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 Dayak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Dayak indigeneous religion is called Kaharingan, which is a form of animism, although for official purposes it is categorized as a form of Hinduism.
It is believed that the indigenous peoples on Borneo, including the Dayaks, are descendants of Austronesian peoples from Asia who are believed to have arrived about 3000 years ago, displacing or assimilating the previous population.
The immigrants spoke Austronesian languages from which the Dayak languages are descended. /wiki/Dayak   (972 words)

 Troy Dayak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dayak has scored eight goals and added seven assists in his seven years in the league.
Early in the 1999 season, Dayak suffered a major knee injury damaging his medial collateral ligament (MCF) and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL).
Troy Dayak (born January 21, 1971 in Walnut Creek, California) was an American soccer player who played as central defender. /wiki/Troy_Dayak   (544 words)

 Indonesia Dayak
Among the Dayak are the Ngaju Dayak, Maanyan, and Lawangan.
The Dayak make a living through swidden agriculture and possess relatively elaborate death ceremonies in which the bones are disinterred for secondary reburial.
Caught in a no-win situation, the Dayak also were told that they did not have an agama and thus became suspect in the anticommunist fever of the late 1960s. /indonesia/dayak.html   (481 words)

 In the Realm of Spirits: Traditional Dayak Tattoo in Borneo by Lars Krutak
Dayak tattoo is a spiritual artform that merges images of humans, animals, and plants into one unit, expressing the proliferation of life and the integration of living and spiritual beings in the cosmos.
Dayak, meaning "interior" or "inland" person, is the term used to describe the variety of indigenous native tribes of Borneo, each of which has its own language and separate culture.
In mythology, the tuba was given to the Dayak by the snake deities of Panggau and this is why it is not surprising that the motif is used as a protective symbol in tattoo. /borneo_tattoos_1.htm   (2213 words)

 BBC News ASIA-PACIFIC Beheading: A Dayak ritual
Dayak is the general term for the non-Muslim indigenous tribes of the island of Borneo, divided up between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.
Beheading your enemy was seen, within the complex polytheist and animist beliefs of the Dayaks, as the way of killing off for good the spirit of the person you had killed.
But many Dayaks have given up the forests, and their tribal dress and customs, to move to Borneo's cities and towns. /1/hi/world/asia-pacific/1186401.stm   (505 words)

Dayak communities have been dispossessed as their traditional forest lands are appropriated by outsiders in government-supported resettlement, development and large-scale commercial enterprise schemes.
Anthropological accounts of Dayaks make much of their former reputation as headhunters, based on a belief that to take a head is to take the strength of your victim.
Bloody clashes between the indigenous Dayak people, migrants from Madura and the military started in early January 1997, and resulted in a death toll of over 500; the army admitted to 300 dead. /irp/world/para/dayak.htm   (305 words)

 Dayak Culture - Borneo Travel Packages and Filming Trips
The Dayak tribes of Central Kalimantan is settled along the Lamandau river, another river systems of Pangkalan Bun to the north.
Although the area is not traditional anymore, but the Dayak tribes is still maintain their traditional cultures and stuffs from their head hunting age.
The Dayak Tribes, the indigenous people of Kalimantan were some of the fierce head-hunters. /borneo/dayak.htm   (487 words)

 The Birth Of Gawai Dayak & Its Celebration
To the Dayak, Gawai Dayak would be a recognition of the Dayak race, their source of national pride and a way to reciprocate social hospitality extended by the other races during their festivals.
Dayak would visit their friends and relatives on this day.
Gawai Dayak, a festive celebrated in Sarawak on 1st June every year is both a religious and social occasion. /SoHo/Studios/1952/gawai.htm   (739 words)

