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Topic: Dead Sea

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  Dead Sea - MSN Encarta
The Dead Sea (Hebrew : יָם הַ‏‏מֶ‏ּ‏לַ‏ח ‎, Yām Ha-Melaḥ, "Sea of Salt"; Arabic : ألبَحْر ألمَيّت ‎, al-Baḥrᵘ l-Mayyitⁱ, "Dead...
The surface of the Dead Sea, 418 m (1,371 ft) below sea level as of 2006, is the lowest water surface on earth.
The Dead Sea is fed mainly by the Jordan River, which enters the lake from the north.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761556205   (575 words)

  Dead Sea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Dead Sea zone's aridity is due to the rainshadow effect of the Judean Hills.
The mineral content of the Dead Sea is significantly different from that of ocean water, consisting of approximately 53% magnesium chloride, 37% potassium chloride and 8% sodium chloride (common salt) with the remainder comprised of various trace elements.
The Dead Sea is rapidly shrinking because of diversion of incoming water.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dead_Sea   (2815 words)

 Dead Sea scrolls - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Dead Sea scrolls comprise roughly 825-870 documents, including texts from the Hebrew Bible, discovered between 1947 and 1956 in eleven caves in and around the Wadi Qumran (near the ruins of the ancient settlement of Khirbet Qumran, on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea).
Before the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest Hebrew manuscripts of the Bible were Masoretic texts dating to 9th century.
The biblical manuscripts found among the Dead Sea Scrolls push that date back to the 2nd century BC, and until that happened the oldest Greek manuscripts such as Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus were the earliest extant versions of biblical manuscripts.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dead_Sea_Scrolls   (3406 words)

 JewishEncyclopedia.com - DEAD SEA:   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Dead Sea is enclosed east and west by mountain ridges, which, forming to the northwest the headland Ras Feshkhah, descend abruptly into the water.
This peninsula—which in its southern extremity is rich in salt—divides the sea into two unequal parts; the smaller and shallower in the south, and the larger in the north, where the sea is deeper.
The Talmud refers to it as "Salt Sea," or the "Sea of Sodom"; and Josephus and Pliny call it "Lake Asphaltites." The name "Dead Sea" is used by Pausanias, Justin, and the Church Fathers.
www.jewishencyclopedia.com /view.jsp?artid=175&letter=D   (923 words)

 National Psoriasis Foundation: The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea water is said to have a therapeutic effect on the skin due to its high salt and mineral content.
The average temperature at the Dead Sea is 90 degrees, and the average humidity is 35 percent.
Dead Sea salts, mud and other products containing the minerals of the Dead Sea are available over the counter through a variety of companies based in Israel and in the United States.
www.psoriasis.org /treatment/psoriasis/sun/deadsea.php   (876 words)

 About The Dead Sea
The mineral content of the Dead Sea is significantly different from that of ocean water, consisting of approximately 53% magnesium chloride, 37% potassium chloride and 8% sodium chloride (table salt) with the remainder comprised of various trace elements.
The composition of the Dead Sea is considered unique, containing the highest levels of magnesium, calcium and potassium in comparison to any other body of salt water in the world, including the oceans.
Dead Sea skin care products have been shown to be effective at improving the overall appearance of the skin and helping relieve such conditions as acne, wrinkles, psoriasis and eczema.
www.deadseaonlinestore.com /index.asp?PageAction=Custom&ID=2   (686 words)

 Dead Sea Salts
Dead Sea salts are a mixture of bath salts which contain the important salts of the Dead Sea.
The Mixture is obtained by fractional evaporation and crystallization of Dead Sea salts from the brines.
The waters of the Dead Sea, the mud, and the salts extracted from it, are rich in unique concentrations of life-enhancing minerals, which include the highest levels of magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium.
www.chemistrystore.com /DeadSeaSalt.htm   (1321 words)

 dead sea
Because of the dropping level of the Dead Sea, the southern end is no longer under water, except for that which is channeled by aqueducts for the purpose of extracting minerals.
The Dead Sea, unlike the Sea of Galilee to the north, does not figure prominently in the biblical narratives.
The use of: Dead Sea salt at your home, is an effective way to relax and absorb the minerals of the Dead Sea.
www.takejob.co.il /dead_sea.php   (649 words)

