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Topic: Dart (missile)

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  Dart (missile) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This class of dart was not replaced in the equipment of aboriginal arctic hunters such as the Aleut until fairly recently.
This was a sling-launched dart, invented in 168 BC for the third Macedonian war, probably similar to hand-thrown darts of the period.
Tranquilizer darts are related to the darts for blowguns, but include a hypodermic needle and a hollow reservoir resembling a syringe, which is generally filled with sedatives or other drugs.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dart_(missile)   (1465 words)

 Bristol Aero Collection
Sea Dart destroyed seven aircraft in the Falklands War, and a Silkworm anti-ship missile in the Gulf War.
The Polaris is a submarine-launched ballistic missile, capable of carrying an nuclear warhead.
The Missile Controller used the optical sight to follow the target, generating command signals which went by connecting cable to the missile control equipment mounted with the launcher.
www.bristolaero.i12.com /exmissiles.htm   (1401 words)

 Dart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dart (sewing), a structure used in sewing to shape a garment around a convex body part, such as the bustline, shoulderblade, buttocks or belly.
River Dart, a river in Devon, UK Dart Feld, the central character of the PlayStation RPG, The Legend of Dragoon
Dart (catamaran), a brand of one or two person "beach" catamarans that are frequently raced competitively
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/DART   (356 words)

 dart - definition by dict.die.net
To throw with a sudden effort or thrust, as a dart or other missile weapon; to hurl or launch.
A pointed missile weapon, intended to be thrown by the hand; a short lance; a javelin; hence, any sharp-pointed missile weapon, as an arrow.
Dart an instrument of war; a light spear.
dict.die.net /dart   (212 words)

 Armed Forces - Royal Navy - n6a1 - Trident - Hughes Tomahawk - Harpoon - Sea Wolf - Sea Skua - Sea Dart - Harpoon - ...
Sea Dart is a surface-to-air missile system with a long range (probably in excess of 80kms) and employs a two-stage system with a primary booster rocket powering the warhead and ramjet on their way to the target.
The missile is currently carried as the main armament of the Lynx aircraft flying from RN destroyers / frigates.
Missiles in Royal Naval Service such as: AMRAAM, Sea Eagle and Sidewinder are also in RAF service and the relevant entries are in the RAF Section.
www.armedforces.co.uk /navy/listings/l0037.html   (1038 words)

 Sea Dart missile - TheBestLinks.com - Mach, Royal Navy, Ramjet, Solid rocket, ...
Sea Dart is a surface to air missile system mounted on air defence destroyers of the Royal Navy.
It is powered by a combination of solid fuel booster rocket, which is used for launching the missile, and simple ramjet, which gives it a speed of mach 2.
The missile system was also fitted to Invincible class aircraft carriers but was removed during refits in the 1998-2000 period to increase the area of the flight deck.
www.thebestlinks.com /Sea_Dart_missile.html   (213 words)

 dart   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Dart Center is a global network of journalists, journalism educators and health professionals...
DART is operated by Fairfield/Suisun Transit and is an Americans with...
DART is currently available Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 7:30 pm and on...
www.hotvsnot.com /www/dart:3   (205 words)

 noctalis.com :: Icewind Dale :: Items :: Ranged Weapons :: Darts
The dart is a small, easily concealable missile weapon that is thrown rather than fired from a bow or other launcher.
The dart of stunning looks like any other dart other then the fact that it seems to pulse slightly when held in the hand.
This dart is coated in a deadly poison that will immediately seap into the bloodstream if striking an opponent, with very deadly results.
noctalis.com /dis/icewind/ran-dart.shtml   (127 words)

 dart - Definition, Synonyms, and Reference from OnPedia.com
dart - a small narrow pointed missile that is thrown or shot
banderilla - a decorated dart that is implanted in the neck or shoulders of the bull during a bull fight
projectile, missile - a weapon that is thrown or projected
www.onpedia.com /dictionary/dart   (261 words)

 Dart (missile) Encyclopedia @ LaunchBase.org (Launch Base) (via CobWeb/3.1 kupl1.ittc.ku.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
If the same amount of attention and material are instead invested into a bow, projectiles can be made lighter (by a factor of five or more) and to less exacting tolerances.
They were used by American forces during the wars in Korea and Vietnam, but treaties have since been enacted to limit their use.
Antipersonnel artillery shells filled with them have been used as recently as 2004 by Israeli forces.
www.launchbase.org.cob-web.org:8888 /encyclopedia/Dart_(missile)   (1048 words)

