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Topic: Dead Famous

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Improbable Research » Blog Archive » Famous dead sparrow will fly again
The most famous dead sparrow in the history of cricket will fly again this week — for the first time since it was killed in a match at Lord’s Cricket Ground in 1936.
It will co-star with another celebrity dead sparrow: the renowned “Domino Sparrow” that was shot in the Netherlands a year ago because it disturbed a television company’s attempt at a world record in domino toppling.
Other famous sparrows that will star in Rotterdam include the first-ever collected House Sparrow in the United States that is still kept in the American Museum of Natural History in New York (1875, offspring of the earliest immigrant sparrows), and the ‘Freedom Sparrow’ from the Australian Museum in Sydney.
www.improbable.com /2006/11/07/famous-dead-sparrow-will-fly-again   (556 words)

  Articles - 'Dead-on prognosticators?' and ''   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
If you're new to the terms, dead or death pools are fantasy-football-style games in which players wager on which celebrities will die in a given year.
According to the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office in Harrisburg, dead pools, though a form of wagering, are not illegal in Pennsylvania as long as the house (the person running the pool) does not get a cut of the winnings.
Most are older celebrities, famous people with a known illness, or those who are involved in dangerous activities, such as drugs, crime or extreme sports.
www.msu.edu /user/daggy/cop/effluvia/dead-on.htm   (1555 words)

 The Famous Dead Person's Ball - The Concept
Of course, the definitions of "famous" and even "dead" are subject to your interpretation.
Famous can be a cult figure or a minor character in a movie or book.
Dead can be everlasting, but resurrections are okay too (and more common with fictional characters).
www.fishcat.com /fdpb/concept.html   (257 words)

It's already shaping up to be an exciting year at Dead Famous Heights, check out some of the early 2007 highlights...
Plus...Break The Box, Italian Tech-Funk specialists, will be peddling their wares in the Dead Famous hypermarket, look out for some juicy releases, backed up by the ever reliable Jinx, hot on the heels of their acid monster The Raid.....Shit Hot!!!
Hailed by DJ Mag as 'one of our favourite new labels', Dead Famous has started as it means to go on.
www.deadfamous.org   (481 words)

 Halfbakery: Dead Man Standing (on Mars)
Let’s take famous dead people, freeze-dry or otherwise prepare them for extremely long term mummification in space, and send them along with useful robots to the moon, Mars, Jupiter’s moons or elsewhere.
I would endorse putting robotic endoskeletons into the carcasses of dead famous people and sending them to Mars to build vast metropolitan areas filled with Starbucks and McDonalds, and strewn with garbage and lawyers, so when we finally get to Mars en masse, it will feel like home.
famous, is because it gives ordinary people hope that they themselves have at least a chance to get famous.
www.halfbakery.com /idea/Dead_20Man_20Standing_20(on_20Mars)   (908 words)

 Scholastic Canada - Famous Dead Canadians
A hilarious book about some of Canada's most famous dead people, that's crammed with all the interesting details your teacher probably forgot to mention.
Packed with offbeat illustrations, a Famous Portrait Gallery, and the zany stories of over a dozen famous (dead) explorers, inventors, scientists, adventurers and other folks who shaped Canada's history.
When questioned about his blunder, Norris would say only, "Sixty-three centimeters is extremely large, even for the twenty-first century skull." He declined to comment on his resignation, or to confirm rumours that he has been hired to drive a cab for a local taxi company.
www.scholastic.ca /titles/famousdeadcanadians   (387 words)

 Dead Famous - Ben Elton - Printed Books Shopping at dooyoo.co.uk
Dead Famous is the No 1 best seller from Ben Elton who has a number of books to his name as well as numerous tv credits including The Thin Blue Line, Blackadder and The Young Ones.
Published in 2001 amidst Big Brother fever, Dead Famous is a murder mystery with a twist.
Dead Famous - Ben Elton : Sex and murder in the house
www.dooyoo.co.uk /printed-books/dead-famous-ben-elton   (344 words)

 purevolume™ | Famous When Dead
Famous When Dead arrived on the music scene over four years ago when a few friends decided to attempt what they had all dreamt of for the entirity of their lives.
Famous When Dead hasn't posted a blog yet.
Famous When Dead hasn't posted any shows yet.
www.purevolume.com /famouswhendead   (122 words)

 Every single note of Dead's famous 4-night run is finally out in a CD set. Good luck finding it.
In 1969, at the height of the Grateful Dead's rise from the San Francisco ballroom scene, the band recorded a live album over four nights at the Fillmore West, "Live/Dead," that's considered not only one of the band's best, but one of the best live albums ever made.
Dead historian and publicist Dennis McNally suggests on the boxed set's liner notes that the band focused the repertoire on those four nights specifically for the recording, but Weir doesn't think so.
The Dead at that time rolled on a twin axis provided by guitarist Jerry Garcia and Pigpen, whose outstanding improvised vocals on bluesy numbers such as "Turn On Your Love Light" were an inevitable highlight of Dead shows.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2005/11/08/DDGDCFJDAJ1.DTL   (1027 words)

