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Topic: Defensive wall

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

 Great Wall of China - History of Great Wall
The Great Wall, symbolizing the famous, grand and splendid ancient is just like a giant dragon starting from Yalu River and crossing high mountains, deserts and grassland to world from east to west in the northern part of China.
They built a high wall, which was called "Square Wall" surrounding their own territories that could make the invading enemy feel terrified by the high wall, so it was also known as the Qi Great Wall and!the Chu Great Wall.
Especially the high walls in the northern part of China built by Qin, Zhao and Yan were linked up and extended into a Great Wall to ward off harassment by the Huns (an ancient nationality in northern China) and for the use of further defensive project.
www.great-wall.org /history.htm   (877 words)

  Movable defensive apparatus - Patent 6732479
Therefore, it is possible to house the defensive wall in a shelter using the electric motor or the hydraulic drive device, and to drive the defensive wall to a necessary place in case of an emergency.
According to a fifth aspect of the invention, the storage position of the defensive wall of the second aspect is a side surface of the fence.
Material of the defensive wall 2, 2' is not specified in the embodiments, the defensive wall may be made of a corrugated copper plate.
www.freepatentsonline.com /6732479.html   (3038 words)

 The Great Wall of China - Crystalinks
A defensive wall on the northern border was built and maintained by several dynasties at different times in Chinese history.
The Great Wall that can still be seen today was built during the Ming Dynasty, on a much larger scale and with longer lasting materials (solid stone used for the sides and the top of the Wall) than any wall that had been built before.
The primary purpose of the wall was not to keep out people, who could scale the wall, but to insure that semi-nomadic people on the outside of the wall could not cross with their horses or return easily with stolen property.
www.crystalinks.com /chinawall.html   (1710 words)

 The Great Wall, China Scene Spot
The wall, built with high stone slabs on the outside, is 7.8 meters high on the average, some even reaches 8.4meters.
Built for the purpose of defense, there are holes on the tip of the wall called watch-hole, and peepholes under the wall called embrasures.
The wall was built with 10-14 rectangular slab of stones surrounding its outside, filled with soils and stones in the middle, and paved with square bricks on the top between the bricks were stuck with lime stones.
www.toptrip.cc /destination/spot/greatwall.htm   (779 words)

 Determining height of defensive walls - History Forum
The walls were built of stone and brick in two lines of defense which adjoined a ditch 20 meters wide and 10 meters deep.
The thickness of the external wall was 2 meters, and its height was 8.5 meters.
This conclusion is corroborated by the records of flooding within the town walls and the need for drawdown sumps to drain away the water which seeps in through the walls from the exterior.
www.simaqianstudio.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=5897   (1809 words)

 WSO| Moroccan Wall of Shame
The wall cuts diagonally through Western Sahara, extending from the north-east corner down to the south-west, near the Mauritanian border, granting Morocco the two-thirds of the territory which contain most of the fertile land, the coast with its excellent fishing industry, huge phosphate deposits, and recently discovered oil reserves.
However, the wall is dubbed by the Sahrawis "The Wall of Shame".
The wall was built in six stages, and the area behind the wall was expanded from a small area near Morocco in the north, to most of the western and central part of the country gradually.
www.wsahara.net /morberm.html   (379 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Wall
Antonine Wall A defensive fortification about 59 km (37 miles) long, built across the narrowest part of central Scotland between the Firth of Forth and the Firth of Clyde c.
Great Wall of China A defensive wall in northern China, extending over a total distance of 6700 km (4200 miles) from the Jiayuguan Pass in Gansu province to Shanhaiguan on the Yellow Sea north of Beijing.
The wall, running mostly along the southern edge of the Mongolian plain, was erected to protect China from northern nomads.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Wall&StartAt=31   (893 words)

