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Topic: Death (Tarot card)

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  The Tarot Death Card
Tarot also refers to similar decks that are used for fortune-telling and other esoteric purposes, and in English-speaking countries this is the only common use of Tarot cards, even though such use didn’t begin until roughly 350 years after their invention.
The card and message might simply be something bizarre, which he chose to leave at the scene to add to the fear generated by his crime and gain a greater sense of power — a secondary act of intimidation.
The Death card means death, and the most likely reason for using it is to add to the public fear of death, specifically at the hands of the killers.
geocities.com /cartedatrionfi/Misc/Death.html   (3644 words)

The sunrise depicted in the background of the Death card holds the promise of the transformation that is about to take place: the death of the old self, but also the dawning of a new day.
The Death card is a cue that you are at a "threshold"--a crossing into a new phase, unbounded by the past.
Meditation on the Death card may allow you to discern if, and when, it is time to let go, to mourn and grieve if necessary, and prepares you to be open to whatever is next.
www.tarotpassages.com /deathart-ga.htm   (1433 words)

 Tarot Card Meanings: "Death"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Every Tarot deck has its own images and symbolism which must then be filtered through the psyche of the reader and the context of the question.
Card number 13 of the Major Arcana represents the death of the old - and the birth of the new.
Far from being a card of despair it is a card of hope, of moving on.
www.wyrdology.com /scrying/tarot/death.html   (266 words)

 Death (Tarot card) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Death follows the Hanged Man. It is the threshold the Hanged Man must pass before he or she can journey through the Underworld, and be reborn.
Persephone, the Daughter of the Earth Goddess Demeter, is the Queen of the Dead.
In the Vikings Tarot "Death" is portrayed as the Valkyries, the spirits who rode down to earth after a battle to bring the noble warriors into Valhalla.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Death_(Tarot_card)   (1015 words)

 Death: Tarot Card Meaning
Drawing this card indicates that you will be blessed with the ability to make major changes in your life.
Like the ancient shamans you will experience a symbolic death, where you are purified by eliminating all the things that no longer serve you and which are now holding you back.
During this "Shaman's Death", the old you dies, so a better, stronger you can be born.
www.thelostfound.com /tarot/cards/meanings/death.html   (156 words)

 The Death Tarot Card
The Death card is probably one of the most famous and most misunderstood card in the deck.
A nice correlation for this card is to think of the phoenix rising from the ashes.
Death can also be a reminder to "get down to business" and to focus on what is important in your life.
www.bewitchingways.com /tarot/major/death.htm   (181 words)

 The Tarot's Death Card   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Death card is a cue that you are at a "threshold"-a crossing into a new phase, unbounded by the past.
You might even encourage the individual to discuss his or her reactions to the card, relating it to events that may be occurring in his or her life.
Her workshops on the Tarot reveal its relationship to Jungian psychology, with emphasis on using Tarot to communicate with the unconscious mind.
www.pathwaysmag.com /12-99amaral.html   (1050 words)

 Tarot Card Meanings Death 13
The Death card is equivalent to old father time, and in medieval cards was sometimes depicted holding an hour glass.
For a single mother the death card represented that her children were growing up, preparing to take exams, leave school and go on to university.
When the death card is reversed it symbolises that either the client is stuck and holding on to something which is over, or needs to end, or that something is being ended against their wishes.
www.toniallen.co.uk /death.html   (914 words)

 What's your Favorite Death card? Please describe why - Aeclectic Tarot Forum
I like the stark simplicity of the Death card in the main deck I use, Motherpeace: Against a fl background, a skeleton is curled in fetal position on an autumnal forest floor, encircled by a snake that is passing between two birch trees and shedding its old skin.
The Shapeshifter tarot does not have a real death card, number 13 is called rebirth, a woman part human part raven represents the death of the old self and rebirth of the new and has lots of symbols in it, I just love the artwork.
Rohrig death card is also nice, at the bottom there is a skull, and at the top there is a pale white woman standing with her arms crossed, the traditional dead pose, and what looks like autmn leaves falling
www.tarotforum.net /showthread.php?t=5192   (984 words)