 Dead Famous - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dead Famous, a series of books about famous people who are now dead
Dead Famous, a TV series presented by Gail Porter
This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dead_Famous   (94 words)

 Scotsman.com Heritage & Culture - Myths & Mysteries - Dead famous Scots
FOR SOME of Scotland's most famous sons and daughters, common notoriety was easy enough to achieve during their lifetimes – particularly if they were the perpetrators or victims of grisly crimes – but true celebrity came only after their demise.
The simple reason that Scots remember them is that their ghosts are believed to live on, haunting the forbidding castles and gloomy closes that now seem almost purpose-built for a spot of paranormal activity.
Another of Edinburgh's most famous spooks is that of Major Thomas Weir, a preacher and captain of the Town Guard who was burnt at the stake in 1670 after confessing to crimes including witchcraft and incest with his sister, Grizel.
heritage.scotsman.com /myths.cfm?id=2283512005   (929 words)

 Dead Famous
I walked all the way to the end of the hallway, and Donna and the rest of the crew stopped by the main stairwell.
Chris sat down again and began to channel the spirit of the man that is famous for arousing the smell of vomit and burnt rubber from this area of the 5th floor.
When Chris first asked the spirit to talk to him, I could hear a voice with a heavy accent saying "Git ze hell oot of hir." I can't tell you if it was German or Polish or what, but I know it wasn't from this country.
www.spiritofthebaker.com /dead_famous.htm   (1102 words)

 Dead Famous - Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums
Dead Famous has acheived in one episode, what Most Haunted hasnt been able to in 4 seasons!
In my opinion Dead Famous is more entertainment orientated than Most Haunted but I believe that the incidents they capture are genuine and in no way aimed at misleading the viewer.
Dead Famous seems to be coming up with some great results (great is a great word heh).
www.unexplained-mysteries.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=18672   (2621 words)

We are a multi genre appreciating management and artist development team, so any type of music that is quality oriented, has presence, is defined in style and delivery and has a balanced and commercially viable production feel and sound works for us.
Here is the new face of simple and no fuss artist management, production and release that creates the ultimate testing platform for new artists that are trying to make the cut and get to the pinnacle of the MPM worldwide umbrella.
Any new artists that are signed will go through the DEAD Famous platform first.
www.myspace.com /deadfamousartists   (942 words)

I mean people who were very famous, powerful and very rich.
People who could have chosen any cemetery in the world as their final resting place, but chose Woodlawn Cemetery for its natural beauty.
In fact, the list of famous people who are buried or interred at Woodlawn Cemetery since it opened its gates way back in 1865 goes on and on.
www.theamazingbronx.com /id9.html   (640 words)

 purevolume™ | Dead Famous- England
Dead Famous- England hasn't posted a blog yet.
Dead Famous- England hasn't posted any shows yet.
All songs, lyrics and pictures © Dead Famous- England.
www.purevolume.com /deadfamousengland   (119 words)

 various / playhouse, famous when dead iv
Famous When Dead IV Famous When Dead IV Famous When Dead III
Opening with the Isoleé splice and dice of Recloose's 'Cardiology' (scouring off the overly polite edges), 'Famous When Dead' is reasonably worth the admission price alone for the Two Lone Swordsmen refit of Villalobos' 'Dexter'; a Joy Division marinated affair that turns even the most mundane of environments into a grand, shooting-star lashed cinematic vista.
As for the rest, Tejada & Leviste are plunged up to their elbows in a vat of rimy, dub flavoured glitch, Rework are the epitome of aloof smoky electro charm, whilst Isoleé's solo cut is a cinematic slice of shoegaze/house pie.
www.boomkat.com /item.cfm?id=19292   (304 words)

 Dead Famous People - AOL Music
Dead People Server - Celebrities and Famous People Who Died in the...
Dead People Server Home Page - where to find out if a celebrity has died, dead celebrities.
Download, listen and watch Dead Famous People music, mp3's, song lyrics, music videos, Internet radio, live performances, concerts, and more on AOL Music.
music.aol.com /artist/dead-famous-people/16892/main   (133 words)

 Dead Famous Episodes - Reviews on RateItAll   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
One of several of the new ghost hunter offerings on cable, Dead Famous stands out due in part to the specific ghosts being sought - all were celebrities in life.
Dead Famous Live in LA - Day 2 (0)
RateItAll is an online community where you can rate the people, places, and things that move you, meet folks who share your passions, and make a few bucks for your contributions.
www.rateitall.com /t-22122-dead-famous-episodes.aspx   (318 words)