 British Surface To Air Missiles
The missile is propelled by a solid fuel launch booster which propells the missile to Mach 2, when a ramjet sustainer takes over.
The missile is propelled by a Bristol Aerojet Blackcap soolid fuel motor.
It is essentially a standard GWS25 missile with a boost rocket allowing thrust vectoring, which enables the missile to be manouvered as soon as it leaves the silo.
web.ukonline.co.uk /aj.cashmore/.weapons/uk/.sam.html   (681 words)

 Convair F-106A Delta Dart
As on the F-102A, the all-missile armament was housed internally in a spacious ventral weapons bay that was closed by pneumatically-operated double-folding doors.
All Falcon missiles were contact fused, with the fuses located on the leading edges of all four fins, so that a direct hit on the target was needed to score a kill.
The pilot selected the missiles to be fired by using a switch on the left console, with the trigger that was used to launch the missiles being on the right hand grip.
home.att.net /~jbaugher1/f106_1.html   (5998 words)

 Army Technology - Starstreak - Close Air Defense Missile
A pulse of power from the missile firing unit causes the first-stage motor to ignite, which accelerates the missile.
The darts maintain a high kinetic energy as they are guided to the same single target.
As the dart impacts the target, the inertial forces activate the delay fuse, allowing the warhead to penetrate before detonation.
www.army-technology.com /projects/starstreak   (916 words)

 dart   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A dart is a type of missile thrown or shot.
Darts is a popular game, often played in pubs.
The Dodge Dart was a successful automobile produced by the Chrysler Corporation.
www.33beat.com /dart.html   (382 words)

 Yorkshire CND - Fear and loathing in orbit - 29/4/05
The DART spacecraft was supposed to approach and delicately circle a target satellite on April 15, but it apparently became lost and began blundering around blindly, quickly exhausting its rocket fuel.
Designed to collect close-up readings of missile exhaust plumes from an orbiting observation point, it was to carry a satellite that dove in closer to the climbing rocket - arguably an "attack vehicle" against enemy satellites.
According to the April 13 issue of Defense Daily, Obering's reference to space-based missile interceptors was made in the context of the changing nature of the missile threat to the United States.
www.cndyorks.gn.apc.org /yspace/articles/fear_and_loathing.htm   (1754 words)

 D1709-03 Standard Test Methods for Impact Resistance of Plastic Film by the Free-Falling Dart Method
This energy is expressed in terms of the weight (mass) of the missile falling from a specified height which would result in 50 % failure of specimens tested.
By this technique, a uniform missile weight increment is employed during test and the missile weight is decreased or increased by the uniform increment after test of each specimen, depending upon the result (fail or not fail) observed for the specimen.
One missile weight is employed for each group and missile weight is varied in uniform increments from group to group.
www.astm.org /DATABASE.CART/HISTORICAL/D1709-03.htm   (501 words)

The DART was a ground-launched, rocket-propelled missile guided by a wire control line which unreeled from the missile during flight to provide continuous electrical connection between the missile and ground guidance equipment.
Although 105 of these antitank missiles were produced, the system was never deployed.
November 51 The initial proposal for the DART was submitted to the Chief of Ordnance by the Aerophysics Development Corporation in response to an Ordnance requirement for antitank missile stated in February 51.
www.redstone.army.mil /history/systems/Dart.html   (502 words)

 OTO Melara Announces 100th Successful Test Firing Of 'DART' Missile System
DART is launched from the 76 Compact and 76 Super Rapid gun systems developed by OTO Melara and now used by 54 navies, including the US Navy and US Coast Guard.
"We are developing DART, which is guided by a radio frequency beam, and the unguided variant, ART, to provide cost effective tools for naval planners concerned about the threats posed by cruise and sea skimmer missiles now available to rogue forces and the 'small swarm boats' used by terrorists," said Howard Goldberg, CEO of OTO.
Goldberg said the unguided variant, ART, is an ultra high speed missile, which, when combined with the 76 SR system's high rate of fire, will provide the best possible protection against a multitude of explosive-laden terrorist swarm boats attacking naval vessels.
www.spacewar.com /news/2004/milplex-102804-1614-35.html   (405 words)

 Global Defence Review : Defence Power
Active weapon systems, guns and missiles are deployed in layers to provide added security in case the first line of defence does not succeed in neutralising the threat.
Missiles provide the outer layer of defence and inner layers are pro-vided by a combination of guns and missiles.
The fielding of long-range surface-to-surface missiles such as the Exocet and Harpoon in the 1970s led many navies to consider that the gun was redundant as a defensive weapon against surface threats.
www.global-defence.com /1997/DefencePower.html   (1592 words)

