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Topic: Death (Discworld)

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  Slvrthoughts and musings - Discworld: The Death Trilogy
Death himself is not human, but he tries to learn the concept of being human.
Now DEATH is having the time of his life, finding greener pastures where he can put his scythe to a whole new use.
In this finger-snapping, toe-tapping tale of youth, Death, and rocks that roll, Terry Pratchett once again demonstrates the wit and genius that have propelled him to the highest echelons of parody next to Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, and Carl Hiaasen.
slvrdlphn.multiply.com /reviews/item/8   (707 words)

 Death (Discworld) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most other deaths are collected by another functionary, but with the exception of Mort and Susan (both acting as "authorized" replacements for Death), there has only been one "collection" described in the books by anyone other than Death, attempted of Rincewind the wizzard by a demon named Scrofula.
Death is both the servant and a part of The Old High One known as Azrael, the Death of Universes and ruler of all deaths.
Death of Rats is usually accompanied by a talking raven named Quoth, who takes the role of Death of Rats's steed and says he's "in it for the eyeballs".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Death_(Discworld)   (1855 words)

 Death (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Death (Marvel Comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe
Death (band), a death metal band from the United States
Death cigarettes, a brand of cigarettes introduced in the United Kingdom in 1991 by The Enlightened Tobacco Company
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Death_(disambiguation)   (201 words)

 The Discworld Characters
Death's scythe looks normal enough, except for the blade, which is so thin you can see through it - a pale blue shimmer that could slice and chop sound.
Death once tried a skeleton horse after seeing a woodcut of himself on one - Death is easily influenced by that sort of thing - but he had to keep stopping to wire bits back on.
Death has a property not locatable on any normal atlas, on which he has called into being a house and garden.
www.voidspace.org.uk /cyberpunk/pratchett_characters.shtml   (3655 words)

Ysabell is the adopted daughter of Death, who saved her as a baby when her parents were killed in the Great Nef desert (no explanation has been given as to why he did this).
When first encountered in the Discworld books, she is a sixteen-year-old girl with silver hair and silver eyes who, it transpires, has been sixteen for around thirty five years (no time passes in Deaths Domain).
Daughter of Mort (Deaths former apprentice) and Ysabell (Deaths adopted daughter), granddaughter of Death Himself, Susan is frequently subjected to visits from Quoth the raven and the Death of Rats.
home.att.net /~u100486004/discworld_files/slide0002.htm   (277 words)

 Death - Discworld & Pratchett Wiki
Death appears for the first time in the first novel, The Colour of Magic, and reappears in all of the stories that take place in the Discworld universe, with the exception of The Wee Free Men, a Tiffany Aching young adult book.
Death had an apprentice named Mort and an adopted daughter named Ysabell, who later got married and left him to become the Duke and Duchess of Sto Helit.
Death is however a caring individual and likes to keep an eye on things he does not necessarily need to, and he gets quite upset when people (mostly those freshly severed from their bodies) accuse him of killing them.
wiki.lspace.org /wiki/Death   (482 words)

 Excerpts from GURPS Discworld
Death's powers are not finite, but they are limited; he is obliged to play by the rules, although no-one but him really knows what they are.
There has been speculation that Death might be killed by his own weapons, or by those of another Death, but whether this is would in fact be "dying" or something wholly else is difficult to say.
Given that space and even Time are largely an irrelevance to Death, it would be possible to assume that some of the "side-visits" he is shown making in the chronicles actually happened at different times to the main events of the plot involved.
www.sjgames.com /gurps/books/Discworld/excerpts.html   (1775 words)

 Pratchett Characters: Death
On the magic-saturated Discworld, anthropomorphic personifications take on a life (or, in DEATH's case, an existence) of their own.
Death is a seven-foot tall skeleton with pinpoints of blue fire in his eyesockets; he is not the ruthless destroyer of legend, but rather a timeserver who has all Eternity to serve.
He tries very hard to understand mortals, but this effort is largely negated by his utter lack of anything even remotely resembling a sense of incongruity or a sense of humour.
www.lspace.org /books/whos-who/death.html   (266 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Death's Domain: A Discworld Mapp: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Death decided that he needed a place to live, so Death's Domain was born, just nobody is exactly sure precisely where it is. "Death, significantly, does not see many crypts or coffins.
Not only are we treated to Death, Susan, and Albert but we see Death of Rats peeking over an edge and his raven in the midst of fl roses.
The character of Death as portrayed by Pratchett has long fascinated me (it is nice to see him in every book) and it is fun to see more of him than before.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/0552146722   (1166 words)