 Dayak optimistic despite losses
Dayak said logic was the driving force behind the trade of goalkeeper Brian Rowland to the Milwaukee Wave for forward Aaron Susi last week.
Dayak said Larkin was expectedly rusty, and he admitted as much to his teammates after the match.
Troy Dayak is not used to losing, but he's not letting the losses completely obscure his view. /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051129/SPORTS/511290308/...   (389 words) - Soccer - Dayak's Career Ends Prematurely
Dayak, who joined San Jose during its inaugural season in Major League Soccer back in 1996, is in his eighth season with the club.
Dayak, who announced several weeks back this will be his final year in MLS, tore his ACL during Saturday's scoreless draw against FC Dallas at Spartan Stadium.
FC Dallas midfielder Richard Mulrooney suffered a similar injury to Dayak and was also lost for the remainder of the campaign. /soccer/4502545/detail.html   (468 words)

 San Jose Earthquakes - News - 10/05/2005
Dayak then spent two seasons with the Bay Area Seals of the A-League and overcame a torn posterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in 1999 to lead all A-League defenders in scoring in the 2000 season.
Dayak will continue to remain involved in the sport locally, currently serving as the Vice President of Soccer Operations and head coach of the California Cougars of the MISL and the Technical Director for Livermore Youth Soccer.
Dayak suffered a herniated disc in his neck in 1996 and after extensive rehabilitation returned for the 1997 season. /MLS/news/team_news.jsp?ymd=20051005&content_id=44850&vkey=pr_sje&fext=.jsp&team=sje   (904 words)

 MSN Encarta - Search Results - Dayak
Dayak, also Dyak, name applied to aboriginal inhabitants of the island of Borneo, particularly to the tribes of the interior of the state of Sarawak....
In 1994 scientists reported the capture of ten adult male Dayak fruit bats in Malaysia and discovered that these bats had breasts full of milk.
Exclusively for MSN Encarta Premium Subscribers--quickly search thousands of articles from magazines such as Time, Newsweek, The Atlantic Monthly, and Smithsonian. /Dayak.html   (119 words)

 Dokumen: Erau Festival of Tenggarong (Page 1 of 2)
The Dayaks were about as "authentic" as I had ever seen and - best of all - they were putting on their show in the district capital of Tenggarong, a town of some 50,000 with small hotels and localstyle restaurants.
The Dayaks dancing with their swords, spears and an orangutan skull were atough bunch from a long way up the Mahakam River.
Although all Dayaks share some basic traits, their differences are numerous mutually unintelligible languages, different social divisions and lifestyles as well as physical variations. /dokumen/erau.html   (1277 words)

 Dayak --¬† Encyclop√¶dia Britannica
Dayak is a generic term that has no precise ethnic or tribal significance and that is applied to any of the (non-Muslim) indigenous peoples of the interior of Borneo (as opposed to the largely Malay population of the coastal areas).
Dayak is a generic term that has no precise ethnic or tribal significance and that is applied to any of the (non-Muslim) indigenous peoples of the interior of Borneo (as opposed to the largely Malay population of the coastal…
It was occupied by the Japanese during World War II and was the principal city of Great Dayak, an autonomous state (one of five) created in 1945 that became part of Indonesia in 1950. /eb/article-9029561?tocId=9029561   (559 words) - SOCCER - Dayak, San Jose have made huge turnarounds
Dayak -- whose nickname is "the beast" -- won't let injury slow him Sunday when the Earthquakes face the Los Angeles Galaxy in the MLS Cup at Columbus Crew Stadium.
Dayak's comeback is as remarkable as the turnaround San Jose has made under new coach Frank Yallop, who also acquired Defender of the Year Jeff Agoos and teen sensation Landon Donovan.
Dayak's all-out attitude earned him a start in this year's All-Star game, but it wasn't long ago when doctors told him to give up soccer after a collision during practice crushed two discs in his neck. /soccer/news/2001/1019/1266469.html   (706 words)

 Malaysia: The Taming of the Dayak - The PBDS saga continues
In the local parlance of Sarawak Dayak politics, James was cast as the next Jabu, referring to Alfred Jabu, a longstanding Deputy Chief Minister popularly portrayed as the paradigm of the subservient and obsequious Dayak.
Fractious and ineffective as they may have been, Dayaks, their leaders and politicians cannot be ignored; they have, however, to be kept in line — a process that has been going on in one form or another since the Stephen Kalong Ningkan affair and even prior to that in the consolidation of Brooke rule.
Dayaks in general, and Iban in particular, urgently face the real possibility of their becoming an urban and rural underclass. /monthly/2004a/6h.html   (4443 words)