 British Sea Dart GWS-30; CF-299   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Missiles are loaded in two stages and are stowed vertically in magazines below the waterline.
Reportedly, the HMS Bristol carries 22 missiles, the Type 42 carries 22 missiles and the Invincible carried 36 missiles.
Argentina was the only export customer for this missile, purchasing 60 missiles for their two Type 42 destroyers.
www.navweaps.com /Weapons/WMBR_Sea_Dart.htm   (171 words)

 Santa Maria Times
DART successfully hitched a ride to space Friday morning aboard an air-launched Pegasus rocket that officials said placed it into proper orbit.
DART was suppose to conduct its demonstration Friday night as crews at a Vandenberg facility monitored but weren't able to control the pre-programmed spacecraft.
DART was designed as a low-cost mission to establish autonomous rendezvous capabilities for the U.S. space program, a critical tool for future exploration missions to Mars and elsewhere.
www.santamariatimes.com /articles/2005/04/17/news/local/news02.txt   (507 words)

 The Alaska Star: New sidewinder missile declared operable at Elmendorf 11/20/03
Elmendorf is the first base in the U.S. military where the AIM 9-X missile program has reached the operational stage, said Capt. Scott Stewart, Naval Air Systems Command program manager for air-to-air missiles.
According to the Raytheon, developer of the AIM-9X, the missile is a launch-and-leave weapon with nearly over-the-shoulder firing capability.
The range of the missile is about the range of sight, said Stewart, adding that could be anywhere from seven to 10 miles.
www.alaskastar.com /stories/112003/mil_20031120019.shtml   (498 words)

 KOSOVO: British Forces deployed in the region: British naval assets
Her standard displacement is 20,600 tonnes with a length of 206 metres and beam of 36 metres.
With a standard displacement of 3,500 tonnes, she is 125 metres long, has a beam of 14.3 metres and a complement of 280.
With a standard displacement of 3,500 tonnes she is 133 metres long, has a beam of 16.2 metres and a complement of 185.
www.kosovo.mod.uk /sea.htm   (533 words)

 Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma
The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma is a global resource for journalists who cover violence.
"The missile strike on the Al-Jazeera facility raises questions about whether the building was deliberately targeted," said CPJ acting direct Joel Simon in a press release.
The New York Times reported today that ten journalists have died in Iraq in the first 21 days of the war, noting that no journalists were killed in the 1991 Gulf War.
www.dartcenter.org /articles/headlines/2003/2003_04_08.html   (241 words)

After launch, the Dart's bright tail-mounted sodium flare was optically tracked by the operator, who would send corrective commands via a spooled-out wire to keep the missile on the line of sight to the target.
The Dart had comparatively large cruciform wings and fins for stabilization and control, and used wingtip spoilers for steering.
The development of the Dart turned out to be much more difficult and expensive than originally expected, and in late 1956 the system was still far from ready for deployment.
www.astronautix.com /lvs/dart.htm   (413 words)

 dart - Wiktionary
A fold that is stitched on a garment.
Dart sac, (Zo├Âlogy): a sac connected with the reproductive organs of land snails, which contains a dart, or arrowlike structure.
To fly or pass swiftly, as a dart; to move rapidly in one direction; to shoot out quickly
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/dart   (312 words)

 White Sands Missile Range Missile Park
At the time this was the Army's smallest missile but it was capable of blasting through the heaviest enemy armor.
It was designed to be fired from armored personnel carriers, trucks and helicopters.
A gunner guided the missile to its target by sending commands via a wire connection between the launcher and the missile.
www.wsmr-history.org /Dart.htm   (54 words)

 A dart dart is a type of missile thrown or...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A dart dart is a type of missile thrown or...
A dart dart is a type of missile thrown or shot.
Darts Darts is a popular game, often played in pub pubs.
www.biodatabase.de /dart   (118 words)

 SeaDart   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Sea Dart is a medium range surface-to-air missile powered by ramjet and a solid fuel booster rocket.
It is intended against aerodynamic threats such as aircraft and cruise missiles flying at a maximum range of 80 km.
The Sea Dart booster accelerates the missile to Mach 2 before it leaves the launch arm.
www.deagel.com /pandora?p=mn00201001   (147 words)

 Definition: Dart (Meaning of Dart)
Definition: A pointed missile weapon, intended to be thrown by the hand; a short lance; a javelin; hence, any sharp-pointed missile weapon, as an arrow.
Definition: To throw with a sudden effort or thrust, as a dart or other missile weapon; to hurl or launch.
Definition: To throw suddenly or rapidly; to send forth; to emit; to shoot; as, the sun darts forth his beams.
ardictionary.com /Dart   (171 words)

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