 Four Fat Chicks -- Discworld II: Missing Presumed ... !? Review
Though Death arrives on schedule to whisk off the victim of the coming explosion, the bony one is inadvertently caught in the premature blast and propelled offscreen in a cloud of smoke and debris.
See, Death is tired of the scythe and the robe, tired of being the heavy.
Henry, Death's butler, is not impressed and insists that Rincewind prove he can fill Death's shoes.
www.fourfatchicks.com /Reviews/Discworld_II/Discworld_II.shtml   (2127 words)

 The L-Space Web: Analysis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Discworld, as it exist only on the very edge of reality, is itself only able to exist because of it's enormous magical field, stretching the borders fabric to the extreme and subsequently thinning out the enclosing barrier.
Death as a robed skeleton is not just a metaphor for the process of mortality, he really is a robed skeleton, with a rich existence of his own.,
As the Discworld novels themselves are works of fantasy, Pratchett is criticising the genre from within, and this is a characteristic of both postmodernism and parody in general.
www.co.uk.lspace.org /books/analysis/kneidinger-marcio.html   (6979 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Discworld is the setting for all the Discworld books, and is, quite simply, a large flat Disc of land, which is supported on four elephants.
Discworld 2's difficult is perfectly pitched, in my opinion at least; you can be puzzling over something a while, then suddenly, you think 'Hang on..
Discworld the Game is programmed using a system called TINSEL, a custom language, and means that games can be compiled on a PC, and ported over to various systems, with not too much fuss, and is being transferred to other formats..
www.megagames.com /megacheats/files/discworldfaq205.txt   (8993 words)

 Novels by Terry Pratchett
Terry's ideas of the Discworld were not fully matured at this stage, so the first two novels have a slightly different flavour to them.
Death had become a popular figure in the early novels and in Mort he developed real character.
Death is missing again, and a new craze has gripped Ankh Morpork.
www.geocities.com /Area51/1777/books.html   (1232 words)

 Discworld II: Mortality Bytes!
Discworld is where the world is flat - as flat as a pizza, and the whole affair, mountains, oceans and all are held up by four elephants, each facing a compass heading, hold up on the world while standing on the back of a gigantic turtle.
Well Death decided he needed to catch some rays in Australia and he promptly deposited his carcass on the nearest beach chair and refuses to resume his job of retrieving souls.
Death becomes so popular that he retires from the Death business to pursue groupies, merchandising, crowds of screaming fans, and even a talk show contract.
www.thecomputershow.com /computershow/reviews/discworld2.htm   (1536 words)

 , ergo we can't include 'quandaryheader.html' like we do elsewhere -->
Not dying, because there is not a lot of that going on, but about the peculiar, though terrifyingly familiar, spectre of Death who tells the unfortunate inhabitants of Discworld that their time is up.
Death (or, at least the anthropomorphic personification usually only visible to Discworld wizards) it seems, has packed in his job and has settled on a more relaxed lifestyle in a warmer climate.
Discworld II is packed onto two CDs and installs to either Windows 95 (recommended in the manual) or DOS.
www.quandaryland.com /jsp/dispPrint.jsp?index=164   (1371 words)

 Discworld II: Mortality Bytes Review - Just Adventure +   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The first Discworld, based on Terry Pratchett's humorous book series, was as zany as the novels, and a tough adventure besides.
Discworld II comes with text subtitles you can turn on (with or without sound), so you won't miss much.
Overall though, Discworld II was a treat to play: funny, clever, clean-running, and a good mental workout.
www.justadventure.com /reviews/Discworld_2/Discworld2Scorpia.shtm   (1124 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - Death's Domain - A Discworld Mapp - a Review
Death’s Domain…it’s no more than a breath away… Here is the place where the Grim Reaper can kick back and take the load off his scythe.
This mini-book tells us the basic history of Death, as he has developed through the Discworld books, and gives an insight into his mind and how he himself has changed due to the development of a curiosity about his job.
Death built the house around the designs he knew best, the places he went to the most often.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/h2g2/A68906   (1316 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - The Discworld Directory: DEATH
As far as the novels are concerned, Death is the real 'star', as he is the only character to have been, and is guaranteed to be, in every story.
Death concerns himself primarily with wizards, witches and the aristocracy though he does sometimes takes care of the 'lesser' deaths of peoples.
Death was more cold than what he would become later in the books' series, being more sarcastic and, dare say it, cruel.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/h2g2/A905032   (573 words)

