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Topic: Danish pastry

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

Danish bakers who left the country to travel the world, brought their knowledge with them where it has become a favorite all over the world.
Classic Danish Pastry is thought to be a variant of Puff Pastry.
Danish pastry simply referred to as "Danish" consists of layers upon layers of flaky buttery crust filled with a myriad of fillings, such as apples, blueberries, apricots or other fruit, cream cheese and almond paste.
www.baking911.com /pastry/danish.htm   (671 words)

 The Big Apple: Danish Pastry
The Danish confections are the product of L. Klitteng, globe-trotter, patisserie savant, and purveyor of goodies to the wedding of President Wilson in December, 1915, who is to-day introducing his products to local baking houses, and teaching local pastry cooks the method in an effort to create a taste for the Danish variety.
The French pastry is eaten daintily and slowly, allowing each new discovery to sink in, and the flavors to blend one by one, until the effect of the whole is an Arabian dream of gastronomic thoughts.
But with the Danish pastry -- you just tuck a small morsel under the tongue, roll up the eyes, say "Ah-h" as though there were a sky-rocket present, and it fades away and trickles down to the carbed-wire entanglements of the soul, a subtle something that clings like an opium eater's dream.
www.barrypopik.com /index.php/new_york_city/entry/danish_pastry   (1732 words)

 Good taste, good worksat Danish Pastry House - The Boston Globe
At the Danish Pastry House in Watertown, not only have the owners hired and imported two Danish pastry chefs for the kitchen, they are giving back to the local community as well.
Little Sisters of the Poor in Somerville stops in for the breads and pastries, all thoughtfully made chewably soft for teeth that may not be as strong as they once were.
The Danish Pastry House is at 205 Arlington Street, Watertown, 617-926-2747.
www.boston.com /ae/food/articles/2005/03/09/good_taste_good_worksat_danish_pastry_house   (426 words)

 VM MARGARINE - Danish Pastry
Danish Pastry is thought to be a variant of Puff Pastry.
Danish bakers were quick to acquire the method, and invented all sorts of fillings.
Pure butter is not the best ingredient to use in Danish Pastry or in Puff Pastry as it is generally too soft.
www.margarine.dk /english/dansk_html/dansk_wienerbroed.html   (570 words)

 sweet bread recipes | basic danish pastry recipe (quick method)
Empty flour mixture into bowl with yeast and with rubber spatula, gently fold the two mixtures together just until the dry ingredients are moistened.
Blend together butter, 1 cup powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon almond extract, 1 cup pulverized almonds, almond paste and egg white and spread filling down the length of the center of the strip.
Beat the egg with the milk or water and brush pastry.
www.thatsmyhome.com /bakery/sweetbreads/images/danish.htm   (396 words)

 Danish Pastries recipes denmark cakes   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Each recipe is for a 250g of the pastry, so you may wish to use only this and freeze the rest of the pastry for later use.
Spandau are the square Danish pastries that are often filled with vanilla cream and jam.
Danish pastries should be eaten on the day they are prepared, and can also be frozen them in a sealed container.
www.foodiesite.com /recipes/2000-09/pastries.jsp   (735 words)

 Britt's Danish Delight - Danish Pastry
Danish pastry was brought to Denmark by Austrian bakers who were hired to replace Danish bakers during a strike.
Danish bakers wished to be paid in money rather than bed and board.
Danish bakers who left the country to travel the world, brought their knowledge with them where it has become a favourite all over the world.
www.brittsdanishdelight.com.au /pastry01main.htm   (150 words)

Danish pastry is in its origin an Austrian (Viennese) bread type which was brought to Denmark by Danish backers who had worked in Vienna and by Viennese bakers who came to Denmark.
One of the pioneers in introducing Danish Pastry or as it still is called in Denmark "wienerbrød" was the Danish Royal baker Christian Ludvig Olsen.
Over the years the recipe was improved andadapted to the Danish taste to make it more crispy and flaky than the Viennese style of bread, and the new type of bread/cake was worldwide named after its origin in English "Danish Pastry."
www.schulstadusa.com /rdp/storyadp/index.php   (256 words)

 Great Danes - theage.com.au
The brittle outer layers of pastry yield instantly to the eater's bite, and the tastes of butter and sugar and custard overwhelm the tongue.
The pastry itself is a butter puff pastry leavened with yeast, similar to the pastry for croissants.
Always roll upwards or downwards from the middle of the pastry and avoid pressing directly down too firmly - the goal is to lengthen the dough, not squeeze it.
www.theage.com.au /articles/2003/07/15/1058034989666.html   (2168 words)