 The Dead Sea
The name "Dead Sea" for the Hebrew "Yam Hamelach" (Salt Sea) was attributed by Christian Monks, astonished by the apparent absence of any form of life in the sea water.
The Dead Sea is a section of the great Syrian-African rift valley fault, whose geological layers formed a deep valley, after the eastern mountain formations moved northwards.
At points where rivers flow into the Dead Sea, (such as Nahal David and Nahal Arugot in the Ein Gedi area), some hundreds of meters before the Dead Sea shore, the water is absorbed by the sandy ground and underground streams further into the Sea.
www.jafi.org.il /education/noar/sites/deadsea.htm   (1487 words)

 Dead Sea
Over the past three years the Dead Sea has decreased by three meters and the whole area is currently one third less than it used to be in the 1960s due to the diversion of the Jordan River water for irrigation, experts said.
Potash factories and other industries on the southern shores of the Dead Sea have contributed to the drop in the body of water “and are causing too much damage to the coastal areas in the form of sink holes”, Salameh said.
Further north, water feeding the Dead Sea is diverted for agriculture by Jordan, Israel and the Palestinians.
www.desert-voice.net /dead_sea.htm   (834 words)

 Dead Sea Salts and Other Dead Sea Ingredients - FNWL
Dead Sea ingredients are naturally rich in minerals found in the Dead Sea bed.
Dead Sea salt is wonderful for use in a variety of applications such as bath salts, salt scrubs, foot scrubs, bath bombs, bath teas, body wraps and body polishers.
Dead Sea clay and mud help tighten pores and stimulate circulation so your skin is left with a smooth, healthy glow.
www.fromnaturewithlove.com /soap/DeadSea.asp   (458 words)

 Dead Sea - Tectonics
The Dead Sea Transform may be considered an extension of the East African rift systems, because its tectonic movement is similarly driven by seafloor spreading in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.
This is a probable factor in the formation of the Dead Sea basin, which was created as by a series of sinistral movements with an expansion of the basin and pauses marked by sedimentation, beginning in the early Miocene period.
Because the Dead Sea is an endoreic lake, the water evaporates in the desert heat, causing deposition of evaporites and clastic sediments.
geology.wcedu.pima.edu /~vzinn/tectonics.htm   (2326 words)

 The Dead Sea
Visitors can float effortlessly on the waters of the Dead Sea due to its concentration of minerals, which is the highest in the world.
Floating is a novelty that makes visiting the Dead Sea a kick, but most visitors come for the therapeutic value of the mud and salt water.
South of the Sea, on the way to Eilat, is a rock salt formation that tourists are told is Lot's wife.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/vie/Deadsea.html   (356 words)

 Pages 41-44. Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is the terminal lake of the Jordan Rift Valley.
Historically, the Dead Sea is composed of two basins: the principal northern one that is about 320 m deep (in 1997), and the shallow southern one from which the Dead Sea has retreated since 1978.
Water from the Dead Sea currently is pumped into large evaporation ponds constructed in the shallow southern basin for the extraction of potash, magnesium, bromine, and industrial and table salts.
exact-me.org /overview/p4144.htm   (1924 words)

 The Dead Sea Research Center - Naturally Theraputic Resources
Exposure to Dead Sea water is acclaimed for nourishing the skin, easing rheumatic discomfort, activating the circulatory system, and relaxing the nerves.
The air along the shores of the Dead Sea is rich in magnesium and bromine the relaxing effects of which help to reduce nervous tension.
The climate of the Dead Sea is dry and comfortable most of the year with a very low rainfall in winter time (see Table 1).
www.deadsea-health.org /new_html/general_main.html   (570 words)

 P e l l a M u s e u m
The Dead Sea is like a big swimming pool being emptied, one should quickly enjoy the remaining water, keeping in mind that each swim is unique and each beach is only in its location- once.
The Dead Sea's history also seams to repeat itself, for the current shape- basically limited to the northern part without the southern part that usually appears on maps- seams to have occurred before.
When the Dead Sea was being formed, Dinosaurs have already been extinct and fossilized for some 35 million years.
www.pellamuseum.org /Pella_Museum/Deadsea.htm   (630 words)

 Dead Sea Products - Mineral Cosmetics
Dead Sea mud rich in minerals with similar chemical composition to Dead Sea waters can either be applied to the entire body or just parts, and is also popular as a facial mud masque.
Dead Sea mud can be used in the convenience of one's s home for the relief of various aches and pains.
The Dead Sea mud is excellent for softening scaly, dry parts of the body, such as knees and elbows and it is also highly effective for various skin and scalp problems.
www.bluedeserts.com   (3462 words)