 DEAD Famous Vol5 at Independent Artists Company (IAC)
Here is the fifth installment of the DEAD Famous Artists compilation series, "Closed Set Retribution" Containing (12) cutting edge multi genre tracks from artists as diverse as the USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Iceland.
A great hooky single with a some nice dynamics in the instrumentation and then kicks out to a big powerful chorus.
A powerful and in your face number with a great vocal melody and some killer harmony's in the chorus.
iacmusic.com /artist.aspx?id=52164   (387 words)

 Dead People Server - People Whose Last Names Start With s - Dead, Living and "Resting" Celebrities
Long-faced character actor in famous movies like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Amadeus and Ghost (where he played the ghost who haunted subway cars), he lived in Italy and wrote books on Italian cooking, died on the same day as Kerry Packer.
Famous friend of the Beatles, particularly George Harrison
TV writer/producer, wrote the famous camp song "Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda" in the early '60s.
www.dpsinfo.com /dps/snames.html   (3146 words)

 Amazon.com: Dead Famous: Books: Ben Elton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Dead Famous has to be read to be believed.
"Dead Famous" is both a scathing parody of the "Big Brother"-style reality TV show and a potboiler of a murder mystery.
Ellery Queen comes to mind as the sort of Golden Age detective novelist who might have promulgated DEAD FAMOUS had he (or the two men who collaborated to produce the Ellery Queen...
www.amazon.com /Dead-Famous-Ben-Elton/dp/0552999458   (1556 words)

 Bibliofemme: Dead Famous by Ben Elton
Dead Famous, a fictional take on the Big Brother phenomenon, is my perfect kind of beach read: a gripping page-turner laced with satirical humour.
Some will solve the mystery before the end; most will have a panel of at least two potential killers in mind before discovering they were wrong on both counts all along.
My advice: skip the hours in front of the box this summer, we've all seen enough to last a lifetime, find a quiet corner, preferably in the sun, and curl up and savour Dead Famous instead.
www.bibliofemme.com /others/deadfamous.shtml   (1310 words)

 Dead Famous Artists Vol3
DEAD Famous Vol3 - "Driving A Thin Line"
Welcome to the third installment in the DEAD Famous Artists compilation series on Burnlounge.
Featuring stand out cuts from some of the hottest emerging artists from around the world and available exclusively on Burnlounge in the US.
www.astralrecordsandmusic.com /gpage11.html   (89 words)

 Biography Channel Launches Supernatural Series: Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters
Examining a celebrity’s life after their death by visiting their haunts, DEAD FAMOUS: GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS makes pit stops around the country at the hotel rooms, the diners, the gardens, the film lots and the theatres, where the dead are said to tread.
This was one of the most eventful places for the Dead Famous crew.
July 19th at 10pm ET/9pm CT/11pm PT Porter and Fleming start their search for spirits of “The Mob” at the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd and meet up with parapsychologist, Barry Taff, who had a painful paranormal experience when he went into the basement.
www.ghostvillage.com /news/2005/news_06172005.shtml   (1365 words)

"Some would DIE to get as famous as us...
Dead Famous's Latest Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog]
If you don't see YOUR favorite dead person of fame, let us know.
www.myspace.com /deadfamous   (31 words)

 Dead Famous TV Show - Dead Famous Television Show - TV.com
And will Gail lose her scepticism during some of the show\'s most intriguing paranormal experiences?', 'Gail Porter and Chris Fleming take a spirited road trip through the West Coast of America looking for the ghostly locations where the legends of stage and screen reside.
Gail and Chris search Philadelphia for the ghost of Grace, including a theater where she first trod the boards, and a haunted mansion where things go bump in the night.
Tell the world what you think of Dead Famous, write a review for this show.
www.tv.com /dead-famous/show/19669/summary.html   (465 words)

 Dead Famous   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
End the heartache of today's "real live people" dating scene.
Find your life-partner among the most successful and famous names in history!
Tell us from whom you'd like to hear!
www.biography.com /dead_famous/index.jsp   (89 words)

 Dead Famous - About the Show   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Based on actual reports of supernatural sightings, the ghost buster hosts of Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters crisscross the country to search out the spirits of beloved celebrities.
Part travelogue, part X-Files, Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters explores the intimate haunts where the famous dead are said to tread.
Tune in for the real story of celebrity lives—after their deaths.
www.biography.com /dead_famous/dead_about.jsp   (134 words)

 Famous Dead Nontheists
A list of famous dead people who have rejected God and religion.
He said that he did not, in view of the fact that he had been dead for billions and billions of years before he was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.
Mike Mentzer was a famous body-builder of the 1970's and later.
www.jmarkgilbert.com /atheists.html   (13073 words)

 The Biography Channel: Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters
The Biography Channel » Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters
For JFK, I want to know if he was in on the death of Marilyn Monroe & if he knows who pulled that trigger in Texas.
why was dead famous taken off the air
boards.biography.com /category.jspa?categoryID=800000004   (336 words)

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