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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Death Race 2000 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Death Race 2000 is a cult action film directed by Paul Bartel in 1975.
He is the field reporter for the race, and is on hand at the beginning of every leg of the race.
The race officials promptly relegate the information to rumor, and furthermore attribute any sabotage by the Resistance to the French that they cannot completely ignore.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Death_Race_2000   (1119 words)

 Death Race 2000: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Death race was a controversial arcade game, released by exidy (whose name was a contraction of "excellence in dynamics") in 1976....
Frankenstein is clearly the most important racer; the movie cuts to shots of him and Annie preparing for the race.
He is the field reporter for the race, EHandler: no quick summary.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/d/de/death_race_2000.htm   (1804 words)

 Death Race - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
While not the first violent video game to appear, it was the first video game to inspire a great deal of protest and controversy, or moral panic, in the United States.
In the game, designed by Howell Ivey and inspired by the 1975 cult film Death Race 2000 by Roger Corman (starring David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone), one or two players control an onscreen car (two cars if two players played) with a steering wheel and an acceleration pedal.
In spite of Exidy president Pete Kaufman's denial that the intent of the game was to promote violence, Death Race touched off a media onslaught of controversy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Death_Race   (601 words)

 Race and the Death Penalty
Chattahoochee Judicial District - The Buckle of the Death Belt: The Death Penalty in Microcosm
The study, one of the nation's most comprehensive official reviews on race and the death penalty, concluded that defendants are much more likely to be sentenced to death if they have killed a white person.
"Race and the Death Penalty in North Carolina An Empirical Analysis: 1993-1997" This study, the most comprehensive ever conducted on the death penalty in North Carolina, was released by researchers from the University of North Carolina.
www.deathpenaltyinfo.org /article.php?did=105&scid=5   (917 words)

 ABA Focus Vol. XII, Number 2 -- The Death Penalty: Race and the Death Penalty
There is no such thing as a race neutral decision in the criminal justice system, when it affects fl people and when their voice is not part of the discussion leading to the decision.
There are differences in the magnitude of race effects at different decisionmaking levels in the states -- i.e., prosecutorial decisions to seek the death penalty and jury decisions to impose death.
The risk of race effects was very low in the most aggravated capital cases; however, in the mid-range cases, where the "correct" sentence was less clear, and the room for exercise of discretion much broader, the race disparities are much stronger.
www.abanet.org /publiced/focus/spr97rac.html   (1680 words)

 New Jersey, Rave & the Death Penalty   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A number of other states have found jurors are influenced by the race of the victim, meaning they are most likely to sentence to death a fl man who kills a white victim.
Death sentences were imposed on 50 of the 147 defendants -- 28 were fl, 22 were not.
The 28 fls ordered to die constituted 13.79 percent of the 203 death eligible fl defendants, while the 22 nonfl defendants given the death penalty were 13.84 percent of the 159 of those eligible.
www.uncp.edu /home/vanderhoof/dp-news/nj-race.html   (2836 words)

 The Physician and Sportsmedicine: The Risk of Death in Running Road Races
Race directors of the 20 largest 10K races, the 10 largest 12Ks, the 12 largest 15Ks, and the 20 largest half marathons were sent questionnaires regarding their races from 1996 through 2000.
The number of deaths expected is the number expected at the different race distances (and the total for all races) if the risk of death in marathons and the shorter road races were the same.
The three deaths for which information was available were from CAD, and the circumstances (during a road race) and limited data (elevated risk based on age) on the other two deaths also appear to be consistent with this as a cause.
www.physsportsmed.com /issues/2004/0404/vancamp.htm   (2521 words)

 Death Race 2000 [1975] - Review @ EOFFTV
The world of the Transcontinental Road Race is a bleak nightmare, a place where the only people who know what they're doing are the homicidal road racers and where well-placated citizens will gladly lay down their lives for the good of the Race.
Death Race 2000 is a B-movie with a brain, an exploitation film with something to say, questioning America's fascination with violence and control and its reliance on television for information and education.
Bartel himself tried to repeat the success of Death Race 2000 with the altogether tamer and more forgettable Cannonball [1976], a non-fantasy quickie set in 70s America which lacked the acerbic wit of Death Race 2000 and was filled to overflowing with pointless cameos.
www.eofftv.com /review/d/death_race_2000_review.htm   (606 words)

 Death Penalty Paper
The death penalty debate in the U.S. is dominated by the fraudulent voice of the anti-death penalty movement.
Death penalty opponents spend millions of dollars and countless man hours fighting the legal execution of, at most, 56 of our worst human rights violators per year, when they do nothing to fight for the end of those inhumane parole and probation release policies which result in the needless injury and slaughter of the innocent.
Death Penalty opponents claim that there is a "brutalization effect" with executions, meaning, that executions show a low regard for human life and do, thereby, cause an increase in the murder rate.
www.prodeathpenalty.com /DP.html   (14713 words)