 Sasanian Defensive Wall Unearthed Near Qasr-e Shirin - CAIS Archaeological & Cultural Daily News of Iran©   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It was used as a defensive device for the palace, which was built by the Sasanian King of Kings Khosrow II, Parviz (reigned 590-628 CE) for his wife Shirin, said Ali Hodzabri, the director of the archaeological team working at the site.
The wall, which was constructed in the anathyrosis style (stone-cutting techniques and building with dry stone without mortar), begins at the Bâzi-Derâz heights and stretches into present-day Iraq.
No historical document or study refers to the existence of such a wall, which was discovered during the current phase of excavations that began on January 5.
www.cais-soas.com /news/2006/February2006/02-02.htm   (267 words)

 The Great Wall
The walls of this period bear little relationship to the wall of today with its predominantly east-west configuration.
The Badaling section of the Great Wall most frequented by visitors dates from the Ming Dynasty, Constructed of large blocks of granite and bricks, the wall at this point is 6.6 meters high and 6.5 meters wide at its base, narrowing to 5.5 meters on the rampart.
According to historical records, the construction of this part of the wall was begun in 1571, and is part of the 1,000-kilometer-long section of the wall between the Shanhai Pass in the east and Changping County in the west, which was the result of cooperation between two famous Ming generals, Qi Jiguang and Tan Lun.
www.china.org.cn /english/MATERIAL/31255.htm   (1993 words)

 Enemies From Within
While no system is 100 percent reliable, there are five layers of protection or “defensive walls,” as recommended by the SANS Institute (www.sans.org/whatworks/) that proactive businesses can implement to ensure the optimum level of data security.
Defensive Wall 1 is a network-based, external-facing layer, designed to block attacks from outside hackers.
Defensive Wall 2 is designed to block attacks at the host-based level.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/6/prweb401907.htm   (1230 words)

 FIRST IRANIAN DEFENSIVE WALL: THE GREAT WALL OF GORGAN - Persian Journal Culture Archaeological History Art Archaeology ...
LOCATION: The GWG is an ancient defensive bulwark located in the Plain of Gorgan (in Persian: Dasht-e-Gorgan) in Gollestaan Province, which is in the north-eastern of Iran, south of the Caspian Sea.
It is a series of stone and earthen fortifications in China, built, rebuilt, and maintained between the 5th century BC and the 16th century to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire during the rule of successive dynasties.
Several walls, referred to as the GWC, were built since the 5th century BC, the most famous being the one built between 220 BC and 200 BC by the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang.
www.iranian.ws /iran_news/publish/article_22190.shtml   (1114 words)

 Great Wall of China, Beijing Tour Packages, Great Wall Hiking, China Travel Service
The Great Wall was originally built in the Spring, Autumn, and Warring States Periods as a defensive fortification by the three states: Yan, Zhao and Qin.
The construction of the Great Wall, drew heavily on the local resources for construction materials, was carried out in line with the local conditions under the management of contract and responsibility system.
The most beautiful of several legends is about the collapse of a section of the Great Wall caused by Meng Jiangnu, who cried bitterly over the death of her husband in the construction of the Great Wall.
www.travelchinaguide.com /china_great_wall   (966 words)

 Great Wall
Planks were erected on both sides of the wall, earth (t'u) was dumped to fill the void between the planks, and then tightly compacted (hang), layer by layer, with heavy pounders.
The Great Wall was perfect technically, however, the Chinese had a difficult time defending the entire length of the wall and sometimes fell prey to the nomads.
During earlier times, the wall was built to prevent non-Chinese forces from invading from the north and northwest, which were their traditional enemy territories.
library.thinkquest.org /18778/great.htm   (1527 words)

