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Topic: Death

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  Death Valley National Park - Death Valley National Park (U.S. National Park Service)
Death Valley Scotty told everyone that he built this castle in the hidden canyons of Death Valley.
Scotty's Castle is a fantasy house built by and for several fantastic characters.
Death Valley is generally sunny, dry, and clear throughout the year.
www.nps.gov /deva   (428 words)

  Death   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Death and the being called Eternity are said to comprise the mystical essence of the universe: Eternity embodies the principle of life, and Death embodies the principle of mortality.
Death once attempted to destroy Dracula through human pawns because Dracula was depriving it of conquests by creating vampires who were neither truly alive nor truly dead Death failed on that occasion, but Dracula eventually fell victim to permanent destruction.
Death once appeared to the mad Titanian Thanos in the form of a woman with whom he fell so much in love that he was willing to destroy the universe in order to please her.
www.marveldirectory.com /individuals/d/death.htm   (675 words)

  Death - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Death is the full cessation of vital functions in the biological life.
Death was once defined as the cessation of heartbeat (cardiac arrest) and of breathing, but the development of CPR and prompt defibrillation posed a challenge, rendering the previous definition inadequate.
Identifying the moment of death is important in cases of transplantation, as organs for transplant (the brain excluded) must be harvested as quickly as possible after the death of the body.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Death   (4013 words)

 Death (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Death was an influential death metal band from the United States that was founded in 1983 and dissolved in 1999.
In 1985, after the Infernal Death tape was recorded and released, Schuldiner fired Lee and Rozz in favour of Repulsion's bassist and guitarist, Scott Carlson and Matt Olivio, respectively.
During this period of 1988-92, Death was managed by Eric Greif, a rocky relationship that culminated in at least two lawsuits between Greif and Schuldiner.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Death_(band)   (1356 words)

 Death - research conclusions
Determining the precise time of death is, in fact, medically and scientifically impossible according to cardiologist Michael Sabom, M.D. who states, “It used to be thought that the point of death was a single moment in time.
Death is a rebirth into a spirit world of light and love, a transition from the physical to the spiritual that is no more frightening or painful than passing between rooms through an open doorway.
Death in the physical is the birth in the spiritual.
www.near-death.com /experiences/research10.html   (2458 words)

Problems in the central nervous system that may lead to death include infection, blood vessel disruption, malignant tumors, or metabolic changes such as renal failure, hepatic failure, and pancreatic failure.
Death by Medicine - This fully referenced report shows the number of people having in-hospital, adverse reactions to prescribed drugs to be 2.2 million per year.
In the cartoon Futurama, Death is represented by the "Sunset Squad", a group of robots who take people away to an unknown destination when they reach the age of 160.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/d/de/death.html   (3466 words)

Death penalty advocates, frustrated by the hopelessly impotent pace of applying death sentences are calling for new legislation to shorten the appeals process.
The death penalty is more of an illusion of justice than a viable threat to the 3600 + inmates on death row who are more likely to die of old age than a lethal injection.
At least 10% of all death row inmates are probably innocent, and a horrifyingly large number of inmates are mentally ill or juvenile offenders.
donlemaire.homestead.com /deathpen.html   (1524 words)

 New Catholic Dictionary: death   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Death is, in general, universal (Hebrews 9; Romans 5).
Death marks the end of time for merit and demerit (Luke, 23; Council of Florence, "Decretum pro Grrecis").
Besides bodily death there is spiritual death, i.e., a privation of sanctifying grace; and eternal death, i.e., damnation, called also "second' death" (Apocalypse 2; 20; 21).
www.catholic-forum.com /saints/ncd02597.htm   (177 words)

 Death (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Death or posthumous events may harm those who die only if there is a subject who is harmed, a harm that subject incurs, and a time at which harm is incurred by that subject.
Death …, the most awful of evils, is nothing to us, seeing that, when we are, death is not come, and, when death is come, we are not.
Death — as well as other things — can affect us while we are partially alive and partially dead, even if nothing can affect us while we are wholly dead (as 1-3 suggest) and even if nothing that occurs while we are wholly dead can affect us while we are wholly alive.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/death   (12815 words)