 McCleskey v. Kemp
the race of the murder victim and, to a lesser extent, the race of the defendant.
Moreover, a societal consensus that the death penalty is disproportionate to a particular offense prevents a State from imposing the death penalty for that offense.
Furman held that the death penalty "may not be imposed under sentencing procedures that create a substantial risk that the punishment will be inflicted in an arbitrary and capricious manner." This emphasis on risk acknowledges the difficulty of divining the jury's motivation in an individual case.
www.law.umkc.edu /faculty/projects/ftrials/conlaw/mccleskey.html   (5268 words)

 [No title]
Georgia_, that the death penalty constituted "cruel and inhuman punishment" in violation of the Eighth Amendment, and that the unlimited discretion allowed judges and juries in death penalty cases caused the penalty to be applied in an "arbitrary and capricious" manner.
The study found that, in that state, the odds of receiving a death sentence are 3.4 times higher for defendants convicted of killing whites than for those convicted of killing fls.
sun.soci.niu.edu /~critcrim/dp/dppapers/dpfact.txt   (782 words)

 Elaine Cassel: Maryland's Death Penalty, Race and Prosecutors
Prosecutors abandoned the death penalty in some cases, leading to 180 cases that went to trial and to the penalty phase (a death penalty case takes place in two parts-guilt is first voted on, then the penalty).
She asks for the death penalty in all cases in which it could be supported by the statute.
These constraints on the death penalty is why Attorney General John Ashcroft snatched "Beltway snipers" John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo (Malvo is a juvenile) right out of their Maryland jail cells and awarded them to Virginia jurisdictions, a move that he admitted was designed to insure that they died for their alleged crimes.
www.counterpunch.org /cassel01082003.html   (1238 words)

 Death Race 2000 - Special Edition - ComingSoon.net DVD Reviews
Death Race 2000 was originally released in 1975.
It's a no-holds barred cross-country race, in which the aim is to kill off not only your opponents, but as many pedestrians as possible.
I had seen Death Race 2000 on TV over the years, but it wasn't until I saw it on this DVD that I realized how heavily edited it was.
www.comingsoon.net /news/dvdreviewsnews.php?id=12934   (575 words)

 Canadian Death Race
Upon finishing you gain the title of "Death Racer" complete with all the bragging rights that anyone will be able to stand, plus an ultra cool framed trophy display case complete with scenic photo taken along the race course, a limited edition death race coin, and your name and time engraved within the case.
Death Racing is something a few of us from Grande Cache have been doing for almost a decade, but we are now ready to share our extreme playground with you.
The sport of extreme racing is growing by leaps and bounds as individuals around the world challenge themselves to complete physically exhausting races and test their limits of endurance, mental toughness, and human spirit.
www.canadiandeathrace.com /v2/MainPage.html   (2074 words)

 GameSpot:Video Games PC Xbox 360 PS3 Revolution PSP DS PS2 PlayStation 2 GameCube GBA PlayStation 3
Death Race was an arcade game based on the movie Death Race 2000, which starred David Carradine as Frankenstein and Sylvester Stallone as Machine-Gun Joe Viterbo.
Death Race was so aggressively rejected by the public that shortly after its release, Exidy pulled the game off store shelves.
Death Race was to originally have featured humans, not gremlins, although they undoubtedly would have looked the same onscreen--like stick figures.
www.gamespot.com /features/6090892/p-2.html   (597 words)

 The JPL Running Club Death Race 2003
This race is a 285 mile team event that features a combined race for runners, road and mountain cyclists in the Eastern Mojave Desert in California and Nevada.
This year's race was held on June 9/10, 2001 and was run in a counter clockwise direction (significantly harder than last years clockwise course).
The race is organized by the Orange County Marshals Department, and teams are typically from law enforcement, the military and large corporations.
www.jplrecclubs.caltech.edu /running/death.html   (882 words)

 Mutant Reviewers from Hell do "Death Race 2000"
One of Sylvester Stallone's first movies, Death Race is set in a 1984-ish future where the masses are entertained by a transcontinental road race in which the drivers are awarded points for brutally killing any unfortunate people on the road.
Of course, Death Race 2000's idea of futuristic vehicles are 70s cars with cardboard fangs, knives, and blades glued on.
Death Race 2000 has been re-released recently as part of the "Roger Corman Classics" series on his New Horizons Home Video company.
www.mutantreviewers.com /rdeath2000.html   (595 words)

 USATODAY.com - Race walker's death leaves peers wondering why   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Teammates knew Heppner was down, but then again, they'd all had bad races in the quirky sport in which the racers swivel their hips and pump their arms as they scoot along.
Nunn, who competes in the 20-kilometer race walk, worked a water station Sunday and was surprised Heppner broke from the pack so early, after just 10 kilometers.
Race walking is probably more mentally demanding than any other track discipline, Sundlun said.
www.usatoday.com /sports/olympics/summer/2004-02-21-heppner-reax_x.htm   (1040 words)

 Death Race 2000 DVD Review - MovieWeb
Death Race 2000 is one of those films that you don’t think you’ll like, but you end up falling in love with in spite of yourself.
Set in the future (or at least it was when it was made), Death Race 2000 is simply the tale of a cross country race in which contestants try and get from the East to the West as quickly as possible.
Death Race 2000 is a movie that I have been hearing about since 1998.
www.movieweb.com /dvd/release/31/1731/review1134.php   (860 words)

