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Deerhoof just returned from some successful shows in Japan in the summer of 2003.
Chris was a Deerhoof fan, at least until he joined the band.
It was Deerhoof's first trip there, and we played in Nagoya, Osaka, and three times in Tokyo (it's a big city).
www.freewilliamsburg.com /june_2004/deerhoof.html   (1148 words)

 Deerhoof Profile Page: Biography, Interview and Album Review
Deerhoof is truly turning out to be one of the most unlikely success stories in contemporary pop music.
Necessity once again forces Deerhoof to a crossroads, but not to be deterred, Saunier and Matsuzaki find an unexpected replacement in self-taught guitar virtuoso John Dieterich and essentially start the band over from scratch.
But with Deerhoof's penchant for breaking new and previously unrecognized taboos with each release, their outrageous musical vision consistently turns out to be wider than anticipated, and the labels don't stick.
www.musicemissions.com /artists/Deerhoof   (1039 words)

 brooklynvegan: Deerhoof @ McCarren Pool, Brooklyn, NYC | pics
I thought Deerhoof especially entertained with their intense drum beats, catchy-poppy-danceable songs, and fun-to-watch-and-listen-to frontwoman, but others who I talked to at the Pool and in the comments (here & here) said that Beirut, and then Deerhoof (minus one), "sucked".
deerhoof were never my cup o tea, just a little too strange for me i guess, but they were very very entertaining nonetheless, i loved the stage antics and dancing.
It is completely understandable that Deerhoof is a "love it or hate it band." I've listened to some of their material, loved it, and their live show surely didn't disappoint.
www.brooklynvegan.com /archives/2006/08/deerhoof_mccarr_1.html   (2552 words)

 Boston's Weekly Dig: Music: Deerhoof   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
From obscure beginnings amidst garage-noise bedlam through fantastical bubblegum punk, to mathy yet affecting concept albums, Deerhoof is one of the most prolific and innovative bands you probably haven't heard of.
The band's giggly drummer and co-founder Greg Saunier was inclined to indulge a few questions about Deerhoof's fractured world and their new album.
Deerhoof will perform at the Century Lounge in Providence, RI on Saturday, March 24.
www.weeklydig.com /music/articles/deerhoof_2   (1099 words)

 Browse by Artist: DEERHOOF
"Deerhoof rock with the fury of 1000 suns, cacophonous and dangerous, but they're also the masters of 'quiet-loud', the idea that moments, though soft in decibels, can be incredibly and sonically deafening, that pure beauty has a loudness all its own.
They've got the chemistry scientists long for, and although they accept fan mail on this planet, Deerhoof are from another one, and on this, their fourth full length, they've offered arguably their best record to date.
The current Deerhoof lineup have been together for several years now, and their chemistry is now fully intuitive.
www.forcedexposure.com /artists/deerhoof.html   (292 words)

 Deerhoof - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Deerhoof is a Noise rock band from San Francisco.
The band toured with The Flaming Lips during the latter's late summer tour in 2006 as well as playing several dates with Radiohead whose singer Thom Yorke is a big fan of theirs.
The North Haven Community in North Haven, Maine recently performed a ballet version of Deerhoof's 2004 release, Milk Man. A DVD of the performance is in the works.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Deerhoof   (1452 words)

 A defining statement from rock's Deerhoof - Arts & Leisure - International Herald Tribune
It used to seem that Deerhoof's one great idea was the opposition between light-sweet and heavy-raucous, the chirp and the mortar blast, the high end and the low end.
In the band's live shows, there would be a tender song of great sophistication and some inscrutability, then the next one would go nasty, stomping and careening, with the drummer, Greg Saunier, doubled over his kit and hitting so hard that he made kindling of his sticks.
But don't be misled by these resemblances: Deerhoof is one of the most original rock bands to have come along in the last decade.
www.iht.com /articles/2005/10/11/news/animals.php   (491 words)