 The "Death" of Tarot
That message, and particularly the card that bore it, proved to be as deadly to Tarot, and particularly to the interests of the close-knit industry of cardmakers, bookwriters and professional associaters who peddle Tarot, as the sniper's bullets proved to be all too often to their human targets.
I also asked why, given her own interest in testing the Death card as a predictor of mortality, especially versus others she felt were more appropriate for this purpose, she did not feel that she was in fact engaging in fortune-telling.
In some of these Tarots, the fortune-telling meanings reflect the opinions of a particular designer, but in others Kaplan uses the very same meanings he published in 1972, and so millions of these instructions have been distributed to the world, and continue to be, including meanings for Death which include "death" as a possible reading.
jktarot.com /tarotdeath.html   (4110 words)

 USATODAY.com - Tarot card's meaning, if any, undetermined   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The death card from the Tarot deck, Ancient Tarot of Marseilles.
Of the 78 cards, 56 are similar to those in a standard 52-card deck and are divided into four categories: wands (clubs), cups (hearts), swords (spades) and pentacles (diamonds).
The Death card is among these, along with the Fool, the Lovers, the Devil and the Magician.
www.usatoday.com /news/nation/2002-10-09-tarot-usat_x.htm   (573 words)

 death card   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Firstly, Death refers to just an end of part of the questioner’s life, maybe a job, friendship, relationship, leisure activity, university, or even relocating to a new continent.
In the reversed tarot card position death is prominent again, although it is probably more serious.
Many people wrongly believe that the death card meaning during a fortune telling is an impending death notice.
www.threerabbitstarot.co.uk /death-card.html   (397 words)

 Meaning of the Death Tarot Card
Yes, the Death card can signal a death in the right circumstances (a question about a very sick or old relative, for example), but unlike its dramatic presentation in the movies, the Death card is far more likely to signal transformation, passage, change.
The Death card indicates this transition from lower to higher to highest.
The connection of sex and death in Scorpio (the sign stands for both) is a strong indication of what this card is all about.
www.aeclectic.net /tarot/learn/meanings/death.shtml   (502 words)

 Lucky Number Thirteen: The Death Card-Tarot Articles-Grandpa's General Store
In the Robin Wood Tarot deck, the Death card portrays the transformative message that is at the heart of the Thirteenth card.
This card is the Cosmic Father, a promise of warmth and affection.
It must be mentioned that the cards hold meanings not only in and of themselves, but in relation to the position they fall in the spread, and the other cards surrounding them.
www.grandpasgeneral.com /ltarot13.html   (3071 words)

In the tarot (and in life I would suggest) Death is not a permanent end, but a transition into a new state.
Death can also mean you will experience an inexorable force.
Death is inevitable, and sometimes there are events that are inescapable as well.
www.learntarot.com /maj13.htm   (289 words)

 The Death Tarot Card Explained
People often get frightened when Death pops up in a spread because they fear a physical death but in actual fact Death is linked to rebirth it is using the word death to emphasise the message that you must let go of the past in order to embrace the future.
Please note; these interpretations are designed to be a brief and general explanation of each individual card in the tarot deck.
Card meanings can be open to different interpretations depending on who is doing the reading, what tarot deck is used, where the card is placed within a spread, what spread is being read and what other cards are present within the spread.
nightimeuk.com /tarot/about/cards/major/death.html   (284 words)

 Tarot Card readings in Chicago. Death card
The veil or mask of life is perpetuated in change, transformation and passage from lower to higher, and this is more fitly represented in the rectified Tarot by one of the apocalyptic visions than by the crude notion of the reaping skeleton.
There should be no need to point out that the suggestion of death which I have made in connection with the previous card is, of course, to be understood mystically, but this is not the case in the present instance.
The existing occult explanations of the 13th card are, on the whole, better than usual, rebirth, creation, destination, renewal, and the rest.
asklynn.net /TarotCard-ar13.html   (171 words)

 Rosicrucian Tarot of the Golden Dawn- The Death Tarot Card   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
This tarot card opens the doorway from the wishing stage to the place of will and change.
Yes, this is a card that expresses change, and in one sense, initiation.
This tarot card also has a deep alchemical counter part which alludes to sexual current on what has often been referred to as the "little death".
www.rosicrucian-tarot.com /major_death.htm   (294 words)

 The Death Card in Tarot   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In fact, the Death card can be a very positive card in a reading, depending on where it occurs.
It can point to the death of somebody old or sick in the life of the questioner, but this is quite rare, and certainly never its only meaning.
This is the reason I always see the Death card as the Chinese symbol for crisis, which is a combination of two glyphs, one meaning danger and the other meaning opportunity.
www.newage-directory.com /death.html   (470 words)