 Scifilm -- Reviews, DEATH RACE 2000 (1975)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The idea of the race is, of course, to be the first across the finish line.
The two favorites of the race are "Frankenstein" (played by David Carradine) and Machine Gun Joe Viterbo (portrayed by Sylvester Stallone fresh from his role in LORDS OF FLATBUSH).
The autos designed for DEATH RACE 2000 are colorful (enough so that they toured the country to help promote the film).
www.scifilm.org /reviews2/deathrace2000.html   (594 words)

 Bataan Memorial Death March - Race Details   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The support for the walkers was the best we have ever experienced especially at the end of the race when most races have wound down around the runners.
We made friends, with Audry from the Air Force, the fellow in his USA outfit who was doing marathons in memory of 9-11, and especially young William, who stayed with us the whole time, who already knew at age 21 that we all needed to do this together.
As someone who has run several marathons and is the relative of two Death March survivors, the Bataan Memorial March is a highlight of the year for me. The camaraderie shared between all the participants, volunteers, spectators and veterans truly honors the spirit of the event.
www.marathonguide.com /races/racedetails.cfm?MIDD=1604040321   (1296 words)

 Race of Death Row Inmates Executed Since 1976
RACE OF DEFENDANTS EXECUTED IN THE U.S. The federal government counts some categories, such as Hispanics, as an ethnic group rather than a race.
DPIC refers to all groups as races because the sources for much of our information use these categories.
"In 82% of the studies [reviewed], race of the victim was found to influence the likelihood of being charged with capital murder or receiving the death penalty, i.e., those who murdered whites were found more likely to be sentenced to death than those who murdered fls."
www.deathpenaltyinfo.org /article.php?scid=5&did=184   (255 words)

 [No title]
From: tsrken@voicenet.com ('tsr') Death Race Instruction Manual --- Introduction In Death Race, you are driving a heavily armed, futuristic vehicle on a cross-country race of destruction.
One or two people can simultaneously enter the Death Race, either as a team or play head to head against each other.
Developed early in the Death Race games, it quickly became a favorite for its handling on rough terrain.
www.atarihq.com /tsr/manuals/deathrac.txt   (1989 words)

 Death Race 2000 for Sony PSP   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Posted Dec 11, 2005, 8:08 AM ET Death Race 2000 is coming to the Sony PSP.
Death Race 2000, directed by Paul Bartel and starring David Carradine will be coming to the Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable).
You have to feel sorry for Nero, he makes to run over what seems to be a cute little toddler and it turns out to be a doll full of explosives.
www.gameshout.com /news/122005/article1939.htm   (326 words)

 GOP and the City: Death Race 2005: NYC
They were struck in Queens by a green van with a custom-made chrome grille and gold wheels with a gold stripe down the side.
Death Race 2000 is a film made in 1975 about the year 2000 and the national obsession with a NASCAR-like event called Death Race.
The race crosses the country and drivers score points by taking out pedestrians, higher points are awarded for babies and senior citizens.
gopandthecity.blogspot.com /2005/05/death-race-2005-nyc.html   (274 words)

 CNN.com - Pennsylvania committee recommends moratorium on death penalty - Mar. 4, 2003
The state should stop executing criminals until it can study the impact of race in death penalty sentences, a committee appointed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said in a report released Tuesday.
As of March 2002, 61 percent of the 245 people on Pennsylvania's death row were fl, yet fls comprised 10 percent of the state's population, according to the report.
Since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, Pennsylvania has executed three people.
www.cnn.com /2003/LAW/03/04/death.penalty.ap   (407 words)

 Death Race 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
And believe it or not, Death Race 2000 is an entirely worthy jumping-off point for a sub-genre.
To that end, a series of government-sponsored road races was begun in 1980, which evolved over the years into the Trans-Continental Road Race as it exists in 2000, the year in which the movie is set.
He is instantly recognizable by his costume, a skin-tight fl leather bodysuit with matching cape and a mask that resembles a cross between a leather ski mask and Batman’s cowl.
www.1000misspenthours.com /reviews/reviewsa-d/deathrace2000.htm   (996 words)

 Movie DVD for Death Race 2000 - Special Edition
Death Race 2000 is the kind of movie a group of teenage boys would set out to make during a particularly boring summer vacation.
In a nutshell, it’s about a road race where the drivers score during the day by running people over and score at night by banging their navigators.
There was a time, when B movies could just be fun and the over the top performances by even the minor cast members is a joy to behold.
www.cinemablend.com /review.php?id=1306   (1125 words)

 New standard for race on death-row juries | csmonitor.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The new standard emerges in the case of a Texas death-row inmate who said he was denied a fair trial when prosecutors excluded 10 of 11 qualified African-Americans from serving on his jury.
Elisabeth Semel of the Death Penalty Clinic at the University of California at Berkeley law school says the high court's ruling is significant on a number of levels.
Texas prosecutors deny that race played a role in the disqualification of any jurors in Miller-El's 1986 trial.
www.csmonitor.com /2003/0226/p01s01-usju.html   (844 words)

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