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Topic: Deaf

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  Deafness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Members of Deaf culture use sign language as their primary language and often emphatically see themselves as not disabled, but rather as members of a cultural or language minority.
Deaf students from one school have been known to playfully refer to deaf students from another school as "hearing" during athletic competition.
Deaf is also used as a colloquialism to refer to a recalcitrant individual or someone unwilling to listen, obey or acknowledge an authority or partner.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Deaf   (1192 words)

 Deaf Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Deaf people write in a spoken language, not in an orthography of their sign language (although writing systems have been developed for some sign languages).
There are two opposing perspectives on how to teach language to deaf people: one is that deaf students should be taught primarily in sign language (manualism), the other is that deaf students should be taught primarily (or exclusively) to speak and lip-read (oralism).
Deaf students were outraged at the selection of another in a line of university presidents who were hearing, finding it patronizing, marginalizing, and inappropriate for such an essential part of the Deaf community.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/d/de/deaf.html   (871 words)

 A Primer
Deaf culture is based on the heritage and traditions of the Deaf community.
Ninety percent of deaf babies are born to hearing families; the 10 percent born to deaf families grow up learning sign language very much as hearing babies learn spoken language--by observing (instead of listening) and imitating.
Deaf people usually do not have private conversations where they can be "overseen," so a deaf person knows it is OK to watch for a pause in a signed conversation, interrupt with a gesture, deliver the message and leave.
www.rit.edu /~257www/tips/primer.htm   (1610 words)

 Everything You Wanted to Know About Deafness - DEAF-INFO Web Site
You are a Deaf person and have to participate in a meeting in which people will speak a lot; or to go to a lecture; or maybe you are suspected of murdering someone and are now on trial.
This controversy is fueled by deaf people not recognizing and allowing for the differences in the way they see themselves and the effect of this difference on their positions in the controversy - see Self-identity of hearing impaired people.
Deaf people are no different and some of them even venture into the world of music, as you can see in Music and the Deaf.
www.zak.co.il /deaf-info/old   (2869 words)

 The National Health Care Foundation for the Deaf--now known as Deaf-REACH
The substitution for that speaker was a round-table discussion of how churches for the deaf could maximize the effectiveness of their community outreach.
When it was mentioned that deaf patients at St. Elizabeths Hospital (for mentally ill persons) were neglected and isolated, one of the retreat participants proposed monthly socials at St. Elizabeths for deaf patients.
As treatment for the deaf patients progressed, it soon became obvious to the leader of this new unit that there would be a need for a group home where people released from the hospital could live while adjusting to life in the community.
www.deaf-reach.org   (486 words)

 Deaf.com - Staff
Born deaf, a rubella baby from a hearing family, with no deaf relatives, he has always been an innovator.
Linda Levitan, Co-Editor-in-Chief of DEAF LIFE, first saw Matthew onstage in 1985; he was portraying a lunatic in an NTID play, and she was an RIT student majoring in Painting/Illustration.
She is a tireless advocate for the rights of deaf children, an enthusiastic bowler, a mother and grandmother.
www.deaf.com /note_from_president/staff.html   (870 words)

 Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.
Dogs for the Deaf dogs are chosen from adoption shelters.
In earning Charity Navigator's highest four star rating, Dogs for the Deaf has demonstrated exceptional financial health, outperforming most of its peers in its efforts to manage and grow its finances in the most fiscally responsible way possible.
All of you who receive our newsletter and support Dogs for the Deaf are a very special part of our family, and you are essential to us in achieving our goal of enabling dogs and people to enjoy more love, freedom, and security in their lives.
www.dogsforthedeaf.org   (467 words)

 deaf. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.
Deaf The community of deaf people who use American Sign Language as a primary means of communication.
The rise of the Deaf Pride movement in the 1980s has introduced a distinction between deaf and Deaf, with the capitalized form used specifically in referring to deaf persons belonging to the community—also known as Deaf culture—that has formed around the use of American Sign Language as the preferred means of communication.
In the case of fl, the decision whether or not to capitalize is essentially a matter of personal or political preference, while with deaf the capitalized and uncapitalized forms differ in meaning as well as style.
www.bartleby.com /61/50/D0055000.html   (240 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Education of the Deaf and Dumb   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The term "deaf and dumb", so frequently applied to that class of individuals who neither hear nor speak, is becoming obsolete among the educators of the deaf, as it implies a radical defect in both the auditory and the vocal organism.
There can be no doubt that from the dawn of Christianity the deaf enlisted the sympathy and zeal of many priests and missionaries who, by various ingenious devices suited to the occasion, taught them the essential truths of faith: but history has left meagre records of their good work.
Among the efficient agencies for the promotion of educational work for the deaf must be numbered the meetings, congresses, and conferences of superintendents and teachers of the deaf, and of the deaf themselves.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/05315a.htm   (4544 words)

