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Topic: Darth Bandon

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  Darth Bandon - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Darth Bandon was a male Human Sith Lord, and the first known apprentice of Darth Malak during the Jedi Civil War.
Bandon completely embraced the dark side and this, coupled with his strength in the Force and utter ruthlessness, soon brought him to the attention of Darth Malak.
Bandon appears on the planet where the third Star Map (not counting Dantooine) is to be found (if the player goes in the order of planets at which Vandar Tokare lists them, then Darth Bandon should most likely appear on Manaan in the Hrakert Rift).
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Darth_Bandon   (803 words)

 History of the Jedi Knights and Sith Lords
Darth Revan was slain by a Force avalanche.
Darth Malak was seriously injured in a duel with Jedi Knight Kylo Spartos, which is why Darth Malak lost most of his jaw.
Darth Seer further insisted the title “Darth” which merely meant “shadow warrior” be made equivalent with the title “Lord” in honor of Darth Bane.
www.supershadow.com /starwars/jedi_sith.html   (6278 words)

 Lightsaber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Darth Maul was known to have created his double-bladed lightsaber in much the same way, but with one major difference.
Darth Vader's lightsaber is an example of this, as he has buttons on his hilt allowing him to change the blade length at will.
Darth Maul, with a double-bladed lightsaber, battles Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi on Naboo
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lightsaber   (8178 words)

Darth Malak, the apprentice of Darth Revan until he turned on him, becoming the master, the main threat to him and the sith was bastil's battle meditation.
His first apprentice was Darth Bandon, until he was defeated, finally when the Revans team was captured by carth's old mentor, Saul Karath, he captured bastila, turning her to the dark side, and becoming his new apprentice.
Darth Bandon was Malak's first apprentice, his natural cruelty and passion for the force took him far above the normal dark jedi, until even Malak himself noticed him.
www.angelfire.com /theforce/kidbuu/page4.html   (500 words)

 TheForce.Net - Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia - Search Results
Bandon was on Korriban at the time, and was defeated in combat when the Jedi managed to infiltrate the Sith academy.
Although Darth Nihilus managed to stun The Exile, he was unprepared for the devotion of his former pupil, Visas Marr, to the young man. Visas tried to exchange her life for that of The Exile, giving the former Jedi time to recover from his lapse.
The story of Darth Plagueis was one of the primary reasons it was believed that Anakin chose to ally himself with Palpatine, since the young Jedi Knight was having visions of the death of his wife, Padme' Amidala.
www.theforce.net /swenc/search.asp?t=Darth&EandD=EyDn&e=&s=&c=&p=&a=&no=10   (2236 words)

 BioWare - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Darth Maul vs. Darth Bandon
Darth Maul has a two bladed saber, took out a Jedi Master, gave Obi-wan a run for his money, has a nice personal ship, was apprentice to the emperor, who is the most powerful darksider in star wars.
Dark Bandon destroys stuff for no reason, lost to me(revan), with backup and was apprentice to a bald, nojawed sith lord with an M on his head.
Darth Bandon is cool for having a great armor which shows his craftsmanship, a Sith lightsaber, and he is very smart because he knows where to find Revan as he is standing at places where you find Star Maps.
swforums.bioware.com /forums/viewtopic.html?topic=338986&forum=89&sp=30   (1948 words)

 Darth Information
In it, a "Darth Vader" appeared as an Imperial official who would be renamed Grand Moff Tarkin in the final film, with Darth Vader becoming the name of the menacing fl-armored villain.
In Star Wars, Darth Revan was the first known Sith Lord to use this title, though it is possible that he and Darth Malak were preceded by the mysterious Darth Andeddu.
Because the first recorded Sith to use the title were Darth Revan and Darth Malak, the fact that they derived much of their power from the Star Forge, a creation of the long-extinct Rakata (Star Wars), has led some historians to suggest that "Darth" is actually a corruption of the Rakatan word Daritha, meaning "emperor".
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Darth   (592 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Sith
Sidious was apprentice to Darth Plagueis, a wise Sith Lord whose knowledge of arcane and unnatural arts was reputed to extend to manipulating the very essence of life.
As Darth Tyranus, Dooku engineered the vast armies that would fight on both sides of the Clone Wars: the assembled droid armies of the united Confederacy of Independent Systems, and the secretly created clone army of the Republic.
When the time was right -- when Sidious had in his grasp his ideal apprentice, the powerful Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker -- he dispatched a command to the clone forces that identified their Jedi generals as traitors to the Republic.
www.starwars.com /databank/organization/thesith   (738 words)

