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  Decal Connection.Inc
Decal Connection is very proud to announce the acquisition of Bill-Mar Decals.
Bill-Mar Decals will continue to produce the best contour fish decals, and in the near future will expand the production line of not only new fish decals and but other decals of interest.
Decal Connection can not print any decals that have the name of any rod manufacturer on them, unless.
www.decalconnection.com   (510 words)

 Decal Development > Home ( DNN 4.4.1 )
From now on, Decal will be signed by the Decaldev.com root instead of Insanity-inc.org to resolve the problems accessing that server for the CRL.
We have uploaded a utility that allows you to update if you are having problems using the built in updater in Decal.
Just as a reminder, if you're having problems running Decal please click the Requirements page up top next to the FAQ and ensure you have all of the requirements.
www.decaldev.com   (545 words)

  DeCal : Overview
Explains the concept of the DeCal Program, walks through some common types of DeCal Courses, their enrollment procedure and academic credits available for students and identifies the role and responsibility of the DeCal Board, the student-group who maintains this website.
Analyzes the impact of the DeCal Program has had on the student body and the community and assesses the misconceptions and limits of the program, including the infamous male sexuaility controversy.
The DeCal Program is expanding to other universities and many of the campuses within the UC systems already offer similar program to their students.
www.decal.org /aboutus/index.php   (294 words)

  02.11.2004 - DeCal helps students teach one another
DeCal is the nickname for the Special Studies 98/198 series of courses organized under the rubric Democratic Education at Cal. The program, which originated in 1980 as “Education for Democracy,” a class taught by Hurst, provides a means for students to develop courses.
DeCal’s student board members have also stepped up efforts to inform faculty about the program’s benefits and what sponsoring a DeCal course entails.
The DeCal website, decal.org/, and that of the Undergraduate Course Facilitator for Training and Resources, slc.berkeley.edu/ucftr/ucftr.htm, provide background for those who wish to develop and obtain support for student-initiated courses.
www.berkeley.edu /news/berkeleyan/2004/02/11_decal.shtml   (1019 words)

 Bedlam Creations : Vinyl Decal Application Instructions
If you are doing a windshield decal and need to curve the letters, cut the tape between the letters about 3/4 of the way from top to bottom with a knife and position the letters where needed.
If there are bubbles present under the decal that cannot be removed by working them to the edge of the decal with your fingers, then a small pin or needle can be used to puncture the decal at the bubble, and remove the air.
Decals can be removed from painted surfaces by using a heat gun or hair dryer to warm the decal to appoint where it peels off easily.
www.bedlamcreations.com /vinyldecals/instructions/index.htm   (986 words)

 DecalZone, Decal Facts and Tips
We strongly suggest you wait at least 60 days after painting a surface before applying any decal, because should you ever wish to remove the decal the paint will come off with it if the paint is not properly cured before application.
Thoroughly wipe down the area of the Surface where Decal is to be applied with DZ Super Surface Prep or alcohol.
Decal removal can vary in difficulty, depending on a few things; the quality of the film to be removed, how long it’s been on, if it’s weather-beaten, etc.
www.decalzone.com /decfacts.shtml   (1809 words)

 Heinrich Ceramic Decal, Inc. - Custom Decals   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ceramic decals are carefully applied to a glass, ceramic, or porcelain enamel piece and then fired in a kiln.
Decals offer consistency, registration, and just-in-time production that other decorating options simply cannot provide.
The composition and shape of the substrate, application method, firing cycle, and specialized elements such as lead (pb) free colors, precious metals, and special effects must all be considered.
www.heinrich-decal.com /custom   (164 words)

 UnrealWiki: Decal
Decal is a client-side actor that attaches flat against level geometry to create effects like bulletholes or blood stains.
How many surfaces this decal is allowed to be attached to.
Returns the texture of the surface it attached the decal to or None if no or only fake backdrop surfaces are in range.
wiki.beyondunreal.com /wiki/Decal   (127 words)

 Decal Factory custom decals sign banner label poster stickers
The Decal Factory® understands that when purchasing a label to brand your product or a domed decal for company identification that pricing, quality and on-time delivery are essential elements.
The Decal Factory® has an array of sources, and is not limited to a single product line so you get the product that will do the best job for your needs.
The Decal Factory® understands that many times customers don’t know all their options, and don’t have the time or knowledge to shop for the right solution.
www.decalfactory.com   (866 words)

 Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper Instructions
If you are using clear decal paper your decal design should contrast with the surface or it may blend into the surface.
With clear, white or and mixed clear and white decal paper and with aerosol decal coating or liquid bottled decal coating for application with an airbrush or spray pump.
Super Decal Coating is package in an aerosol spray or liquid bottled decal coating for application with an airbrush or spray pump.
www.mcgpaper.com /modeldecals.html   (706 words)

 Heinrich Ceramic Decal, Inc. - Waterslide Transfers   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As the name implies, waterslide decals will slide off their backing paper after being soaked in water.
After the decal has been transferred to the substrate, it is allowed to dry and then fired in a kiln.
Permanent bonding of the printed image in a ceramic decal to its substrate can only be achieved in a proper kiln firing.
www.heinrich-decal.com /waterslide   (192 words)

 eBay Store - Cozy-Cottage Decor: Decal Tips
Apply your decals to the back of the plate, sponge a border in the color of your choice, and spraypaint the whole plate back white.
Carefully cut out the decal from the sheet and dip the decal in a cup of warm water for 60 seconds.
The decals have a transparent background, and they are clear and don't show up well on clear glass.
stores.ebay.com /Cozy-Cottage-Decor/Decal-Tips.html   (1715 words)

 DRAW Decal Home Page
I produce airline decals that normally would not be popular enough to justify mass producing.
The art work for our decals are created by a group of artists with each one contributing sets of their own unique design and preference.
The decal sheet is continuous film, so you will have to trim each piece individually.
www.drawdecal.com /home.htm   (513 words)

 ::: haywire :: machinemaid.com :   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In 1998, Alan set up his Trama Industries label, primarily to focus Decal’s sound on the electro that had been a feature of the two Ultramack albums and the live shows.
The three Decal releases ‘Ble e.p.’, ‘Aquatech’ and ‘Dreaming of Electro She e.p.’ brought Decal to a whole new audience and set the scene for releases on RGC, Satamile and Mass Transit.
Sequencers were shunned in favour of tape machines and guitars, percussion and vocals (with Dennis on the gorgeous ‘Sunburn’) added to the synths and effects.
www.haywire.co.uk /default.asp?dj=30   (259 words)

 NIC Law Enforcement Supply - Minute Man Decal Z190
In a march of protest and petition turned independence and revolution, the fighting on April 19, 1775 would foreshadow the rebellious action of the American colonies to ultimately create a new nation, the United States of America.
This red, white, blue and yellow decal is representative of that era.
It is perfect for bumpers, windows or anything else that needs a good decal, or it can just be stored in a collection for all to admire.
www.nles.com /store/catalog/Minute_Man_Decal-p-656.html   (183 words)

 Just Married sign decals, wedding gift - WedDecal.com
Save your Wedding Decal to use as a decoration on your anniversary and a beautiful reminder of your special day.
Static cling may be applied and removed quickly and easily; adhesive decals must be peeled off and cannot be saved.
Your Wedding Decal will arrive in an elegant golden mailing tube that you can use to preserve your keepsake for years to come.
www.weddecal.com /index.shtml   (419 words)

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