachineglow.com /reviews/mfdoom_mmfood2004.html   (1074 words)

 MF Doom
Dumile began his rap career as Zev Love X in rap group KMD (kausing much damage) with his younger brother, DJ Subroc.
Daniel was left traumatized by the death of his brother and refuses to speak about the incident in interviews to this day.
Dumile, still dealing with the loss of his brother, in addition to being dropped from his record label, became disillusioned and began to suffer from bouts of depression.
www.artistopia.com /mf-doom   (509 words)

 Music- Doom's Day   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Back in 1985, though, before he was such a hot commodity, Dumile was a member of KMD, which he co-founded with his younger brother, Subroc; it began as a graffiti and breakdancing crew and evolved into a full-fledged rap outfit.
Dumile, or Zevlove X, as he was known then, and Subroc entered the rap game at the cusp of the golden age of hip-hop.
For the next five or so years, Dumile began to create the persona of MF Doom -- a hip-hop villain seeking revenge for being scorned by the industry after the loss of his brother.
www.westword.com /issues/2004-11-18/music/music2.html   (1109 words)

 washingtonpost.com: Quick Spins
The rapper and producer Daniel Dumile calls himself lots of things: Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah, Metal Fingers, MF Doom and so on.
Dumile does have an elevated appetite for filler, though, and a good portion of "Mm.
The secret to enjoying those tracks is to hear Dumile as a savant -- he toys with grooves and language because his brain demands it.
www.washingtonpost.com /ac2/wp-dyn/A62719-2004Nov19?language=printer   (711 words)

 100 WORDS - Daniel Dumile
Daniel Dumile first hit the world as Zev Love X, when he spit a few bars and nearly stole the show on 3rd Bass' 1989 hip hop hit, "The Gas Face"...Two years later Elektra released KMD's first album, Mr.
Of course I'm imagining this...obviously, it's a play on the old beatnik coffeehouse scene, but when you stack up The Neptunes against Daniel Dumile, in any and all of his guises, the unknown underground underdog wins every time...
Cuz Dumile is simply among the very best lyricists in hip hop at the moment, in terms of being a true street storyteller...this is much less abstract than anything he has done before, and the clarity of the topics and the focus of the themes helps illuminate just how good he is...
www.thebutterscotchthreshold.com /100WORDS-DANIEL-DUMILE.htm   (865 words)

 Daniel Dumile - Free net encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Image:Mfdoom1.jpg Daniel Dumile (pronounced "DOOM-uh-lay") is an American hip-hop artist who has taken on several stage names(King Geedorah, MF DOOM, Viktor Vaughn...) in his career.
The group was subsequently dropped from Elektra Records before the release of the album due to controversy over the album's cover art which featured a cartoon of a stereotypical pickaninny/sambo character being hanged from the gallows.
Image:Levlovex.jpg Still dealing with the loss of his brother, Dumile became disillusioned and began to suffer from bouts of depression.
www.netipedia.com /index.php/MF_Doom   (1097 words)

 Review - Viktor Vaughn: Venomous Villain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Since his original group KMD dissolved following the death of his brother, British-born rapper/producer Daniel Dumile has kept it real-real weird.
Guest weirdoes include Carl Kavorkian, Iz-Real and former mental patient Kool Keith, who is without a doubt the most prolific rapper this millennium, finding time between projects to rap about his desire to urinate on your jacket during "Doper Skiller," a song trembling with the clammy paranoia of the last half of Scarface.
Vaughn's (or Dumile's?) newest story is one you'll understand less and less the more time you spend with it - yet it's still a fascinating headfuck you'll want close by, just in case reality ever gets too real for you.
www.cosmik.com /aa-november04/reviews/review_viktor_vaughn.html   (232 words)

 MF Doom
Daniel Dumile is an American hip-hop artist who has taken on several stage names in his career.
The group was subsequently dropped from Elektra Records before the release of the album due to controversy over the album's cover art which featured a cartoon of a stereotypical pickaninny/sambo character being hung from the gallows.
To many rap fans, Dumile is considered to be eccentric, but rhythmic rhyming, word play and lyrical flows make him a favorite of underground hip-hop fans.
www.gamelow.com /Music-M/MF_Doom.php   (1111 words)

 village voice > music > by Ben Westhoff
Eventually, a young man from Freeport, New York, named Daniel Dumile joined their rhyme circle, well on the path to becoming MF Doom.
Carey hadn't seen his friend in a while, as Dumile had moved to suburban Atlanta with his wife and their young son, Daniel Jr.—Carey's godson.
But the chance to be with Dumile was more than he could pass up, and in a video of the concert DVD Carey has, he looks as happy as a kid at his first baseball game.
www.villagevoice.com /music/0645,westhoff,74946,22.html   (4241 words)