 Welcome To Dead Sea Jordan Web Site
The Dead Sea eastern coast in Jordan is one of the most spectacular natural and spiritual landscapes in the whole world.
The leading attraction at the Dead Sea is the hot, soothing super - salty sea water which is four times saltier than normal sea water.
The Dead Sea's total attraction is due to its unique combination of several factors: the chemical composition of its water, the filtered sun rays and oxygen - rich air, the mineral - rich fl mud along the shoreline, and the adjacent fresh water and thermal mineral springs.
www.deadseajordan.com /inside/about_deadsea/tourism.htm   (177 words)

 DDMEN2   (Site not responding. Last check: )
the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth and the largest "Natural Spa" in the world, is also one of the world's true natural wonders and a unique tourism destination.
Visitors to the Dead Sea come to a world of blue skies, year-round sunshine, magnificent natural landscape, and extraordinary touring options, such as thrilling encounters with history and exploration of the living desert.
Recognized as a mini-universe with its own micro-climate, the Dead Sea is the saltiest and most mineral-laden body of water in the world.
www.deadsea.co.il /ENA/Index.html   (192 words)

 Saltsations Dead Sea Bath Salts
The studies have included both exposure to the environment and subdue UV rays at the Dead Sea itself together with application of Dead Sea mud and soaking in mineral baths.
Although it is not possible to take the Dead Sea into ones home, the mudpack and bath salts do offer a good home therapy simulating the Balneo and Peloid therapies.
Various studies have taken place at the Dead Sea using treatment programs combining the atmosphere of the Dead Sea with the Dead Sea minerals, baths (balneotherapy) and mudpack treatments (Pelotherapy) with good results.
www.deadseamiracle.com /default.htm   (516 words)

 Dead Sea Product Benefits - Dead Sea Natural Mineral Water - Dead Sea Information - Swisa Beauty Official Web Site
Exposure to Dead Sea water is acclaimed for nourishing the skin, easing rheumatic discomfort, activating the circulatory system, and relaxing the nerves.
The key is in the Dead Sea's high mineral concentration, which has been collected over thousands of years through a combination of rapid evaporation, sea water deposit and its unique geological structure.
The fl mud pools and the salt beds located at the Dead Sea are rich in minerals, containing high concentrations of essential trace elements such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium and up to 17 of other elements or minerals.
www.swisabeauty.com /the-dead-sea   (1010 words)

 Dead Sea - Geo. History
Dead Sea Depression, characterized by strike slip faulting, is northern expression of this diverging plate boundary.
As the sea floor spread, it created a basin bordered on the south and west by the Gondwanan continental plates of the Pangean landmass (the bottom half of the 'C') and on the north and east by the new microplates of Tibet, Iran and Turkey.
Found throughoutthe Dead Sea Basin and aproaching the Negev Desert, is found Nubian Sandstone weathered from mountains in the Arabian Shield; ancient granite mountains to the East.
geology.wcedu.pima.edu /~vzinn/history.htm   (2966 words)

 Dead Sea travel guide - Wikitravel
The Israeli side of the Dead Sea is a possible day trip from Jerusalem (39km from Northern Dead Sea), Eilat (220km from Southern Dead Sea), or, at a stretch Tel Aviv (98km from Northern Dead Sea).
The water in the Dead Sea is extremely salty, and has been estimated to be the saltiest major body of water in the world.
The Dead Sea Panorama is a new complex of restaurant and geological museum, on a steep cliff high above the Dead Sea near Hammamet Ma'in it is accessible from both the Dead Sea and Madaba by car, however it is difficult to reach by public transport.
wikitravel.org /en/Dead_Sea   (2623 words)

 Dead Sea Canal
The Dead Sea sank deep into the valley and was deprived of its natural outflow to the sea.
The local climate of the Dead Sea is hot and arid, as the Judean Hills "block" the rain.
Dead Sea mud, found on the shores of the lake, is also good for the skin.
www.american.edu /TED/deadsea.htm   (5945 words)

 Spa Manna Dead Sea Skin Care | Sea Spa Canada - Home
The most popular products are bath salts and Dead Sea mud which not only make some of the best, natural skin care products in the world, but have also been clinically proven to relieve such skin ailments as psoriasis, acne, eczema and other problems such as joint inflammation, arthritis and skin blemishes.
Dead Sea cosmetics are also very legendary for their anti aging effects, helping clear up and smooth out wrinkles and facial lines.
The Dead Sea has the highest levels of magnesium, calcium, silica, sodium, and potassium than any other body of salt water in the world.
www.spa-manna.com   (243 words)

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