 T.M.F THE MILLENIUM FALCON | The Ultimate Star Wars Experience
He lasted throughout the clone wars to be killed by Anakin Skywalker who went on to become Darth Vader and serve the Empire alongside Palpatine until the day that Palpatine was defeated and peace restored.
Darth Bandon : Bandon was once a Jedi but fled to the Sith academy on Korriban.
Bandon killed many Jedi but in the end he was killed by Republic Agents searching for Malak's power source, the Star Forge.
www.freewebs.com /the_millenium_falcon/thesith.htm   (516 words)

 catastrophic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Darth Plagueis the Wise was a Sith Lord.
Plagueis is sometimes referred to as "Darth Plagueis the Wise", as he found a way to manipulate midi-chlorians to prevent death and create life.
Once a charismatic and intelligent Jedi Master, Darth Ruin, as he came to be called, became one of the most influential Sith Lords in galactic history.
www.experiencefestival.com /catastrophic   (1122 words)

 The Unofficial KOTOR Fan Media Site » Ripples
Darth Bandon watched as his creation took shape from behind a transparent barrier that allowed him to monitor every operation that was being performed on his slave.
Bandon could not catch himself in time, and he felt his lightsaber being ripped from his hand, even as he fell face first to the floor.
Bandon is shown to be a bully-brat, the Star Forge is a complex entity, you have some Trask backstory, and you mention other important parts of the Republic.
www.kotorfanmedia.com /?p=3884   (2613 words)

 Darth Malak
Darth Malak was a master swordsman, and an adept Force-user, excelling particularly in such dark side skills as Force Lightning, Life Drain, and Choke.
While the war against the Republic was going very well, he feared Bastila's gift of Battle Meditation, a rare Force power that enabled her to strengthen the Republic forces' resolve and coordinate their fighting effort while sapping the will of their enemies, making her a threat to the entire Sith war effort.
Darth Malak expended tremendous resources in an attempt to locate and capture her.
www.sfcrowsnest.com /scifinder/a/Darth_Malak.php   (1313 words)

 Darth Malak Information
Darth Malak is a character from the fictional Star Wars universe.
The prosthetic was made necessary by a ghastly lightsaber injury that completely severed his lower jaw and occurred when in a duel with Darth Revan when he grew angry and attempted to kill Revan.
Darth Malak was a master swordsman, and an adept Force-user, excelling particularly in such dark side skills as Force lightning, Life Drain, and Force choking.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Darth_Malak   (1347 words)

Her two most notable pupils were Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion, who in true Sith fasion, betrayed their master, stripped her of her powers, and exiled her.
After the war he was found by Darth Traya to be Force-sensitive, and she began training him in the ways of the Sith at the Trayus Academy on Malachor V. After his true powers and potential were realized, Nihilus, along with fellow Sith student Darth Sion, plotted and turned against their dark mistress Traya.
Darth Maul was a weapon forged by the hateful energies of the dark side to ensure the victory of the Sith over the Jedi order.
www.edandmari.com /starwars/Lords.html   (6738 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Bandon, Darth
When the Sith rose to power, Bandon rejected his old Master and fled to the Sith Academy on Korriban.
Darth Bandon proved himself to be an excellent choice.
Some in the Sith hierarchy wondered if Bandon would someday rise to challenge Malak for the mantle of Dark Lord, for that was the way of the Sith: the strong must rule, and when the apprentice surpasses the Master, the Master must fall.
www.starwars.com /databank/character/darthbandon   (258 words)

 Darth Bandon - Jedipedia
Darth Bandon war der Schüler von Darth Malak 3956 Jahre vor der Schlacht von Yavin.
Im Gegensatz zu Malak hatte Darth Bandon allerdings nur die dunkle Seite studiert, da er nie ein Jedi gewesen war.
Im Computerspiel Knights of the Old Republic bekommt man mehrere Gelegenheiten Darth Bandon zu töten, z.B. auf Tatooine, nach der Erlegung des Krayt-Drachen - auf Manaan, in einer Koltofabrik - oder auf dem Boden von Kashyyyk.
www.jedipedia.de /wiki/index.php/Darth_Bandon   (258 words)

 Darth Bandon's fiber armor - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Darth Bandon's fiber armor was a unique armor prized by Malak's apprentice Darth Bandon.
Following the death of Darth Bandon, his light armor ended up in the hands of Revan.
The silvery polish reflected a pride in craftsmanship rarely seen during the Jedi Civil War.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Darth_Bandon's_fiber_armor   (83 words)

 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Crystal FAQ - IGN FAQs
Crystal Effects Mike Liu brought to my attention that, under certain circumstances, Darth Bandon would leave his lightsaber in his remains, which treats nearly all enhancing crystals differently.
It can only be obtained by fighting Bandon on Manaan after leaving the underwater kolto factory (Manaan must be the third planet you obtain a Star Map on AFTER Dantooine, so the fourth planet you obtain a Star Map on essentially).
Crystal Combinations Since Darth Bandon's lightsaber alters the effects of almost all enhancing crystals, I thought I'd add some effective crystal combinations should you choose to use it.
faqs.ign.com /articles/431/431414p1.html   (4384 words)