 Hadrian's Wall History
It is an even greater mistake to think that Hadrian's Wall forms a boundary between England and Scotland today, for the simple reason that most of Northumberland, England's northernmost and very Anglo-Saxon county, actually lies to the north of the Wall.
Hadrian's Wall was occupied for almost three centuries and at the height of its importance had been the home to thousands of men, women and children.
By 367 A.D the number of Roman troops on Hadrian's Wall had reached an all time low and pre-empted the so called `Barbarian Conspiracy' in which the Picts overran Hadrian's Wall in conjunction with the Scots (from Ireland) who invaded western Britain and the Saxons (from Germany), who invaded the south and east.
www.northeastengland.talktalk.net /HadriansWall.htm   (1109 words)

 ZNet |Mideast | Bleak Horizons After Operation Defensive Wall
But Operation Defensive Wall was neither a direct response nor a foregone conclusion: the intention to deliver a devastating blow to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the various Palestinian paramilitary organizations is at least as old as the current Israeli government.
As widely reported, detailed planning for Defensive Wall was completed well before the Netanya bombing -- itself the culmination of an unprecedented level of Palestinian attacks in March which were the predictable harvest of Israel's first major offensive earlier that month.
Operation Defensive Wall was quantitatively as well as qualitatively different from anything which had preceded it.
www.zmag.org /content/showarticle.cfm?ItemID=1799   (2267 words)

 Great Wall of China - Ecotourism with JOURNEYS International
The Great Wall of China is a Chinese fortification built from 3rd century BC until the beginning of the 17th century, in order to protect the various dynasties from raids by Mongol, Turkic, and other nomadic tribes coming from areas in modern-day Mongolia and Manchuria.
The Wall stretches over a formidable 6,352 km (3,948 miles), from Shanhai Pass on the Bohai Sea in the east, at the limit between "China proper" and Manchuria, to Lop Nur in the southeastern portion of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region [1].
This new wall was built on a grand scale with longer lasting materials (solid stone used for the sides and the top of the Wall) than any wall built before.
www.journeys.travel /info/greatwall   (2083 words)

 Great Wall Hiking Tour and Travel Package
The Great Wall Hiking tour package is a 16 day tour of China.
The Great Wall was a defensive system in ancient China.
This tour is not an energy consuming tour because the rest of the tour is sightseeing.
www.simontour.com /greatwall.html   (161 words)

 Germany Lacking Bricks in Defensive Wall | World Cup 2006 | Deutsche Welle | 15.06.2005
The Confederations Cup begins on Wednesday and, if the majority of pundits can be trusted in their evaluation, a South American team will be collecting the spoils on June 29, therefore breaking the cycle of the trophy being retained by the holding federation.
The current problem became evident under Rudi Völler and, while the German defense is tighter since Klinsmann took the helm, Germany's improving offensive play distracts from a continuing problem left over from the previous era.
Bildunterschrift: Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Defense starts in front of the defenders and Frings is not disciplined enough to play the role that Franz Beckenbauer and, to a lesser degree, Hamann have done to such effect if the Germans play 4-4-2.
www.dw-world.de /dw/article/0,2144,1616158,00.html   (1135 words)

 Great Wall of China, China Great Wall - China Highlights
However, it is known that the Great Wall extends from Kansu, in the west, to the Yellow Sea, in the east.
Ancient records report that at least one million slaves and prisoners of war were used to create this defensive wall.
Wall of Chu, Wall of Qi, Wall of Wei, Wall of Yan, Wall of Zhao, Wall of Qin
www.chinahighlights.com /greatwall   (495 words)

 Great Wall of China - Ecotourism with JOURNEYS International
The Great Wall of China is a Chinese fortification built from 3rd century BC until the beginning of the 17th century, in order to protect the various dynasties from raids by Mongol, Turkic, and other nomadic tribes coming from areas in modern-day Mongolia and Manchuria.
The Wall stretches over a formidable 6,352 km (3,948 miles), from Shanhai Pass on the Bohai Sea in the east, at the limit between "China proper" and Manchuria, to Lop Nur in the southeastern portion of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region [1].
This new wall was built on a grand scale with longer lasting materials (solid stone used for the sides and the top of the Wall) than any wall built before.
www.journeys-intl.com /info/greatwall   (2087 words)

 the Separation Wall
In some areas, there are two rows of this wall, separated by a patrol road, and at night there are brilliant lights to supplement the motion detectors and television cameras which monitor attempts to cross by those on the other side.
In short, the wall may be ineffective in total deterrence of those determined to wage war on Israeli society.
For Israel, having a defensive wall or security fence to prevent easy entry for those intent on homicidal mischief is certainly better than having no barrier to such entry, despite its practical limitations in total defense.
www.jewishmag.com /71mag/wall/wall.htm   (1102 words)

