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Topic: DeLorean

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  Gold DeLorean Car of Texas
Roger Mize died in 1987 leaving the car to his 4 grandkids with a clause that it never be driven and cannot be sold until the last one is 30 years old.
General Motors hired DeLorean when he was 24, and he began his rise in the automobile industry.
DeLorean managed to pool together about $175 million in financing and in 1974 formed the DeLorean Motor Co. After looking at such diverse sites as Detroit and Puerto Rico, DeLorean decided to build his car factory in Northern Ireland.
www.bigtexas.com /dmc   (1340 words)

 Delorean Midwest Connection
The DeLorean Midwest Connection is one of the longest running DeLorean clubs in existence.
When the local chapters were dissolved, the DeLorean Midwest Connection continued as a standalone club.
Only 1996 and newer ODB-equipped vehicles are required to be tested, except for vehicles that qualify for exemptions, including diesel, electric only and vehicles with qualifying certificates of exemption such as show cars, race cars, etc. These certificates must be renewed every 2 years.
www.delorean-midwest.org   (195 words)

 Delorean Parts - Delorean Accessories - Partstrain.com
Many are confused, however, whether Delorean is a brand of cars manufactured by a certain car manufacturer or just a model of a particular brand of cars.
The Delorean, or De Lorean, is a car manufactured by the now non-operational De Lorean Motor Company (a brand of car accessories and products bearing the same name still exist today but is not related with the original company).
Even if the production of Delorean cars have long ceased, we still offer its various body and performance parts for those who are die hard Delorean lovers.
www.partstrain.com /ShopByVehicle/DELOREAN   (0 words)

 DeLorean Car Show - Gettysburg Pennsylvania
The facility is the largest we have had to date and it is a self-contained resort with many things to do on site.
We will have the entire hotel to ourselves so you will be able to enjoy the DeLorean Experience to its fullest.
DeLorean owners, enthusiast and people just curious about the car and its creator.
www.deloreancarshow.com   (287 words)

 Back to The Future movie props archive: Hoverboard, Delorean and other original movieprops from all three films of the ...
Delorean model from Back to the Future III on display at Planet Hollywood
Delorean model from Back to the Future The Ride
Delorean model from Back to the Future II
www.ketzer.com /backtothefuture   (656 words)

 CultTVman: Back To The Future's Delorean cars
All DeLorean time machines had different similarities like the vents in the back on one of the cars is steel, another its gloss fl, and in another DMC time machine might have a flat fl one.
FUSION is also different from the one in Universal in Orlando; It is smaller in the movie and different, but in Orlando the T.M. was bigger and a differet tube-like shape.
Also the parts on the back of the DeLorean in all time machines are in a different color per car.
www.culttvman.com /back_to_the_future_s_delorean_.html   (806 words)

 Back to the Future (1985)
The DeLorean was deliberately selected for its general appearance and gull wing doors, in order to make it plausible that people in 1955 would presume it to be an alien spacecraft.
Revealing mistakes: Near the end of the movie, Marty positions the DeLorean and realizes he can go back earlier and warn Doc.
However, Marty seems to press the buttons 458708 which have no correlation to 10/26/85 0124am.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0088763   (666 words)

 DeLorean Motor Company Home
DeLorean Motor Company (Texas) and our affiliated dealers are the largest sources for new, original and reproduction DeLorean parts in the world.
Our six facilities have the largest capacity to service and restore DeLoreans to show winning or daily driver status.
If you don't yet own a DeLorean, we offer certified pre-owned DeLoreans, as well as newly built DeLoreans to your specification.
www.delorean.com   (127 words)

 DeLorean Motor Company Buy a DeLorean
Pre-owned DeLoreans are cars that have been extensively serviced by a DeLorean Motor Company affiliated dealer and offered for sale.
Inventory changes frequently at each of our locations, and it is not unusual for a car to be listed as "coming soon" and go directly to "sale pending" or "sold".
These new build cars are made to order, using a combination of original (NOS) parts from the Ireland factory, original (OEM) parts that we source from the original suppliers to the factory and our growing line of reproduction parts.
www.delorean.com /sales.asp   (183 words)

 Home Page
Located in Garden Grove, California, DeLorean Motor Company (California is) the home of Don Steger, the only DeLorean Certified mechanic still operating in the US today.
Whether you need regular maintenance or the complete refurbishment of your car, DeLorean Motor Company (California) is where your car wants to be serviced.
You can go to www.lagunaniguelparade.com for more info on the parade and for past parade pictures.
www.deloreanmotorcenter.com   (184 words)

 DeLorean Parts Northwest - DeLorean Parts for Less
DeLorean Parts Northwest - DeLorean Parts for Less
DeLorean Parts Northwest has over 10,000 new and used genuine DeLorean parts.
We also carry DeLorean parts that are no longer available anywhere else.
www.delorean-parts.com   (146 words)

 Welcome at DeLorean.eu here you can find special powerparts for your DeLorean
If you are interested in regular DeLorean parts please visit delorean.com and send us the partnumbers by email.
We apologize for any unconvience but in the near future you will be able to order the regular parts direct from deloreaneurope.com.
We are specialized in the import of DeLoreans from the United States in corporation with DMC Houston.
www.delorean.eu   (266 words)

 DMC-News The DeLorean Mailing List
The DeLorean Mailing List exists to promote awareness of and exchange information about the DeLorean automobile.
Whether you are an owner or just want to own one, if you have an interest in the DeLorean automobile, this site is for you.
Established in 1995, the DeLorean Mailing List has over 1500 subscribers from around the world discussing all things related to the DeLorean Car, Company and Man.
www.dmcnews.com   (144 words)

 Tamir's DeLorean Site
Tamir's DeLorean Site is the ultimate DeLorean resource on the net.
It was developed by my brother and me to quench any DeLorean lover's thirst.
And then use the easy to navigate top and right side menus to enjoy the vast amount of DeLorean images, media files, and knowledge contained in this site.
www.entermyworld.com   (78 words)

 Delorean One
The world's largest source for DeLorean parts, service and accessories.
Delorean One, 20229 Nordhoff Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311
Copyright 1997 - Delorean One - All Rights Reserved
www.deloreanone.com   (27 words)

 Delorean Cars
Thank you for visiting the original UK website dedicated to the DeLorean sportscar.
For the past six years, I've owned three and worked on countless other DeLorean cars.
From import through restoration, registration and sale, to brakes, handling and particularly performance engines.
www.delorean.co.uk   (77 words)

 MySpace.com - delorean - ES - Shoegaze / Techno / Roots Music - www.myspace.com/deloreandanz
MySpace.com - delorean - ES - Shoegaze / Techno / Roots Music - www.myspace.com/deloreandanz
delorean's Latest Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog]
www.myspace.com /deloreandanz   (458 words)

 DeLorean Club Nederland
Welkom op de webpagina van de Delorean Club Nederland.
Welkom op de site van de Nederlandse club voor DeLorean liefhebbers en eigenaren.
Click hier voor de foto's en andere informatie over de DCN Herfstrit 2007!
www.delorean.nl   (44 words)

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