 LucasForums - Holowan CloakWorks
Would it be possible to make one of these disguises into darth maul.
I like darth maul but would rather someone else be him and i stay as revan.
If you just want one of your party to use Darth mauls head then you could edit the npc of your choice to use Mauls instead of there normal head.
www.lucasforums.com /showthread.php?s=&threadid=121480   (893 words)

 Worst Darth name?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Bandon is a play on abandon, to dispose or get rid of something.
Darth Minnilium or what ever his name is. He is a cool guy though.
While actually it's meant to stem from "Tyranny"/"tyrant", for me it mostly evokes the image of a dinosaur, which is a bad connection to make for an elderly character.
p208.ezboard.com /funjoefrm64.showMessage?topicID=130.topic   (775 words)

 Lightsaber History - Luukesabers: The Ultimate Lightsaber Site
She fought gallantly but knowing she was outmatched, she hurled her lightsaber at several fuel tanks within the storage facility they fought in.
Darth Tyranus is the Sith Lord name of Count Dooku, a tool of Darth Sidious.
His lightsaber is destroyed in the power generator shafts of the Death Star II after being disarmed by Luke Skywalker along with his hand...again.
www.thelightsaber.com /Histories/historyD.htm   (986 words)

 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic @ GameBanshee
Once you get to him and his Dark Jedi just go straight for Darth Bandon and take him out first because he will use Death Field on you and your NPCs a ton.
Pretty much you just hack them down they aren't that strong at all Darth Bandon was the only one you had to worry about.
I tried several times to beat Bandon and the 2 Dark Jedi who are guarding him, but always unsuccesfully.
www.gamebanshee.com /starwarskotor/strategies/darthbandon.php   (743 words)

 The Unofficial KOTOR Fan Media Site » The Revelation of Bandon
You know, like he was dropped on his head at age two and that’s why he’s been trying to take over the galaxy for the past twenty years.
Darth Bandon wrenched the lightsaber from his belt with a vicious twist of his fingers.
Bandon was the real threat here, and bantering about his appearance wouldn’t change that.
www.kotorfanmedia.com /?p=2278   (1649 words)

 Who was the WORST jedi ever? - Obsidian Forum Community
But Bandon was the toady who followed the cliche villain without much substance and was easily killed, merely as a prelude to the real thing.
It's all about Kreia (and I'm repeating myself again because I must)-> to show how powerful she is everyone suddenly gets a major kick in the ass or *starts whining.
Darth Sion - related to the last ' * ' he also was strong before that came.
forums.obsidianent.com /index.php?act=findpost&pid=332391   (1366 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Bandon, Darth
Like most of Darth Malak's followers, Bandon was once a student of the Jedi.
There he embraced the dark side and the way of the Sith with every fiber of his being.
Bandon was killed by agents of the Republic searching for the location of Darth Malak's secret source of power, the Star Forge.
www.starwars.com /databank/character/darthbandon/index.html   (258 words)

 IGN: Knights of the Old Republic Boss Guide
Darth Bandon is a tough customer who can shut down your party quickly if you are not prepared.
This is extremely important as a single character will not last long against Darth Bandon.
Bandon can also heal himself using Death Field so hitting him with three characters is a must.
pc.ign.com /articles/445/445853p1.html   (1221 words)

 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Hints and Game Tips for XBox
In the fight with Darth Bandon, make sure you have good wisdom (Atleast slightly better than his) And death field.
Occasionally Darth Bandon will use Force Drain or death field (I forget,) so when he does, quickly use death field.
To beat Darth Malak make sure to have lots of advance medpac He has got jedi in tubes when you attack him he'll drain there life and his life will go full so you attack him the let him restore his life when all the jedi life are gone the kill him!!
www.supercheats.com /xbox/starwarsknightsoftheoldrepublichints.htm   (2093 words)

 swf_malak's Xanga Site
The two Jedi heroes succumbed to the dark side, and would return to the galaxy as Sith Lords -- Darth Revan as the mentor, and Darth Malak as the apprentice.
The Republic stood on the verge of collapse from the repeated attacks of Darth Malak's forces.
Malak took on an apprentice, Darth Bandon, to do his bidding.
www.xanga.com /swf_malak   (777 words)

 Darth Bandon - the wire - play™
Darth Vader wallpaper: THQ Wireless has entered an...
Darth Vader visits Jedi Academy with this custom made...
Darth Vader and Indy Coming Soon to a Console Near You
play.tm /wire/cluster/697669   (257 words)

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