 SPIN.com: Deerhoof
Then you hear the hard rocking dissonance, especially of the San Francisco band's efforts to date, and you realize that the Powerpuff Girl analogy is more appropriate than you originally thought: Matsuzaki is like a sugary child who will punch you in the face if you cross her.
Deerhoof's seventh full-length album, The Runners Four, is the longest and most accessible of the band's efforts to date.
It's like Deerhoof was slowly lulling you into a sense of comfort before bashing you on the head with the butt end of a bass guitar.
www.spin.com /features/band_of_the_day/2005/10/051011_deerhoof   (283 words)

 PBS 106.7FM - Deerhoof - The Runners Four
Deerhoof is poised yet again to surprise their fans and divide the critics.
More than anyone, Deerhoof defines the musical ethic of our generation: calling for an end to traditional/experimental arguments; heralding the era of the defiant DIY album, every bit the artistic equal of any inflated major label production; and creating a non-disposable popular music that grows more inspiring the more it is heard.
November 1997: Deerhoof becomes the first and only band to be on both Kill Rock Stars and 5RC, releasing their first full-length, THE MAN, THE KING, THE GIRL.
pbsfm.org.au /Documents.asp?ID=1792&Title=Deerhoof+-+The+Runners+Four   (757 words)

 Deerhoof: Album Reviews, Biography - MOG   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Deerhoof attacked their own songs like kids ripping at Christmas wrapping, desperately trying to reach the prize inside.
Deerhoof took the stage with confidence and prowess, and displayed it throughout the entire 65 minute show.
Deerhoof’s new album (insert album title) arrived on my desk this morning, and it’s already the album of the year so far.
mog.com /music/Deerhoof   (2479 words)

 Deerhoof live at Universalbuzz.com!!!
In fact, the contrast between her high pitched, childish voice and the often harsh, noisy aspects of the band became one of Deerhoof's trademark features.
It was by far their most accessible and coherent work up to that point, though it retained some of the band's dissonant sensibility.
In 2004, Deerhoof released Milk Man. It's something of a concept album, based on a character created by Japanese artist Ken Kagami, a friend of the band.
www.universalbuzz.com /catalogresults.asp?ArtistNumber=370   (377 words)

 Deerhoof   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
"Deerhoof" are an art-punk band from San Francisco that try to merge melody with noise.
It was by far their most accessible and coherent work up to that point, though it retained some of the band's trademark noise and lo-fi sensibility.
In late 2004 the band released an mp3-only album entitled ''Bibidi Babidi Boo'' that was a collection of live recordings culled from the band's extensive touring in 2004.
www.artistopia.com /deerhoof   (432 words)

 Splendid: Features: Deerhoof
Some Deerhoof songs, even on albums, are basically the work of one person originally and then the four of us nit-pick it, but a lot of things are the work of one person.
I guess Deerhoof can be the sum of the four of us, or any combination of the four of us, or any one of us alone.
Whereas, in England, Milk Man is the first Deerhoof album to be licensed for a UK release, and English websites and magazines are reviewing Deerhoof for the first time and they never had any reason to hear it before that because it was just some incredibly obscure import.
www.splendidezine.com /features/deerhoof   (14890 words)

 SPACE CITY ROCK: Deerhoof -- Following No Trends
Although I can't claim to be a perfectly objective observer, as far as I'm concerned Deerhoof are by far the most interesting band currently active in the San Francisco Bay Area indie circuit.
I've noticed from seeing Deerhoof live so many times that your songs are often altered slightly from time to time in an apparently pre-planned way.
Maybe it's because they have longer attention spans, or maybe it was just that Deerhoof was from so far away that they wanted to get the most out of this special occasion.
www.spacecityrock.com /issue6/deerhoof1.html   (1503 words)

 Deerhoof : Milk Man - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect
Deerhoof follows Apple O', an album that won the group ever-growing critical and popular acclaim, with Milk Man, an album even more conceptual and song-oriented than its predecessor.
The vision and the visuals surrounding the album are a perfect fit with Deerhoof's music, and, perhaps befitting Milk Man's status as a concept album, this time around the band incorporates more prog rock-like keyboards and other electronics into its sound.
Since the album is relatively restrained, it's not quite as buoyant as Apple O' or Reveille, and it lacks a little bit of the delirious overload of Deerhoof's earliest work, but that doesn't mean that it's less distinctive.
www.artistdirect.com /nad/store/artist/album/0,,2828660,00.html   (399 words)

