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Topic: Database

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  Database Journal: Daily Database News, Information and Tutorials for the Database Professional
Additionally, the paper discusses backup and recovery recommendations for the integration of Data Protector Software and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and the impact on database performance and throughput for each of the backup methodologies.
The most common way to dismiss open source databases like mySQL has been to note their lack of sophisticated analysis tools.
SQL database for embedded and mobile application development.
www.databasejournal.com   (1205 words)

  Database - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Database as a single word became common in Europe in the early 1970s and by the end of the decade it was being used in major American newspapers.
These databases attempt to bring the database world and the application programming world closer together, in particular by ensuring that the database uses the same type system as the application program.
Databases are used in many applications, spanning virtually the entire range of computer software.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Database   (3446 words)

 database - a definition from Whatis.com
The most prevalent approach is the relational database, a tabular database in which data is defined so that it can be reorganized and accessed in a number of different ways.
An object-oriented programming database is one that is congruent with the data defined in object classes and subclasses.
Databases and database managers are prevalent in large mainframe systems, but are also present in smaller distributed workstation and mid-range systems such as the AS/400 and on personal computers.
whatis.techtarget.com /definition/0,289893,sid9_gci211895,00.html   (283 words)

 Alife Database - Artificial Life Searchable Repository
The new Alife Database is a successor to the first Alife Database.
The database will be updated periodically, and data will be added or updated according to what the search bot will find.
The database, as implemented on the net, consists of several files (one for each category), the size of each is around 50-100Kb.
www.aridolan.com /ad/adb/adib.html   (1180 words)

 The APNIC Whois Database
APNIC maintains of a database of IP address and AS number allocations in the Asia Pacific region.
To ensure the integrity of information in the APNIC Whois Database, on 14 December 2004, the maintainer of all historical resources in the APNIC Whois Database was changed to the APNIC-HM maintainer.
Database queries on customer assignments not designated 'public' will now be directed to the upstream provider's registration information.
www.apnic.net /db   (304 words)

 Databases: The Alternative Medicine Homepage
AMED- Allied and Complementary Medicine is a unique database produced by the Health Care Information Service of the British Library This database will be of interest to individuals wanting to know more about alternatives to conventional medicine, and includes resources to complementary medicine, palliative care and several professions allied to medicine.
CISCOM Database, ©The Centralized Information Service for Complementary Medicine, The Research Council for Complementary Medicine, United Kingdom: 4,000 randomized trials and over 60,000 citations and abstracts covering and arranged by the major complementary therapies including acupuncture, aromatherapy, healing, hypnotherapy, chiropractic, homoeopathy, and manipulative.
Database, [use MEDLINE to find bibliographic references to scientific-based studies in alternative and complementary medicine] the best interface is PubMed from the National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland.
www.pitt.edu /~cbw/database.html   (1876 words)

 database definition - isp.webopedia.com - The Glossary for Internet Service Providers
Traditional databases are organized by fields, records, and files.
In a Hypertext database, any object, whether it be a piece of text, a picture, or a film, can be linked to any other object.
Hypertext databases are particularly useful for organizing large amounts of disparate information, but they are not designed for numerical analysis.
isp.webopedia.com /TERM/S/database.html   (337 words)

 The Aria Database - Main Index
The Database is designed to be useful for both singers and opera fans.
For performers, the Database provides all the information you would need to know to prepare an aria, including synopsis, range and tessitura, voice part and fach, role, and where to find the sheet music.
A donation to the Aria Database is voluntary and goes towards supporting future efforts in maintaining and updating the Aria Database.
www.aria-database.com /index2.html   (701 words)

 Open Directory - Computers: Software: Databases
Database Administration and Scripts - DBA scripts and articles on Informix, Oracle and ERP software such as SAP, Baan, and Peoplesoft.
Database Management Solutions from Computer Associates - Solutions for database administration, performance management and backup and recovery.
Easysoft Limited - SQL Engine is a relational database engine that provides users with heterogeneous access to multiple local and remote data sources and enhanced functionality in your existing ODBC drivers.
dmoz.org /Computers/Software/Databases   (1010 words)

 ONJava.com -- Effective Unit Testing with DbUnit
With DbUnit, a database can be seeded with a desired data set before a test; moreover, at the completion of the test, the database can be placed back into its pre-test state.
DbUnit allows developers to create test cases that control the state of a database during their life cycles; consequently, those test cases are easily automatable, as they do not require manual intervention between tests; nor do they entail manual interpretation of results.
The DbUnit framework's ability to manage the state of a database throughout a test's lifecycle enables rapid test-case creation and adoption; furthermore, by controlling a major dependency, tests that utilize the DbUnit framework are easily automated.
www.onjava.com /pub/a/onjava/2004/01/21/dbunit.html   (1566 words)

 Gene Regulation
Cytomer is a database on "gene expression sources", i.
is a relational database on "gene expression sources" which lists physiological systems,organs and cell types.
is a database on composite regulatory elements affecting gene transcription in eukaryotes.
www.gene-regulation.com /pub/databases.html#transfac   (369 words)

Databases are crucial for organizing client information, generating reports, and keeping track of financial records.
Databases can help you manage your data effectively, but implement them carefully.
A database planning process is essential, regardless of what you may think you need.
www.techsoup.org /articles.cfm?topicid=6&topic=Databases   (577 words)