 The Death Penalty - Amnesty International
The death penalty is the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment.
AI is a member of the World Coalition against the Death Penalty.
The death penalty is an affront to human dignity.
web.amnesty.org /pages/deathpenalty-index-eng   (191 words)

 Death Quotes - Literary Quotes About Death and Practically Everything Else
Death is nothing to us, since when we are, death has not come, and when death has come, we are not.
To fear death, gentlemen, is no other than to think oneself wise when one is not, to think one knows what one does not know.
No one knows whether death may not be the greatest of all blessings for a man, yet men fear it as if they knew that is is the greatest of evils.
quotes.prolix.nu /Death   (1758 words)

 Judaism 101: Life, Death and Mourning
However, where death is imminent and certain, and the patient is suffering, Jewish law does permit one to cease artificially prolonging life.
From the time of death to the burial, the mourner's sole responsibility is caring for the deceased and preparing for the burial.
However, if you see a picture of hands in a position like the one at right, this normally indicates that the decedent was a kohein, because this hand position is used when the kohanim bless the congregation at certain times of the year.
www.jewfaq.org /death.htm   (2470 words)

Ecclesiastes 11:9; 12:1 sq.; and Hebrews 9:27, are sometimes quoted in proof of the particular judgment, but though these passages speak of a judgment after death, neither the context nor the force of the words proves that the sacred writer had in mind a judgment distinct from that at the end of the world.
Ecclesiasticus 11:28-29 speaks of a retribution at the hour of death, but it may refer to a temporal punishment, such as sudden death in the midst of prosperity, the evil remembrance that survives the wicked or the misfortunes of their children.
They supposed that during the interval between death and the resurrection the souls of the just dwell happily in a delightful abode, awaiting their final glorification.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/08550a.htm   (1259 words)

 Death - Uncyclopedia
In the event of Death's death, not only would there be one heck of a life insurance payout to her next-of-kin, but everybody would become immortal.
This person Death is such a complete badass that she strikes fear into the hearts of people who have never even met her.
Surviving death is different from being immortal or being undead; death survivors, having died, no longer feel the need to age and, being alive, also don't feel the need to decompose.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Death   (1190 words)

 Death   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Death is defined as the cessation of all vital functions of the body including the heartbeat, brain activity (including the brain stem), and breathing.
Death comes in many forms, whether it be expected after a diagnosis of terminal illness or an unexpected accident or medical condition.
One of the most difficult issues surrounding death in the era of technology is that there is now a choice, not of the event itself, but of its timing.
www.healthatoz.com /healthatoz/Atoz/ency/death.jsp   (1182 words)

 Instructions to Obtain a Death Certificate Copy
If you are requesting a certificate for a death that occurred prior to 1907, please check our list of earliest registered deaths to see if we may have the record.
Because of the high demand for copies of death certificates, requests for uncertified copies of death certificates are not completed on the same schedule as certified copies and may take three to six months to complete.
For us to search our files for a death certificate when some information is not available, you must provide the name of the subject at the time of death and a period of time to search.
www.dhfs.state.wi.us /VitalRecords/death.htm   (2102 words)

 Kearl's Guide to the Sociology of Death: Death Across Time and Space
Death may be considered either as the end of existence or as a transition to another state of being or consciousness.
With the increasing privatization of death and the institutionalization of the dying, by the mid-1900s death denial was to become the reigning orientation.
While the death ethos of historical societies was shaped by the prevalence of unanticipated and premature deaths, death now typically occurs upon the conclusion of full, completed lives.
www.trinity.edu /~mkearl/death-1.html   (3065 words)

 E. A. Poe Society of Baltimore - General Topics - The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe
Death certificates were apparently not required at the time and none is known to have been filed for Poe.
Snodgrass felt certain that alcohol was the cause of Poe's death and repeated the claim in his temperance lectures from the early 1850s.
Perhaps the strongest evidence for an alcohol-related death is J. Kennedy's October 10, 1849 note in his diary: "On Tuesday last Edgar A. Poe died in town here at the hospital from the effects of a debauch.
www.eapoe.org /geninfo/poedeath.htm   (5319 words)