 Madvillain: Madvillainy - PopMatters Music Review
MF Doom began his career as Zev Love X -- AKA Daniel Dumile -- one half of the obscure but fondly remembered rap duo KMD.
Dumile's brother -- the other half of KMD -- DJ Subroc, died in a 1994 car accident.
The trauma of his brother's death and the disillusionment stemming from his treatment at the hands of the major-label machinery combined to create MF Doom, a shadowy figure of menace and mystery, an avatar of uncompromising independence and laconic lyrical mastery.
www.popmatters.com /music/reviews/m/madvillain-madvillainy.shtml   (1470 words)

 Music- Beyond Good and Evil   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Somewhere behind that mask is a man called Daniel Dumile.
The man formerly known as Daniel Dumile understands that today's heroes come a dime a dozen, doused in bravado, drunk on morality and that it's all too easy to be cast as one.
That's why Dumile had to invent MF Doom, one reason MF Doom wears a mask and helps explain why the two new projects from Doom's prolific hip-hop think tank carry additional pseudonyms--King Geedorah and Viktor Vaughn--on the spine.
www.dallasobserver.com /Issues/2003-07-31/music/music2.html   (960 words)

 Synapse: Current Issue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The man behind the mask is none other than Daniel Dumile, who grew up on the streets of New York as MC Zev Love X with his younger brother DJ Sub-Roc and formed the seminal group KMD in 1989.
This event shook up Dumile, and his rhymes became more serious with militant overtones, which led to the controversial album Bl_ck B_st_rds that got him dropped from his record label.
With this album in limbo, Zev dropped out of the N.Y. scene for five years to "recover from wounds" and plot revenge against "the industry that so badly deformed him," and thus his MF Doom persona was born.
www.ucsf.edu /synapse/archives/articles/kelan/mask.html   (674 words)

 Rappers are in Danger at microscopiq
It’s been hard to use that term to describe indie rapper MF Doom (Daniel Dumile) since news spread of his collaboration with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim crew and DJ Dangermouse (whose famously unreleased Grey Album was ranked best of 2004 by the desperately unhip Entertainment Weekly).
This isn’t Dumile’s most experimental record but his flows are no less creative for it.
In fact, with beats more accessible than Madvillainy and more laughs than MM..Food, this could be the record that introduces Dumile to the mainstream for the first time since the KMD days.
microscopiq.com /2005/10/rappers-are-in-danger   (207 words)

 The History of Rock Music. Madvillain: biography, discography, reviews, links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Madvillain was a collaboration between New York-based rapper Daniel "MF Doom" Dumile (ex-KMD) and Los Angeles-based producer Otis "Madlib" Jackson that yielded one of the most publicized albums in the history of hip-hop music, Madvillainy (Stones Throw, 2004), and its companion Madvillainy Instrumentals (2004).
London-born rapper Daniel Dumile started out as Zev Love, the mastermind of KMD, whose Mr Hood (1991) and Bl_ck B_st_rds (1993), released only in 2000, were militant Islamic pamphlets.
After a long hiatus, Dumile assumed two new personas that released MF Doom's Operation: Doomsday (1999) and the mediocre MM_ Food (2004), as well as Viktor Vaughan's Vaudeville Villain (2003) and Venomous Villain (2004).
www.scaruffi.com /vol7/madvilla.html   (261 words)