 Technorati Tag: deaf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
March of technology opens doors to deaf Baltimore Sun, United States - 16 hours agoSign language is entering cyberspace, as a plethora of new...
Deaf, mute man raped repeatedly in Saline County jail (WREG-TV Memphis) BENTON, Ark. A man who was raped repeatedly while in the Benton County jail...
Deaf Dating Make great friends with those who are deaf or interested in deaf community.
www.technorati.com /tag/deaf   (518 words)

 Interesting Facts about the Deaf
A deaf center-fielder for the Cincinnati Reds, William Hoy, invented the hand signals for strikes and balls in baseball.
Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, was originally an instructor for deaf children and invented the telephone to help his deaf wife and mother to hear.
Deaf people develop keener senses of observation, feeling, taste and smell to compensate for their loss of hearing.
www.deaf.net /interesting.htm   (300 words)

 Deaf Dog Education Action Fund
The mission of the Deaf Dog Education Action Fund is to provide education and funding for the purpose of improving and/or saving the lives of deaf dogs.
The survey information will be used to support our efforts at accurately reporting how deaf dogs actually behave and put to rest many of the myths about deaf dogs currently circulating.
Just for fun, we have put together a series of short Polls, to give people a way to see how similar (or different!) their deaf dog is to others.
www.deafdogs.org   (279 words)

 Internet Resources -- Deafness
NAD Deaf Culture and Community Info Sheets-Find What is the Difference Between a Deaf Person and a HH Person?, What is Wrong with the Use of these terms: Deaf-Mute, Deaf and Dumb, or Hearing Impaired?, Cochlear Implants and the NAD, and other items of interest.
Advocacy Services for Abused Deaf Victims, Inc.-ASADV's mission is to provide support for deaf adults and their children who are or have been victims of sexual assault and/or domestic violence.
Deaf Rochester-Rochester, NY Deaf Rochester News - One year subscription is $9 or two years for $16.
wally.rit.edu /internet/subject/deafness.html   (2942 words)

 Maryland School for the Deaf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Deaf Professional Network is an indepedent group which seeks to empower its subscribers to achieve their professional and business goals.
The group supports the foundation and development of new and growing deaf and hard of hearing professionals and business owners, and aims to be recognized as the leading network of deaf and hard of hearing people all over the world.
American Society for Deaf Children - ASDC is an national, independent non-profit organization whose purpose is providing support, encouragement, and information to families raising children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
www.msd.edu /links   (653 words)

 Deaf History - 1700's
In 1760, he started a shelter for the Deaf in Paris and started teaching Deaf children in school conditions in Truffaut, France in 1762/63.
He was so pleased and he decided to teach other Deaf pupils to understand oral speech as well as written communication.
His grandson John Braidwood founded the first School for the Deaf in U.S.A. in 1812 in Cobb, Virginia but it was short-lived.
members.aol.com /deafcultureinfo/deaf_history1700s.htm   (469 words)

 Deaf Linx
Resources about Deaf cultural subgroups: deaf-blind, women, gay, lesbian, fl, Asian, Latino, Native American, hard of hearing, CODAs, and more.
Deaf ministries, signed or interpreted services, missionaries, and sign language vocabulary for religious settings
Deaf Linx makes no representations and specifically disclaims all warranties, express, implied or statutory, regarding the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of any material contained in this site.
www.deaflinx.com   (429 words)

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Deaf Studies is an interdisciplinary major composed of a core requirement totaling 30 units (mandatory for all Deaf Studies majors) and a minimum of 21 units (electives) selected from one of the four options.
Discussion of the various aspects of American Deaf Culture including the description of deafness, deaf people, the deaf community as defined by audiological and/or cultural means, services for and by Deaf people, and culture as reflected in the arts and language of Deaf people.
Explore career opportunities in a variety of deaf related fields; examine critical elements related to employability including the practices and procedures of a professional work environment, the dynamics of social interaction, and ethical issues associated with working with deaf people.
www.csun.edu /search/cat9698/DeafStudies.htm   (1180 words)

 Deaf Net
Consider, then, the struggle for the deaf and hearing impaired of any culture, trying to communicate in even their own native language.
The numbers tell the story, and they are not unique to the United States.
In the interest of strengthening families experiencing hearing loss and to create awareness and attention within the global society, it is our goal to present timely and useful information on prevention, education, acceptance, and accommodation on behalf of those who are deaf and hearing impaired.
www.deaf.net /awareness.html   (274 words)