 Singles Strategy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
By taking away the receiver's offensive and defensive shots, the receiver will often either fail to return the ball (point for the server), or give the server a set-up with a good opportunity to hit a rally ending offensive kill or pass shot.
If the opponent must hit a shot from very close to a side wall, the best positioning angle will usually be to the opposite side of the court, as it is very difficult for the opponent to hit a shot directly down a wall when the ball is very close to that wall.
If the opponent is not close to the side wall on the shot attempt, the player should watch the opponent's feet as the opponent's front foot will usually step toward the direction the ball is being aimed.
www.cohandball.com /Instructionals/fwhfttas/fwhfttas_singles_strategy.htm   (3902 words)

 Glossary of Terms
BAILEY: The walled enclosure or the outer courtyard of a castle.
COUNTERSCARP: The outer slope or wall of a ditch or moat in a fortification.
Sits on top of wall, if "in" the wall and full height it is a tower, is "in" wall and only goes down part of wall it is a bartizan or hanging turret.
www.dmna.state.ny.us /forts/glossary/glossary.htm   (1598 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for wall
Begun by Hadrian in 122, the wall guarded the northwestern frontier of the province of Britain from barbarian (particularly Celtic) invaders.
The traditional masonry bearing wall is thickened in proportion to the forces it has to resist: its own weight, the dead load of floors and roof, the live load of people, as well as the lateral...
Intended as a defense against the peoples to the north, it was built out of turf, with a...
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=wall&StartAt=21   (884 words)

 TomDispatch - How to build a wall
A vast defensive wall, however logical its construction might seem to a fearful people, is certainly one of those five.
We imagine walls as static entities, immobile markers along a line or boundary; yet for all its physical heft, Sharon's is the least static of walls.
Though masquerading as a defensive wall, a security barrier par excellence meant mainly to shut out the suicide bombers who have devastated Israel since the second Intifada gained momentum, it is, in fact, a thief in the night (and the day as well).
www.tomdispatch.com /index.mhtml?pid=1285   (3069 words)

 Tell Me About: The Wall   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Making a wall is a good way to cut down on the chances that the opponent's kick will result in a goal; many times in a free kick situation, the kicker will take a shot on goal and the players in the wall will be on hand to deflect the kick.
Your defensive stopper or sweeper (whichever player is more accustomed to calling the shots in the defense) should call for a wall if he or she wants one as soon as the foul occurs.
The "wall players" should then line up arm-to-arm ten yards away from where the ball is placed, in between the ball and the goal, to intercept the movement of the ball if indeed the kicker takes a shot on goal with the free kick.
www.ussoccerplayers.com /news_you_can_use/508007.html   (674 words)

 Asia Sentinel - The Great Wall Goes Missing
Local peasants have raided the wall for bricks for their houses and the state has built a network of roads and railways that must inevitably breach this defensive wall if central China is to be linked with the great industries and cities of the northeast.
This, not any of the early walls, is the one which entered Western consciousness when in the 16th century Jesuit missionaries wrote letters back to Europe describing a long defensive rampart in the empire’s north.
This is The Great Wall of China by a now-obscure American photographer William Geil (1865-1925), a modest missionary from Doylestown, PA, who in 1907 became the first westerner to explore and photograph the Great Wall.
asiasentinel.com /index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=247&Itemid=34   (1775 words)

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