 SFburning / Deerhoof live / 07/13/04
Deerhoof recently played The Bottom of the Hill to promote their new album "Milk Man".
Deerhoof returned home and super-charged the energy inside the crowded venue of the Bottom of the Hill, introducing songs from their new album "Milk Man".
While Deerhoof definitely contains some pop sound, their lyrics are mysterious and their songs definitely don't classify as "feel-good" music.
www.sfburning.com /deerhoof_live_071304.html   (530 words)

 Sentireascoltare.com - Music Magazine - Monografia: Deerhoof
Sono proprio questi forti contrasti a fare della musica del quartetto statunitense un caso più unico che raro di crossover che, più che cercare l’interazione tra culture musicali diverse, si preoccupa di rimescolare gli elementi della propria cultura di riferimento: il rock.
Definiti, dopo i primi anni di carriera, degli emuli dei Blonde Redhead, i Deerhoof, nonostante i numerosi cambi di formazione, sono riusciti a creare un sound veramente particolare, poco avvezzo alle categorizzazioni.
I Deerhoof stanno trasformando il loro suono passo dopo passo, nota dopo nota.
www.sentireascoltare.com /CriticaMusicale/Monografie/deerhoof.htm   (2038 words)

 Deerhoof - Halfbird (Menlo Park)
Halfbird marks a turn in the sound of Deerhoof, as Holdypaws' use of keyboards has evolved into one in which the keyboards play a more important role in the melodies of the songs, and electronics shape the compositions in both the recording and post-recording process.
Deerhoof have stretched their half-wings on this album, and while their previous efforts were in no way one-sided, the band has taken their stunted, angular approach to pop and continued to evolve.
Deerhoof is the sound of the inner child in all of us.
www.fakejazz.com /reviews/2002/deerhoof.shtml   (434 words)

 Deerhoof : Holdy Paws - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect
Deerhoof is a quartet comprised of half-male/half-female parts, playing guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards.
Deerhoof is possibly trying to tell the feelings of animals in the perspective of the animals.
These choruses are a sigh of relief in the direction you want Deerhoof to explore more.
www.artistdirect.com /nad/store/artist/album/0,,868426,00.html   (322 words)

 * Dusted Reviews - Deerhoof *
In its attention-deficient deconstruction of stadium rock, Deerhoof exists as a cuddlier, less offensive counterpoint to the sneering chaos of US Maple.
The mild backlash to this year’s Milk Man was less surprising than the fact that Deerhoof became an unavoidable college radio staple in the first place.
Usually, a Deerhoof song lurches between five or six passable hooks in under a minute, unable to stay put or drop anchor.
www.dustedmagazine.com /reviews/1810   (398 words)

 Deerhoof treads lightly in mainstream rock - The Boston Globe
Deerhoof now also includes guitarist John Dieterich and bassist Chris Cohen.
Deerhoof's approach remains a freeform freefall, with tricky tempos and washes of guitar and keyboard noise, anchored by the more conventional vocal parts.
''Deerhoof's safe from being adored by the majority of Americans," says John McCrea, leader of the Bay area band Cake.
www.boston.com /news/globe/living/articles/2006/01/21/deerhoof_treads_lightly_in_mainstream_rock   (461 words)

 Amazon.com: Milk Man: Music: Deerhoof   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Deerhoof is the band of the new millennium, just like Yes was the band of the last century.
And Deerhoof proudly serves it to you on a silver platter...Enjoy...
My only complaint about the album (and Deerhoof in general) is that I (and even many of their fans) think of their music as really good in light of some greater potential.
www.amazon.com /Milk-Man-Deerhoof/dp/B0001EFV6I   (1792 words)