 Deaf Sports Australia
Since 1955, Deaf Sports Australia is affiliated with Deaflympics - the international committee of sports for the deaf.
The award was in recognition to M2005's innovative use of technology to ensure accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people at the 2005 Deaflympic Games.
I am very pleased to be leading DSA through a challenging period and I am dedicated to improving the sporting opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing people.
www.deafsports.org.au   (732 words)

 Deaf Sword
We, Paulo and Inge were invited to preach to Durban Deaf on 9 th October 2005.
It was with great excitement and anticipation the Deafies attended the 3rd Deaf Christian Conference, at Skogheim Conference Centre in Port Shepstone, south of Durban in Kwa-Zulu Natal for the ‘long' weekend of 12 - 15 March.
William was invited to preach to the Durban Deaf on 1st May 2005 while Clive and Hester Holliday (D), their leaders, were overseas in UK for a month holiday.
www.deaf.org.za /news.htm   (760 words)

 National Deaf Children's Society - Home page
The National Deaf Children’s Society is the only UK charity solely dedicated to providing support, information and advice for deaf children and young people, their families and professionals working with them.
We use the term 'deaf' to mean all types of deafness, including temporary deafness such as glue ear.
If you are involved in advising and supporting families of deaf children in a healthcare, social or educational environment, this event is for you.
www.ndcs.org.uk   (172 words)

 Deaf & Hard of Hearing People, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Meetups, events, clubs and groups in your area - Meetup.com
Deaf & Hard of Hearing People, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Meetups, events, clubs and groups in your area - Meetup.com
Meetup locally with other individuals interested in issues affecting deaf and hard of hearing individuals.
Or, see all Deaf & Hard of Hearing Meetup Groups.
deaf.meetup.com   (276 words)

 The Deaf Resource Library
The Deaf Resource Library (http://www.deaflibrary.org) is a virtual library -- an online collection of reference material and links intended to educate and inform people about Deaf cultures in Japan and the United States; as well as deaf and hard of hearing related topics.
The Deaf UK Mailing List is for all deaf uk people and is for discussion about deaf issues as well as stories, jokes, arguments, and other things related to the deaf community.
The Deaf Resource Library is a winner of the Deaf Watch Gold Award as well as AnthroTech Site of the Week and as a "Three Star Site" at the ABC's of Parenting.
www.deaflibrary.org   (4821 words)

 :::Welcome to Auckland Deaf Society:::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
On Thursday 6th April 2006, all Deaf New Zealanders celebrated a milestone with huge applause, after Parliament passed the NZ Sign Language Bill which means NZSL will be recognised as a unique New Zealand language and giving it status equal to that of spoken languages.
I, of course, had heard of him for years from Deaf and hearing people what a wonderful the man, Mac McKie, was and how hard he worked for ADS.
Hilda Tampeo is deaf and is the first Northlander to win the New Zealand Sign Language Tutors Association's Storyfest.
www.auckland-deaf.org.nz   (795 words)

 deaf-match.net | online dating personals for the deaf and hard of hearing singles
deaf-match.net is a dating network for the deaf and hard of hearing singles.
This service is dedicated to the large number of deaf and hard of hearing singles looking for a meaningful relationship, or wanting to make new contacts on a national and international level, or simply to exchange ideas and experiences.
By continuing past this page, you expressly agree to be bound by those terms of use.
www.deaf-match.net   (431 words)

 Hearing Dogs for Deaf People   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Over 650,000 of these people are severely or profoundly deaf and could benefit from a hearing dog.
They alert their deaf owners to sounds we take for granted, providing greater independence, confidence and security.
We rely totally on the generosity of individuals and organisations to continue transforming the lives of deaf people and unwanted puppies.
www.hearing-dogs.co.uk   (137 words)

 Oral Deaf Education (keywords: auditory, child, children, cochlear implant, school, talk, speak, speech, listen, ...
Oral deaf education puts families first and prepares children for success in the mainstream at an early age.
By combining today's sophisticated hearing technologies with intensive early intervention, oral deaf education builds a child's confidence and life skills by teaching children to listen and talk.
If you are interested in pursuring a career in oral deaf education, visit our list of Training Programs.
www.oraldeafed.org   (210 words)

 USA Deaf Sports Federation - Welcome!
The USA Deaf Sports Federation has issued a call for applications to become a National Sport Organization (NSO) in the sport of basketball.
The USA Deaf Sports Federation is pleased to announce the selections of the US Team coaches for the sports of alpine skiing and snowboarding.
The 2006 World Deaf Cycling Championships (WDCC) organizing committee is excited to announce a media agreement with DeafNation, Inc. to present the week-long international event on the Web with daily video coverage and up-to-date results.
www.usadsf.org   (429 words)

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