 Danish Pastry House - The Boston Globe
The last place you'd expect to discover a sidewalk cafe with patrons sipping cappuccino and nibbling on continental pastry might be on the corner of Boston Avenue and Winthrop Street, in Medford's Hillside neighborhood.
But the newly opened Danish Pastry House is turning what was a ho-hum stretch of businesses into Medford's newest place to indulge the sweet tooth, read the morning paper, relax over a light lunch or evening dessert, and be seen.
You may come for the pastry, but it is the wide variety of home-baked breads and rolls on the back wall that are the shop's most delightful surprise.
www.boston.com /ae/food/articles/2005/08/07/danish_pastry_house   (762 words)

 Definition of Danish pastry - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Learn more about "Danish pastry" and related topics at Britannica.com
Find more about "Danish pastry" instantly with Live Search
See a map of "Danish pastry" in the Visual Thesaurus
www.m-w.com /dictionary/Danish+pastry   (45 words)

 Danish Pastry - Allrecipes
Place danishes on an ungreased baking sheet, and let rise until doubled.
Danishes can be brushed with egg white for a shiny finish.
This makes a tasty danish, but, in my opinion, is a little too labor intensive to make it worthwhile.
allrecipes.com /recipe/danish-pastry/detail.aspx   (567 words)

 dessertfirst: Homemade Danish Pastry   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Danish pastry is what’s called by professional bakers as a “laminated dough” – flaky layers are achieved from the folding and turning of the dough.
Danishes are most commonly eaten for breakfast and are shaped and filled in a myriad of ways.
The Danish braid looks more difficult than it really is. All I did was to mark the dough into three parts, then I slashed the two outermost sections into 1-inch intervals.
dessertcomesfirst.blogspot.com /2005/08/homemade-danish-pastry.html   (588 words)

 Danish pastry definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
Danish pastry definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
Search for "Danish pastry" in all of MSN Encarta
puff pastry with sweet filling: a rich puff pastry made from a yeast dough with a sweet filling containing fruit or nuts
encarta.msn.com /dictionary_1861688784/Danish_pastry.html   (86 words)

 Beatrice Ojakangas: Apricot-Almond Danish Pastry
This is a perfect time to offer the basic Danish Pastry recipe because if there’s any time during the year when we like to bake special goodies it’s during the Holidays.
For the pastry, in a large bowl, combine the water and yeast; stir to dissolve and let stand 5 minutes until the yeast begins to foam.
Brush the pastries with beaten egg white and sprinkle with pearl sugar or sliced almonds.
www.beatrice-ojakangas.com /2004/09/apricot-almond-danish-pastry.htm   (1397 words)

 Danish Pastry Centre   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Danish Pastry Centre was started in 1974, by Mr.
Danish Pastry Centre now has its own production factories equipped with high-tech machines to mix, shape, bake, pack and seal their products.
Since establishment, Danish Pastry Centre had always been looked upon as a leader of the pastry industry.
www.penangnet.com /danish/iabout.html   (228 words)

 Danish Pastry (Dansk Wienerbrod) Recipe
One of our most tasty danish recipe is danish pastry (dansk wienerbrod).
You will love the quick and easy way to prepare a danish pastry (dansk wienerbrod).
Be sure to inform us if you have any valuable addition to danish pastry (dansk wienerbrod) recipe.
www.getallrecipes.com /recipe/european/danish/na/18519/danish_pastry__dansk_wienerbrod_.html   (346 words)

 RecipeSource: Danish Pastry (Dansk Wienerbrod)
MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.01 Title: Danish Pastry (Dansk Wienerbrod) Categories: Danish, Desserts, Ceideburg 2 Yield: 1 servings 4 c Flour 1 ts Salt 1/4 c Sugar 2 Yeast cakes (2 1/4 OZ.) 1 c Milk 1 Egg 1 1/2 c Butter Sift flour and mix with sugar and salt.
This is the dough with which many different kinds of Danish pastry is made.
When pastry is shaped, place on baking sheet and leave in cold place to rise for 15 to 20 minutes, then brush with egg white and bake in a fast oven until golden brown.
www.recipesource.com /ethnic/europe/danish/dansk-wienerbrod1.html   (456 words)