 San Francisco Bay Guardian | Arts and Entertainment
Deerhoof's new, seventh CD, The Runners Four (Kill Rock Stars), possesses a less prominent foodie leitmotif than 2003's Apple O' and 2004's Milk Man – but no one can deny that the sprawling double album-length release offers any less food for thought than their previous discs.
Deerhoof went on tour shortly after they turned in the album the first time, popped the CD into their vehicle's player, and found enough problems to make them begin work again and push the release back a month.
He does take the responsibility of being in Deerhoof seriously, pointing out the difference between his previous job stapling and filing papers at a consulting firm and his current one, playing music full-time.
www.sfbg.com /40/02/art_band_run.html   (1626 words)

 Deerhoof: Bibidi Babidi Boo: Pitchfork Record Review
Though it's refreshing to know that Deerhoof have refused to play into the seedier commercial practices that so often characterize makeshift releases, the band's consideration doesn't exactly lift the album's dubious value.
Deerhoof follow their excellent The Runners Four with another turn away from hyper-complex pop and no wave, and toward accessible, foot-stomping rock.
Deerhoof's Greg Saunier reveals ?uestlove is the inspiration for all his beats, contends that Numbers are actually a freak-folk troupe, and parses his cellphone ringtone note for note.
www.pitchforkmedia.com /record-reviews/d/deerhoof/bibidi-babidi-boo.shtml   (748 words)

 Deerhoof - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
Expectations are high and the pressure is on: Having been showered with a kind of public acclaim (and critical controversy) hardly ever seen for such DIY undergrounders, Deerhoof returns with their Mona Lisa, their Citizen Kane, their Sgt.
Eternally hip, Deerhoof is that rare specimen whose main influence continues to be nothing more than its own enthralling imagination.
Deerhoof will promote Milk Man with upcoming tours of the US, UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Japan, an appearance at All Tomorrow's Parties in London, a "Milk Man" video by Friends Forever director Ben Wolfinsohn, and plenty of interviews.
music.download.com /deerhoof/3600-8592_32-100016059.html   (420 words)

 The History of Rock Music. Deerhoof: biography, discography, reviews, links
San Francisco-based Deerhoof, formed in 1994 by guitarist Rob Fisk and drummer Greg Saunier and inaugurated with the single Return of the Woods (1995), is an avant-pop concept that tries to balance cacophony and melody, abstraction and organization.
The EP Deerhoof (Menlo Park, 1996) and the album The Man The King The Girl (Kill Rock Stars, 1997) added vocalist Satomi Matsuzaki and sounded like Captain Beefheart in his most deranged moments, intent in off-kilter blues and dissonant jamming.
That aesthetics was continued on the brief concept album Apple O' (Kill Rock Stars, 2003), which redefined their mission as a deconstruction of the rock song in a vein related to Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 (Sealed With A Kiss, DUmmy Discards a Heart, Apple Bomb) but often with a new melodic emphasis (L'Amour Stories).
www.scaruffi.com /vol7/deerhoof.html   (445 words)

 Deerhoof: One Man's Journey Into the Magical Forest (interview)
Greg’s interviews are usually as fun as Deerhoof’s music, and I figured I’d leave the proceedings with my journalistic tail between my legs… Look for Deerhoof’s most recent releases on 5RC and Menlo Park.
It doesn’t make me sad that you think Deerhoof is weird, but of course to me it's the most familiar music there is. What's weird is when anybody puts that much time and effort into something as inconsequential as art or music, especially when there's no $.
Deerhoof has always been about LOVE not any of that other stuff.
www.fakejazz.com /interviews/deerhoof.shtml   (985 words)

Deerhoof for me are like a gourmet meal, no I’ve put that badly, they’re like a great meal — no bullsh*t or over-fanciness, they’re like the greatest meal you ever had which doesn’t leave you feeling bloated or awkwar...
Deerhoof for me are like a gourmet meal, no I’ve put that badly, they’re like a great meal — no bullsh*t or over-fanciness, they’re like the greatest meal you ever had which doesn’t leave you feeling bloated or awkward at the end of it.
The thing with Deerhoof is they have the ability to make perfect pop songs if they want to… but after the writing is over they seem to dress the songs up in noise, feed...
www.boomkat.com /artist.cfm?a=1216   (978 words)

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