 Java Skyline: Database
O/R Mapping and database engineering tools generally obtain metadata in some form - by reverse-engineering from the database, from XML, or from Java classes.
Defines a style of DDL where database objects all have object IDs and there is a Factory classes structure that store/restore information to/from database.
Database access without coding SQL or major source code changes; implements vast majority of JDO final spec - including query filters and maps supports JDBC 1.x, 2, JBoss, WebLogic, a number of RDBMSs.
www.javaskyline.com /database.html   (2410 words)

 Database 10g | Oracle Database - The First Database Designed for Grid Computing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Oracle Database 10g runs on all industry-standard platforms and moves from a single instance to Grid Computing without changing a single line of code.
Oracle Database 10g is the ideal choice for large enterprises and small and midsize businesses alike.
Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition delivers record-breaking performance and scalability for transaction processing and large scale data warehouses on Windows, Linux, and UNIX servers.
www.oracle.com /database   (292 words)

 Printer Compatibility Database
This database includes basic specifications for printers and details of how to make them go under normal unices that can run Ghostscript and/or filters like pnm2ppa.
This is an interactive database; if you know anything useful that isn't represented here, please add your knowledge to the pool -- post anything you know to the forum for your printer, and one of our editors will incorporate your information into the data.
This entire database is available in an XML format as part of the
www.linuxprinting.org /database.html   (292 words)

 GenBank Database
GenBank is the NIH genetic sequence database, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences.
GenBank is part of the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration, which is comprised of the DNA DataBank of Japan (DDBJ), the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), and GenBank at the National Center for Biotechnology Information.
See the list of database searching software or the GCG Wisconsin software for more information.
www.psc.edu /general/software/packages/genbank/genbank.html   (292 words)

 All About Web-to-Database Connectivity / WebDeveloper.com ®
Learn how to import the objects of a database from the Database Explorer view into the Data Definition view, in the Rational AD IDE and explore some of the data-related tasks that you can perform, as well as how to deploy the solution.
Learn how to use Access system tables (Msys-tables) to synchronize all database objects between two databases: one with the user's custom objects and the primary client mdb, which continues to be updated and overwritten on a periodic basis.
There are often times when retrieving results from a database that you only are interested in displaying the first N records from the resulting query.
www.webdeveloper.com /database   (13458 words)

The IARC TP53 Mutation Database compiles all TP53 gene mutations identified in human cancers and cell lines that have been reported in the peer-reviewed literature since 1989.
The database is meant to be a source of information on TP53 mutations for a broad range of scientists and clinicians who work in different areas:
The IARC TP53 database has been updated in July 2005: the new release, R10, contains 21,587 somatic mutations, 283 germline mutations and functional data on 426 mutant proteins.
www-p53.iarc.fr /index.html   (234 words)

 MitoDat - Mendelian Inheritance and the Mitochondrion
This database is dedicated to the nuclear genes specifying the enzymes, structural proteins, and other proteins, many still not identified, involved in mitochondrial biogenesis and function.
The Report of the committee on human mitochondrial DNA is currently the most comprehensive source of information on mitochondrial DNA mutations, other defects, and disorders in which the mitochondrial DNA deficiencies have been associated.
The database may be searched to find entries matching a key phrases in any of the data for that entry.
www.ccrnp.ncifcrf.gov /mitoDat   (373 words)

 Buzzword Definition - Database   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A database is an organized collection of information.
It is like a box of 3x5 cards that you can search, sort and analyze rapidly with a database program.
A database program lets you add, delete and change data in the database.
www.tekmom.com /buzzwords/zddbase.html   (68 words)

 Database News, Product Reviews, Trends and Analysis - eWEEK.com Database Center
With the new version of its venerable database software, FileMaker solidifies its position as the ideal tool for knowledge workers who want to enjoy the benefit of relational databases without scaling the learning curve of a more IT-centric product like Microsoft Access.
Greenblatt is pretty darn noncommittal on many questions, but he does offer some corrections to a history of CA that lists it as a place where "good products go to die," as question No. 1 suggests.
Major players focusing on client-side database security are building fllist systems to protect against phishing attacks.
www.eweek.com /category2/0,1874,1237934,00.asp   (1473 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Learn about the different types of database fields available in the database environment.
Learn to create and define the fields you would like to work with in a database.
Learn to use the "Find" function in a database document to locate a particular piece of information.
www.uen.org /utahlink/tours/tourViewCategory.cgi?category_id=18614&tour_id=13811   (91 words)

 IMGT/HLA Database
The IMGT/HLA Database provides a specialist databases for sequences of the human major histocompatibility complex (HLA) and includes the official sequences for the WHO HLA Nomenclature Committee For Factors of the HLA System.
The IMGT/HLA Database is part of the international ImMunoGeneTics project (IMGT).
The IMGT/HLA Database is sponsored by the institutes and companies shown.
www.ebi.ac.uk /imgt/hla   (84 words)

 KnowledgeStorm Database - Home
Compare Database software, hardware, and reseller and service offerings; find Database White Papers and other research.
KnowledgeStorm Database is part of the KnowledgeStorm Network of sites.
Database is a part of the KnowledgeStorm Network.
database.knowledgestorm.com /ksdatabase   (494 words)

 Database Topic Guide
Version 2.0 of an API specification for connecting to databases from Python.
Older database modules that do not implement the DB-API specification.
A list of books useful for learning about database programming and SQL.
www.python.org /topics/database   (65 words)

 ITtoolbox Database Knowledge Base
Sign up to get e-mail notifications when new Database white papers are posted.
Knowledge Bases: Business Intelligence - C Languages - CIO - CRM - Database - Data Warehouse - EAI
Emerging Technologies - ERP - Hardware - Knowledge Management - Networking - Project Management - SCM - Security
database.ittoolbox.com   (284 words)

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