 Racine kringle, danish kringle
One of the most popular delicacies is an oval-shaped, filled and iced Danish pastry known as kringle.
According to Eric Olesen of O and H Danish Bakery, a four-generation, family-owned and -operated Racine shop, kringles today come with a variety of homemade fruit or nut fillings.
Visit one of the many area bakeries to taste the Racine-style, Danish pastry, and soon the handmade, fresh-baked kringle will be part of your family's tradition.
www.discoverracinecounty.com /kringle.htm   (215 words)

 ~~~ Danish pastry ~~~
In shaping small pastries, it is sometimes necessary to re-chill partially shaped dough until it is firm enough for the job to be completed.
When you first make the pastry, be careful to follow all the rules.
Any unbaked yeast pastries, however, should never be kept frozen for more than a week or so; and it is preferable to bake anish pastry within a day or two after it has been shaped.
www.recipeslist.com /breadbakedgoods-recipes-list/pastries-recipes-list/danishpastry-recipe-for-free.html   (527 words)

 Danish Pastry Fly - The artist formerly known as The Copper Camel - Global FlyFisher   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Danish Pastry Fly - The artist formerly known as The Copper Camel - Global FlyFisher
Danish pastry fish - and Danish pastry fisher
The only thing it had that I hadn't seen that often before was a head covered with copper wire - an idea that had come to me while tying the fly.
www.globalflyfisher.com /patterns/danish_pastry   (1016 words)

 The Seattle Times: Food & wine: Great Danish
WHEN DARCY Person took over Nielsen's Authentic Danish Pastries in September of 1999, she already had a lot of "ownership" in the bakery.
Nielsen opened the bakery at its original downtown Seattle location in 1965, bringing to town fine, authentic Danish pastries such as his famous kransekage, a tower of almond pastry rings he learned to make as a young baker in Copenhagen.
Nielsen's Authentic Danish Pastry is at 520 2nd Ave.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/foodwine/2003508096_pacificptaste07.html   (851 words)

 The Danish Club of Washington, D.C.
The Danish Christmas Bazaar is one of the largest and most sought after Christmas Bazaars in the Washington, DC area.
All our delicious Danish sandwiches and pastry are also available from our carry out counter.
Counted thread embroideries, books and posters, Danish pastry and other baked goods, delicatessen, greenery, arts and crafts, Christmas trim and candles, Royal Copenhagen and Bing and Grondahl porcelain, amber and silver jewelry.
www.danishclubdc.org /bazaar.shtml   (259 words)

 Danish pastry - Allrecipes
This butter-rich pastry begins as a yeast dough that is rolled out, dotted with butter, then folded and rolled again several times, as for PUFF PASTRY.
The dough may be lightly sweetened and is usually flavored with vanilla or cardamom.
Baked Danish pastries (often referred to simply as "Danish") contain a variety of fillings including fruit, cream cheese, almond paste and spiced nuts.
allrecipes.com /howto/danish-pastry/detail.aspx   (119 words)

 Joe Pastry - Real Danish Attitude   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Not only did the bakers that taught me employ that classic, buttery layered dough, they managed to work an additional layer of vanilla buttercream into every Danish we made as we shaped them (and that's before any fruit or cheese fillings were added).
Oh yes friends, these were people who truly understood living.
One good, rich — and small — Danish is a breakfast by itself.
www.joepastry.com /index.php?title=real_danish_attitude&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1   (282 words)

 Danish Pastry
Delicious little pastries similar to strudel with a variety of tasty fillings.
Solo almond filling happens to be my favorite and you end up with a pastry much like a bear claw.
If you haven't got time to make the pastry you can use prepared puff pastry from the grocery store.
online-cookbook.com /goto/cook/rpage/0009AC   (414 words)

 Traditional Danish Pastry
The traditional Danish pastry is made from only the best margarine and ingredients.
Our range of Danish pastry is available with a variety of different fruit fillings, maple pecan, crème and cinnamon.
This Danish pastry is either preproved or ready baked and is available in 2 sizes: either regular or minis, the minis even in an assorted mixbox.
www.tiefkuehlbackwaren.com /danish-pastry/index.htm   (138 words)

 Flora's Recipe Hideout: Danish Pastry
When making Danish pastry it is important to keep the dough very cold.
In shaping small pastries, it is sometimes necessary to re-chill partially shaped dough until it is firm enough for the job to be completed.
Any unbaked yeast pastries, however, should never be kept frozen for more than a week or so; and it is preferable to bake anish pastry within a day or two after it has been shaped.
www.floras-hideout.com /recipes/recipes.php?page=recipes&data=d-e/Danish_Pastry   (548 words)

 Danish Recipes
Made with the same recipe as a butter-layered Danish pastry but has no added sugar, salt or icing.
A collection of holiday recipes from fifteen different countries including a variety of dishes such as Thai egg rolls, Passover layer cake, paella, and Danish rice pudding.
It is a light tender flakey pastry with sweet flavorful fillings and creamy icing made from recipes that have been passed down for generations.
www.thepastryplace.com /danish-recipes.htm   (212 words)

 Danish Pastry
Cream puff pastries, pies and tarts, cakes, danish pastries, yeast-risen pastries, sweets and tarts, and more.
Turn your kitchen into a patisserie with authentic Danish pastries fresh from the oven.
Each raspberry- and each pecan-filled Danish Kringle is multilayered and hand rolled in the 100-year-old tradition of Danish pastry chefs.
www.thepastryplace.com /danish-pastry.htm   (182 words)

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