 Vaudeville Villain (Explicit) - Viktor Vaughn - Pandora Internet Radio
Daniel Dumile (aka MF Doom) concluded a prolific 2003 with this paranoiac collection of warped city tales, released under the alter ego Viktor Vaughn.
Having relegated production duties to a committee consisting of RJD2 and relative unknowns King Honey, Heat Sensor, and Max Bill, Dumile's full attention is left for the mike.
Dense, bright, and packed with ideas, Vaudeville Villain is Dumile at his absolute best.
www.pandora.com /music/album/020c839798665f61   (251 words)

 village voice > music > by Sherman Johnson
Daniel Dumile's costume takes the metaphor to new heights, though: The Long Islander raps with a metal mask over his grill to conceal the early-'90s "disfigurement" he suffered from the industry as Zevlove of 3rd Bass-affiliated KMD.
Crime-fighting radio-serial samples provide a suspenseful storyboard, upon which Dumile exacts revenge befitting a forsaken genius.
And although he's not the greatest lyricist, like his namesake he possesses an uncanny ability to slip phantom-like into your psyche with subliminal phrases and sardonic punchlines.
www.villagevoice.com /issues/0413/johnson.php   (375 words)

 WINDOWS\DESKTOP\epcc web site\aaa
MF (Metal Face) is actually Daniel Dumile, formerly Zev Luv X of Kause Much Damage.
He hides his identity behind a metal mask similar to comic book super-villain Dr. Doom.
Dumile never performs live and doesn't allow himself to be photographed without it.
www.epcc.edu /elcon/032306f9.htm   (248 words)

Okay now the obvious follow-up: Where was Daniel Dumile from 1994 to 1998?
The classic villain with the mask - Phantom of the Opera-style, of course there's a little twist of Dr. Doom in there, even a little Destro from GI Joe.
I kinda made it a mish-mash of all the villains together, and my last name is Dumile, so everyone used to call me Doom anyway.
www.thewire.co.uk /web/unpublished/mf_doom.html   (3093 words)

 Metal Fingers Presents: Special Herbs Volumes 1 & 2, MP3 Album Music Download at eMusic
In 1991, the MC born Daniel Dumile was known as Zev Love X and was a member — along with his brother Subroc — of the seminal rap group KMD, whose first album, Mr.
But by 2002, Dumile had adopted the moniker MF Doom, resurfaced as a schizophrenic solo act (due to Subroc's untimely death in 1993), and put out an album of instrumentals entitled Special Herbs V., which today seems as musically gratifying as any song on his former group's debut.
Emboldened by a scratchy minimalist break borrowed from Boogie Down Productions' "Poetry," the album's opener "Saffron" comes on like the hazy sonic equivalent of a blue-lit lava lamp, and the track's warm-blooded chord progressions provide an emotive ambience that would otherwise be found in the MC's voice.
www.emusic.com /album/10826/10826841.html   (385 words)

 Boulder Weekly | Buzz | OverTones   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
But when Dumile is paired as the man behind the metal-faced mask of MF Doom, recognition immediately ensues.
Basing his musical persona on the infamous Marvel Comics supervillain, Dr. Doom, Dumile, or Viktor Vaughn, King Deedorah or Zev Love X of the former NYC hip-hop crew KMD, has achieved an almost cult-like status to many in the non-mainstream music world.
He's done so through an uncanny and completely original style that pairs sci-fi humor with smoothness, intelligence and wit.
www.boulderweekly.com /archive/120105/overtones.html   (224 words)

 Daniel Dumile: ZoomInfo Business People Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This automatically-generated summary was created using 12 references found on the Internet.
After a five-year hiatus that ended in 1998, Daniel Dumile, a former member of KMD, emerged as DOOM, a persona inspired by the comic supervillain Dr. Doom, and released the critically praised albums Operation: Doomsday and Mmm...
In 1998, Daniel Dumile, a former member of KMD, emerged as MF DOOM (www.dangerdoom.com), a persona inspired by the comic super villain Dr. Doom, and released the critically praised albums "Operation: Doomsday" and "Mm...
www.zoominfo.com /directory/Dumile_Daniel_526295226.htm   (174 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Mouse and the Mask: Music: Dangerdoom   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This aside - all the beats are amazingly well produced and are all catchy as hell, you can bounce your head with ease and MF is on top form with some of the best flows I've heard from him yet.
Some of these raps will be missed off the 'amazing raps radar' due to the albums light hearted feel which is a shame because Daniel Dumile is on fire.
The first half of the album is pure party tunes, put any of these songs on in a club or at a party and movement is garanteed, the second half starts to wonder off into pure beats against raps territory and is most satisfying after repeated listens.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000AO9O80   (1174 words)

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