 Discworld 2 Cut-Down Story - Coming Soon Magazine!
When Death is summoned, he appears briefly, sat in a deck chair and sipping a cool drink: all he remembers is a huge explosion.
Rincewind learns that Death is on the fabled continent of XXXX, but in order to get there he must convince a ferryman that he is dead, in order to join the cargo of newly deads being taken on holiday.
Death can be found on Bonedie Beach, feeling depressed and miserable, convinced that he is of no use to society.
www.csoon.com /issue17/s_disc2.htm   (596 words)

 Discworld 2 - PC Review - Coming Soon Magazine
Death was not as lucky as them, as he was just passing over the Fouls Guild when the explosion occurred.
Discworld 2 now features SVGA graphics which everyone knows is much better than the low resolution we were accustomed to for so many years.
In Discworld, if you would try something that doesn't work out, you would hear "That doesn't work", and quite frankly, it is not going to help you further in the game unless you try all the possible interactions between items and characters.
www.csoon.com /issue20/discwld2.htm   (1201 words)

 Adventure Gamers : Discworld
His Discworld novels, now numbering around forty books when you count the tour guide manuals, lampoon the fantasy genre with a vengeance, skewering everything from fairy godmothers, to brainless heroes, to wizards, to Death himself (who rides a horse named Binky).
For those unfamiliar with the background, the planet of Discworld is a flat plane soaring through space held up by four elephants standing on the back of a giant space turtle.
In my opinion (and isn't that the only one that really matters?), Discworld is seriously overlooked, and could easily have taken a place next to some of the best of the genre, though it stops short of being a classic simply due to its sheer difficulty and the unwieldy nature of the game.
www.adventuregamers.com /article/id,85   (1547 words)

 Amazon.com: Mort (Discworld, Book 4): Books: Terry Pratchett   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Although Death made an appearance in the first three books, this time we are provided with a much closer look at Death's domain through details on his daily routine, his likes and dislikes, his household, and his horse.
But on Discworld, and in the hands of the master Terry Pratchett, a banal mid-life crisis is turned into another one of his hilarious and thought filled romps.
Death may, like an ever-rolling stream, bear all its sons away but DEATH seems more than a bit tired of doing all the bearing away.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0061020680?v=glance   (2325 words)

 Profile | Terry Pratchett
The horse, together with the Death of Rats, have searched her out because Death has disappeared and left no one to take his place.
Binky brings her to her grandfather's home where she begins to remember her past and quickly finds that she must take up Death's duties, for there truly is no one else.
"The Discworld was created as an antidote to all those trilogies whose worthy heroes stagger across three volumes in order to do whatever it is that the fates have decreed that a hero must do." The first of the series was The Colour of Magic which came out in hard cover in 1983.
www.januarymagazine.com /profiles/pratchett.html   (1099 words)

Knowing that his time was nearly up Albert summoned Death and struck a deal, in return for sparing his life Albert agreed to be Deaths Manservant.
Death of Rats: During one particular event, Death is replaced by The Auditors (the auditors are supernatural entities and celestial bureaucrats.
One of these, the Death of Rats, is allowed to remain in existence after Death's return filling a sidekick-like position.
home.att.net /~u100486004/discworld_files/slide0003.htm   (206 words)

 The Discworld Compendium: the Books
The Discworld cycle is a creation of Terry Pratchett and is copyrighted by him (I'm using the names and all only to make people buy the books, honest!).
It describes the Discworld (as if you couldn't guess), concentrating in most books on Ankh-Morpork, the Lancre kingdom in the Ramtop mountains and the country of Death.There are also one-book excursions to places like Klatch, Sto Helit, Tsort, the Counterweight continent and so on.
While Death and a new friend of his confront the Auditors and their new creation, Windle Poons (wizard, dead) and the Fresh Start for the Undead Club are busy fighting off the trolleys...
www.extenuation.net /disc/books.html   (3456 words)

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