The death toll, the use of rifles, and the geographic scope of the Dayak attacks on the Chinese are similar to the 1996-97 attacks on the Madurese.
Many Dayaks were eliminated from government administration for their alleged leftism after Soeharto's "New Order" came to power in early 1966, and one result of the New Order's 1973 decision to reduce political parties to three was that the ability of Dayaks to compete against others for political posts was virtually eliminated.
Not only do the Dayak lose income, but they often find that the rivers on which they depend for transport and drinking water are either blocked by logs floating downstream to sawmills run by the timber companies or polluted by chemical run-off from the agroforestry operations. /reports/1997/wkali/Brneo97d-02.htm   (3509 words)

 Daily online newspaper: The Christian Science Monitor
Working with a Dayak group called the Biodamar Foundation - named for the damar resin that Dayaks used to collect to light their lamps - Terong helped successfully oppose new timber concessions by persuading local government officials to recognize adat, traditional rights to the forest.
Dayaks do exploit the forest, but over thousands of years, they developed superstitions that preserved the environment.
The culture of the Dayaks - a generic term for Borneo's 200 native tribes - is vanishing, like so many ancient ways. /2001/0827/p8s2-woap.htm   (428 words)

 DAYAK PARANG - Mandau - Parang Ilang - Naibor - Langgai Tinggang - Jimpul - Bayu - Pakayun
The Iban, known as Sea Dayak and famous as pirates, were converted to Islam by the Malays and were probably the latest of the Dayak to arrive in Borneo.
The Dayak live in Borneo and are divided in various ethnic groups: the Penan, Klemantan, Kenyah, Kayan, Murut and Iban people.
Like the Keris, the Dayak Parang, is believed to have supernatural power and is transmitted from generation to generation. /taman.sari/swords/dayak/parang_dayak_intro.htm   (512 words)

 Dayak Bidayuh Reference List
Daane, Jon R.V. Internal and External Co-operation of Land Dayak Villages, Department of Rural Sociology of the Tropics and Sub-Tropics, Agricultural University, Wageningen, The Netherlands.
Dayak Bidayuh of the Bau-Lundu region: demographic profile and their perception of educational amenities.
Sidaway D. Influence of Christianity on Biatah-speaking Land Dayaks. /Tokyo/Dojo/3457/referen.htm   (5699 words)

In a sense, then, this Dayak man is covered with a visual canopy of the creatures and plants that live within his jungle domain.
Foot tattoo of lower caste Dayak woman with abstract dragon motif on shin.
The motif at the bottom of these verticle bands, the coil that looks like an abstract letter A, is a tuba root (tushun tuva) pattern representing an anthropomorph/spirit of some kind. /borneo_dayak_tattoos.htm   (492 words)

 SOCCER / Quakes' Dayak takes indoor league job
The 34-year-old Dayak, who is nicknamed "the Beast" for his aggressive play in central defense, is in his eighth MLS season in a career that has been marred by severe injuries and surgeries.
Dayak, a Walnut Creek native and Livermore High School graduate, played briefly at USF before becoming, at the age of 17, the youngest player to sign with the American Professional Soccer League, joining the San Francisco Bay Blackhawks.
Dayak will take over as vice president and head coach of the California Cougars, a Major Indoor Soccer League expansion team that will begin 2005-06 play in October at Stockton's Events Center Arena, which is now under construction. /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/chronicle/archive/2005/04/28/SPGKLCGNNH1.DTL   (371 words)

 Inside Indonesia 51 - The horror in Kalimantan
More Dayaks were killed at this same army post in the late afternoon of February 4 when two trucks full of Dayaks tried to run a roadblock that the soldiers were manning.
Dayaks in urban areas fled to the interior to seek safety with their tribal kinsmen.
Reports from both the military and local Dayak sources said that by late February, the cup was being passed from one community to another throughout the four provinces of Kalimantan. /~inside/edit51/hrw2.htm   (2605 words)