The card was found near a shell casing outside a middle school in Bowie, where a 13-year-old boy was critically wounded by the gunman Monday, a source familiar with the investigation said on condition of anonymity.
The way in which Tarot cards are read are by means of "spreads"; particular arrangements based on religious concepts; the Celtic cross is one example, the four letters of the name of God and the four faces of the vision of Ezekiel are another.
The Tarot card left at the Bowie shooting scene was the 13 or card of Death.
www.samliquidation.com /tarot.htm   (14071 words)

This Tarot Card proves our original premise that this shooting spree was satanic in nature, a premise we arrived at by the Satanic symbol the shooting pattern left on the ground after the first six shots.
It is highly significant that a "Death" Tarot Card was left at the scene of the crime, and with a note that tied this card into the shootings.
This explanation also reports that the "death" called for in the "Death" card is not only physical death, but an occult death, a "death of the old self followed by rebirth, renewal".
www.cuttingedge.org /news/n1710.cfm   (4899 words)

 New Terra Tarot Deck Card - Death - Tarot
The Death card is without a doubt the most misunderstood card in the Tarot.
Yes, it CAN mean actual physical death, especially if you are reading for someone who is elderly or ill. But, more often than not, this is not what the card means at all.
One sure meaning of this card is that the querant will undergo major changes - often to the point of transformation.
www.bellaonline.com /articles/art44826.asp   (332 words)

 Tarot Card Meanings: XIII - Death
Description: Initially a nameless card, Death very seldom literally means death.
It symbolizes sudden and inevitable change, death of the old self so that the new consciousness can emerge.
Tarot cards Copyright © 1998 Camoin, Marseille - Ph.Camoin Int.Tarot School
www.astrocenter.com /AOLCAEng/popup/tarot13.aspx   (139 words)

 Tarot Card - Death
The basic meaning of the "Death" card is "significant change or transformation." It can mean "death" of an "old" way of life to make way for a "new" way of life.
Some Tarot decks call this card "Transition." I actually prefer that title as it more clearly portrays the meaning of this card.
In the Connolly Deck, the Death card is called Transition (pictured below), and the image is one of a pregnant woman preparing for her time of birth.
www.tarotwisdomreadings.com /FAQ/faq6.html   (240 words)

 Pop Tarot - Death - Pop Occulture Blog
The traditional Rider-Waite deck depicts Death as a skeletal knight in dark armor mounted on a horse.
For example, the Secret Society card is often associated with the real-life assassination of JFK.
These two cards taken together indicate a radical and possibly explosive change which may be difficult to understand - a revolution of sorts - but one guided by a higher power.
www.timboucher.com /journal/2005/05/04/pop-tarot-death   (702 words)

 Tarot Card Death - Elaine Ireland Psychic
His flag has the white Rose of Peace on it as a reminder that there is always peace to be had even in the most difficult of situations.
That card often pairs itself with the Tower card when the message is that of completion of the “cleaning out” our lives, that the Tower card suggests.
As a reader this card rarely comes up for a physical death in my readings, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t in yours.
www.elaineirelandpsychic.com /tarot_cards/the-death.html   (423 words)

 Clairvoyant Tarot Readings By Jules - The Psychics' Psychic!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Tarot cards have been used for hundreds of years as a tool of divination.
Tarot readings connect me, and through me you, to the spiritual realm.
Her Tarot readings and clairvoyant insights are truly exceptional, especially on relationships.
www.tarot-card.net   (436 words)

 Meaning of the Death Picture in the Tarot Cards
The Tarot cards are just a tool I use to help expand my own awareness of things.
By example, the death picture appearing in the Hanged Man card or Tarot Death card does not mean death is imminent for you nor for someone around you.
All the cards are symbols and those particular symbols mean you have finished one area of your life and are now ready to move on to another new phase.
www.jfinternational.com /psy/tarot-awareness.html   (154 words)

 Tarot Readings by Velvet Angel at Tarot Wisdom Readings
Any scheduled closings for vacations or to allow time to work on other Tarot projects and services will be noted here.
Some new Tarot spreads have also been posted to the site.
You must be 18 years of age or older to order a Tarot reading.
www.tarotwisdomreadings.com   (872 words)

 Death from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert
Death from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert
Heron is a guardian spirit who stands at the gateway of life and death.
Read more about my thoughts on the Death card in my Journal.
www.gaiantarot.com /majors/death.html   (317 words)

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