 Death Penalty Focus
The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and Death Peanlty Focus are partnering to bring you the leading national conference on the death penalty.
Death Penalty Focus has created a legislative action center for individuals to respond quickly and efficiently to urgent and important issues.
Construction of the new death chamber at San Quentin will cost the state at least $850,000, and each individual death penalty case typically costs the state millions of dollars in legal costs.
www.deathpenalty.org   (621 words)

 Kearl's Guide to Sociological Thanatology
death and life expectancy rates to gauge social progress, compare national homicide rates to infer the stability of social structures, or compare death rates of different social groups to ascertain social inequalities.
Death is a catalyst that, when put into contact with any cultural order, precipitates out the central beliefs and concerns of a people.
In his study of patients having had brushes with death, cardiologist Michael Sabom (Recollections of Death: A Medical Investigation, 1976) found that for the 43 percent who had near-death experiences, the experience did more to change the depth and direction of their approach to life than had any other life event.
www.trinity.edu /~mkearl/death.html   (993 words)

 Death - Definition of death
always combined with a shift of awareness from the physical plane to a metaphysical - in most cases astral plane, sometimes higher dimension depending on spiritual awareness of "death" as a result of his spiritual development.
each death is a possible step toward freedom in God - depending on remaining attachments and readiness to learn to love all in all situations.
a lesson for the left behind ones on earth to start their spiritual development and return or to think about the purpose and meaning of God, life and death.
www.kriyayoga.com /english/encyclopedia/death.htm   (481 words)

 The Death Clock - When Am I Going To Die?
Death Clock: The Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away...
Welcome to the Death Clock(TM), the Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away...
To view your Death Clock, simply complete the fields in the form to the left and hit the “Check Your Death Clock” button.
www.deathclock.com   (174 words)

 Death - Florida Death Metal
Their first three albums are simple death metal, and with "Human" they went progressive, but reverted to a technical heavy metal style for later works, which are overpraised.
Death's riffs hold together on the personality of their phrasing, through either simple variations in rhythm or the declarative, inexorable feel to their structure which leads one to worship the resolution as Leviathan, the center and the connecting way.
Death chose hardcore simplicity and melodramatic, Venom-esque demonstrative music but twisted it into something more relevant, music which encompassed the changing mood of generations and minds: from the hippie rationalism of speed metal to the nihilistic violence of death metal and its lurking darker cousin, fl metal.
www.anus.com /metal/death.html   (477 words)

 Helping Your Child Deal With Death
Often, children in this age group personify death and think of it as the "boogeyman" or a ghost or a skeleton.
This may be a good time to share any spiritual beliefs you have about death, and explain the meaning of the mourning rituals that you and your family will observe.
That said, it's also important to convey that no matter how sad you may feel, you'll still be able to care for your child and make him or her feel safe.
kidshealth.org /parent/positive/talk/death.html   (1394 words)

 Death - Wikiquote
Death is utterly acceptable to consciousness and life.
Death is not the opposite of life; it exists as a part of them.
Death slue not him, but he made death his ladder to the skies.
en.wikiquote.org /wiki/Death   (2421 words)

 Death Penalty Information Center
And the risk of a case being authorized for the death penalty is 84% higher in cases where the victim is white, regardless of the race of the defendant.
Rwanda's parliament has voted to abolish the death penalty and replace it with life without parole, a move that officials hope will clear the way for suspects in the nation's 1994 genocide to be extradited back to Rwanda for trial.
This team's multi-media news package investigating the innocence claim of Ohio death row inmate John Spirko was one of the most expansive of its kind, including extensive coverage in the Columbus Dispatch, a one-hour ONN televised special, and a news story on the Columbus affiliate of CBS-TV.
www.deathpenaltyinfo.org   (1257 words)

 American Civil Liberties Union : Death Penalty
The death penalty is the ultimate denial of civil liberties.
In the past 30 years, 123 inmates were found to be innocent and released from death row.
The project priorities include challenging racial economic and geographic discrimination in the application of the death penalty, building the case for an exemption of the death penalty to the mentally ill, improving the quality of counsel, and protecting the innocent.
www.aclu.org /DeathPenalty/DeathPenaltyMain.cfm   (703 words)

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