 San Jose Earthquakes - News - 05/05/2005
Dayak will remain with the Earthquakes through the remainder of the 2005 season, but he is nonetheless looking forward to his new job.
Dayak, 34, has played professionally since he was 17, beginning his career with the San Francisco Bay Blackhawks of the American Professional Soccer League.
Dayak, who has battled serious injuries throughout his career, has served his entire MLS career in San Jose, having signed on with the original Clash in 1996. /MLS/news/team_news.jsp?ymd=20050505&content_id=28763&vkey=news_sje&fext=.jsp&team=sje   (783 words)

 Inside Indonesia 51 - Dayak anger ignored
The recent so-called 'ethnic conflicts' between Dayak and Madurese in West Kalimantan are a classic example of economic tensions manifested as ethnic tensions.
The plantation managers complain that the Dayak are not always ready and willing to work in the plantations, and the Dayak complain that the work is not always available when they want it.
Fifteen years ago in West Kalimantan, while I was studying Dayak disputes over a nucleus estate project near Sanggau, a traditional Dayak leader (temenggung) told me: 'As long as everyone profits the same and works the same, there is no one who will not want to cooperate with the plantation program'. /edit51/dove.htm   (1536 words) - Mulrooney to miss season with knee ligament tear
Dayak plans to retire at the end of this season and become head coach of the expansion California Cougars of the Major Indoor Soccer League.
Dayak, who announced last month that this would be his last season in MLS, was injured Saturday against FC Dallas.
Dayak is scheduled to undergo surgery in the next few weeks. /sports/soccer/mls/2005-05-17-roundup_x.htm   (428 words)

 Expeditions & Special Events - Borneo, Apo Kayan Dayak Expedition
In general, Dayak culture is traceable back to the late neolithic period (1800 - 500 B.C.) when by comparison to European tribes they were already an advanced culture, producing polished stone tools, earthenware pottery, bone ornaments, bamboo caskets, wooden coffins and cotton textiles.
Like all hunting Dayaks, the Punan use dogs to locate and flush out their quarry, these are prized animals, pampered, and worth large sums of money.
Unlike the other Dayak groups who have abandoned the use of blowpipes in favour of home-made flintlock rifles, the Punan still persist with this most deadly and silent weapon. /adventure/borneo/apo.htm   (942 words)

 :: Institut Dayakologi ::
In the Dayak Kanayatn tradition, the dominant group involved in the conflict, that which is usually referred to by outsiders as "headhunting" usually arose as a consequence of self-defence, mostly concerning territory, and collectively rather than individually.
The Dayak, given their strong adat, or indigenous law, do not carry weapons with them into public areas or houses, as all disputes are to be resolved without recourse to violence.
In the case of a Madurese killing a Dayak, there are adat sanctions that the killer must abide by, and the Dayak community from where the victim came has the obligation to see that they are carried through. /publications/articles_news/eng/role.htm   (3371 words)

 Senior Government Official Fined by Dayak Chiefs
The Dayak Adat chief said that in Dayak Culture, a person who avoid to fulfill the adat obligations may be considered as ‘non-human’ and this may create wider social unrest.
This is the second time for the Dayak Indigenous Peoples in exercising their Adat Law to the government officer.
Tumenggong Jelai stated that the Dayak have been farming for centuries. /32.html   (937 words)

 Q & A with Cougars Coach Troy Dayak
Dayak's transition from playing to coaching came a little sooner than he expected, however, as the former San Jose Earthquakes star tore his anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee on May 14.
Troy Dayak is in his first season as the head coach of the California Cougars, having recently wrapped up a stellar career in Major League Soccer.
These days Dayak is getting around just fine, calling the shots for an expansion franchise now hours away from its home debut. /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051216/SPORTS11/512160314/-1/SPORTS05   (491 words)

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